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Infiniti QX56 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • My wife picked up her new qx56 today. Sticker was around 53000.00 bought it for 45499.00. Seemed like they were itching to get rid of it. So far this truck is miles ahead of the suburban we trade. I hope it stays that way.
  • Are these prices everyone is quoting with or without tax included. dealer agreed to 49000 and showed me the invoice to a fully loaded minus the dvd. I want to pay 49 with tax included

    thank you charlie
  • no tax was included. I think it was 720.00 sales tax, 65.00 title, 29.00 sticker.
    The truck does not have a DVD or sun roof.

     I also read in the paper 8,000.00 off a 2004.

    Hope this helps
  • what newspaper did you see that in
  • I brought my 2004 QX56 in mid October (build date was August) and paid an even $50,000.00 which is $550 under invoice (includes destination charges but not taxes). Sticker price was $55,250.00. It is fully loaded with all the options including DVD, rear-view camera, sunroof, floor mats and spash guards. My wife and I just love this truck. It is colbalt blue with a tan interior and all my neighbors and friends comment how great this SUV looks (so why do most of the auto review guys like James Healey from USA today, etc. say this vehicle is ugly!!!. I don't get it). I love the roominess, comfortable seats, the quickness and power of that 315 horsepower engine, fold flat rear seats, and that rearview camera (which the Escalade and Navigator don't have). So far after just 1,500 miles, I have no complaints. I am aware of all the TSB's with this vehicle and the Armada, but I am willing to take a chance. Hey, even the Lexus RX300 had teething problems in its first year of production in 1999. In my opinion, for the money this is the best luxury SUV on the market today.
  • The Sunday Boston Globe, Quirk is the dealer. They had a QX56 for 44,999.00 yesterday.
    No dout it had just the basics, but that's alot for a QX.
  • kenrkenr Posts: 9
    Congrats nissanman. Sounds like you got a great deal.

    We now have had our QX for 1000 miles. My wife is the primary driver and I asked her about it and she simply said, "I love it." We would definitely purchase again. No problems to date.
  • Thanks Kenr; Hopefully, the brake issue won't affect our vehicles, but I have no regrets with the QX56. I should mention, that I got this really good deal online by sending out bids (50,000 was my asking price and I wanted the built date in August or Sept. late model 2004) to 6 dealerships in NJ & Pa. Only one dealership matched that offer in October and that was Salerno/Duane Infiniti of Dennville, NJ. The dealership experience was just first class all the way. I would highly recommend them. There are still great deals out there right now, because of the incentives and 1.9% financing.

    Also, if you own a small business, you can still right off 100% due to that SUV tax break up to $25,000. But you better hurry, because it will be gone after Dec. 31rst. I was able to get the 100% writeoff of the full value of the vehicle, because I purchased it before Oct. 22nd (before Bush signed into law to close that loophole).
  • What's a good price to pay for '04 QX56 with DVD player and Intelligent cruise Control?
  • they are selling 2004 models for right around invoice or a little less in san bernardino county california. i saw several at $49,xxx
  • I think you could get the 04 QX56, fully loaded (DVD, Rearview camera) without the sunroof, for 49,000 or slightly below. Try the internet at, like I did and tell them the price you want to pay. Good luck

    P.S. Make sure the build date is from August, because the percentages are higher that there will be less problems, but no guarantee.
  • tomptomp Posts: 5
    what kind of discounts should I find on an 05?
  • guywguyw Posts: 1
    I have over 4k miles on my 2005 QX56. It drives and rides great. Motor and transmission are it's best assets. But the downside is the interior. Cheap plastic surrounds you and scratches easily and some controls are not lighted at night making them hard to find. The seat warmers are not very warm nor does it warm the back of the seat. The DVD player, located in the front console, is crazy. The navigational system is okay, but you have to push the "agree" button each time you start the engine. The QX56 does not having daytime running lights. What's up with this from a SUV selling safety. This is a great 40k SUV, but not 55k. Go for the GMC Denali instead.
  • I would have to kindly dissagree mr. guyw. I just bought a 2005 QX and love it. The back of my seat heats up and they get very warm, maybe your battery needs a charge? lol. Nav systems is choice and don't mind pressing an ok button every time i start. I own a '04 Denali and the 2nd row doesn't come CLOSE to the room in the QX. anytime anyone over 5'6 sits back there i have to scoot my seat up. Lame. to boot, the Denali makes you "remove" the 3rd row seat...Lamer. Daytime running lites..who cares, it's day. I'm getting an after market dvd with screens in aftermarket headrests (i've learned that factory dvd's are also lame). The '05 qx I own is unbelievable the best value considering it's competition of the navigator, escalade and Denali...hands down. Oh, and did I mention that I will be swapping my 22 inch rims for my Denali to my qx?? Well, i guess i just did. And my Denali's interior in my opinion is the same if not less than my QX. So you can slam your qx, but obviously you have never owned a Denali, as I own both right now...i hope that helps your "buyers remorse" and other readers out there. This QX completely rocks!
  • Hey Peteydog, I totally agree with everything you said and who would want to remove a third row seat when you can just fold it flat like a minivan. But, you did forget two other valid points for comparison of these vehicles. One, the GM service is a joke compared to Infiniti service (no comparison) and two, that rear-view camera is a must have item for a large SUV. Now, for 2005 QX, both the Nav. and rearview camera comes standard. So, there is no doubt that the QX is the best value for the money in the luxury SUV market.
  • Did you forget about the great headlights, Power lift gate or The Great One Of A Kind Look.


