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Nissan Frontier 2005+



  • coveredicoveredi Posts: 20
    05 Frontier CC SE 4x4 V6 Man Trans.

    Just updated my numbers this morning.

    In 4434 miles of mixed driving, I have averaged 18.38 MPG.

    Best Tank Milage was 20.23 MPG (All low speed highway, 65 MPH max)

    Worst Tank Milage was 16.55 MPG (All in town driving)

    Most tanks, mixed driving, are running between 18 and 19.
  • jmsd1jmsd1 Posts: 20
    I have a 2005 Frontier king cab nismo 4x4 auto. 2900 miles on it. I drive easy with a combination of city and freeway. mostly city however. probably 70/30. The following are my real miles per gallon for my last 6 fillups. 13.56,14.19,14.51,14.1,12.92,13.33 - I have been to the dealer for an oil change and checked the computer, oxygen sensor etc. Everything is within specs. I love the truck, but my gas mileage stinks. Going broke in San Diego at 2.69 per gallon premium. :cry:
  • jmsd1jmsd1 Posts: 20
    how did the foldacover turn out. did they have to remove any of the util-track ?
  • ricceesriccees Posts: 24
    Your gas mileage will probably get better as you put more miles on it. Wonder what mileage you'll get on just freeway driving.
    BTW, you don't have to use premium; just regular gas works just fine.
  • severesevere Posts: 10
    Ouch! I was hoping the Frontier would beat the sticker estimates by 1 or 2 mpg but you're on the other side of the EPA. For those numbers you could be in a Titan. I hope your numbers are not normal for a Nismo since that is the exact truck I'm shopping. The other numbers looked pretty respectable.

    Keep'em coming folks. I'd like to see how they compare.
  • mtbxcmtbxc Posts: 3
    I was in same boat as you, wondering what real-word gas mileage would be. After much research, I finally pulled trigger by placing a factory order for a LE CC 4x2. Then I ultimately pulled out of the deal before the vehicle was even due to be made and went with a new CR-V EX (totally different vehicle, admittedly). From my findings, I believe the Frontier was just as good or better MPG than Ridgeline, Taco, Dakota and maybe a whisker behind Colorado. Plus the regular gas, to me, was a big factor over a Taco.

    Gas mileage was number one factor that I backed away from the deal. But, there were other factors in my case.

    By the way, for anyone considering purchase in northern DE, southeastern PA, northeastern MD, I can highly recommend a dealer to you who was more than fair to me in the whole process and was selling at Edmunds invoice price.

    I still kind of wish I had that Frontier ;-)
  • 2005lekc2005lekc Posts: 145
    The utili-trac system does not have to be altered at all to use the Foldacover. I like the
    fit of it and the look of it. The only complaint I have is that it is a little hard to fold it up
    completely from the ground. The back section is easy enough, but to fold the three on top of the front section is a little difficult for me.

    That may well be because I am only 5' 7 1/2" tall, weight 130 pounds, and I am 67
    years old. I think in my younger years I could have handled it, but I have lost too
    much weigh in the past year and I am not as strong as I once was.

    Growing old is heck, but it is better than being dead, you just have to adjust to it.

