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Toyota Tacoma 2005+



  • vmimanvmiman Posts: 80
    Hi coinneach:


    How do you like your Tacoma with the PT option? I got mine on Nov 11th and it's the greatest. I also have the V6 w/6 speed tranny. So far no defects or problems.


    Tom Clark

  • Hello Tom,


    I prematurely and expectantly show that I have the 2005 Tacoma in my profile. It is coming. It's scheduled to go through the assembly line the week of January 3rd. Delivery occurs around January 16-20. In it's place, right now, I have a 1986 Ford Bronco II, Eddie Bauer Edition. I presently have 4 offers on it because it is in such good shape.


    I just got off the phone with the Toyota sales manager. It seems I ordered too much stuff on my Tacoma from the factory. They have a 15 option limit. We adjusted things as necessary.


    By the way, "Coinneach" is the gaelic word for Kenneth. You can call me Ken.




    Ken Forbes

    Puyallup, WA
  • Engineerboo-I have wondered about the longevity of my brakes because when I put my truck (automatic) in drive or reverse it takes off, so to speak, without even putting my foot on the accelerator. So I end up riding the brakes alot, even going down steep hills I feel like I need to shift it down into 3rd to hold it back. Once it is warmed up it idles at 1000 rpm which I understand is normal. Is this what you are experiencing?
  • Good analysis above of the crack issue based on limited info. Nevertheless, it still bothers me greatly. I have owned 3 pickups in my life. Two of them I horribly abused. I gouged beds, dented beds, folded tailgates and neglected beds until they rusted out. But I never had a steel bed crack through and through from stress. When toyota went plastic, I am sure many thought "....but what about cracks from rough use?" No matter how it's spun, its ugly... But I guess time will tell. I for one have reserved final judgment, and if prices come down a few K, I may buy a Tacoma yet.
  • Picked up a white 2005 4x4 Access Cab with the six speed and OG/tow package last night. Using Costco's buyer program and some hard bargaining, I managed to get it for $400 over invoice and feel happy to get it at this price. (I can't tell you how many times I had to tell sales people that the relation of their price to MSRP was absolutely irrelevant to me. Invoice, invoice, invoice.) I tried and failed to get the dealer to do something that would get me out of the stock BF Goodrich P265/70R16 Rugged Trail A/T's. More on that later.


    My 1999 ExtraCab 4x4 went off to its new home today and the new one is a great, though not perfect truck. Watching me go through days of negotiation, my girlfriend/partner believes my mood change with the arrival of the 2005 means I should buy a brand new truck much more often. This could be good.


    The interior is a big improvement over my previous truck. Front seats have lots of lateral support and I like the looks. My 95 pound Bernese Mountain Dog fits happily in the back on the folded down seats with room to stretch. The fact that it lies truly flat is a big plus. The critter has already been able to sleep fully extended behind the front seats. Instrument cluster seems fine and I can finally see the turn signal lights now that they've been moved to the bottom of the speedo hole. Used to be hidden behind the top of the steering wheel for me and I'd been known to drive for miles giving the car behind me the impression that I was about to make a left turn into the concrete lane divider on the freeway.


    The radio is just the low-end stock CD AM/FM. I've been looking at aftermarket upgrades and I'm not sure how they are going to fit that little Pioneer or Sony into the huge area occupied by the one from Toyota. The surface it's mounted in is curved and silver. Best Buy showed me some adapters they have for some other cars, but what I saw would make the middle of the dash look like it had been modified by the mechanic for the Beverly Hillbillies. I'm going to sit back and wait while someone comes up with a decent solution. I would also say that I wish that Toyota had made this an easier process since audio components have become commodity items built to real standards.


    I was surprised not to find an ashtray. I don't smoke, but I normally use this to hold meter change and a few little trinkets I like to have along for the ride. I see reference to one in the extra accessories list, but not sure what it is or where it goes. Oh well. Lots of other storage, including the sun-glasses pull-down in the ceiling, are plenty. I'm sure a lot of drivers are used to these touches, but they are new to me.


    Exterior appearance: I like the truck going and coming a lot. Looks strong, like bull. However, I find the looks on the side to be something I'm going to have to get used to. The rear side window in particular looks small and misshapen to my eye. I happened to see a Double Cab today, and that truck looks great from a side view. Almost like the design decisions were made for the Double Cab first and then shoe-horned into the constraints of the Access Cab. I also wish the rear door windows popped out as on my '99 and that they were bigger.


