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Chevy Aveo Hatchback



  • wave54wave54 Posts: 211
    Fully agree -- this car needs more development, not new sheetmetal over the weak engine and substandard suspension.

    Have 53K on my 2004 and I really don't know how long it'll hold out. Feels way too much like an older KIA.

    Have had several repairs already -- not huge items but it still costs hundreds to fix since most parts are only available through Chevy. This is turning out to be a real expensive economy car!

    The mileage is just so-so. Have averaged about 31 mpg with mostly highway and parkway driving at 55 to 70 mph.
  • sparxxxsparxxx Posts: 14
    Here in NC there are 4 Chevy dealerships that are in my area, and 3 out of 4 actually have a few Aveos on the lot. These are almost always the hatchback models and they are the LS trim level. What is ironic is that the biggest dealer of the 4 doesn't have any Aveos on the lot, but they have so many Trailblazers and Tahoes they can't fit them all and have to use some stray parking lot across the street.

    One dealer still has 2 or 3 05 model hatchbacks they are trying to get rid of, and they have them so close to the street they are about to roll into oncoming traffic.

    I am still waiting (patiently) for a maui blue 06 hatch LT to show up. Oh well...called chevy direct and the customer service rep I spoke with had no drop date.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Interesting that you feel it is under powered. I have driven a couple of them and they are very spirited. In fact, I had a 1988 Pontiac Lemans (Daewoo import) with the standard 1.6 L engine which at that time had 74 hp. I had a four speed manual and the car had more than enough get up and go. In comparison the new Aveo's are screamers in acceleration. I sold a GTO a couple of years ago so I am well aware what performance/acceleration is and the Aveo is what it is. Road tests and write-ups put it either at the top of it's sub-compact class or near to it. The new Kia from what I have read is real poor riding among other not so positive things but again this is an economy car.

    Additionally, the Aveo is the top selling sub-compact car in the U.S. with over 50,000 units sold in 2005. I have seen large dealers with up to 10 or so on the lots, but people are still in love with their SUV's.
  • wave54wave54 Posts: 211
    It's not that I feel it's underpowered -- I know it is! While fine on flat highways, the car slows severely on upgrades and downshifts more than any car I've ever driven, including other 4-cyl subcompacts with an auto trans. I don't live in a hilly area either -- can't imagine this car in the Rockies or Vermont!

    It probably needs just 10-15 hp to bring it up to par. Less strain on the engine could even improve the mileage.

    Owners do seem quite satisfied with the Aveo, yet most of them have very low miles. I drive 1000 miles+ per week and mine has become troublesome and doesn't feel as though it will hold up well. At 54K miles, the car seems old and creaky already, especially the front end and suspension. It has been an issue for many owners I've corresponded with -- the suspension creaks, groans and crunches while turning or going over bumps. It started at 18K miles and is getting worse by the day. The dealer has no fix but to replace tie rods, struts and shocks at my expense, of course.

    Unless they've improved quality and durability of components on later models, I would never buy another Aveo nor would I recommend one to anybody unless they just plan on driving it to 15-25K miles and then trading.
  • After picking up my car at the dealership two days ago and driving it home, I popped the hood to familiarize myself with the engine bay. I checked the fluid levels and noticed that the power steering fluid was sitting between the "full" and "low" levels. I thought this a bit strange for a new car, so i called my dealer and said that i'd bring it by on monday to top it off.

    I took it out for ice cream that night, and noticed the fan belt whining slightly, and occasionally when I turned. This really suprised me for a brand new car, but i figured i'd have them tighten it when i took it in for the top off. The fan belt got worse over the course of the weekend, and today when I popped the hood I noticed that the power steering fluid level had dropped below the min line. Further inspection showed a leak which appeared to be coming from some piping near the fan belt.

    The power steering fluid had sprayed onto the fan belt, causing it to slip and squeal. I took the car back to the dealer and got a filthy malibu with an empty tank. I hope this is dealt with properly and swiftly.

    Other than that, I really like the car and was growing quite attached to it. It's very quiet, especially on the highway, and my first tank was shaping up to be around 33 mpg, which isn't too bad given that i've been doing mostly city driving and that the engine has factory oil and less than 200 miles.
  • tventtvent Posts: 17
    I'm thinking of upgrading my radio with a cd player. Anyone know how to avoid setting the theft-lock on the radio when removing it from the car or how to reset the radio theft-lock if it comes on? I kept all the documents that came with the car and can't find anything in the owners manual pertaining to radio lock-out codes.
  • After reading so many bad reviews about the Aveo, I am going to wait for the Toyota Yaris in the Spring, here in New Jersey.
    I do not care if I have to pay more and get Toyota quality.
    I tried to buy American even if it was built by Daewoo.
    No wonder they are having money problems, even bankruptcy.
    How can they sell this Aveos with the scary problems I hear in this forum, what a shame!.
    I read of a woman driving one of them and had the electricity cut off while in the highway and had a four cars accident. No way Jose, I would wait for the new Japanese unit hell freezes over, if I have to :P :P :P ">
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    GM eliminated the theft lock code mechanism after the 2004 model run. I have a 2005 and it has none. Also, if you are planning on upgrading to the GM provided CD/MP3 player, it works well, with one exception...I have a 2005 with the unit, but I have to clean the CD player lens every 6 months or so, as it has a tendency to collect dust for some reason, causing skipping....Its easy to do, just use a can of compressed air that you can get at any computer store that is intended for cleaning the dust from disk drives, etc...about $4 to 5.00 a can, which will probably last the life of the car.
  • hi, i'm having lots of trouble with my '04 aveo as well, in fact, it was totalled today when the brakes went straight to the floor. when examined by a neutral party garage, they said there were many mechanical malfunctions besides the brakes and yet, there were no warning lights. how do i get in touch with General Motors? I would really appreciate your help.
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    Wow! No brakes at all? Considering that all modern cars have dual brake systems, specifically to avoid what happened to you, the odds of a multiple system failure must be pretty high. So, a total failure has gotten my attention.

