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Nissan Frontier 2005+



  • rockdocrockdoc Posts: 6
    I just purchased a 2005 Frontier 4x4 Crewcab Nismo using a Ford Ranger for trade-in. The Crewcab Nismo has P265/75R16 tires. This is a pretty wide tire for snow use.

    I notice that the Frontier XE tire size is P235/75R15, which is the same size as the Ranger's studded snow tires that I have retained. I presume that the Crewcab Nismo has the speedometer, odometer and perhaps other components (ABLS? I chose not to get the VDC/HDC/HSA package) calibrated for the larger tires. Would there be any substantive problems, other than speedometer and odometer inaccuracies, if I were to use the Ranger's 235/75R15 snow tires on my Nismo Crewcab?

    I live in a mountainous area with steep slopes and lots of black ice during the winter. Having driven with and without snow tires on my Ranger and other vehicles in winter, I find that snow tires add an important traction component to winter driving in my location.
  • waterman1waterman1 Posts: 21
    i have a SE 6 spd and i like it a lot. the 6 spd manual trans is a good match to the new engine. if manual is what your looking for you won't go wrong. and yes it's smooth as silk. and i have not been lost in the shift pattern yet!!!
  • waterman1waterman1 Posts: 21
    ">I know that I posted a message before on this subject, but has anyone else noticed that the oil pressure drops almost to low when the engine is warmed up and at idle.
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    It's normal and is mentioned in the owner's manual I think. Our old Volvo did the same and it was normal too.
  • waterman1waterman1 Posts: 21
    what i am asking is if anyone else with a 2005 frontier has noticed the oil pressure drop. i have owned several other cars and none of them had that much of a drop at idle. i know what it says in the owners manual. I don't want to have problems down the road because the engine wasn't getting enough oil!
  • 2005lekc2005lekc Posts: 145

    My local dealer told me that this was normal and that if I had an oil pressure failure
    I would see red lights and hear an alarm.

    Back in the days of mechanical oil pressure all of the cars I owned did this as the
    pressure fluctuated with the engine speed. I am not sure what in the Frontier system
    causes this, but unless I miss my guess there will be someone out there that will be
    able to tell us what is happening.

  • philg87philg87 Posts: 74
    thanks waterman1 thats what i need to here just have not had a chance to test drive one yet. :(
  • ukbballfanukbballfan Posts: 13
    I just read where Ford is matching G.M.'s employee discount program through Aug. 1st and Chrysler is expected to follow tomorrow...wonder if Nissan will ever join in?
  • severesevere Posts: 10
    Here in central NC, there is one dealership who is already doing that. However it is not ALL Nissan dealerships. This is in conjunction with the $1000 cash back incentive that is currently offered.

    I really like the Frontier and have been weighting the options on a 4x4 Nismo CC. The thing is, I'm having a hard time coping with the gas mileage. Maybe I'll look in to a 4x2. I swear I wish they had the diesel version available in the US.
  • jwill123jwill123 Posts: 1
    Yes- I have an 05 that does the same thing. I didn't think it was unusual for such a big engine, but I'm not an expert with engines. I have not been completely satisfied with my Nissan which is 30 days old. It is in service now for a main seal leak- This is where the engine meets the transmission. I am asking that Nissan replace the truck because I have had to add about 2 quarts of oil in the first 30 days. Does anyone agree/disagree that truck should be replaced by Nissan? I just don't want problems to occur down the road due to this issue during the crtical break in period. Anyone else out there with 05's? This is my first Nissan and I love the truck just don't like the way Nissan treats their customers (so far anyway). I have had two Tacomas and never had one problem. Let me know what experiences you've had as Nissan Frontier owners.
  • centralcalcentralcal Posts: 215
    I am almost at 13,000 miles. I had the engine TSB and no other real problems. I have had great service with my truck. I have been to three different Nissan locations for servicing and all have been great. Never had a real problem though. I would doubt they replace the truck, I am sure they will just try to find the problem. I would see if they will give you and extended warranty, just a thought. Good luck.
  • ukbballfanukbballfan Posts: 13
    Can you give me some specifics on the dealership and locale? I have been doing searches for a 4x2 LE CC in Storm Gray with a sunroof and I found 1 in Concord N.C. I'm going to be down in that area in 2 weeks and I just might make a trip to the dealership you're talking about if its near where I'll be.

