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Infiniti QX56 Prices Paid and Buying Experience

Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,094
Share your QX purchase experience here.

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  • skier6skier6 Posts: 2
    Just signed a contract for my QX56 at MSRP.
  • klepoyklepoy Posts: 4
    We paid a little less than MSRP since the car which was a demo already had close to 300 miles. Took it home last night and put ~80 miles on it today cruising in san francisco!
    :-) We absolutely love the car.

    liquid onyx/willow/4x4/sunroof/smartvision/dvd entertainment/splashguards
  • josh684josh684 Posts: 55
    Any of you have to pay a Dealer Fee? And If so how much?
  • klepoyklepoy Posts: 4

    you mean dealer markup? if so, i didn't pay any dealer fees.
  • mustangmustang Posts: 2
    We bought a black one with grey interior that just came in Saturday. We did not want another black vehicle but the color is very cool as it glistens in the sun. Final decision was between the Navigator and QX. We loved the interior of the QX as well as the reliability of the Infiniti brand. Also the exterior is very unique especially in person. As we have driven it the last few days we have received a lot of looks and interest. The vehicle really stands out from the pack of SUVs. Particularly the color, wheels , and overall exterior. We paid MSRP but none of the bogus marketing upcharge. I don't know any other product that charges the consumer a seperate marketing fee versus putting it into the cost of goods. Anyway we love it and having a great time driving it. The kids love the DVD as well as all the room for them and their friends.
  • Mustang (board #6). Please give us an update on you truck in a week or two. I'm considering buying one that is incoming at the end of this month. I have been unable to test drive yet.
  • I am also considering the Nav and the Escalade ESV. The Nav is less expensive (lists for more but you get $10K+ off list). The ESV is too big for my wife who hates our Sub (unless she goes to Costco or Home Depot!!). The key is quality: the Nav and Escalade are not ranked above even the Suburban by JD Power or Consumer Reports. To me, that's a big problem when I spending $50K+
  • katana2katana2 Posts: 35
    We bought our QX56 Saturday and will pick it up tomorrow. I had the dealership tint the front windows and add splash guards etc. The splash guards and cargo mat have to be overnited so thats why the delay in delivery. I liked the silver and thought it would look extra cool with the darker tint on the front glass. We paid $2000 under invoice, not a huge discount but better than a poke in the eye with a toothpick.
  • wibblewibble Posts: 569
    Where did you get a QX56 for $2000 under invoice?
  • katana2katana2 Posts: 35
    Wibble, pardon my ignorance but I paid $2000 under MSRP. Sorry for the mix up.
  • josh684josh684 Posts: 55
    Thats good, Where do you live? Most people are not going off MSRP
  • katana2katana2 Posts: 35
    Josh684 we live in Overland Park Kansas, we bought the vehicle from Major Infiniti in Missouri.
  • wibblewibble Posts: 569
    That's still a really good deal. Did it have any miles on it?
  • josh684josh684 Posts: 55
    I looked all around South Florida, No one wanted to budge. I had already ordered one at MSRP but I was still looking around. Day after I received mine another dealer called me and he was ready to deal. I dont care though, I paid MSRP, but I got the color I wanted and no back seat DVD so that saved me $1,600. That plus the dealer was friendly and it is the one I goto to get my cars serviced. I feel I always get better service when I buy and service the car at the same place. I have had one problem so far with the truck. Minor computer problem, the RPM did not reset and got stuck at 5x, when I reved it went to 7x but was really at 2x. I went, they took a picture, reset the computer and if it happenes again they will just replace the computer. I like infiniti server over Cadillac or Lincoln and thats why I bought this truck. If your from south florida I strongly reccomend going to Warren Henry Infiniti.
  • katana2katana2 Posts: 35
    Wibble, the odometer showed 38 miles on Saturday.The dealership drove it somewhere to have the tinting done, hopefully it wasn't Nebraska. When we looked at the vehicle it still had all the plastic on the interior and exterior.
  • josh684josh684 Posts: 55
    2K off is really good. What was their first offer?
  • katana2katana2 Posts: 35
    Their first offer was $54,500 this price did not include the window tinting.
  • josh684josh684 Posts: 55
    and you got for 52,500?
  • katana2katana2 Posts: 35
    MSRP was $55,000 their first offer was $54,500 and we settled at $53,000.
  • I'd call that incredible! Is that an AWD vehicle? The biggest discount I've given on one of these trucks is $80 off a truck with an MSRP of $55080 - I let the guy have it for $55000. You might be in a soft market, but I find that big a discount unbelievable.
  • katana2katana2 Posts: 35
    They gave us $400 for being a three time buyer, this is our third Infiniti from the same dealership. Maybe we just looked poor and acted like we couldn't afford the QX. We originally asked for $5000 off and worked toward meeting in the middle. The gentleman that showed us how everything works on the vehicle last nite told me this was the second QX sold in the area. And yes it is AWD,DVD,Lazer Cruise etc.
  • jodyr2jodyr2 Posts: 3
    I ordered a qx56 march 1, and it is already here. I bought it in Louisville, Ky. 100miles away from us. they will deliver it to our front door this next Saturday. Infinity is really trying to give you upscale treatment. We paid msrp. they wouldn't negotiate at all. I can't wait to get it. I will let you know how it performs. So excited. I love the suv.
  • mustangmustang Posts: 2
    A quick update for carnutinca. We have had the QX56 for 2 weeks now and we continue to enjoy it. Took it to the North Georgia Mountains this weekend. It drives great with solid acceleration and a very quiet ride. The only problem we have had is the back window unlocks when we unlock the doors. The dealership has been great to handle it. First time we have owned a non domestic vehicle and we are learning how great service can be ! The only nit pick I have is that the Bose sound system isn't as great as I would have hoped. Other wise this is a great vehicle and I think Nissan has hit a homerun. Business Week just recently ran an article and Infiniti is on a tear in luxury sales and I think the QX56 will keep it going. The teenagers (trendsetters) also have been very receptive to the design and look of the vehicle. This one is defintely a keeper. No regrets paying MSRP.
  • jrock65jrock65 Posts: 1,371
    I have never heard a Bose system worth its price, or even half its price. But the QX is a great vehicle. Congrats on such a fine purchase.
  • I had to laugh when I read the posts from katana2 about the price paid for his QX56. My wife and I bought and ordered one from the same dealership and paid even less! We ordered our QX56 on March 1st and have yet to receive it but cannot wait. We got Major Infiniti down $2550 off MSRP so I know it is possible. As far as living in a "soft market" all the better for us. Maybe people should think of coming to Kansas City to get a GREAT deal like we did. We wanted the tuscan pearl w/ graphite leather and the split bench second row seats, XM radio and some other extras that were too tough to locate so we ordered it. Hope to get it in the next couple of weeks. Good Luck and Happy SUVing!
  • katana2katana2 Posts: 35
    Good deal on the QX56!!!! I know you will enjoy driving it.
  • islandisland Posts: 2
    WE went to the only dealership in Salt Lake City and ordered ours on 2-13-04. Today is 4-26-04. Still no QX. We are thinking we should wait for the 2005s to come out in the fall. The dealership told us yesterday that they just received the VIN #. Does anyone out there know how long it takes until it's delivered once the dealer has the VIN #?? We have never waited so long for a vehicle. The frustrating thing is we see several of the exact units at several Infiniti Dealerships in California. Does anyone have any answers? We don't want to whine for nothing.
  • lucas2lucas2 Posts: 12
    Did you special order one? Most dealers have QX's coming in all the time. I bought mine at the end of March, and the VIN was already assigned to my dealer when I bought it. It took two weeks after that to take delivery.

