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Toyota Tundra New Owner Reports



  • hey jaymack,

    have you had any more experiences with the steering vibration since last post?

    By all of your previous posts, it seems fair to say that you are not the "average" example of style of use for a pickup truck. i may be wrong, but to me you seem to be a guy that really puts a truck to the test. that is good, you are a value to guys like me that dont really put the truck through "heavy use".

    i will most definately get my bed sprayed immediatly upon delivery.

    Question: when you experienced the steering vibration, did you have a load in the truck?

  • thanks for your honesty jaymack. i'am in the oil field business. our trucks see hard work 24-7. the toyota bed looks pretty weak from your conversation. we own a fleet 3/4 & one ton diesel trucks the beds in these trucks get hammered day in and day out and do'nt look that bad. the bed is a critical part of a truck. we need trucks that can stand up to heavy work, like you said lawn mowers are ok. if toyota wants my business they are going to have to strenghten the bed. "finally" the spray in liner will not protect against dents my better get that front end checked out real soon for safety purposes.pleasure chatting with ya!
  • well, there you go wildbill. you and i have totally different plans for trucks. We are not looking for the same features in a truck. you need a truck that you can beat to death, and it holds out (maybe jaymack too), and that's fine. i am out on the limb betting that in the end, jaymack has found his truck, you can keep searching and waiting, that's fine.

    me, on the other hand; i don't need a truck that will withstand the beatings you put on them. i just need a truck, a good, quality chick magnet. One I can tool around in, and occasionally load up a bunch of material at Lowe's to build a deck and stairway into the hot-tub in my back yard for the chicks to hang in while i polish my truck.

    Good luck in your search. thank God, my search is over. It's time to party!
  • mfhallmfhall Posts: 22
    I subscribe to this forum and (as most probably do) get alerts with new posts. It sure would save us all some time if when we get these alerts, they were worth reading. How about stopping all the useless posts? Seems like some of you have nothing better to do then bash each other in wasteful posts. Be the better member and don't respond to useless posts.
  • to answer a couple of questions:
    1. MY fuel economy postings are unloaded driving
    2. have had no additional steering vibrations

    btw... the heated windshield wipers are NICE.
  • Saw a few new model Tundras out today. Seems to be really taking off saleswise here in MA. :shades:
  • well, that's quite impressive then jaymack. I will take 18 mpg highway at 80mph in an unloaded full size pickup any day. Especially one with a 5.7 powerhouse in it. That 6 speed tranny must be doing the trick. I imagine your only turning about 2100 rpm at 80mph, right? When i test drove one, i believe i was at about 1900 rpm at 70mph.

    good news on no more steering vibrations.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    The insults get your posts deleted... if they continue, then you follow. Got it?

    kcram - Pickups Host
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 11,781
    1 is it is ok for the bed to beat up, the other is 'it is not ok'.
    i always thought it was 'supposed to be' in the first catagory. t and c must be double walled on the sides you can see from the outside, right?
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  • luckylouluckylou Posts: 308
    Thank you , thank you mfhall.

    Well said , I have been trying to put into sentences exactly what you mention. All these useless bickering .
    I remember when a forum used to be a source of information now it has become a forum of defamation.
    Thanks again.
  • As a new forum member I want to thank all the other members that have shared so much helpful info on the 2007 Tundra and related issues. This is a great forum and I learned a lot in a short time which was helpful for my new purchase decision. Now on to the good stuff.

    I wanted the Tundra 4x4 Double Cab Standard Bed Limited with 5.7L V8, Tow Package, DVD Navigation, and 20" wheels. All the local dealers told me there were only 4 vehicles like that in the whole region in the color that I wanted. My favorite dealer didn't have one initially but they got one a few days later. After the usual haggling I got them down to 7% below MSRP sticker price but this was still 3.4% above invoice. Initially I felt this was not the best deal but then none of the other dealers would touch it and some even laughed at me for asking for a Tundra below MSRP. Normally I negotiate to only $500-$800 above invoice but this didn't seem possible while the Tundras are so new and popular. It didn't help matters that they just had a Bass Pro Shops test-drive event in my area a week ago so the dealers were flooded with orders. I hope I got a fair price and didn't get robbed by my enthusiasm.

    I had started out looking for a 2007 Tacoma to replace my 2002 Tacoma which was recently totaled in a wreck. The Tacoma was nice but the seats sit too low to the floor, which makes my legs stick up too close to the steering wheel and is uncomfortable especially on long trips. Of course the dealer had me sit in the Tundra and WOW - no comparison - leg room and comfort were 300% better, sort of like comparing a metal folding chair to a lazy boy recliner.

    I read some reviews online about the 20" wheels not riding as smooth as the 18" wheels. After test driving both I couldn't tell the difference but I am not a performance driver so I would appreciate more comments in this area. If the ride is similar then what is the benefit of the larger wheels? 80% of my usage will be casual driving to/from work and home with the remainder being mostly light hauling and an occasional trailer towing. I didn't really need this huge work truck for my needs but the comfort and features were so much better than the Tacoma that I had to have it.

