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Chevy Aveo Hatchback



  • I've now been driving a rented Aveo since November 29th. It had 1373 miles on the odometer when I picked it up, and now has about 4300. I called the rental agency as it was approaching 3000, to ask about the recommended oil change, and was told to bring it in for servicing or a swap when it hits 5000 miles. I'll probably swap it for something else this weekend... or maybe not.


    The gas tank is too small. Only 10+ gallons. With an average of 28.8 mpg, that means I've had to fill up 11 times in 13 working days. And with such short range, I don't always have the luxury of being near a low-priced station when I need to fill up.


    I guess the other thing is, I don't feel very safe on the freeway. I always pay attention to what's going on around me. But in the Aveo I don't have the maneuverability to avoid an accident, nor the horsepower to get past an SUV or a semi trying to change into my lane.


    That's about it. Don't buy an Aveo if you're going to drive it like I do. It will go fast, but it's not designed to be driven fast. And it sure takes a long time to get up to speed, even if you keep the pedal to the floor and rev to 4000-5000 rpm in each gear.
  • 5port5port Posts: 395
    I used to drive my Chevy Sprint (3 cyc - 1 liter) to Watkins Glen and back to Long Island in the same day (700 mi. round trip). This included a friend and luggage. Your telling me the Aveo is no good for a trip like that...with 4 cyc?
  • 2004 Special Value Aveos are occasionaly advertised in Chicago for $6199.99


    I'm sure that they will try to add whatever they can add to that price.
  • 5port - Last month I drove our Aveo from Los Angeles to Mammoth and back (300-350 miles?) and it was fine. I actually think this car is a good long distance cruiser - it's roomy, reasonably quiet and smooth, and has no problem doing 80mph. I also think the auto-transmission is excellent.


    jojo - They aren't allowed to add anything to a listed price, they have to sell the car exactly as specified, at that price. (that is the law in CA, anyway) I occasionally see a SVM Aveo for $6999 - but no A/C in Los Angeles just doesn't work.
  • Tom,

    The snow hasnt really come down yet actually. We have had a slight dusting but thats it! I will be heading to Springville for Christmas so I'm sure I'll get a taste..they always have alot of snow. I will keep you posted.
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    Can someone please tell me why the Aveo gets such low gas mileage. My 2004 VW Passat 1.8t gets about 27 MPG with mixed city/highway driving. So, what I'm seeing is a 170 hp VW (with Turbo) gets similar gas mileage as a 103hp Aveo. Somethings not right here. My Passat also weighs 1000 more lbs.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    The Aveo uses a fairly old engine design and does not have the latest technology for maximizing fuel economy, e.g. VVT. Also it's not a good idea to compare your fuel economy with that of someone else--YMMV in other words. You don't know how their driving habits, terrain etc. compare you yours. Who knows, maybe you'd get 35 mpg with the Aveo.
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    It is true that driving habits play a role in fuel economy, but anyway you look at it, a 103 hp car should get better gas mileage than a 170hp vehicle. Driving habits only play so much a role.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    If the same driver, same conditions, same route--yes, I agree.


    Example from my own experience:


    Recent mpg on 138 hp compact sedan driven by my wife: 18 mpg

    Recemt mpg on same car, driven by me: 38 mpg

    Mpg on 4200 lb. Grand Caravan with 3.8L V6, driven by me: 30 mpg
  • When I was driving our Aveo, I got about 30 mpg mixed, and 34+ on the highway. Now that the gf is commuting in it, she only gets 25mpg. Mysterious!
  • when you turn the heat on or AC, you will get less mpg


    if you have auto transmission, you will get less mpg than manual one
  • 5 stars front, 3 stars side.

    Hey, it's better than a Z4.
  • I get 28 MPG in mostly around town driving but the gas tank is a little small for an ECONOMY car?

    I live in North Collins we get the same weather that Springville gets. I will be back in NY in the spring.
  • I got my aveo 4 weeks ago, I still smell of oil burning after 700 miles. is it normal ?

    other wise I am enjoying driving it.
  • 5port5port Posts: 395
    Korean cars have a protective coating on the chassis, exhaust, etc that is applied at the factory to prepare the car for the journey to the USA by ship. The coating on my Elantra took 1 to 2 weeks to burn off. Enjoy your Aveo.
  • I have an 04 hatchback and have not noticed this problem, but since it has been getting colder outside, what I have noticed is that when first taking off in the car, it wants to run for several minutes in third gear, then when it gets warmed up, it will upshift. Worried me a little at first, but it does allow the engine to warm up a little more quickly. The heater works good, except when it is absolutely bitter cold out, then it must be run on high for the hour it takes to get to work. It is a zippy little car, with good gas mileage, perfect for my commute. Mine is loaded, automatic, a/c etc. When I go in a store, people are usually looking at it when I come out and they say "what kind of car is that, is it an electric car?" lol. Took it to Florida ( 980 miles) for 60 bucks in gas. Absolutely love it so far. Salesman was VERY in tune with the car, it's competitor's etc. Service has been very very good. Would highly reccommend it.
  • I read in some professional review that octane 87 is required for the aveo.

    what he meant with that?

    is octane 87 better than 93?

    any body knows?
  • The Passat is a much heavier car. So you would think the fuel economy would be worse.


    But the Aveo's horsepower and torque peak at a relatively high RPM level. So I think in a "mixed" driving environment, the Aveo is going to spend more time in the lower gears and higher engine speeds... climbing hills, trying to reach freeway speeds, etc.


    I haven't driven a VW with the 1.8 turbo engine, but I imagine it has enough low-rpm torque so that it doesn't "need" to downshift as often.


