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Toyota Tacoma 2005+



  • Used regular gas in an '05 4.0 liter and did not notice any difference in performance with no knocks or pings. I think the auto knock sensor takes care of this. Looking forward for someone to do a dyno test on any differences in rear wheel HP using different grades of gasoline.
  • Go to, Tacoma section, and see pics of a '05 Tacoma bedliner that cracked after 4-wheeling around. Yikes! Maybe the bed is not as tough as Toyota is advertising.
  • I'm not sure about the TDA fee. Could possibly be a franchise fee or a regional advertising fee. Either way this is part of the dealers overhead and should be considered as part of his fixed cost. But it is not something shown as a line item on a sales contract.

    As for the holdback, Toyota pays that to the dealer for each vehicle sold. Normally it is a percentage of the MSRP and likely varies from vehicle to vehicle. It is not part of the MSRP but is how the dealer can advertise vehicles at "invoice cost" and still make a profit.
  • Picked it up a couple days ago. Went with SR5 option package 5

    Dealer filled it with regular gas in Denver (5000 ft). No knocks, ticks or pings. Have gone over it with a fine tooth comb, no initial problems or defects. I removed the center middle headrest which was a major rear view obstruction.

    Last night I took it to a nearby rather hilly old cemetary where the roads are covered with refrozen black ice and snow. I was utterly amazed at the good traction and braking while in 2 wheel drive. My old truck was hopeless in 2WD on ice both for starting up, handling and stopping. The Tacoma, in 2WD started drove and stopped like my AWD Subaru on glare ice. Since ice driving isn't something easy to test out I was pleaseantly surprised. Also the smoothness of the 5-speed auto is more impressive than when I tested it.
  • hobohobo Posts: 27
    That's exactly the truck I ordered (even the color). Got side air bags as well. Waiting for delivery. I was thinking that I didn't order the VSC. Do you have it? If not, it seems that traction is still pretty good on slick surfaces.

    How does it feel lengthwise? I like the size in general, but it does seem awfully long. No dealers here in New England have the DC long bed. I've driven several DC SB, so any thoughts on how the LB compares would be great.
  • Didn't get the VSC and can't imagine it being needed after my ice and packed snow driving experience. This is an very well balanced vehicle for slick surfaces! Your not going to be hitting the 4WD button in a little snow or ice unless of course you just want to.

    It's long but not any longer than the typical full-sized pickup out now. It fits in my garage nicely and the less than full-sized width is a big plus when parking compared to something like a Tundra Double-cab. I did a U-turn today in the same or smaller circle than my old truck, a Mazda 2600 which is much shorter.

    Cosmetically I think the extended cab and Double-cab long-beds look great. The Double cab with the 5 foot bed looks way out of proportion, like a Fort Explorer sport-track or something like that. I'll put a shell on for camping, hunting, and fishing trips and need something to sleep in for when I get to my campsite late and/or really bad weather and don't feel like setting up the tent in the dark/rain/snow. You can't sleep in a 5 foot bed unless you are a midget.
  • hobohobo Posts: 27
    I agree with you completely on all accounts. Not only is the longer bed more useful, but I totally agree that it makes the truck look better proportioned. Thanks for the feedback. I'd be happy to hear any other thoughts you have as you break in your new truck.

    You can email me directly at: bb7508 at
  • It seems like fairly rough treatment for a brand-new vehicle. I've never subjected my 19 year old Bronco II to such punishment. Regardless, you have my attention. I forwarded your story and pictures to I'm curious about what they have to say in the matter.
  • Can you tell me why the bedliner cracked. I'm not able to access that link.
  • The story from the other website is shown below. I'm not sure if I can make the pictures show up, but there's a vertical tear in the composite material, which occurs in the back box wall behind the driver, and is about six inches, or less, from the left wall corner. The tear is not opened much and appears as a white line. It ripped from the top down.

    The composite material has been modified. The Tacomas I've seen have the composite running up and over the bed rail. It appears that it has been cut away for the truck cap in these pictures. I'm thinking that he may have induced the crack by cutting away the composite.


    Cracked my 05 Tacoma composite bed...

    ------------------------------------------------------------------ - - - - ---------------

    I took my 05 Double Cab 4x4 Long Bed out 4x4'ing this weekend in and around Death Valley. We went on some pretty rough washboard roads and did some boulder crawling up some washes. I have done much worse with my old truck - a 2002 Tacoma 4x4 ext. cab. I also had the same shell that was mounted on my old truck on the new truck.

    When I got home and removed the shell (as I always do so I can drive the truck to work), I noticed a huge crack on the driver side of the bed. The crack goes all the way through the bed. Pictures are attached.

    Needless to say I am very pissed off that one 4x4 trip cracked the bed. I would have thought Toyota would have tested this material thouroughly before selling them to the public. I hope this will be easy to warranty.