    The drive home was the most fun I had in a vehicle in a long time. After the recent wreck I am so over-protective of the new Tundra that I try to keep a 1/2 mile no-drive zone around me at all times. :-) Despite my best effort some sleepy old lady in a little chevy sedan swerved over into my lane so I laid on the horn. I was surprised that it wasn't louder but she jumped about 12" and moved back over promptly so maybe it was loud for her and just quiet for me inside the Tundra. I will have to test it outside and if still not loud enough then I will have to get one of those awesome horns from ;)

    I was able to synch my mobile phone to the nav package with ease and made a few calls through the handsfree kit - amazing quality and so much better than all similar kits I have used in the past. The GPS functions are great but the legal disclaimer after every startup is very annoying already so I will certainly be looking for a hack to disable that if possible. The backup camera is simply amazing - just wish it would allow me to switch the camera on when needed and even provide other cameras as an option for help when parking in tight spots or backing up a big trailer. I can rig up a camera switch and add my own small bullet cameras but it would be nice to have a factory option to save me the time.

    Storage compartments are everywhere. So many that I will have to seriously plan out the usage of each one and then take a few weeks to memorize the layout. The carpeted floor mats were typical but not as nice as they should be for the price and they don't seem to match the richness of the limited package. I replaced them with extra-large black rubber mats that look better, hold more water and debris, and are easier to clean. Dash instruments are great and all the data available on the DVD NAV screen is amazing, such as maintenance reminders, personal memos, calendars, etc. Much more than a NAV system. I didn't even know that the truck has voice command until I got it home. "Nearest Italian Restaurant, ATM, Gas Station" etc. all promise to become favorite commands when traveling. The emergency mode seems helpful to take you to the hospital, police, fire department, etc. but I wonder if it also sends off any special signals for vehicle locator service (doubtful since this would be dependent on your cell phone).

    Must have accessories for me over the next few months will include brushed stainless steps, bedliner, hard multi-section bed cover, hood protector, and possibly front and rear sonar if this can be added and is worth the hassle. I am considering a Line-X liner but have never used spray-in products before. Any comments on the comparison and value vs. traditional drop in liners? I have always ordered my bed lids from Sport Truck Solutions. in So. Cal. but wonder if there is a better lid option out there? The Top Dawg model looks like the ticket but I am open to ideas...

    Will share more after driving the Tundra for a month or so.
  • rockyleerockylee Wyoming, MichiganPosts: 13,993

  • congrats wileetundra! i bet your truck is nice. what do you mean about not being able to switch the backup camera on when needed? I thought the camera is active every time the vehicle is put into reverse?

    anyway, you can't go wrong with Line-x. I have had it done on many trucks and always liked it. Very durable and keeps things from sliding around in the bed of the truck. Just don't watch when the install it cause it ain't fun watchin them strip all the paint out of the bed of your truck.

    thanks for the Sport Truck Solutions site. I'll check them out.
  • That is the exact Tundra that I am waiting for! However, I can't decide on color. What color did you get and what color is the interior? I wasn't crazy about the Tundra interior but I haven't seen the Limited.
  • Saw 3 new Tundras on the way to work this morning. Two Black and one in the deep red color which is a really nice color for this truck. My boss is talking about getting one to tow his EVO to track day with. Apparently his 02' Silverado has a few issues and lacks the grunt to pull the toy around with. So it's between the new Tundra and a really good deal on an F-150 KingRanch. I think the Toyota will be the ideal workhorse. :shades:
  • bgil1bgil1 Posts: 4
    congratulations on your new truck. I have had mine for about a week and I think it is outstanding. Mine is an sr5, 4x4, double cab white with black interior. I very rarely tow so I went with the 4.7 liter..plenty of power for me.

    I traded in a 3/4 ton long bed dodge diesel, and this one rides so much better and of course turns on a dime compared to the dodge. My first tank of gas was 16..mainly around town so I expect it to do a bit better over time.

    I bought and installed a set of black nerf bars from the dealer for my short legged wife. Nice stuff and not too far off in price.

    The only thing I am not wild about is the wheels. Mine came with "styled steel" Hopefully I will get used to them.

    I have ordered an access roll up cover for the bed and will get it mid march. Finally, I had the bed line xed and it looks great..

    Great truck !! :)
  • mfhallmfhall Posts: 22
    Any cmts on whether it's worth it (some have it already installed) or best to avoid?
    Exterior Paint Sealant - does this peel over time?
    Toyo Guard Sealant Cleaner
    Interior Fabric Protector
    Undercoating/Sound Shield
    Glass Etch Theft Deterrent
  • bgil1bgil1 Posts: 4
    My take is that you don't need to pay for paint sealants, interior fabric protector or undercoatings.

