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Toyota Tacoma 2005+



  • I was in pretty much the same quandry this year. I saw the full size domestics, such as the Ford XLT Supercab 4X4 with incredible discounts vs. the double cab Taco 4X4 at roughly the same price. I know the comparison between these vehicles isn't a good one based on size, engine, towing, truck bed capacity, etc....but the prices were comparable. And that is where some buyers end up looking....what kind of truck can I get for $XXX. Anyway, I ended up going with the '04 Taco DC 4X4 and have never looked back. I was able to get mine (w/TRD) for $23.8K. I'm only coming up on 5,000 miles, but I love it. It fits my family and lifestyle (not to mention my garage) nicely. The 3.4L V6 is plenmty for me, and now I am glad I didn't get one of the Full Size domestics. Also, I've been getting around 21.5 mpg....I doubt the F150 5.4L can come close. In short, my experience (so far) is that the Toy Taco is every bit the quality vehicle that they say it is....and a little extra $ is worth it...especially if you plan to hang on to it for years.

    Good luck.
  • Upstate NY, in Oct no such thing as a 2wd coming in... The 30K was a loaded up Dcab long bed 4x4 TRD Sport package. My guess is that is the approx price ceiling. Relatively speaking, the 4X4 Access cab and D-cabs without all bells and whistles will run around 25K depending on how you load em up. Look at the 05 Dakota, good lord I'm seeeing some at 32K, even ext cabs at 29,500 and the Colorado, 31K, gimme a break! We are speaking MSRP, and suddenly toyota quality doesnt seem so pricey...
  • Several are beginning to show up on There are 4 with prices: $14950 for Reg. Cab 2WD 4 cyl., $28319 for Xcab, 4WD, V6, and two @ $30321 for DC, 4WD, V6.
  • My neighbor has a new red 05 tacoma dc with sr5 package with v6 engine. I wonder if 05 tacoma are at all dealership now. I live in so cal and I wonder how my neighbor got a hold of one since the release date is not due for another 2 weeks?
  • Yeah, I can certainly see the $23.5k paid for the 'o4, and probably see about $25k for a new 'o5 dcab 4x4 Taco, but $30k? I still say ouch. Heck, I'm seeing 4x4 yukons and suburbans advertised in so.col. newspapers for $27k these days. You could tow a monster boat, travel trailer, or whatever with one of them. Those things were $40k a few years ago. Again, I am a big fan of toyota quality, but part of the quality equation for me is a good price for what you are getting. $30k for a "compact" (even though its now bigger admittedly) pickup, plus another $3k for TTL, is just too much for me. Guess I'll just wait several months and see how it shakes out.
  • Here in the D we dont wonder how someone managed to get a vehicle before it was released- people just do.
    30k IS a lot of dough for a midsize truck, when I can drive a Superduty of the lot right now for almost the same money- and no, I dont want an 8000# tank (sure would be nice sometimes though) yes- the competition costs just as much, but if you havent looked, the GM midsizes are selling slower than expected. Can I compare Fords and Toyotas? I can and I do, no matter how much someone overpaid for a windbreaker. You want value, pick up an 04- 9 years of build quality ar a very fair price. Or wait till next year this time and pick up an 05 model tundra.
    Canadian colors..... that brings up a different question- I wonder if they get all the cool option packages again (lots of useful stuff w/o garbage like alloy wheels and god knows what else. Too bad there's no rubber floor option though
  • It was Loaded with TRD double Cab on Black, and it was beautiful truck everybody look on it when it was rolling the street.

    how can it be out in New Jersey, I don't get it.
  • I wonder if any toyota people are reading this forum? If so, I hope they get an earful about prices. A rebate before the end of the year would be nice - say $1,500.
    Nice point about the windbreaker ;)
  • Not to beat a dead horse, but I just calculated that an '05 4x4 Taco with a selling price of $30k, plus $3k TTL, minus $5k down, interest rate of 6% (nat'l avg now), would be $520 per month for five years. It had better be a great truck.
  • This may not be a true apples to apples comparison, but has anyone compared the pricing for the '05 Frontier to the numbers we're seeing on the '05 Tacoma. Nissan has the '05 pricing on their website. From the above figures for the Tacoma, the Frontier will be $7-8,000 less for similar configurations. Don't get me wrong, the Tacoma would be my first choice by a long shoot, but for the difference in price Toyota has some explaining to do before they'll sell me.
  • 30K plus 3k TTL minus 5k down payment at 6% for 60 months(5 years) would be 541 a month. You figured something wrong. I used the MSN Auto's payment calculator to get that number.
    You can try it here
  • 5553543255535432 Posts: 150
    I am in the market for a mid size pick-up and I believe the three are the better choices in terms of reliability. What is your take or opinions on which one is value for money among the three.