    Anyone want to buy a slightly used 05 Tacoma?

  • xsactaxsacta Posts: 26
    The bed rails are not part of the composite bed itself. They are detachable. Usually when a cap is installed they are removed to achieve an equivilent height so the foam seal can do it's job.
  • The TDA is an advertising cost that Toyota passes along to the dealer on each vehicle, and is included on their invoice.

    It's my understanding that the purpose of the holdback is to cover the interest the dealer pays to have the vehicle in inventory. Theoretically, if a dealer sells the vehicle the day it hits the lot, he gets all the holdback. The longer the vehicle is in his inventory, the less of the holdback he makes as profit.

    Theoretically, everything's negotiable, including TDA and holdback, but I've never been successful buying a Toyota for less than "invoice" price, which included the TDA, and usually the fleet office wants $200 over invoice. The profit the dealer made was from the holdback amount.
  • I drove a Dcab Prerunner TRD Sport a couple weeks ago, and though I liked it a lot, the next day I saw the 05 Frontier at the auto show. I'm on Toyota pickup #8 and am a very loyal customer, but I think Nissan finally got a leg up. It has 265 HP, leather seats, and looks like a mini Titan. Still can't find enough information on them to determine if they offer navigation. Irritates the helouta me that mfrs don't provide the same options or features on their smaller trucks as they do on the comparable SUV. There's no reason we couldn't have had a V8, leather and navigation in a Tacoma, if they can put it in a 4Runner. Mfrs purposely manipulate us to buy the monster truck. I can buy a new full size Dodge Ram SLT quad cab with a Hemi and 20s for less than a Tacoma Dcab. The main reason I've been loyal to Toyota is their resale value, but when u have to pay an extra $5,000 to get it, it's a wash.
  • I also think the 4Runner looks better than the Taco. It's baffling to me why they make so little interchangable between the 2. That's so OLD GM.. LOL Not cost effective #1 !!! And it's also totally unacceptable that u can't get the same options from one to the other... like a V8, leather, and navigation. If the new Frontier offers navigation, it wins for sure, since I know it has leather and more HP. My 01 Taco only has 21K miles on it, but I'm ready for something that's more up to date. And in my experience, I'm betting the V8 would get better gas mileage because it wouldn't have to work as hard. Actually now I'll have to check the 4Runner forum to see :-)
  • I have been excited about driving the Taco 05 edition for over a month. What a disappointment. I am not sure what truck people are driving, but this one reminds me of a early 80's F150. I was in a DC Taco 4x4, off road package. I drove every 4x4 SUV and truck model on the toyota lot today, but I wanted to buy the Taco (it looks great, seats are great, good interior styling), but this is the noisiest truck I have been in years. The engine and wind noise are terrible. If you don't think so, drive a tundra (or any other truck on the market), then drive the tacoma. I would have easily shelled out 30K, especially if it had leather, but give me a break, I expect a lot more from Toyota. I am probably going to buy a tundra DC, but I didn't want to buy something so long or with such bad gas mileage. I may hold off for the Frontier, but I hear it will not be available until Jan 05, too bad. I really encourage people to drive the tundra, then the Tacoma. Although a little more expensive, the difference is not that much with the recent incentives. There is really no comparison (too bad, the Tacoma is a perfect size and package in my eyes).
  • Wow. Considering the number of young guys who want a tacoma for its off-road ability, when Toyota decided to go unconventional with a plastic bed you'd think Toyota would have 4 wheeled the prototypes to the max to make sure this didn't happen. When I think "composite," I think crack. Low and behold.....crack! And for $30k no less. Very disappointing.
  • When looking at the power between the Tacoma and the Frontier you can't just look at HP. All the HP in the world doesn't mean a thing if it isn't transfered to the rear wheels. That is why looking at the torque is a better way of determine the actual power. If you compare the torque on the 2 trucks the Frontier has 284 and the Tacoma has 283 so it is about equal. Toyota is doing a better job getting the power to the ground than Nissan! Plus the Taco will have a TRD supercharger, headers, exhaust and intake that you can add that should bump the power up to around 350hp and it will all be covered under the factory warantee!
  • Are the headers and supercharger available from Toyota now?
  • I test drove an X-Runner last night. One of the items on the sticker was "ADM" (I think that was the acronym) This was a cost added after all of the options had been added into the price and the MSRP was shown. I'm assuming this is just a dealer markup for hot vehicles. Anyway, they had the '05 X-Runner marked up $7,000 over MSRP! They were asking over $30,000 for an X-Runner with no additional options! Does anyone else know if this is going on in other areas? Are dealers in other areas at least only listing the MSRP as the asking price? I test drove this one in South Florida.
  • fsmmcsifsmmcsi Posts: 792
    Superglide and others: how does the sport package ride? Better or worse than the off road package? I drove an off-road doublecab, and it was very quiet. One of teh car magazines measured just 67 decibels at 70MPH with a 4x4 - thta is almsot as quiet as an LS430 (it is louder when accelerating, but the V6 sounds nice, not rough or noisey).
  • I agree. I think the 4.7L V8 should have been added as an option since you pointed out it is available in the Tacoma based 4Runner. I am fairly certain though that a V8 option will be available within 2 to 3 model year.
  • I agree, the off-road package I drove was very quiet. I don't understand where the comments come from that say "it's the noisiest thing they ever drove." Perhaps they drove with the windows open.

