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Toyota Tundra New Owner Reports



  • i own a supercharged 04 tundra. the catch is you have to buy the supercharger seprate or when you buy the truck. im getting about 380-400 hp. in a 4x4, i leave lightnings all the time. i also tow a bobcat. with the traler it is a combined weight of about 8200lbs. the supercharger is a trd part that you can buy at your dealership for about 4800$. a company in florida called speed of sound has developed a kit also and are dynoing at the wheels around 550hp their kit is very relible and will run you about 5300$
  • "Expect styling to be like the new Taco, but BIGGER- probably even a steel bumper"

    That would be awesome! A truck like the Tundra needs a steel chrome bumper. The 00-02 are the pinnacle of Tundra design currently because it has a chrome bumper. The 03 and up bumpers look to ungainly and plasticky.

    The new Tacoma is a fantastic looking truck, and to keep that family resembelence going into the Tundra is a good thing.
  • spleckspleck Posts: 114
    Gas theft probably isn't as much a problem as someone pouring water in your tank. If you don't have anything inside your truck, do you leave it unlocked?

    I don't so much need a lock on the gas door as to have a release on the inside of the vehicle like many cars. On my Accord, its a dual action lever for the trunk and fuel door that can be locked so that the valet key can't unlock it. On my wife's RAV4, the fuel release is on the inside. Not to mention this means the fuel door is flush with the vehicle and doesn't have flange sticking out for your finger.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,041
    Worried about someone sabotaging your gas tank? Wow, must have a lot of nasty enemies!

    One downside of the "no flange" fuel door, which I discovered the hard way, is if you're parked outside in an ice storm. This happened to me once - fuel door froze over, inside release couldn't break the ice seal, and I needed gas desperately. It's MUCH easier to get that puppy open if you've got a flange - you can chip away at it.


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  • I would prefer it to have a release on the inside, too. My 96 Avalon and my 00 RAV4 have them, as did my previous 91 Camry. But if those weren't options, I would like to have my fuel door be lockable, like it is on my folks 02 Tundra.

    As to your question of locking the vehicle if there's nothing in it, yes I do. It's an old force of habit, I always lock my cars and leave the windows up (except for a crack during the summer, combined with the moonroof tilted to let hot air escape), even if I park in a secure garage. Always have, always will.
  • Hey.. there

    I still still holdong out for the 2006 model maybe a Diesel version.. See if your contact knows anything new with 2006 since they will be building them in San Antonio Texas..
  • Well, I'm gonna bet that the new 4.7L w/ VVT-i will be the base engine for the 2006 Tundra. A new 5.4L-5.6L w/ VVT-i 300-340hp, 390-425lb-ft V8 (my speculations) will be an option. For the 2008 model year, it's rumored that in late 2007, Toyota will release a Tundra Heavy Duty model grade with a turbo diesel rated at 390hp and 700lb-ft. Wow.
  • i was at the toyota dealership in orlando today...and my buddy is the service manager of the entire svc dept....he said that the new tundra will be out this year as a 06 model....more so..he said it's gonna be a monster...they have to redo their entire wing of the svc dept to adjust for the new tundra b/c of it's size......he said toyota is going to produce a v10 engine in addition they will produce a diesel engine.....they'll cont to prod the v8 and v6 engines...but w/ more hp of course.....he was really psyched about the new's gonna be a monster is what he said....he should know since they are building new bays just to service these beasts....i cant wait til it's out.....oh yea....he said it's gonna compete w/ the f350 and priced in the upper 30's.....
  • I doubt it's coming BEFORE the Texas plant is BUILT, but I think he maybe onto something with it's size and strength.


       I'd like to see a 'Yota Dualie!


       The want to sell 230k by the end of 2008.


  • You'd be surprised at how efficient Toyota operates. They don't have over $30 billion dollars in liquid cash for no reason.


    The current plants will have to build the new Tundra. The Texas plant is to increase production in the U.S. by at least 100,000 Tundras per year. So if Toyota does roll out the new Tundra in the fall of this year, expect VERY limited supply. Otherwise, I'd expect it in the spring or fall of 2006.
  • If it came out this fall!


      Spring of '06


  • maxminmaxmin Posts: 1
    Toyota should make four wheel steering an option on the new improved Tundra full back seat model. The wheelbase is just too long for an efficient turn. Also a built-in, hidden (i.e. Titan rear quarter panel box)small tool box for bungy cords, small tools, jumper cables, etc. A power outlet somewhere in the rear bed area would be good for contractors. Lastly, why not include a molded bed organizer/cover with side top access doors or retractable hard paint matched cover as well as tailgate access under the organizer for wide, long items (i.e. plywood) and maybe utilize the space between the bed wall and exterior skin for other space access doors? If they make it, I will get it.
  • Does anyone have any information on the interior plans of the 06 Tundra? It is about time they make a change. Will it be like the Tacoma and the rest of the Toyota line of SUVs and cars? It would be nice to update it and make it more stylish.
  • toycashtoycash Posts: 139
    Right now, it will be a 2007 out in the fall of 2006.
  • chris65amgchris65amg Posts: 372
    So as I understand it, the model lineup will be like this

    HD V10 Diesel?