    My initial take on the manual tranny with the V6 was "why would you need 6 speeds?" Five gears seems plenty. I must say that it's nice to see the revs loping along near 2500 at 70mph on the freeway. Good choice, Toyota! Truck is very zippy, though I think I expected a little more pull given that the horsepower got a boost of 55, but the truck is heavier as well. Ride is sweet to my unschooled butt. Flattens bumps and feels quite solid.


    Possibly my greatest complaint is the single choice of tires I was given. (I guess that's not actually a choice.) I do get off-road in places in the California desert where the penalty for a blow-out or puncture of a sidewall by a scrape with a rock can be very high. I need something tough that will get me in and get me out without problem. I'm careful out there, but a P rated tire like the Goodrich Rugged Trail T/A's just ain't going to git it. I've already got them for sale on craigslist and will get some Michelin LT's of some sort.
  • vmimanvmiman Posts: 80
    Hi Bigandy:


    Thanks for your post. I have the 2005 Access Cab with the TRD Sport Package, V6 and 6 speed tranny. I also got the Dunlop tires which I was very happy to have. I didn't like the Goodrich's either!!! First thing I did was to scotchgard all my seats. I love the truck (mine is the indigo blue). Only thing I don't like it the white skid plate on the front. Why couldn't they have painted it black??? It really sticks out. I will probably have it repainted. I also bought all the goodies: cargo divider, bed net, bike rack, cross bars and ski rack, and the mini hooks for the front rail. Set me back about $700, but hey, might as well take advantage of that great new rail system. I plan to put a hard or soft tonneau cover on the truck as soon as a company develops one that will work with the rail system (I don't want to have to modify it). I had a 2000 Dodge Dakota SLT that I traded for the Toyota (just saw it got recalled yesterday, boy did I time that right!!!).


  • I just teest drove a 2005 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 Double Cab Short Bed with the TRD Off-Road Package and was impressed by the quality and the power of the V6.

    The dealer gave me $2000.00 off the sticker price of $29736.00. Is this a good deal coming from a Toyota dealer? I've never dealt with Toyota before.



  • That seems like a good deal and typical of what I'm hearing people getting. is at about 26,900 something for trd off road dble cab, v6, manual that lists for 28,100 something.


    My target price is 26,500 for a truck that lists at 28,130. That gives them about 5% over invoice.


    Also look at their document fees. 2,000 under MSRP isn't such a great deal if they hit you with a $700.00 doc fee in the finance office. The lowest doc fee I've seen is $200.00


    Happy hunting and let us know what deal you get.
  • I don't want to offend here, but 5% profit seems high to me. A friend of mine taught me a system which entails using the phone to talk to every dealer in the area you would consider using and offering a deal of X$ over invoice. Not X$ off of MSRP and not X% of invoice. Figure out a fair profit for them and make that the basis of the sale. Doesn't matter what the MSRP is. Edmunds and both have invoice pricing and any dealer incentives going on.


    In my case, my goal was $450 over invoice and I actually beat it when I inadvertantly engaged two dealers in a bidding war for my business. It takes some footwork/phonework. If you have some or most of them reject the sale, then you know you're on the right track. The more whining and complaints you hear from them, the better. (I once helped a friend buy an Accord using this method and while we were sitting in the sales office, the guy told us to tell friends about the dealership, but not to tell them the deal she got. That was satisfying!)


    You have to remember what a sleazy business selling cars is and how these people are schooled in manipulating you out of your money. They will use whatever they have to in order to seal a deal, including deception and outright lying. Most of my contact with auto sales people leaves me with the feeling that I should promptly wash my hands. (I'm sure there are exceptions, but they are rare indeed.)


    Your 5% over invoice amounts to more than $1250 and though any car salesman reading this will disagree, let them make that much profit from a sale to someone else.
  • steine13steine13 Posts: 2,562
    "Most of my contact with auto sales people leaves me with the feeling that I should promptly wash my hands."

    That may have to do with your shopping method... most of the good sales folks who hang out here know better than to engage in bidding wars over the phonea & would politely tell you to take a hike.


    I deal in person and I seem to have no trouble getting competitive deals and minimum hassle... not to say that I occasionally have had to beat a retreat at a store that had more of a "come on down, low down, low payment" approach.


    '05 Tacos are pretty hot, so if I were selling them, I don't know I'd go for the 5% over routine either.