  • sohisohi Posts: 2
    What do you think is a good price on a 05 LE with leather and rockford? The MSRP is $27800 and the invoice is $25800.
  • vuchvuch Posts: 17
    I got it on and man do I like it. :) It rolls up nicely, looks great when closed, and is almost completely waterproof. (Water can still get in from the bottom of the lift-gate but some aftermarket gasket-like material would fix that) I would recommend this tonneau.
  • ricceesriccees Posts: 24
    Second that, Vuch! I'm very pleased with mine. No complaints so far; had it now for almost three months.
  • ricceesriccees Posts: 24
    If it's me, I'd offer the invoice price of $25,800 ($26,000 max).
  • vuchvuch Posts: 17
    As I said on another forum, the photos of it on riccees's Fronty were a big factor in my decision to go with the Access. Thanks riccees! ;)
  • mike9723mike9723 Posts: 2
    I have jsut recently purchased a frontier. It has the black and gray interior. I have about 1000 miles on the truck now. The drivers seat is wering out already. The part where your butt goes is showing wear that looks as if the truck is almost 5 years old. Anyone experiencing a similar issue?
  • paul27paul27 Posts: 1
    I have been researching the Frontier for sometime now, just ran across this form. Starting to question if it's the right vehicle after seeing same of the comments here, about engine rattles and 1st year problems. Read one review on CR that when driving with windows down, " worst ride ever when windows are rolled down, creates a vibration and loud ear piercing noise".(SE king cab) The more I read, the mpg doesn't seem that great, rated about the same as full size Chev with small V8, The one I test drove, felt choppy. I could use some help, the vehicle I buy now is my retirement vehicle. Does anyone know how many 2005's where sold to date? Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
  • jflashjflash Posts: 45
    I have an LE king cab and absolutely love it. The engine "rattle" is overblown; it is a barely perceptible noise that most owners didn't even notice until they read about it on the forums. The problem does not affect the engine's performance in any way, has been corrected in current production vehicles, and a TSB has been issued for earlier models. My LE is the quietest-riding truck I've ever seen, handles well, has incredible power (on 87-octane fuel, unlike the Tacoma) and gets nice fuel economy for a truck. I average over 18 mpg combined driving and get better than 22 mpg driving at 70 MPH--you'll not get that from a full-size Chevy V-8. To get a great deal more information about my 2005 Frontier check out my web site:
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    I'm planning on purchasing an '06 SE CC 4x2 6-Speed. I've followed a lot of forums and the '05 Frontier's launch has been remarkably good. CR's comment on open windows is ignorant; my wife's Subaru does this too and so do many vehicles -- the airflow over the body surface with an open rear window creates a noise like blowing on the top of a soda bottle and for the same reason. The "fix" is to close up the window a bit at higher speeds.

    I've test driven two SE CCs and experienced no choppiness. I guess if someone compares a truck to a car, there will be an obvious difference because most trucks have a leaf spring suspension in back.

    I'm to lazy to check YTD 2005 sales, but May 2005 sales were like this:

    Tacoma 14,363
    Colorado/Canyon 13,976
    Dakota 11,840
    Ranger 11,098
    Frontier 5,104
    Ridgeline 3,297