     How many QX 56 have you seen on the road? Not many.
  • guyw1guyw1 Posts: 2
    To clarify to Peteydog and other consumers, I was pointing out items that, if improved, would make this a great luxury SUV instead of average. You are right about 2nd row seat leg room. But 22" rims (Lame) maybe you need to read about brake problems before you install these. I am hoping Infinity has done something to correct this. I have no buyers remorse and also have owned 02, 03, and 04 Denalis. I just wanted a change, but for approximately 10k less, the Denali is a good choice.As far as the 3rd row seat,it is nice to fold flat,also love the remote rear hatch. Don't get me wrong, the QX is a great SUV, just needs some refinement, mostly interior plastic. I will be waiting for next years Lexus 470 if they update it.
  • I guess they really want to get rid of these (2004). The walk-in price in Southern California is $5000 below MSRP. The 2005 models are running about $900 over invoice but there isn't that great of a selection right now.
  • lar60lar60 Posts: 13
    I am beginning the search for a new SUV. I first looked at the QX56 earlier this year, but was too far out on my lease of our current SUV, a loaded 2000 Yukon XL which has lousy resale value, to financially make sense in beaking the lease early. We are now in the final few months of the lease and I am seriously considering the QX56. I test drove the early '04 models and loved the car,also liked the Nav., but there seemes to be some issue regarding pre/post August production of the QX. Any substantial reasons why? Also, are there any significant differences between the 04 and 05 models, other than just the first model year issues that typically arise? Any thoughts are appreciated. I live in the San Diego area and see the current ads for $5000 off MSRP for the 04 Models. This might be enough incentive to make me act sooner than wait until spring and most likely have to buy the 05.


    On a side note, I'm actually going to lease because I firmly believe that the hybrid technology will continue to improve to a point where use in full size SUV's will become more common. I saw an article in one of the auto mags recently talking about future cars being released with hybrid and I believe that in '06 the Yukon (not XL) will be released with hybrid. I have a 10 year old son that I have thought about holding on to a car for long enough to give him when he starts driving, I want alot of metal around him, but gas in 6-7 years will probably be several $$ a gallon, just like it currently is in Europe.


    Thanks for any thoughts
  • How can you call 22" rims lame? My gosh, have you seen what this vehicle looks like with these? apparently not. but i must agree, have heard many break "issues" that I must admit, am a little paranoid about. rumor has it that they are fixing calipers and will probably have some recalls spring 2005. can't wait to get those beefed up, because i've heard of a lot of break issues...albeit, i only have 1500 miles on mine and it's smooth as a baby's butt so far.. I will have video screens in the back of the headrests and a PS2 installed in the back..i'll be ready...

    have loved my '05 qx56 thus far as I love the fact that it's so different...everyone drives the same suv..this really stands out.

    btw, the denali is not 10k less than the qx..but i bought my qx loaded with sunroof for 49k. do you like buy a new car every year? hmmm, maybe trying for that tax deduction on a yearly basis?

  • I'm in the market for an 05 QX56 with DVD player and sunroof. What's a good price in the DC/MD/VA area?
  • Nissanman, Are you sure the Sec 179 write-off ended on 12/31? Not that Congress makes much sense but it would stand to reason that the law change from 100% unlimited to 100% $25k max would not have been made just for the two months prior to the whole law going away. My acct is not well-versed on the rules but it seems yours is. Any thoughts? Any problems with the Q?
  • dougcdougc Posts: 3
    I bought my qx56 2005, totally loaded except laser cruise control for $50,150 from Marin Infinity. I was working with three dealers and two (San Diego & Serramonte) said the price was impossible for an '05. All & all a good price.


    The QX is the best foul weather truck I've ever driven. In two weeks I've tracked 1,500 miles in torrential rain storms and similar blizzard conditions. The truck is more sure footed than any Audi Quattro sedan. Switch to 2wd on dry roads and kick the tail around in a turn; fun stuff.