    I'm assuming that they'll have extended and crew cabs. Will there be a standard cab as well?
  • muskles33muskles33 Posts: 7
    C'mon Y'all !!! Start discussing the 2006 Tundra! Let's start turning these rumors into facts!!
  • chris65amgchris65amg Posts: 372
    I think that the 2006 Tundra is the same as the 05. Therefore, this thread's name is a little misleading. However, there aren't too many facts about the NG Tundra out there, on account of people have no idea if they will use that truck concept or not! Toyota sure is secretive.
  • gunsmokegunsmoke Posts: 1
    driving a 99 f150 for the past 5 years and am ready to buy a new truck,i like the new 2005 f150 interior but nothing else.i came across a 2006 toyota tundra truck that looked like it was from another planet.does anyone have info that i could use or read about.
    2006 toyota tundra truck
    driving a 99 f150 for the past 5 years and am ready to buy a new truck,i like the new 2005 f150 interior but nothing else.i came across a 2006 toyota tundra truck that looked like it was from another planet.does anyone have info that i could use or read about.

    link title
  • trucksusatrucksusa Posts: 1
    If they build it we will come.

    Current Truck:2001 F350 7.3 PS Diesel

    Had a 2000 Tundra and loved it. Would buy another one if it was HD Diesel.

    Jeep just came out with a diesel in its Liberty. What a truck, I had to run out and buy one for the wife. I Give it 2 thumbs up..
  • mermanmerman Posts: 1
    Ihave a 2005 double cab Tundra that is stickered at 18 mpg but my best average so far has been 15 mpg...of course, it could be because i cant keep my foot out of the floor due to the sound and response of the vvt-i V8...i swear it sounds like a vette on steroids...
  • idahoronidahoron Posts: 18
    My best milage on my 05 DC is 19.57 I have to say my average is probably about 16 to 17. Ron
  • cl109508cl109508 Posts: 3
    Have a 2004 extra cab. Know what you mean by the exhaust and intake sound. Picked up extra mileage not much performance but even better sound with K&N filter (the one that goes into the stock air cleaner box cost same as factory filter but will last life of truck) and a Gibson stainless steel exhaust. Sounds real nice. Plus give her some time to break in. Enjoy your toy.
  • The company in Florida Speed Of Sound where is it located, and can you give me a link? Or naything that you know about it? Your kit that you have on now how much psi? So 0-60 is? Do you really pass lightnings, only if you get traction, I have a prob gettin traction off the start. You have any idea? Thanx alot.
  • Trust me as a toyota salesman there is no room to add any options our vehicles already have the least amount of mark-up in the class and tend to cost the most any changes to that price structure will blow us out of the price range of Big 3,Nissan & pathetic little honda (Barbie Truck). :D
  • I noticed that the website is advertising the 2006 Tundra V8 as 271 hp and 313 ft lbs torque. That is a drop from 2005 which was 282 hp and 325 ft lbs torque. Does anyone know if this is just a misprint or did they do something to detune the engine? If so, what a step in the wrong direction. :mad:
  • lexi4lifelexi4life Posts: 181
    You've never heard of SAE, did you? It's like a new and more accurate way of measuring HP. But for the 2006 models, only a few companies started using this new measurement system, such as Toyota. And unfortunately for some cars, the new HP ratings make the engines seem less powerful (2005 Toyota Corolla : 130hp; 2006 model : 126hp. Or 2005 Toyota Tundra : 282hp; 2006 model : 271hp, etc... But in reality, there's no difference at all in acceleration times or whatsoever. It's just because HPs aren't measured anymore the same way than before. So there's way to be disappointed or anything! ;)
  • I read that Toyota has been holding back the introduction of diesel vehicles to the U.S. and waiting for the cleaner diesel fuel standards to take effect.All diesel toyotas are selling well in Europe according to the article.Does anyone have any infomation on what cars and trucks will be offered and when?My opinion is that there comes a point when gas engines are too costly to operate relative to torque produced and only diesel makes sense.Pulling an 8000 lb. boat out of the water on a 10degree ramp works best with a heavy duty automatic transmission powered by a diesel with its max torq at lower speed.We are doing this with an old Chevy Suburban but it is sending a boy to do a man's work.A diesel Tundra would be much more civilized.Thanks for any infomation on what is coming down the pike.
  • jmessjmess Posts: 677
    The spy shot of the maxi cab looks like it could possibly have a sliding rear door like a van? Having owned the access cab I could appreciate the convenience of a sliding rear door.
  • I asked the same question. I was looking at a 2005 XSP 4WD which listed 282hp and 325fpt. After I ordered my 06 I called and ask why the horsepower was listed at 271 and was given your answer. I can tell you this Truck rocks, I drove a 06 F150 5.4L FX4 and wasn't impressed at all. Does anyone know where I can get a chip for the Tundra?
  • My 06 4Dr look the same as the 05.
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