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Infiniti QX56 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mlevinemlevine Posts: 349
    Would appreciate any feedback on deals for QX56 2008. Looking for purchase with trade in at the same time.
  • I was offered by a local MD Infiniti dealer an 08 fully loaded with intelligent cruise control for $53,500 + TTL. Is this a good deal for the end of the year or should it be lower? Any insight would be greatly appreciated?
  • mlevinemlevine Posts: 349
    Was to close on QX56 today, but walked out. Trade in price low but negotiated better deal. On final sale dealer fee added to the price, eventhough I stated when I come to the dealership no monkey business. Wife disappointed but in agreement with my decision.
  • What price were you offered? I am not doing a trade in, but I am totally interested in price at this point. I would like to purchase a QX by COB tomorrow.

    Thanks in Advance
  • mlevinemlevine Posts: 349
    Qx56 4x4 with DVD entertainment (overpriced did not want) 50,990, wanted 895 dealer fee, not including tax. Kelley blue book and NADA guides suggested trade- in should be about $800 higher than I was offered. Willing to do the deal but dealer fee is nonsense profit they tried to slip in. Trying another dealer tomorrow. Hope this is helpful.
  • I've been working with a dealership in MD on an '08 QX with DVD. I have a taxes, tags offer at $54,400. That includes the $1500 match that Infiniti is offering right now. I have an '06 Acura TL that I'm trying trade in and they are not willing to give me a good price on that.

    Has anyone else had a better offer from the dealer on an '08 QX?
  • That seems like a pretty good price. This vehicle did not have the Tech package with Intelligent Cruise Control?

  • I was offered 53,500 at a local MD Infiniti dealership with DVD and Tech package with Intelligent Cruise Control. That offer includes the 1500 Infiniti matching incentive and does not include tax, tag and title.

  • No it only included the DVD extra. Do you have a feel if they will continue to deal into '08. They were really dealing on the '07's. I am wondering if I wait a few more months, will they have better deals? I know that Nissan is on a a March 31st fiscal year. I wonder if they will have a richer incentive package in early spring?
  • That's a good question, which I wish I had the answer. For me, I would like to purchase tomorrow simply because the MD sales tax (including vehicles) will be increased by 1% on 1/1/08. If there is extra incentives, it was have to compensate for that extra point on the overall purchase price.
  • mlevinemlevine Posts: 349
    I was not given a great trade in for my seqouia which was in good shape. I willing to take less to make the deal but the dealer fee add on terminated the deal. In addition I believe the dealer makes money from financing via infiniti which is necessary for the 1500 match. In my case I have time to wait. I suspect in 2008 the big SUV market will bring steep discounts. By the way I tried 2 weeks earlier to deal on a M35 base and sport 2007, but price too high. Both vehicles still on the lot. The key is patience.
  • I'm a newbie here who hasn't bought a new car from a dealership in about 15 years (I've been stationed in Europe and returning back to the US (Texas) next month). Since my wife and I have 3 small kids, we liked the QX a lot. I've been in contact with a couple of dealers in TX via e-mail. We are looking for a 2008 QX56 2WD with DVD entertainment, splash guards, floor mats, and rear cargo mat.

    First dealer quoted me a drive-out price (including tax/title/all fees) of 55,736.

    Second dealer quoted me a drive-out price of 56,300, and also offered additional rebate of 1500 if we financed the vehicle. (Anyone know why they are offering this 1500 rebate? just curious).

    What do you guys think? Overpriced, or a fair enough deal?
  • Well, I think your best bet is to NEVER trade in a car. NEVER! This, in my opinion, just gives the dealer another way to screw you over. It is SO easy to sell a used car, especially a Sequoia in decent shape, for more than trade-in value. what I did for my QX....sold my sequoia in 1 day on Craigs List) Use Craigs List or some other free avenue, price your car over what they were going to give you in trade and you'll have cash for a down payment in no less crap to worry about come bargaining time. I think a trade in always makes you look desperate. Also, patience is key. The other think I found to be helpful was to ask for pricing on-line from multiple dealers. They will cut each other's throats to get the sale so just sit back and watch them undercut each other! Car buying is a whole new deal thanks to the internet.
  • mlevinemlevine Posts: 349
    You are right about the trade in. My wife wanted to get the QX56 prior to the new year. Figured there would be great deals, but the undervalue of the trade and extra fees is a killer. I can at least wait a few months prior to any decisions. I did multiple dealers within 13 to 40 miles but all adding the dealer fees to the price.
    I agree patience is key.
  • utvols1utvols1 Posts: 16
    I think the deal above where you were offered at $56,400 with an additional $1500 was the same that I was offered. I think at this time, that's not bad.

    I am prepared to wait few months. Does anyone have a feel about what we can expect to pay over the next 6 months for a '08 QX? Do we think that we can expect to pay below invoice?

  • keg97keg97 Posts: 189
    I expect to pay invoice minus whatever incentives Infiniti is offering. I'm ready to pull a trigger within a week or so, but ideally I'd like to wait until March or so. That will probably work to my advantage. Their current incentives expire tomorrow so we should get a good feel on how the market is doing. My bet is that the economy will continue to deteriorate and we'll be able to get a couple grand under invoice.
  • utvols1utvols1 Posts: 16
    I agree. Does anyone have a confirmed out the door price that someone was actually paid?