    And finally, turbo-charged engines are just more efficient overall.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    87 octane is the "regular unleaded" gas. It is good news that the Aveo doesn't need anything higher than 87 because the higher the octane rating, the higher the price.
  • I checked aveo manual and it says use octane 87 or higher.

    less than that, will damage the engine
  • I have not had any problem with my clock,But i have had problems with my Aveo pulling to the right,and it getting stuck in park. have had it in the shop 8 times now and it is still pulling to the right. have had the Aveo for 4 moth. need to know if anyone has had this problem with there Aveo. Please let me. Thank You .
  • jbaustian

    The 1.8T Passat does get worse mileage, as reflected in their EPA estimates. Our Aveo gets 25/34 almost exactly, depending on where we are driving.


    The 1.8T's low end torque is probably from the turbo - and it most likely gets worse mileage when boosting. However, between the high price and poor reliability of most VW products (TDIs excepted), I don't think you are getting particularly good value no matter what the mileage. (which is worse than the Aveo with the 1.8T)


    Why are turbo-charged engines more efficient? From a specific output standpoint?
  • Anyway you cut it, the Aveo doesn't get the gas mileage that it should, or at least the gas mileage that you would expect in a small sedan.


    I average 37 mpg with my ECHO in mixed driving, actually I'm getting a little better than that now that it's winter.


    I think good gas mileage is an underated feature. Even Edmunds Top Ten Features of Commuter Cars article has gas mileage ranked pretty low (IMO) Ranking it below having satelite radio and in-dash CD changer? C'mon give me a break.


    When gas prices were at 2.15/gallon my ECHO was saving me a bundle of money, and the savings was a whole hell of a lot more important than having an in-dash CD changer.





    BTW... its kind of funny that some of Chevy's other offererings get about the same - possibly better gas mileage than their "bottom of the line" economy car ???
  • I think good gas mileage is a very underrated feature, and it is one of the Aveo's weak points. That said, gas mileage is reasonably good, and I get 30mpg in mixed driving.


    That top ten list is moronic.


    How much did you pay for your echo?
  • I paid $11,300 - out the door for the 2003 4-door manual w/AC


    I mainly purchased the ECHO because I thought it would spend the least amount of time in the shop compared to the other low-end sedan models.


    I've got 23K on it with no problems, and I like the mpg.


    The knocks on it are the usual cons of driving a small car - gets blown around a little on windy days and the wake of semis.


    I still see the special value 2004 Aveos advertised for $6200.00 in Chicago. That kind of savings can buy a lot of gasoline.
  • I like the ECHO, and at one point I seriously considered bringing a Canadian ECHO hatch over the border.
  • RE: "The knocks on it are the usual cons of driving a small car - gets blown around a little on windy days..."


    Yesterday I finally returned my rented Aveo to Enterprise. 32 days, about 5000 total miles. I actually drove two different cars, having returned the first one when it needed an oil change and other servicing.


    For two days earlier this week, we had some strong gusty winds. And on one occasion, driving across the Coronado Bridge from San Diego to Coronado, I was... concerned. Not scared, exactly. But I slowed to 35 mph and turned on the emergency blinkers. It did not feel safe to drive at normal speeds.


    But if one accepts what the Aveo is, and does not pretend that it has the capabilities of larger and more expensive cars, then it is a reasonable choice for someone who doesn't have much money to spend.


    I am very happy to be back in my VW Golf TDI. I have about 80k miles on it, and expect to get another 200k-300k miles... something that one should not reasonably expect from an Aveo.


    But I have this final report-card on the Aveo. If you rarely venture onto the freeway; if most of your driving is on streets and boulevards at less than 50 mph; if you drive an average of 12k miles per year or less; and if you don't mind sacrificing the safety of a larger or better-handling car... then the Aveo is an acceptable choice.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    If you rarely venture onto the freeway...


    IMO that's a bit harsh. If you regularly drive across windy bridges like the Coronado Bridge, that's one thing. When I drove the Aveo 5-door on the freeway with 40 mph cross winds--about as strong as they get where I live--there was no drama; the car tracked straight and didn't feel unsafe at all. I was actually pleasantly surprised how the car moved down the highway.


    It's not unexpected that a small, light and relatively tall car will get buffeted in strong winds. If you regularly drive in those conditions, across windy bridges and such, maybe it is best to go with a heavier, more to-the-ground car. But a general warning about driving on the freeway with the Aveo is not warranted, IMO.
  • This happened to me, after two trips to the dealer, I was still unsure of what the problem was. Two days ago, the car malfunctioned completely, it did not even make it to the dealership and had to be towed. It was diagnosed with "complete engine malfunction/failure". Not good for a 2004 AVEO with less than 11 000 KM on it. The explanation: The 2nd valve broke off and the piston mashed it up, explaining the smell and the malfunction of the engine. The entire engine is now being replaced under the Warranty, not impressed now, before this the only problem was the clock (which apparently is also another common problem in the AVEO) Disappointed, maybe with a lemon of a NEW car.
  • jbaustian - I totally disagree with your freeway assessment of the Aveo. I have taken a number of long road trips at high freeway speeds (~85mph) and I never felt the slightest bit concerned - that said, any small car is subject to wind gusts.


    In our previous comparison, we left out one piece of significance - repair costs. I highly doubt your TDI will see 380,000 miles, but the costs of repairs are likely to make driving that car significantly more expensive overall than the Aveo.


    That said, your car cost $10k more than many Aveo owners pay, so it should be the better car. Good luck to you.


    flytle - wow, that's terrible. Let us know how this turns out.
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