  • Anyone got a 2005 Tacoma with the VSC (Vehicle Skid Control) and TRAC (Traction Control) with the automatic LSD (Limited Slip Differential)? I have been looking for 6 weeks now, and haven't seen one at a dealer yet. The Tacoma brochure implies you can get this option (code VD) on a 2WD 2.7L 5-speed manual trans Access Cab - that's the one I want to buy. Any feedback, anyone? Even if you don't have this option, but you've just bought a 2WD Tacoma with the 4-cyl. manual trans powertrain, could someone tell us what the Owner's Manual says about it? Like, is it effective at all speeds? All gears? Forward and Reverse? Is there a switch to defeat the TRAC, or the VSC, or both? Thanks in advance.
  • I'm not sure how hot they are. I've seen the same ones sitting here locally for awhile, so there not flying off the lots, and dealers are discounting presently. It's very easy to get initial offers of 1,200 off MSRP here in the west. If I wanted a prius I would expect to pay full MSRP, but not on the new Tacomas. It's just a different market.


    I got the 5% figure from several sources that say 3-5% profit over invoice is fair. I don't want to be robbed, but I don't want to rob anybody either. I just want a fair deal.
  • There may be a conflict with the Limited Slip Differential. I can't get the VSC+TRAC+HAC+DAC options with the TRD Sport Package which has the Limited Slip Differential. I did drive a Tacoma with the TRD Off-Road Package which had the locking rear differential. There was a button on the dash to engage the VSC control.


    I called the regional manager in Portland, OR to verify that it was/was not available in my region. He was busy, but the receptionist tried to get that information for me. She called the office expert and told me that the VSC is not available with the Limited Slip Differential.
  • Yeah, I got a similar story form the So Cal dealer about the TRD and VSC. Not compatible. The button on the TRD controls the Locking Differential. That's the way to go for the heavy off-roader. And the VSC would go nuts when the tail slides out under off-roading conditions, so Toyota's stance makes sense. I still wonder about the 2WD VSC + TRAC. I've read in the Highlander forum that the TRAC system can get fooled, and shut down the throttle. I hope it does come with a defeat switch - the VW's with their ESP and EDL do, but the Highlander doesn't. I'm thinking that it's be better to have no electronics at all, vs. malfunctioning ones (even occasionally). Anyone have any thought on this?
  • Here's the spiel at toyotaoffroad, but the information does not ring true. I suspect they are still sorting out the facts given the tight turn-around time for this design.


    "Tacoma for 2005 offers some of the most sophisticated dynamic control technology in the Toyota inventory and in the compact pickup truck category. The optional VSC and TRAC (Traction Control) systems give Tacoma models traction on or off-road by helping to keep the vehicle going on its intended course. The system detects front-wheel slide and rear-wheel slide during cornering and attempts to control either condition with throttle intervention and/or by braking individual wheels."


    "The VSC and A-TRAC systems include Automatic Limited-slip Differential (A-LSD), which uses brake intervention in place of a mechanical-type LSD unit to help reduce tire slippage at the rear wheels (the TRD Off-Road Package uses a locking rear differential, and the TRD Sport Package is equipped with a mechanical limited-slip rear differential)."


    "On automatic transmission models, the VSC and TRAC option also includes Hill-start Assist Control (HAC). When the option is ordered along with the TRD Off-Road Package on 4x4 V6 automatic models, it also includes the Downhill Assist Control (DAC) system."


    "By independently controlling the brakes at each of the wheels as needed, the HAC system helps to prevent the vehicle from rolling backward or slipping sideways during transition from a stopped position to climbing an upgrade."


    "The DAC system uses engine braking to regulate downhill speed and independently control the brakes at each of the four wheels to improve directional stability. The feature also works in reverse and is automatically de-activated if the driver depresses the brake or accelerator pedals, presses the DAC button, or shifts into neutral."

  - oma.htm
  • dreasdaddreasdad Posts: 276
    would it be against the forum rules to say that I find this person's comments offensive and bigotted?
  • What exactly did you find offensive? I think he was just giving his experience. I am assuming you must be a car salesman, but you must realize this this individual's opinion probably represents what a lot of people experience when they go to buy a car. You don't normally hear people talk about how great of a buying experience they have. Instead, you hear about how they got tricked, they had to fight for a reasonable price, etc. The best experience I have had buying a car was agreeing to invoice pricing over the internet and just using the car salesman to fill out the paper work. I encourage you to read previous post on this board and every other board regarding buying experiences.
  • steine13steine13 Posts: 2,562
    I dunno, I'm mostly with dreasdad here... except I don't offend easily. I mean, in an election year? Come on...