    I received word this weekend that my Tacoma with the TRD Sports Package goes through the assembly line on January 3rd. Delivery to me should occur about 18 days later. I can give my opinion on the ride if you haven't heard by then. I suspect that the biggest performance difference is the change in wheels/tires. The larger wheels probably provide better a better ride. If I remember correctly, the bigger wheels/tires still give the same circumference as the smaller option, it's just that the profile is different, and that should equate to better control/cornering.

    Weird thing about the Sport: some colors aren't available. I have to change from the Impluse Red to one of the approved colors for this package. You can't get VSC options with the double-cab sport either. You might end up paying for the limited-slip twice, so they make the traction controls unavailable.

    The auto-dimming mirror is usually available on the DC longbed models. Although, Toyota told me that the port or any certified Toyota dealerships can install the auto-dimming mirror. However, because of safety reasons, they usually make the mirror unavailable in a vehicle with curtain side airbags.

    You can't use their seat covers as an option too. They restrict the curtain side airbags from deploying. You would have to get after-market seat covers with velcro attachments.
  • Picked up my new my new Tacoma DC Longbed 4X4 last Thursday. So far the truck is great but I have just a few quirks. First the 4X4 Transfer case switch isn't illuminated and until you get used to it's location it is impossible to find in the dark. A 20 ounce soda bottle is too big to fit in the single cup holder on the console and is too tall to fit in the holders on the door pockets. The adjustable cupholders in the center console are terrible they are too big for most beverages and if you move the divider they are too small. Other than these small annoyances the truck is great. Solid, tight, and quiet.
  • I am not sure what you drive now, or what else you have test driven, but try turning the radio off when you go for a test drive, and listening. There is no sound insulation under the hood. The door seals are very minimal. The ride is quite good regardless of what package you get (even with 4x4).
  • No, according to TRD the supercharger, exhaust and headers should be available in the next few months. That is all the info they gave me when I emailed them about it.

    They are also talking about offering a 7th injector kit for the supercharger and if it boosts the power as much as it did on the 3.4L V6 it will give about 35 to 45 more HP! so if you add the TRD supercharger with 7th injector, headers, exhaust and air intake you are looking at around 400hp if TRD's numbers are accurate! It will cost you about $5000 for all the parts though!

    Nissans supercharger only adds about 25- 30hp.
  • ADM stand for "Additional Dealer Markup"
    ADP is the same thing!
    DO NOT PAY FOR THAT!!! It is a scam that dealers try to pull to boost profits. Here is what says about it:

    ADM or ADP
    Bogus charges added by greedy dealers. It means "Additional Dealer Markup" or "Additional Dealer Profit", and appears on a sticker next to manufacturer's MSRP sticker. I call it Arrogant Dealer Markup. ADM is an artificial buffer to bargain down the price. If ADM is $1000 and you talk them down $800, you still paid MSRP plus $200 for the car! If you see this toxic waste, have them nix it. One buyer of a Honda Civic got the dealer to drop a $1995 ADM! But what if she had no idea what was going on?

    Most dealers will tell you they don't know what the fee is for and that they charge that fee on every car they sell and you have to pay it! WRONG! I would walk out if they tried to charge me that fee! Most of the time you can get it dropped if they want to make the sale. For a good list of fees that dealers try to add go to

    Chapter 3 of the new car buying tips has the fees listed. Don't fall for any of them! Good Luck
  • Thanks for the info. My concern is that the dealers in the area will be able to get some of this b/c people will want a newer, limited production vehicle (ie. X-Runner) badly enough, and thus allow dealers to keep marking up the prices ridiculously. Personally, I wouldn't pay over MSRP, I'd just wait another year.

    Yes, the salesman did try to BS what the fee was. He tried to say it was for other upgrades and stuff, which I knew was BS.
  • I'll try real hard to hear the noise the next time.
  • By law the dealer has to list the upgrades that were done and what each one cost. They cannot combine them into one fee and call it what they want!
    In reality the salesman probably didn't know what the fee was so he just made something up. All you have to do is call their bluff and they will run away with their tail between their legs to go get the sales manager!
    Also if you bring them price quotes from,, and other sites they will usually come down on the price. Also look up the trucks value on and print that out to show them. Then they know you have done your homework and you can't be ripped off!
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