    What did the shop inspection determine to be the problem? Also, have you had braking issues earlier, and if so, did you have the Chevy dealer perform the repairs or an independent shop?

    I have heard that some folks add the incorrect DOT # brake fluid to the master cylinder, which can cause the synthetic rubber parts in the wheel cylinders to decompose. That would explain the failure, so I am wondering if that was the problem.

    I am interested in hearing what you find out about the cause, as well as what GM does for you.
  • Well, they fixed it overnight, and did a great job. Even washed and waxed my car. It turned out that there were a very small number of high pressure hoses that weren't manufactured to specification. My car is running great.
  • What kind of problems have you had?

    Our Aveo is at 20k, and nothing to speak of yet...(knock on wood)
  • wave54wave54 Posts: 211
    After reading so many bad reviews about the Aveo, I am going to wait for the Toyota Yaris in the Spring, here in New Jersey.

    Good idea -- I wish I had. The low price is enticing, but you lose it all and more on repairs and terrible resale value. A Toyota with high miles will always be worth more than an Aveo with low miles. I'm gonna take a beating, but I may have to trade the Aveo while it still runs because I know it won't go the distance. Too many problems before 50K miles!
  • wave54wave54 Posts: 211
    how do i get in touch with General Motors? I would really appreciate your help.

    There's a toll-free number to call in the warranty booklet in the glove compartment for Customer Satisfaction -- in US - 1-800-222-1020, Canada - 1-800-263-3777. It might be better to talk to the dealer you bought it from first. Good luck.
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    Good luck with GM. I called that same number and did get a live person, but they seem to be more interested in having you talk with someone rather than in researching or fixing your problems. My opinion is that it is simply a marketing tool, but has no real influence in getting anything done.

    Still, it won't hurt to give it a try...what have you got to lose?
  • Anyone have any experiences trying to power a laptop in an Aveo? I have a 2006 Aveo LT and the power inverter kept shutting down after only a couple of seconds. Not enough power to run a laptop? :confuse:
  • You should report this to the government. That could kill someone.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    It is probably the adapter not fitting in the socket correctly. I recall someone else had an issue with a cell phone or something that didn't power up correctly a few months ago.
  • For a 2005 hatchback.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    As you probably know they have an optional roof rack, but you would have to go on goggle or somewhere to see if someone makes one for the surf board to secure it properly.
  • Hello everyone Just wanted to let you know the front speakers are blown after playing metallica way to loud.

    Has anyone had to replace the speakers in the aveo models,
    if so is it complicated?
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    I have the service manual, and if you can figure out a way to attach files to this forum, I will scan the pages describing replacement procedures and send them to you (about 4 to 5 pages).
  • flav2000flav2000 Posts: 8
    I am wondering about the RPM range for the 4spd A/T.

    My sister just bought a 2006 Pontiac Wave hatch (which is the same as the Aveo 'cept the front grille). I drove it a couple of times and I notice that the RPM for shifting to a higher gear is between 2500 to 3500RPM. The 1996 Chevy Cavalier we had before (2.4L 150HP DOHC, 4spd A/T) and our 2003 Chevy Malibu both shifts in the 2000-2500RPM range.

    Is this normal? I notice this especially going uphills in 2nd gear where I am near 60km/h, the engine at 3500RPM and it has no desire to shift until I ease up on the pedal.

    Just want to confirm it's not a sensor problem or something like that. We absolutely love this little car even though it's nowhere near the preppiness of the Cavalier we had.
  • Has anyone Gotton this Armrest yet?

    I am dying for an armrest but i really do not want to do anything invasive to the vehical. If there are any screws or severe modifications this is going to be a luxary ill have to pass up.
  • oyveyooyveyo Posts: 12
    I buy cars to drive, not to crash. Otherwise, I'd drive a H1 Hummer.
  • wave54wave54 Posts: 211
    I drove it a couple of times and I notice that the RPM for shifting to a higher gear is between 2500 to 3500RPM. The 1996 Chevy Cavalier we had before (2.4L 150HP DOHC, 4spd A/T) and our 2003 Chevy Malibu both shifts in the 2000-2500RPM range.

    Is this normal? I notice this especially going uphills in 2nd gear where I am near 60km/h, the engine at 3500RPM and it has no desire to shift until I ease up on the pedal.

    Yes, this is normal. It's a smaller engine that turns at a higher RPM for a given speed. I have a 2004 A/T and in gentle acceleration it shifts at around 2500 RPM. On a steep grade or an uphill highway ramp merging into traffic, the engine will reach up to 4000 RPM (or higher) before upshifting.
  • oyveyooyveyo Posts: 12
    I just realized that I spent effort on a discussion about the Aveo's "European crash test results".

    The Aveo is not sold nor available in Europe.
  • reuel3reuel3 Posts: 114
    Let's return the focus to the Aveo. And remember to be civil...that would be appreciated too. Thanks!
  • I bought the armrest on ebay from a fellow out of canada.
    Yes, get it. The quality is very good. The color match is not perfect, but you'd have to sit and stare at it to notice. Installation is eazy, four self tapping screws secure it to the center console between the seats. It doesn't interfere with the rear cup holder or the power outlet. It also opens up to add some more storage, which is in short supply in an aveo.
    I was able to get mine for $96.00, including shipping.
  • You said you have the Service Manual? Whewre can I get a copy of the Service Manual? I have a 2005 Aveo LS and can't seem to locate a manual. Thanks! DSM
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