    I'm tempted to change over to buying a Dodge Ram quad which I can get for about the same $24,000 as the Fronty.
  • severesevere Posts: 10
    I'm not sure of the specific rules of the forum but the location for this dealership is in Apex, NC. Hopefully that will give you enough info to find what you're looking for.
  • waterman1waterman1 Posts: 21
    Gerald. Maybe it's just a visual thing! I am just not used to seeing oil pressure changes like that. thanks for the info. Last note: I still think that the nissan frontier is the best of the best, and would buy it again. 2005 frontier rules!!!!!!!
  • ukbballfanukbballfan Posts: 13
    Thanks! That was all I needed to know.
  • ukbballfanukbballfan Posts: 13
    I contacted the dealership and it was as I had expected...the matching $1000 was coming off the amount they would have discounted anyways when dealing at invoice pricing. A good thing came out of this though. The N.C. dealership did offer me a truck at $300.00 under invoice and I got my local dealer to match it so I'm buying a LE CC with the Rockford Fosgate package and a sunroof that stickers for $26,220 for $23,129 after rebate. I'm very happy with this deal. Thanks to everyone for all your info!
  • dander1dander1 Posts: 7
    Is this true? Has anyone else heard of this?
  • centralcalcentralcal Posts: 215
    Do a google search for CR Laurence windows. If you contact the company directly, they are making one, some suppliers don't know this yet. AZTrucks has them on their webpage. They look really nice. Spoke with some local installers in Central California, total price is about $650 installed.
  • monkey7monkey7 Posts: 3
    Has anyone had any experience with a hard bed cover? Good or Bad I ordered a factory one and they are on backorder and am looking at aftermarket ones. Is the factory one better than what I can get on my own? Also thinking about a retractable cover.
  • millarmillar Posts: 17
    Has anyone looked into/actually installed the RollBak cover? It is a cover made of many aluminum slats that appears to work like a window shade. If so, could you give me some input on:

    1. Is it good quality?
    2. How much of the bed does it take up when it is fully open (i.e., how much dead space will I have in the bed even when it is totally open)?
    3. How much drilling is required (I saw some installation instructions that indicated the need to drill a hole through the bed for a drain hose and possibly to drill holes into the side rails)?
    4. Is it water tight?
    5. How securely can it be locked?
    6. Is it easy to use?
    7. How does it look?

    Thanks a lot.
  • millarmillar Posts: 17
    I just noticed a few additional products about which I have the same questions. Can anyone tell me about the following (also a window shade design)?

    Pace-Edwards Bedlocker (motorized!)
    Pace-Edwards Jackrabbit
    Pace-Edwards Roll Top Cover

    Any other "window shade" designs out there that are worth considering? I like the idea that they are lockable, that you can't cut them with a knife to get at what is in the bed, and that they easily roll up out of the way when you need to use the whole bed (would be nice if they are waterproof too). Thanks again.
  • monkey7monkey7 Posts: 3
    I am following up on my initial post. I spoke with the dealer today and they tell me that the "factory" hard cover is not currently availaable. They are trying to find me a replacement. I can only find 2, A.R.E and Leer. Has anyone had any luck with either of these? How about Foldacover?
  • I saw an ad in the latest issue of ATV magazine for the new Frontier and noticed a tiny link to a site that gives out free NISMO Frontier posters.

    Check it out - .
  • centralcalcentralcal Posts: 215
    I just received my Kcover (I think it is a versa cover) which is a folding cover. After much research, it sounded like the best one (around $600 delivered). It is supposed to sit above the utility rack and you don't have to remove any portion (you do with foldacover). It is removable and lockable. Probably won't put it on till this weekend.
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    Pace Edwards Jack Rabbit and tailgate lock...the demo unit in the store seemed impressive, and that is what I wish to install on my truck...I don't have a Frontier, but the concept is the same...the aluminum slats appear strong, and with an electric tailgate lock tied into your remote key fob, your truck bed is now like a trunk...considering that a trunk can be popped with the simple lock, your truck bed will probably be stronger and more secure than an average trunk...
  • sk96734sk96734 Posts: 2
    Has anyone been able to find an overhead rack system that will work on the 2005 Frontier Crew Cab with utili-track and without the factory rack? It looks like I have to pull out the side utilitracks for racks that clamp to the bed rail and there doesn't seem to be a system that will fit the roof top of the cab.
  • ukbballfanukbballfan Posts: 13
    I too am interesyed in the Rollbak cover. Sounds like a neat concept. The distributer I talked with said that the canister was small enough to work with the utili-trac system in the Fronty. Wht kind of price have you found on the Rollbak? I was quoted $700.00 plus $75.00 for shipping. It weighs 70 lbs.
  • 2005lekc2005lekc Posts: 145

    I just had a Foldacover bed cover installed on my '05 LE KC and they did not have to
    remove any of the utili-trac system. Everything is complete and still usable.

  • centralcalcentralcal Posts: 215
    interesting, when I spoke with the company I was going to order from, they said the first 1/3 would have to be removed (the part closest to the cab). How do you like it?
  • 2005lekc2005lekc Posts: 145

    I like it fairly well. It is a little hard for me to fold it all of the way up, but I am 5' 7 1/2"
    tall, weigh 130 pounds, and I am 67 years old. Probably I could have done this okay when I was a little younger.

    It is not waterproof, but it hasn't let very much water through so far. It looks great on
    the truck and I really enjoy being able to let my utili-trac hardware stay in place without
    having to worry about it being stolen. I am going to order the sliding partition soon, now
    that I can lock it up.

    When I bought mine the dealer said that the front section of the Titan had to be re-
    moved, but in calling Fold-a-cover he was told that on the Frontier it would fit without
    interfering with the utili-trac system. It did not interfere at all.

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