Liability Insurance for rental cars

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I'll be using a rental car for about three months in Atlanta, GA and have already found a cheap Collision Damage Waiver policy from a company. However, I'm having trouble finding a liability insurance policy as most companies don't insure liability for rental cars. And the rental company charges $14 per day for over three months.

Does anyone know where I could buy such a liability insurance policy for my rental car? I wouldn't want to drive the car without liability insurance :)


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    Are you currently insured with a car of your own? If yes, then check with your insurer to see what coverages extend onto the rental car. If you have no insurance, then I'm afraid you're pretty much stuck with the $14 per day.
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    @sp_1994 is our "Used car for 3 months" friend, so there's no existing car insurance.

    And it's a real problem in your situation, @sp_1994. Guess I'd call around to some local (Atlanta) agents and see if anyone can do a short term policy. But you may be stuck with the $14 a day.
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    I have a sneaky feeling that @sp_1994 is only 21 years old. At that age one is usually on the insurance policy of one's parents. In absence of that he could be an expat. Hence uninsurable.
    Just use public transport is my advise. Lots of students do that on a campus. If you want to enjoy driving wait till you get a job
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    Yeah, it's tough although possible (earlier thread here).
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