    But a certain way of shopping encourages certain sales tactics, and vice versa. To assume that anyone who is critical of bigandy's approach is a car salesman is kind of silly.


  • I for one would be glad to hear what you found biggoted and offensive. These are pretty strong words. The "washing my hands" comment was obviously hyperbole used to make a point about the cut-throat nature of the car business.


    There are businesses that are not run as zero-sum games, but rather in a way that both buyer and seller and seller can work toward mutual benefit. The car business is unfortunately not one of them.


    So maybe you could flesh out what's "biggoted and offensive" about what I wrote.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,835
    You can find a topic about "dealer tricks" over on the Smart Shopper board. No need to get into that here.


    After a bit of a software snafu last week, we'll try to get a harder count on how many of you are coming to the Philadelphia Auto Show on Feb 5th and 6th (that's the first weekend of the show) so we can figure out how many goodies we might need! So stop in at one of the chats this week and let us know!


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  • I'm excited about buying a '05 Tacoma, Double Cab, Short Bed, TRD Sport Package #2. However, I need a cover for the bed. When we(wife, and two(2) daughters voyage to the beach, we will need something to keep our "stuff" dry. Guess we could just use a plastic sheet, or a luggage bag..., but I like the look(esp. on the Exp. Sport Trac). Anyone seen anything for the '05 Tacoma?
  • See Messages #573 and #575 for a suggestion.
  • I have a 2005 4x4 one month old. Noticed that the glovebox has a discoloration on the top left. It's very easy to see from the drivers side. Took it back and had it replaced and when I went to my truck I didn't think they had done anything. New one is the same. So I checked another one on the lot and it's the same way. Anyone else notice it? Waiting for a response from customer service.
  • geogeckogeogecko Posts: 225
    Well, really, invoice pricing is inflated too. If you ever to go the dealership, and get a copy of the invoice, you can see the bogus fees that are charged. On a 4x4 DC TRD Sport #2, with a few options, MSRP is $29900. Looking at the invoice, there is over $700 in "hold-back", which they charge you as a fee, but when they sell the car, they get this back from the manufacturer (i.e., double collecting), and about a $300 advertising fee, which should be paid by Toyota, not the customer. So, basically, $1000 of the "dealer invoice" is bogus fees. I'm not saying you can get these dropped, especially on a truck that is this popular. My offer was $600 over invoice, or about $28000.


    So, a fair offer of 5% profit to the dealer would be somewhere around $27000 or so.


    It's funny, but if they won't take the advertising fee off, just tell them in order for them to plaster their dealership name all over your truck you've just bought, that you are going to charge them $600 in advertising. I always tell them to leave that crap off my cars.
  • sbell4sbell4 Posts: 446
    you are not being "doublecharged" for holdback. The manufacturer or bank where the car is floorplanned finances the holdback amount and refunds the money when the vehicle is cleared from the dealer's inventory.
  • I also have discoloration on the glovebox on my 2005 Tacoma 4x4 (double cab), which I've had for two months. I have no way of knowing if the discoloration is in exactly the same spot as yours, but this is sounding kind of spooky.
  • Today I test drove the 6 speed Access PreRunner. I did not like the feel of the 6 speed. I was very uncomfortable. It felt vague. I then drove the 4 cylinder 5 speed Access Cab. Maybe it was the smaller truck but I felt more comfortable and I like the feel of the 5 speed. But it was not a PreRunner. The Salesman said 4 cylinder PreRunner's are not available and are under powered. Has anyone Test Drove the 4 cylinder PreRunner? Thank You
  • How about complaining about it and look at some other trucks on the lot. If they don't hear anything they can't fix the problem. I called the 800 number after they replaced mine. I'll post as I find out anything.


  • I agree 100% with your post geogecko. If they want us to advertise for them by puting stickers and license plate frames on the vehicles we are buying then we shouldn't be paying an advertising fee. THEY SHOULD BE PAYING US!!

    I am from Southern California and dealers there never put stickers on the vehicles. I had never seen that practice until I moved to North Carolina. I always take the license plate frame off. I plan to tell the dealer to take the sticker off unless they want to give me a discount for advertising for them. Then I will take the sticker off myself with a hairdryer when I get home!
  • bobs3bobs3 Posts: 2
    I've been looking to test drive the 6 speed 6 cyl Access PreRunner here in Mass. So far there don't appear to be any in state. In what state did you do your test drive ?

     According to everything that I've read here on Edmunds and at there is a 4 cyl 5 speed PreRunner available.

     Hope we both find the truck we are looking for.
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