    If you didn't want to take delivery out of dealer stock or future dealer stock (like I did), then you'll probably be waiting a long time.
  • I was in a competetive situation, where I had purchased my prior three infiniti, two Q45 and one FX45 from the same dealer....ended up with a $4500 discount off msrp with no add on for advertising, or paper prep or any other inflation in pricing.....very pleased with the truck, although I personally prefer a stiffer suspension, I have previously owned two Suburbans and five Tahoes. Recently received a $3,600 loyalty coupon from GM which tempted me to buy the GMC Denali XL, which actually would have listed for more than the fully loaded QX56 I bought. Have about 1800 miles on it in two weeks
  • I paid the MSRP for my vehicle. I called every dealer around my area and none of them would negotiate the price. They all told me that the vehicle is very new and its very much in demand. We wanted the second row bench seating, which made it even more rare. I guess Infiniti only made a few with the bench row seating (Infiniti made 80% with captains chair and only 20% with bench seating per a salesperson). A dealer had the vehicle we wanted but it was on hold for another customer. A few days later I called the dealer back and said that the vehicle was still on hold, but they were going to call the customer and verify if they still want the vehicle. I guess the vehicle has been on hold for almost a week. The dealer called me back a few hours later and asked if we wanted the vehicle. Wife and I paid the MSRP, but we've been very happy with our purchase.
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