    My wife currently drive a Honda Pilot 2003, it is not perfect but for a car in its first generation, Honda really did well. What I hate about Toyotas is that they offer the side and curtain airbags only on their top of the line models whereas Hondas offered safety (eg. pilot)on all trims. I hope it is the same though in their SUT. Frontiers I dont know much though except CR rank them 2nd to Tacoma in reliability.
    I'll be only doing some off roading and the heaviest load I'll be pulling is my 3500 lbs 5 seater Bayliner.
    I'll be trading in my Rav 4 2003, for the pickup I choose, love the Rav4 but I dont feel safe driving one without side airbags, apparently Toyota felt that side airbags are for people with money only and since 2 years ago I was poor as a mouse, charge me 16.5% APR (not because of bad credit but because of some-credit only). Toyota felt ain't worth keeping me as repeat customer.(Honda gave me 4.5% APR 8 months later on a Pilot, cant still figure it out?)Should have gotten a CRV 2003, I'm not sure though if the CRV's for 2003 got side airbags even as options, coz was sure Rav,s even top of the line aint got them for 2003.For 2004, only the outrageously priced top of the line unaffordable RAv 4's got the side airbags. Hope the less safe Rav 4's rot in delears lots.
    Anyways for all the crap I got from Toyota,I'm still open minded from your suggestions on those three midsize pickups.
  • hkingshkings Posts: 74
    Not to continue beating a dead horse Purestock, but your facts are wrong.

    I just went to and priced out a top of the line 2005 Frontier Crew Cab, Auto, with Nismo Off Road Package, 4x4, upgraded Stereo, floormats, sunroof and the total MSRP after destination is: $29,435.00

    In comparision, I was given the MSRP from 3 Toyota dealers for a 2005 Tacoma Double Cab, Auto, TRD Off Road and Towing package, 4x4, upgraded stereo, floormats, and the total MSRP after destination is: $29,115.00

    Doing the math, the NISSAN is over $300 more expensive, granted you get a Sunroof with it (Which is actually an option I wish the Tacoma had).

    So, botttom line, I am failing to see this $7,000 - $8,000 difference in the top of the line Frontier you are comparing to the top of the line Tacoma for $29,115.

    If you don't believe me, check it out yourself. Double check your facts next time before making a false claim like that Purestock.

    In addition, I already have one dealer quoting $800 off of MSRP on the 05 Tacoma mentioned above and a few others telling me they will work with me. I have a feeling that if customers can play it cool and let dealers know they are shopping around, they can still get some deals right out of the gate.
  • Geez, I didn't know I was comparing 2 specific models. The price Nissan is showing for an '05 Frontier KC, 4X4, V6, 6-spd with every option is under $23K. Having said that I notice that they advertise the KC as starting under $22K while at the same time they show the actual starting price between $17 and $18K. That is quite a ways under $22K. So maybe Nissan is the one thats got their facts screwed up. I don't believe anyone on here has offered official MSRP pricing for the '05 Taco models and options but from the numbers I've seen here $28-30K would seem to be ballpark for similar vehicles.

    BTW, if I'm wrong on my pricing I'll be more than happy to admit without having to be flamed by someone with an obvious attitude.
  • Yeah, $540 a month for $28k financed. My mistake. That's even worse. My wife would kill me if I brought home a toyota pickup that cost us that much $ for the next five years. She'd say we could have leased an e-class mercedes or a 5 series bimmer for that. C'mon Toyota, mid-20's...!
  • hkingshkings Posts: 74
    Good Grief...

    Where do I begin? First of all, I wasn't flaming you. I was pointing out that your post on the "comparible" Frontier vs Tacoma 05 pricing was not completely accurate. In itself, not a biggy, but you then say Toyota has alot of explaining to do, impying that their truck is signifigantly overpriced vs competition.