    If you're after better MPG, take a look at the Colorado/Canyon with the 175 HP I-4. It's a great looking truck (IMHO) and is priced to sell, but it's taken more than its fair share of demerits by the motor press. I've looked in depth at all of them and my order will go to Nissan this fall. The purchasing research is fun; test drive and enjoy the process. :)
  • vuchvuch Posts: 17
    Hey paul27...
    I have a 05 CC SE 4x4. I also have the rattle although it is WAY quieter now that warm weather is in the NE. I am getting 16.5 in town and 18.5 highway. I just got a Tonneau cover so I expect the mileage to get better. I love this vehicle. Plenty of power, good aggressive looks. It has a good ride(even the wife likes it now that she has been in it. She wasn't too keen on me getting a truck but she really likes it now.) I also have the moonroof and if you tilt or open it the noise goes away. That noise is caused by air pressure in the cab going in and out the windows. W/ the roof opened the air comes in the windows and out the top. Test drive it again. There are other forums to look at also. (frontiertalk)
  • jmsd1jmsd1 Posts: 20
    I have 3K miles black/grey interior. The seat area is not wearing out. But I have noticed that the driver side front corner near the door is starting to look frayed. Time for seat covers asap. I probably rub against this corner getting in and out everytime. Other than is one area the seats are great. Anyone find some good fitting after market seat covers?
  • danielacostadanielacosta Posts: 132
    Had an 01 Silverado Z71 4x4 extended cab that I traded for an 05 Frontier NISMO CC 4x4. Silverado was a great truck, decent mileage from the 5.3 (14-16 vs. EPA 15-18). I wanted a narrower truck with better off-road capability.
    Short list was Tacoma, Frontier, and Ridgeline. Colorado looks good but I agree with the press that it is nowhere near the competition. Dakota was impressive but lacks ground clearance, and power output from Dakota V8’s is less than Toyota, Nissan, and Honda V6’s.
    Tacoma was cut because it uses premium vs. regular, back seat folding is not as flexible as Honda and Nissan, real-world back seat room is less than Honda and Nissan, and lowest point on the undercarriage is the central exhaust crossmember, so despite having the highest body clearance, the exhaust will be damaged when off-roading. Toyota owner’s forums report a lot of quality problems with the 05 Tacoma. If I were looking at Tacoma, I would consider an 04 before an 05.
    Honda and Nissan were my final two. I am biased towards Honda because of previous good experience with an 02 Odyssey, 04 Accord, and 05 Odyssey. Went to the Ridgeline press introduction in January; before they chased me out I learned the undercarriage of the Ridgeline is virtually identical to the MDX and Pilot: this vehicle is not made for real off-roading. The exhaust is the lowest point from front to rear, and the brake lines run along the bottom of the frame rails. If you “ride the rails” off road like I do, you will do serious damage and disable the vehicle. In addition, the AWD system has serious limitations for true off-roading. The Ridgeline had trouble hill climbing at Honda’s own press introduction, and I believe Edmunds abandoned the off-road portion of their Ridgeline test. Off-roading aside, Ridgeline owner’s are reporting some initial quality problems (check, but nowhere near the problems Tacoma owners are having. If I were not interested in off-roading, I would have had a hard time choosing between the Ridgeline and the Frontier. Ridgeline is wider, has more back seat room, a better center console, and the in-bed trunk is quite useful. Frontier is a “true” truck with incredible off-road hardware, amazing power on regular gas, great bed-features with util-track, and more availability of aftermarket parts.
    I’ve had my 05 NISMO CC 4x4 since late January. About 9000 miles now. EPA 15-20, actual 16-18. I can get the mileage as low as 13 when off-roading, or as high as 19-20 when cruising under 70. Most of my in-town tanks are 16-17; freeway at 75-85 comes in at 17-18. The built in mileage computer is VERY accurate, always within a couple tenths of what I measure manually.
    The engine rattle was minor and I probably wouldn’t have squawked about it if I wasn’t aware of the TSB from reading this forum. I sit with the seat all the way back and have a bit of a blind spot when changing lanes to the left as compared to my Silverado. I’m still waiting for someone to make an aftermarket lift-kit to go with the new 05 suspension design; the off-road capability of the stock hardware exceeds the available ground clearance.
    Overall, this is an awesome truck that is one of the best kept secrets out there. MT picked the Tacoma for dubious reasons, which has helped Tacoma sales. Everyone else has picked either the Ridgeline or Frontier. Off-roading leaves the Ridgeline out, but otherwise I would look closely at both the Honda and Nissan to see which you like better. The 05 Frontier is my first Nissan in 23 years, and I like it better everyday.
  • lshipmanlshipman Posts: 3
    Back in 2001 when I was ready to purchase my first brand new truck, I wanted to consider Nissan, but they had switched to that UGLY front end (IMHO) and my wife was sold on Toyota name for quality and maintaining value. Guys at work and on the Internet said the 22R engine was the best and one guy at work has over 400,000 miles on his Toy w/ 22R. So we purchased a 2001 Tacoma with 2.7 A/T 4x4 Access Cab. I could not believe it had drum brakes in the rear when everyone else including F-150's had 4 wheel discs! One day I wanted to wash it. I started it to move it in the driveway and shut it off. Afterward, I tried starting it and it wouldn't start! I had it towed to the dealer 35 miles away only to be told it flooded! A fuel injected rig FLOODED! I was told that problem began showing up in 2001 engine. There was also another problem. When I started it, the engine would clack like it was a diesel! Another trip to the dealer shop only to be told it was perfectly normal for a little "piston slap" when the engine was cold. It also bounced all over the highway and was gutless as heck (my fault for buying a/t). So I just traded it in 2 weeks ago for a 2005 Nissan Frontier LE 4x4 a/t KC. All I have to say is OMG!!! Now THIS is a truck! This thing hauls butt in any gear, up hills no problem. They got it right with the 5 speed automatic. First tune-up is not until 105,000 (my Toy needed it every 30,000). The ride is smooth and quiet and POWERFUL. If there are a couple of boneheads plugging up the fast lane and don't have the sense to move over and I see a nothing flat, I'm around them and GONE! 4 wheel discs w/ ABS, throaty sounding muffler tells you "WHO'sYOUR DADDY!!!" Seats are comfortable and the cabin is so quiet, my wife practically falls asleep everytime we go somewhere. Factory spray-in liner w/ utilitrack system is great! Uses regular gas and I am getting between 17 and 18 mpg average. Toyota screwed me once and maybe they got a little better in '05, but they won't get my business again! I'm sold on Nissan!
  • We looked at both the TRD taco accsess cab 4x4, and then the nismo, wow. The nismo is WAY better, however it's a good thing I was persuaded to get an automatic becuase I read in this thread that the nismo king 4x4 6 speed is IMPOSIBLE to locate without a special order. Screw that I do not want to wait for ever(6 to 8 weeks) to get my new fronty. Besides, I live in Los Angeles, so the auto tranny is a god send when you get into gridlock. The other bummer is that nissan did not put the compass and temp indicator mirror in the nismo model :confuse: Lets see 4x4......compass.....seems like a good combo to me, oh well there is always the after market! Speaking of which, any one know what cool goodies are coming for our 05 frontys? post it up if you do.
  • 2005lekc2005lekc Posts: 145
    Viento 1602,

