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Toyota Tacoma 2005+



  • Do a search for "rust protection" at the FTC


    Save your money.
  • 5 is US too, assuming this guy knows what he's talking about:




    I don't think there is a forum on that site, if there is, sorry in advance.
  • stnickstnick Posts: 177
    Mine also starts with a 5, Door sticker "made in USA"
  • I'm looking for an 05 Tacoma double cab prerunner in southern california. Can anyone recommend a dealership here?
  • wes240wes240 Posts: 33
    Yep, definatly made in the good ole USA - you had me worried Wes (haha):



    Pretty cool site, I knew you could tell certain things from the VIN but I didn't know you could tell what safety restraints the vehicle has and the engine size.
  • Hi Erniec

    Where abouts do you live ? I live in Ontario, Canada and know of a great local shop that installs hitches, drop me a line
  • I wrote in last week and suggested that if anyone in Canada wanted to drop me a line at I would fill them in on the sweet price that I bought my new Double Cab for, I found my sales slip and it was around 6% off the suggested retail price. Great price.
  • Doesn't Toyota have to print the origin of the manufacturing of each vehicle in the door jamb? Wouldn't that tell you whether you have a Tacoma or a Taco Bell?


  • Every time I used my cell phone there is always some kind of radio/CD statics or frequency interference which is annoying.Anybody else experiencing this problem...
  • gearhead1gearhead1 Posts: 408
    It seems like people are judging the mexican tacos as inferior. Is there any evidence that toyota isn't as rigid in their standards in Mexico as they are here in the USA or Japan. I really don't think they will let their quality slide. Does anybody seriously think this?


    I'd like to get an 05, but at the moment I didn't think I'd need to check country of origen to determine quality until I read this thread.
  • arcpassarcpass Posts: 53
    I'm the one that posted about the L.A. Times story concerning Tacomas made in Tijuana. The article stated that these workers are inexperienced in auto manufacturing and are only paid $3.20 per hour. I would have a problem with the trucks if this was the case anywhere in the United States. I want workers that are experienced and that make a decent living making my truck.

    As far as Toyota letting their quality slide; look at all the problems people are talking about on this forum. Leaks, knocks, ticking, glove boxes, shimmy from the skid plate and now paint chipping off.

    Although most of the Tacomas are made in Fremont, could the Tijuana plant be contributing to the poor quality control. I urge you to look up the article and read it. There's a lot more in it than I've mentioned. L.A. Times Business section, 1-23-05.
  • gearhead1gearhead1 Posts: 408
    yep, I read the article. Toyota is paying the premium wage of 3.20 an hour. The normal wage for this area is 2.80 an hour. Toyota is paying top dollar to the workers, and it's pushing these workers into the middle class in Mexico, with health benefits I don't get here in the USA. Most of these workers have electronics manufacturing backgrounds which I would think would be at least as exacting work as putting a truck together. They're not making engines there.


    The problems mentioned here I think are coming from the Freemont plant. The Mexico plant just came on line in Jan 05 as far as assembling trucks. They were making truck beds before that. It would be informative if people with these problems would check their vin# and see if they start with a 3(Mexico) or a 1,4,or 5(USA)Please do this people so we can access the quality of the Mexico plant. It would be most helpful.


    Glove box defect would not be a Mexico problem as they just assemble not manufacture.


    Engine ticking would also be a American manufacturing problem from one of their engine plants in the USA.


    Suspension knocking could be a Mexican problem as I assume they mount the cab to the chassis there as well as the leaky windsheild mabey.


    They say the Mexican workers there are very enthusiastic about their work which is more than I can say about some US auto workers I've known. I just want my truck to be the best it can be, and I'm not sure assembled in Mexico is a bad thing. Most Mexicans I've known are hard workers, and work their butts off which is more than I can say for my compadres that squeak by when they can. :)
  • arcpassarcpass Posts: 53
    The point of my second paragraph is not to point the finger at Tijuana workers, but to dispute the idea that Toyota is not letting their quality control slip. I have owned 4 Toyota trucks since 1979, and have never had any problems; particularly when they were brand new. The fact that there are so many complaints in a truck that has only been out for 4 months makes me seriously think that Toyota's quality is slipping. My new Tacoma was scheduled to be made on 1-25-05, and should arrive about the middle of February. I'm hoping that the problems talked about here don't crop up on my new truck.
  • gearhead1gearhead1 Posts: 408
    Hope your truck arrives without problems. I've test driven these trucks, and never noticed ticking or knocking. I hope these are isolated problems that are likely to crop up in a 1st year model truck and are easily corrected.


    I've owned a 91 toy truck since it was new and never have had one problem in 14 years. I'll take a Taco with a few minor problems over a Ford any day. :)
  • fgs_ncfgs_nc Posts: 9
    For those who have a snugtop on their 2005 Tacoma or know the answer, could you please tell me where it was installed?