    Second of all, while you mention the comparison not being apples to apples, you do say "similar configurations". Am I wrong, but why even make a comparison at all if you are not even somewhat close to apples and apples.

    The $29K - $30K truck that most members are speaking of is a fully decked out TRD 4x4 Crew Cab Tacoma. It's one thing to not know the exact vehicle that was being talked about at 30K, but I find it funny that now after my post, (with speciifc comparisons and 'Offical MSRP' from Toyota dealers, yes I have them) comparing top of the line 05 Frontier and Tacomas you are still comparing a completely different 05 Frontier to the $30K Tacoma! Yikes.

    Seriously, I'm not trying to flame you at all, I don't understand your comparisons. Unless I'm wrong you are comparing a King Cab Frontier with 4x4 and a manual loaded to a Crew Cab Tacoma, 4x4, Auto, with TRD Off Road and Towing fully loaded. If that is true, then you are not comparing "similar configurations"

    If not true, please explain your comparison better. Again, Im not trying to flame you. My comaprison is based on this 30K figure that most are chatting about.

    As I mentioned before in my earlier post, if you compare "similar configurations", a fully loaded 05 Frontier Crew Cab, Fully Loaded with the Off Road package has an MSRP higher by $300 than that of a smilarly configured 05 Tacoma MSRP. And again, I have comfirmed the MSRP with several dealers. If you have further questions about price, please let me know!

    Thanks and apologies for thinking I was flaming you.
  • jcl1jcl1 Posts: 5
    It is a bit frustrating to see posts making claims that sound like undisputed facts and later find them to be completely false. I've seen that quite a bit on this forum. It would be nice if people would provide a bit of background on how they came to their conclusions (e.g. including the specs on the models they are discussing or comparing).

    To be fair, there is also a lot of good info. being shared. Just have to pick and choose (and research).
  • hkingshkings Posts: 74
    Understood, I feel the same way. However I do have quotes, in writing via email, plus an actual Vehicle Inquiry MSRP report that was forwarded to me by one dealer. For those interested, feel free to email me at and I am more than happy to send the info.
  • solaryellow,

    Are the dealers getting any word on the possibly of a GPS NAV system offering on in mid-MY05 or MY06? I am to the point where I do not even want to purchase any vehicle without factory NAV since I got spoiled by Lexus and Toyota.

    It seem odd that it is not offered on the totally new MY05 Tacoma since Toyota and Lexus seems to be offering a factory NAV option when they introduce a totally re-engineered vehicle (since they have to redesign the dash anyway). The MY05 Tacoma appears to have room in the new center dash area for a touch-screen NAV.
  • In addition to a GPS NAV system, I am still very curious as to if/when a sun roof will be available. For me this is an option worth waiting for if it will be in 05 or 06.

    Anybody heard any rumors?
  • And my apologies for overreacting. In my mind the Frontier vs. Tacoma is probably not a true apples to apples comparison. I've owned both, though the Nissan was a Hardbody and not a Frontier. I personally consider the Tacoma to be superior in quality and reliability.

    I'm also not confident that Nissan is showing the correct base price for a KC SE V6 4X4. That price is down around $20K. There is not any official MSRP info on either, nor have I seen any detailed info on Std. equip. My comparison was probably premature aloong with my price analysis. Come 10/11 when the pricing is released we'll all have a better idea of how things stack up. I really hope you are correct. If a V6 4X4 6 spd. TRD Access Cab MSRP's for $26-$27K I'll be one happy camper. Best to you.
  • hkingshkings Posts: 74
    No problem Purestock, I hope that I am wrong and that I am being over quoted myself. Maybe the dealers are somehow sticking an extra markup on those MSRPs.

    As far as NAV and Sunroof goes, I really wish those were options too. As far as NAV goes, I can add one via aftermarket so that is not a huge issue to me.

    However, the sunroof is another story. I'd love to be able to wait for the model to be available with a sunroof, however I need to buy fairly shortly since I am without a car right now.

    Is an aftermarket soonroof out of the question? Is it possible to make a request to the factory do get one pre-made with?