    The dealers all try to sell you this stuff. In the past I have bought the package, but really I have never noticed any difference. You can buy scotch guard and do your cloth seats and a good wax for your clear coat and be good to go. I don't have any experience with the glass etch theft deterrent.
  • Occasionally it would be nice to switch the backup camera on while driving to monitor road conditions, check out the trailer hitch and chain status, see how close the tailgater is while you are stopped at a red light or parked at the store, etc. It would also be helpful to monitor other cameras since I plan to connect them to the video input via a switching device. I found out there is a software hack available for the NAV unit which will allow the camera input to be used all the time and/or for a DVD to be played on the dash monitor so I plan to get this soon.
  • I got the Pyrite Mica color which is just the right color to hide most of the dirt and minor scratches between car washes. The brighter colors show bugs and dirt right away and the darkest colors show road salt, dust, and streaking. The black trim and accessories also go well with the Pyrite color and the vehicle doesn't stand out as much for police and thieves. I would have also accepted the Timberland Mica, Nautical Blue Metallic, or Impulse Red Pearl but fortunately they had my first choice color available which was a real long shot with all the options that I wanted. The limited interior is awesome, way better than the cloth standard and SR5 packages which we checked out. The SR5 had a bright silver trim on the dash which looked junky IMHO.
  • Thanks for your reply and congrats on your new Tundra. I saw the SR5 interior at a sportsman show and did not like it but I never had a vehicle without leather.

    I always consider resale when buying. Silver, white or black exterior colors are recommended. I leaning towards black/black. Salt is not used in the PNW. Someone asked why anyone would want NAV. It is a recommendation to get to help with resale.
  • hey wilee, do you think the backup camera is quality enough to be able to see a wide paint line (say 4-inches) on the garage floor showing the driver when the boat is backed far enough into the garage to be able to close the garage door?

    If so, this is an excellent feature for me.
  • The camera is excellent quality. I can see individual rocks on the ground and small cracks in the pavement. It is just like a camcorder or television camera but the field of view is of course limited to the width of the bumper and the lens is aimed down at the hitch area so you can't see too far behind you.

    The only other constraint with the camera view is the size of the screen, which is not large enough to make out very small details unless you lean forward towards it, which is akward to do when you are sitting back to look over your sholder. I also have a hard time seeing the monitor when there is a glare from the sun. I would have liked it to be mounted perpendicular to the ground or to be adjustable but it is sloped towards the dashboard at approx. 20 degree angle so this makes the glare issue a litle worse on bright sunny days when the sun comes in from the side or directly overhead of the vehicle.

    Related to the rear view: the auto-dimming mirrors are very nice and they totally remove the glare from the headlights even when the vehicles are tailgating you or hanging back a good bit. This is easier on the eyes for sure but it also tends to make those vehicles less visible thus you get the impression that they are farther away than they really are. I will probably get used to it but for anyone that hasn't used the auto-dimming mirrors before you should be careful on the highway until you adapt.

    Another issue I found today is the height of the truck: I sit so high that small low-rider cars are totally invisible when riding in my blind spot even when I look over my shoulder, since the sides of the bed are high enough to cover up the roof of the small vehicles. This is probably true of any tall full size trucks but this is the highest vehicle I have owned and it is taking me a while to get used to it. The headrests on the backseat also block some of the rear view but they can be removed when not in use if this is a problem for you.
  • hmmm, thanks for the good description of the backup camera. sounds like i just need to make the paint strip on the concrete right below the hitch ball when backed all the way in. this would put the boat in far enough to close the door, without risking banging the back of the garage wall with the prop.

    also, i did not order the NAV system, just the backup camera. I believe that my monitor will be mounted in the headliner console area, reducing glare.

    can't wait for that bad boy to get here. On Feb 13th, I ordered a DC SR5 TRD leather 4x4, power bucket seats w/ console shift, xtra front skid plate, running boards, rear underseat storage, heated tow mirrors, cold kit(just for the heated wipers), night mirror, in blue streak. I also got the shield package just for the undercarriage spray. Got that on my wife's camry last year and it does dampen road noise and protects the undercarriage (IMO).

    mid-april, maybe mid-march if i'm lucky.
  • Can someone please explain the benefits of heated mirrors? Thanks in advance.
  • dreasdaddreasdad Posts: 276
    Umm-- They will melt any ice if you have such thing in your area- in texas not much use
  • yeah, not much use in oklahoma either (maybe a few times per year), but if you get the tow mirrors, they are heated.
  • serranotserranot Posts: 113
    They also will evaporate rain on the mirrors. I turn on the heaters on my Trooper whenever it's raining. Unlike many cars, the Trooper's heated mirrors are not tied to rear defroster. On a pickup, they must also be on an independent circuit.

  • Thank You, Tom. I was not aware that a heated mirror will evaporate rain.
  • ack, the heated tow mirrors also have turn blinkers on them.
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