    I’m getting ready to purchase one and in talking with a few salesmen, I’m getting the usual confusing info. One said tops aren’t available yet. One has said we have to install after dealer takes delivery. From info I’ve read on some “pricing” sites, I was under impression that top is installed as an option at the “port”. I would like to know which is correct before beginning the purchasing process.
  • Toyota rates the Tacoma's fuel tanks for 80 Litres(17.6 Gallons) or 21.1 US Gallons. Last night I was able to put in 87.3 Litres (19.2 Gallons) or 23 US gallons. So who knows how much bigger the tanks really are. I guess in the beginning when these trucks are new and hard on gas it is nice to know that you can carry extra gas.
  • vmimanvmiman Posts: 80
    I bought a rubermaid mat to put in the back of my truck bed. I had to cut it, but it sure does protect the plastic bed from getting scratched up. I think you can get them at any auto parts store. I got mine several years ago at Pep Boys.


    Tom Clark

  • vmimanvmiman Posts: 80
    Anyone know where to buy a truck box which will fit in front of the wheel wells and below the height of the bed (so it doesn't interfere with the rail system)?


    Also, anyone received any word on an available hard tonneau cover. I've read that several companies are working on one, but is one available yet (again, one which will not interfere with the rail system)?


    Tom Clark

  • volleyvolley Posts: 298
    I would have to agree. The Mexican built trucks should be no different than any other. My truck was made in the U.S. of A and yes I have the leak issue, yes I have the glove box discolor (which I feel to be very minor and don't even notice), yes I have a tick (which goes away after the truck warms up-at least mine does) and yes I HAD the suspension knock (that went away too). Even still, I consider all these problems to be minor particularly for a new model year. The truck is awesome, I love it and I really don't care where it was built.


    And yes $3.20 an hour is a darn good wage in Mexico!
  • volleyvolley Posts: 298
    Which mat did you get? How much? Cheaper than factory I suppose...? Is it heavy duty? Got pics? Don't you just love all the questions!
  • volleyvolley Posts: 298
    DeWalt makes some cool boxes that sit in the truck that should work well, and they are multifunctional. Mine doubles as a storage box and a cooler! LOL
  • bearcrkrdbearcrkrd Posts: 167
    I posted a couple days ago, then read the article. It was very clear that it is about the bottom line, with a thin excuse about having to build in Mexico to sell in Mexico. Easy reading, and no good news at all. I won't be watching the stock ticker at the bottom of the tube when channel surfing. Unlike most baby boomers or folks just a tad younger than that, I do not have a retirement or inheritance. I'll be at it until 65 if they will have me. Mexico won't. I'm off to lunch then to bed, Graveyard starts tonight, followed by 12hr overnight weekend shifts, until India or China or a computer chip nail me. PS...(no joke) saw a Reg cab 4x2 on the hiway Tuesday, looked great!
  • jdoejdoe Posts: 3
    My VIN begins with 5 and I have the engine tick during acceleration but do not have the glove box discoloration or the paint chip. My double cab is silver.


    I email toyota directly about the tick and they replied that there are no TSB or any other notices but referred me to the dealer. We will see what the dealer has to say (I live just north of seattle). Thanks for all the insight.
  • volleyvolley Posts: 298
    "DeWalt makes some cool boxes that sit in the truck that should work well, and they are multifunctional. Mine doubles as a storage box and a cooler! LOL"



    Sorry I said DeWalt. I meant to say Delta! They make some pretty cool storage boxes.
  • arcpassarcpass Posts: 53
    $3.20 may be a good wage in the middle of rural Mexico, but this Toyota plant is located in Tijuana. That's almost California, because San Diego is just across the border. Go to Tijuana and see how much cheaper everything is. It isn't! $3.20 per hour doesn't buy much in Tijuana. The best thing Toyota is doing is offering health benefits. So, if they're paying $20 per hour in Fremont and only $3.20 per hour in Tijuana, then why isn't a Tijuana built Tacoma less expensive? Toyota is raking in the money, and taking advantage of us, the consumer.
  • Re: Toyota taking advantage of the consumer: Easy fix to that, buy something else and thereby exert the force of the market. Be glad we live in a society that allows for that. Check out your transportation choices in Havana, if you have a doubt. In any event, as San Diego resident I agree, $3.20 ain't much for TJ. Whether it is enuf to get workers to put together a car well....I guess we'll see.
  • I was pleasantly surprised to see that a CD-RW played as well.
  • your tank must have been dry. I would complain to the manager of that store. looks like they are charging you for more gas than your really getting. I have been to a station that the pump display was wrong. 2 gallons more than toyota rates, thats a lot of gas.
  • stnickstnick Posts: 177
    That is just another of those problems I see with companies moving manufacturing jobs out of this country. Dodge, GM, and most other auto co's have been building expensive RAM P.U.'s and GM Suburbans in Mexico for some time now. The reduced costs go into the Company and Stock holder pockets. They don't manufacture out of country to reduce the vehicle selling price. But more on subject. I have been in consumer electronics for many years, and rode out all the problems most TV companies have had when they moved to Mexico. There are problems at first that had to be delt with, and QC suffered for it for a while. I bought an 03 Camry in 03 new and it was built here in the USA. A lot of 02's and 03's had interior rattle problems, as did ours. Things can happen any where. My Tacoma so far: glove box door smudge only. No other problems yet.
  • jsandjsand Posts: 19
    Has anyone added a Bug Shield to their 05 Taco? I know someone who has rock chips already and I want to do something to help prevent them.
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