    I agree with your thoughts on the forecast for '08. With gas as high as it is and the economy being 'soft', luxury SUVs will be the 1st to experience deep discounts and incentives. I would imagine March will be a good time and is in line with my purchase time frame as well.
  • I pulled the trigger on the last day of the year. Purchased an 08 AWD with Tech Package (intelligent cruise control, front sonar) for 53,500 + TTL. That price also includes dealer installed DVD system in the headrest (as well the factory installed ceiling mounted dvd screen).
  • utvols1utvols1 Posts: 16
    That's a pretty good deal. I've got an offer that a dealer in Maryland says is good only today that is for the following:

    Sales price is at dealer invoice and with taxes, tags, added that equals $55,235 for the 4wd DVD package. They will back another $1500 if I finance through Infiniti. Thus it gets to an 'out the door price' of $54,235.

    I think I am going to wait until a little later in '08. How do you like the your new ride Keg 97?
  • I think you are asking me, suv_search. I love the ride. Although not cheap, relatively inexpensive compared to the MB GL that the wife and I also considered.
  • keg97keg97 Posts: 189
    Great deal! That looks like you basically paid invoice and then got the headrest DVD player for free. My dealer quoted me 2K for the headrest package so you did very well!
    What color combo did you get? How do you like it so far?
  • keg97keg97 Posts: 189
    I'm not an least not yet :)
    I'm going to take one home either this weekend or next for an "overnight" visit. I like doing that before I make a commitment. We brought home a Sequoia this past weekend and it actually improved both my wife and my perception of it. Perhaps...even enough to buy it. But I still think that we're leaning heavily towards the QX.
  • I love the vehicle. I think pound for pound (or dollar for dollar), it really is a value in the luxury SUV category. One thing that I have discovered (post purchase) no auto up/down feature for the 2nd row (yet on driver and passenger door). I think that is a skimp on Infiniti's part, as we have that feature on our '04 G35. We bought the Liquid Onyx w/ wheat interior.
  • keg97keg97 Posts: 189
    But you have auto up/down on all windows from the drivers seat though, right?

    Liquid Onyx/Wheat is what the dealer had in the showroom. I loved the speckle on the Onyx....adds some nice depth to the black.

    We're definitely getting the Tuscan Pearl White (if we get the QX)....trying to decide btwn the Wheat or Stone interior- probably leaning Wheat too. I'd rather get the Graphite interior but Infiniti no longer offers it with the white...bummer! I'm just worried about the wheat interior getting beat up by my family....I'm super anal on keeping it clean. I'll definitely get the interior protection package. Apparently my dealer will change out any carpet/leather that they can't get clean. I challenge that to Kool Aid :)
  • keg97keg97 Posts: 189
  • utvols1utvols1 Posts: 16
    Thanks Keg, that's good information. I think you right about February and March. I think they will continue to deal. Intersesting information that I got today from a dealer who is trying to push a really bad price off on me. He noted that the following:

    "December sales nationwide of the QX56 showed 1316 units sold, or a 14.3% increase over 2006. Why would Infiniti push to move them with markdowns, if they are already exceeding last years sales? There are 182 dealerships nationwide so each dealership averaged 7.23 QX56 sales last month. These are actual figures from Infiniti."

    He's also not willing to deal on the QX and trying to push off some 'prepaid service' contract. I think he's full of it. I have another dealership that is about $3K cheaper.

    Does anyone know the actual invoice price on the Q with DVD?

  • keg97keg97 Posts: 189
    Yeah I saw that information (the sales info) a couple of hours before I saw the new incentives and my assumption was that incentives would either hold or lower. I was stoked to see them go up. Interestingly, the Armada sales are down for the year and they were running super incentives on those. 4500 cash back or something like 2.9% up to 72 months. It makes the price difference btwn the QX and the Armada even larger and the Armada a better value. I've seen folks getting 52K Armadas for 42K! Nevertheless, we're still focused on the QX or the Sequoia.

    It is also interesting that your dealer is not quoting his own sales figures. Sometimes what is left unsaid says alot. I firmly believe that my local dealer is not moving his QXs.

    You can run the pricing thing here on Edmunds and get the invoice on the QX that you like.
  • utvols1utvols1 Posts: 16
    Keg, how much do you plan on paying all in for a QX? Please let me know the any extras (DVD, entertainment,etc.) and what part of the country you are from?

    I am in MD/DC/VA and I am trying to see if our prices are inflated or about normal.

  • eagle34eagle34 Posts: 22
    New to this forum. Been looking at suvs for a couple of months now. Just bought a tundra for myself and wanted a Sequoia for my wife. Couldn't believe 58k for the same interior in my 28k tundra. She had an mdx and the newer version is much smaller feeling. Also tired of road noise. Stubbled upon the QX56 and kept going back to it. Awesome vehicle. The toyota interior is a big mistake in this price range.
    Bought the QX awd w/dvd for invoice less the 1500. Probably should've waited but needed to unload mdx with 93000 miles before the 100k warranty expired. Had some tell tale tranny issues approaching so had to move. Very happy with QX.
  • utvols1utvols1 Posts: 16
    Thanks Egale34. All in (taxes, tags, etc.) how much to you end up paying? Did you trade your MDX in? What color did you get?

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