    I just purchased an '05 LE KC and like you I wanted the compass/temperature gauge so
    as part of the purchase I had the dealer install a Gentex unit. It is very nice, but I have
    since learned that Gentex has one with compass/thermometer/homelink. I wish I had
    known that as I would have had the homelink one installed. Just a thought.

  • jflashjflash Posts: 45
    I installed the Gentex mirror/compass/homelink/temp unit in my KC LE and it was a piece of cake. Same unit as installed at the factory, and it only cost me $235. I did a complete write-up, including pics and installation tips here:

    jack <><
  • shroudshroud Posts: 78
    Am I reading the nissan sites correctly (I'm in Canada) that you can't get a Red or Blue (electric blue) Frontier with leather interior? Wonder why that would be? I really like the Electric Blue color but I also love leather seats.....

    Was looking at Tacoma until I read about horrible paint chipping problems, so I've ruled it out now.
  • THANK YOU jflash, you da man.! That is a well presented and easy to follow tip page, wow, great job. I will be ordering two, one for my new fronty, and one for another car as well. And I will use your guide to self install, fun! BTW I picked up my new 4x4 nismo last night, I am hyped. I can't wait to get it dirty, lol. What a great feel this truck has, the audio package is awesome too. Now I need to decide on a roll up or folding bed cover, who makes the best quality/function cover for fronty? Anyone got a idea?
    Happy motoring!
    -viento1602 :shades:
  • ricceesriccees Posts: 24
    I installed Access Rollup cover on mine. See posts # 1035, 1036, and 1038.
  • ricceesriccees Posts: 24
    No experience on these covers but I found this on the web:
    Coverking Custom Seat Covers
  • danielacostadanielacosta Posts: 132
    I have a Truxedo on mine.
  • vuchvuch Posts: 17
    I have the Access Roll Up Tonneau. seems to have fair prices with no tax and free shipping. I really like my tonneau.
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