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Nissan Frontier 2005+



  • Your lift is exactly what I am looking for. Where can I get one? Thanks!
  • jchokiejchokie Posts: 4
    4th tank of gas brings consistency if nothing else. 20.7 MPG. Lots of AC and a little more city driving. Hopefully after a little more break-in and some cool, dense air, I can get up in the 24 MPG range.

    I am still very surprised at the range of MPG reported here. Maybe folks just can't leave the horses alone. I've had to tap into 'er once or twice to make a pass, so I can see how it might be hard...

    JC Hokie
  • centralcalcentralcal Posts: 215

    This is the website ( I know It is not on the website, but it was on another discussion group). I called him, he designs them himself. He lives in Riverside. If you go to the website, you can email him or call with any questions. I know Stillen also has a leveling kit, I am not sure how much lift you get.
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    how is the ride any better or same?
    your truck looks Great!!
  • dander1dander1 Posts: 7
    Has anyone added the paint and fabric sealant package to their Nissan? I recently bought a 2005 crew cab and the dealer was able to add all of this in a matter of 4 hours. Seems odd that they can add a sealant in this short of time.
  • centralcalcentralcal Posts: 215
    Ride is pretty much the same. One very important thing to me was that it didn't feel top heavy or unsafe at high speeds. Still feels very solid.
  • nismo4menismo4me Posts: 15
    Ooh,I want one.(lift kit)Please post more info about ordering...I got $ waiting.
    That is a good looking ride! That kit is just what my Nismo 4x4 needs!
    I tried a little to find the guy on the titan forum...maybe I had the wrong forum. :confuse:
    Thanks for the info
  • centralcalcentralcal Posts: 215
    I posted the website #1244. I know the website doesn't list Frontiers, but their email and phone numbers are there. I promise this is where I got it.
  • alko2alko2 Posts: 9
    After driving my Fronty for a couple weeks now, I'm still not used to this delay. It works well if you are into speed shifting or racing. I can easily chirp my wheels in other gears when I feel like racing, but for casual driving which is the norm for me, I still think it sucks. I want total control of the throttle action and with this truck, I don't have it.
  • jflashjflash Posts: 45
    I don't add this reply to make you feel bad, but since you posted the question I'll respond. I quote the following from Consumer Reports: "Don't pay for dealer extras you don't need. These can include rust proofing, extended-service warranties, paint sealant, and fabric protection." The materials the dealer uses for the "protection packages" cost them around $15 and the labor is about an hour. They charge the consumer anywhere between $495 and $995. Though this practice is not illegal, many states (Minnesota, for example) have warnings on their Attorney General web sites about it.
  • ronv3ronv3 Posts: 1
    hello Folks,
    does any one out there who sails in the same boat as i do?
    i bought a new Nissan Frontier, 2005 in May and after driving only 8k miles the flywheel, clutch disk and clutch covers are gone. Dealer says as it got blue, this is because of over heating and abuse..i have not raced or abused my vehicle.. i have been driving stick since i was 16. i thought these trucks were supposed to be tough, but i was wrong.. i lost my faith in Nissan and this is not going to be with me for more than 3-4 months once i get it fixed.. does any one have the same problem? Customer service at Nissan also do not do any thing exceptional for their cusomers.. i will never buy a nissan in my life.. please let me have your feedback if some one has the same experience to share with...

  • hungkhungk Posts: 14
    I coudnt be without one now , ordered it the day I got my truck.. from Century, glad I did too !
    It took about 3 weeks, as they were still engeniering it for the new Crew Cab, as
    the New Frontier cab hangs over the bed a little , like a Ford Ranger does,
    I was aprehensive till I saw it installed, and it looks awesome, and painted the same color as my truck ( Storm Gray) the way it hinges ,, and the way they fit the curves , where the cab hangs over the bed, makes this S kinda line and, it works great, and looks great , sorry I dont have pics ! im on my fourth tank
    of gas, and lovin my truck Im glad I got the auto, and im impressed how just one gear spreads the ratios out an d how well it shifts, and smoother than my o3 that I traded in, glad I didnt get the 6 speed manual if theres gonna be ISSUES ............ besides tired of rowin through the gears , but I could see how the revving up thiong could be an asset , if u were slap shiftin and skippin gears
    I just like havin one hand free ..............Ive been trying to stay outa the pedal
    till ive got 1200 mi breakin and keep it under 4000 Rs but I can see how' it
    could be addictive, and I couldnt even begin to complain about gas mileage, If
    I were driving like that , I have had my utility trailer hooked up too and It handles , so much better than my 03 CC did I think people learn that their MPG is dictated by theier driving habits, and circumstances, and situations, my sister drives like hell , and then stops like hell, and then complains about the price of gas, but then isnt that what city driving is anyway, heck U could live in smell A where they drive too Kill, or in bumstead, and drive 60 too 100 miles without turning and the only thing really affecting any change in ones MPG is the grade of the hills, or Mountains from here too there .............
  • toby07toby07 Posts: 6
    hello i have purchased a 05 cc frontier th sprayed on bed is fading already i thought it suppost to look new for at least a couple of years or life not only 5 months does any one else have the same thing to theirs before i call the dealer and make a fool of myself let me know toby........
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    hey how is your MPG so far,what is everyone else getting on thier MPG,any info would be great again,going to buy one real soon!!