    Havent pre-ordered a Toyota before, so all info is welcome and appreciated.
  • This may be a re-post, but in case anyone is interested, here are some base msrps i got from a buddy who works at a toyota dealer:

    4x2 reg cab manual $13500
    4x2 reg cab manual (prerunner) $14300
    4x2 reg cab auto $14400
    4x2 access cab manual $16900
    4x2 access cab manual (prerunner) $17700
    4x4 reg cab manual $17400
    4x2 access cab auto $17800
    4x2 access cab v6 6spd manual (prerunner)$19100
    4x2 access cab v6 auto (prerunner) $20000
    4x4 access cab manual $20700
    4x2 d-cab v6 auto short bed (prerunner) $21700
    4x2 d-cab v6 auto long bed (prerunner) $22200
    4x4 access cab v6 6spd manual $22300
    4x2 x-runner v6 6spd manual $23100
    4x4 access cab auto $23200
    4x4 d-cab v6 6spdm manual $23900
    4x4 d-cab v6 auto short bed $24800
    4x4 d-cab v6 auto long bed $25300

    I transposed these numbers from the sheet he printed out for me, so forgive me for any mistakes there might be..
  • Let me apologize briefly, was I dont mention the tacoma in the entire post. Hm- 16% on a car loan- thats crazy. I got 5.9 from toyota financial in early 03 with shoddy credit. Anyhow... why dont you just use the wife's Pilot to pull the boat? should be just fine. As for "Less Safe" certainly they are not as safe in certain conditions. But if crash safety for you and your family is what you're after, get yourself a fullsize. Bigger truck=more metal&more crumple zone. I'd rather be above the accident than in it (anyone feel free to argue that one with me). If I had my choice, my new vehicles wouldnt have airbags at all, but rather 5 pot belts. Unfortunately, the Ralph Naders out there dont beleive I should have hat choice. Also, be sure to take the the Pilot to a safe kids inspection if you have the opportunity- you'd be surprised what you can learn. But if I had to recomend one vehicle out of these 3 for YOU, I would suggest the Honda SUT, as long as they offer it with some kind of stability controll(ESP, VSC, VSP, or whatever they want to call it)I beleive Continental's slogan applies here "Safety is a standard, not an option". This is potentially the biggest advancement since ABS to keep any airbags your vehicle may or may not have from being called upon in the first place. Happy and safe motoring to you.
  • spleckspleck Posts: 114
    Can someone post what the average price is for the TRD packages? Is it the same independent of model?

    Most of the configurations have fixed price differences:
    Long bed $500
    Auto is $900
    V6 is $2200
    Access Cab is $3400
    Double Cab is $1700 + Access Cab
    PreRunner is $800
    4x4 is $2900 ($2200 > PreRunner if no regular model)

    (This was done quickly, so forgive me for errors.)
  • spleckspleck Posts: 114
    I just saw a post about a 4x2 Double Cab (V6 Auto Short Bed). Base Price is $21675 ($18995 inv). TRD Offroad Package is $3045 ($2445 inv) (No tow package?). Floor Mats are $130 ($80 inv). Destination is $565. Total is $25415.

    Not sure what TDA ($285) is. Don't think it affected price. Holdback and Reserve total 3% of base.
  • hkingshkings Posts: 74
    In addition, I received a dealer inventory report as well from a dealer that confirms the following:

    V6 D-Cab Auto 4 x 4 SB = $24750
    V6 D-Cab Auto PreRu SB = $21675
    TRD Off Road = $3045
    TRD Off Road & Tow Package = $3695
    TRD Sport Package = $3220
    Floormats = $130
    Destination = $540

    I think that most of the above is fairly accurate, with the only exception being the Destination charge. I've been quoted both $540 and $565. If all goes well I dont plan on paying that at all. Bogus charge anyways, in my own opinion.
  • Are there any new Tacoma colors for '05? Are the TRD packages color specific? If so, which colors are available?

  • Just got a 2005 toyota trucks brochure from a dealer and here is the color info:

    Super White
    Silver Streak Mica
    Desert Sand Mica
    Radiant Red (on X-runner, pre-runner, 4x4 only)
    Impulse Red Pearl(darker red than radiant)
    Speedway Blue (on X-runner, TRD Sport, TRD Offroad only)
    Indigo Ink Pearl (dark blue)
    Black Sand Pearl

    That's all the colors.
  • hkingshkings Posts: 74
    Eldenslack -

    With regards to the color:

    Speedway Blue (on X-runner, TRD Sport, TRD Offroad only)

    Does it say anything about being limited to the 4x4 TRD Off-Road only, or is it available on PreRunner 4x2 TRD Off-Road as well?

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