    The second row bench design is brilliant; the nav/radio/climate control design is the worst I've encountered in any vehicle. The truck has assembly issues which by this time in production I'm surprised still exist. I'm receiving no benefit from having a second year run vehicle.


    Infinity is not Lexus and with three visits and four days in the shop already for tsb's my experience suggests Infinity is not Dodge, Chevy or Ford either. The local dealer (San Diego), not the selling dealer, is very defensive about their expectations of customer dissatification Re: the truck. The real problem is not the truck because the tsb's are accurate and in my case severe window clatter and DVD bracket rattles; TSB #052, fixed the problem. It took them three visits to complete the repairs. The truck was returned with a dirty headliner and grease on the second row seat. I asked the service manager a rhetorical question of; " what point do you people start to get embarrassed". I just got it back yesterday and today I've discovered the rear AV and climate controls don't work.Infinity customer service is non existant. Nothing more than an apoligy service directing you back to the incompetant dealer. Not fun stuff.


    Great truck but beware you have no advocates to represent you if your local dealer is subpar.
  • I know the 100% write-off for small business of SUV's up to $100,000 was terminated Oct. 22nd. But you are right; congress currently lowered the loophole write-off to $25,000. But I heard (don't quote me) that they will raise the SUV weight limit write-off from 6,000lbs to 15,000lbs. That will eliminate all the luxury SUV's. My advice, just ask your accountant to check that info. So far, no problems with my QX56 with almost 4,000 miles, but I am keeping my fingers crossed.
  • lar60lar60 Posts: 13

    Which San Diego dealer are you working with? I am just a few months away from getting our new SUV and live in SD, so service down here is an issue. I would most likely use the Discover dealership in Carlsbad. By the way, I have a friend that just bought his Q from the Dealer in Marin and was very happy with price he paid. Do I have to go up there to buy my truck?

  • dougcdougc Posts: 3

    The Marin dealer moved a unit for their year end tally; that's all they got out of this transaction. They were very aggressive on their advertised specials; but at that they were only equal to Serramonte; (Colma, South San Francisco). By the time I made up my mind the advertised specials (04's) were history. It was at that point the Marin sales manager called and offered me the 05. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend that dealership. I cut the deal on the phone on Wednesday from SD. On Thursday morning I walked in the dealership and picked up the car. I was out of there within the hour & that included obtaining financing and insurance. The deal was honored to the penny; there were no surprises or attempts at ancillary sales.


    My local dealership is Discovery in Kearny Mesa area of town.


    By the way the truck is great. My wife loves it. She's 5' 1" & it's her daily driver. The truck has the best seat, mirror & pedal adjustments we found. That coupled with the accuracy of the rear vision screen allows "Hippo" to defy's it's size in daily driving. There are alot of posts, including mine, that seem to highlight the low points of the QX. Don't let it concern you; I think it's frustration that Infinity did such a good job with so many of the things that matter that it would be nice if they took a closer look at things that are real easy to fix.


    Good luck on your decision
  • I bought my '05 Qx56 for $49.5k loaded, except for DVD. Bought it from Hiro at Infiniti at Montclair. Had it deliverd via transport. Pleasant experience. I've had my Qx for 2k miles and it's been flawless. No rattles, no brake probs...flawless. I have no issues with anything! Mine was manufactured in Oct '04, maybe they made some changes or improvements? Anyway, this truck rocks and btw, write off is 25k + 50% of the remaining 15k...ended 12/31/04. Now, it's just 25k. I made it. People that bought before 10/22, welp, win/lose. '04 Qx is stinky, but better write off. And a note to my friend CJDawg, the '04-'05 Landcruisers are totally lame! Might as well buy a '94 since they're identical! And pleeease, chris, don't buy a flippin' tahoe! My gosh spare me!


  • gelo7gelo7 Posts: 3
    We drove the escalade ESV, navigator, Gx470, Lx470, and the QX56. We liked different things about all of them. But, the QX56 came out ahead of the class for us. We had three dealers offering $7000 off MSRP for their 2004 models, which was around $48,100 for 4wd,DVD, sunroof, mats, splashguards,intellicruise,and navigation. We settle on a black on black 2005 2wd,DVD,sunroof, mats,XM radio,navigation, intellicruise, splashguards and a full tank of gas from Troncalli Infiniti for $48,100. I've been lurking on these boards since last March, so we knew what to look for. Thanks for sharing your experiences.
  • md_usermd_user Posts: 10

    Congratulations on your new QX56. I am in the market for one, can you publish the dealer and state where you bought your QX56?
  • gelo7gelo7 Posts: 3
    md user,

    Thanks, we purchased our QX from Troncalli Infiniti in Decatur, Georgia. There are about four dealers in the metro Atlanta area. Good luck.


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