    Thanks everyone.
  • yes I had the paint and fabric package done to my truck and it only took about 2 hrs. the other 2 hours is to let the fabric sealant dry before you sit in it.
  • slow down on the gear changing, thats what I did and don't notice the delay.
  • centralcalcentralcal Posts: 215
    I think there may be a TSB on this. I have seen this complaint on another forum, so it is a known problem. Mine looked fine after 5 months, ( then I ended up putting a cover on),.
  • mgoosemgoose Posts: 11
    :shades: I understand that the 06 Frontier will have a power assisted tailgate. Frontier owners have complained about the weight of the current tailgate. Couldn't get any further info on the 06 from the dealer. They just want to sell you an 05.
  • lumbarlumbar Posts: 421
    From Nissan:

    Enhancements to the 2006 Frontier include:
    · Power Package added for the King Cab XE model – includes Power windows, door locks, outside mirrors, remote keyless entry and cruise control
    · Satin chrome ring accent treatment for meter gauges and chrome vent trim standard on NISMO and LE models
    · New shift knob design for NISMO manual transmission models
    · Standard glove box lock, lamp and damper
    · New exterior colors – Red Alert, Red Brawn and Majestic Blue

    IMO, they would not have omitted something as significant as a power tailgate. The glovebox lock is useful though.
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    It's a long shot, but I wonder if the computer is getting an input causing it to think that the engine hasn't warmed up yet? That might cause it to run at higher RPMs and not drop down quickly when you take your foot off the gas. My old Honda did this and it was a pain. But, Frontier would show an error code if there were a problem. I feel for ya -- if my '06 SE CC 6-Speed does likewise, I'll be angry too. I'm buying a 6-Speed for the enjoyment, not to combat the thing.
  • So far only after about 5 months and 3500 miles I'm getting 18.5 mpg....Not too bad expected worse...all city driving...will get on it everyonce in awhile but at 2.65 a gallon far few between the truck..hard to find accessories..but love this truck!...have had no problems......
  • alko2alko2 Posts: 9
    Boy I hope your's is just a fluke. I've only had my 6-speed for a few weeks, and have already complained about the electronic throttle control, because the engine tends to race after pushing the clutch in to up shift. I wonder if this is related to your clutch prematurely wearing out. Did you have to pay for it or did Nissans warranty cover it? Good luck
  • toby07toby07 Posts: 6
    thanks centralca i brought it to the dealer today he said that it is water stain i told him that the truck is only 5 months old the service manager said he will get back to me in a couple of days and if it did that in 5 months whats its gonna look like in a year.. ill keep eveyone posted thanks again for your feed back.,... :)
  • willsimwillsim Posts: 33
    SE KC Storm Gray 6spd. w/Power Pack and Ebay key fob keyless entry among other options. I finally decided to check the fuel mileage at 1547 miles. I averaged 22.3mpg mostly on rural hilly two lane roads. I'm very happy this truck is one nice piece of machinery
  • nismo4menismo4me Posts: 15
    Thanks,I went back thru the posts...just missed it somehow.My bad.
    I ordered mine today,I can't wait.That is how the 4x4 should look from the factory IMHO....Especially the Nismo
    Check out Calmini suspension...They have a 5 inch lift kit coming out any day now.The truck in the pic is similar to your truck(color/CC).I found a source for the billet grille and front prerunner bar on that truck too if anyone is interested.
  • centralcalcentralcal Posts: 215
    what is a prerunner bar? I was thinking about a Westin Bull Bar myself. I just went to my dealer to get an oil change and have him check out the lift. He said it doesn't void the warranty. I even asked if I should remove it before the 30,000 mile inspection, he said nothing to worry about.
  • hungkhungk Posts: 14
    Im getting between 19 and 21 mpg, and im checking it the old way, stting my trip meter and checking when filling up, but im still driving like its new, keeping the Rs down below 4000 and a little subdued, after my 1st oil change which is due in about 2 weeks, then can see what 265 horses feels like,
    another reason im glad I got the auto trans kinda helps keep it down. but when the speedo goes too a buck forty!!! kinda makes ya wundr,I opted for the horsepower, with this in mind... if this is the truck I end up keeping..
    then when its ten years old and getting tired , should still have some ponys left,
    and not a lack of power for climbing these mountains, arround here,
    thats another thing that might be affecting my MPG is altitude,
    here I had to have my bike rejettet for this altitude, and now it runs like a
    champ, where befor it was kind like flooded and sluggish , too much gas not enough oxygen, but when i go south from here too like, New Mexico, and drop in elevation, a thousand feet, or two, then it runs like its race day, these new engines with variable induction, and timing technology,
    adjusts by it self, for optimum performance, and adjusts for the load,
    this new truck with the anti slip option, even adjusts braking for the payload, and some conditions, then locks up any wheel thats lost traction, and even tells U if u got a flat tire, I still say that if u have the Nismo with all the options,
    like the on demand locking diff (on a switch) and the hill decent option, (another on demand--switch--, that those options will require some additional energy to function , and another vehicle with out those options and will affect milege a little not a lot but still enough to possibly be as much as 1 too 2 miles per Gal, depending on drivers habits and conditions ....................
  • jssweetjssweet Posts: 6
    I just bought a 2005 Frontier SE King Cab and noticed that the side walls on the General Tires are very lumpy. Has anyone else noticed this. It almost looks like a blister. I had the same thing on tires I bought from BJ's a few years ago and was told that its a result of manufacturing.
  • jchokiejchokie Posts: 4
    I have a CC 4x4 SE and noticed the same thing the first time I washed 'er. I wasn't sure if it is anything to worry about or not but it's definitely there. All four tires are not necessarily uniform with the front right being the worst. To me, it looks like a buldge in the sidewall. I haven't felt any vibration or anything, but it was noticeable enough to catch my eye.

  • alko2alko2 Posts: 9
    Yeah, I have the same bulges on my tires. They look pretty bad and I'm sure they were cheap tires. But they don't vibrate and they are extremely quiet. What I don't like are the way they bounce over pot holes and wash board roads.
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