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Infiniti QX56 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • nh_1nh_1 Posts: 12
    I'm considering a purchase of a 2010 QX56, white exterior, light interior. MSRP is $62,960. I've been offered KBB for my trade and a purchase price of $52,100. I'd love any advice anyone can offer on whether they believe this is a good deal or not. Thanks!
  • That is a good deal - we are advertising $10k off sticker as are most places...

    The deals are so good on a QX56 - that I bought one for my wife yesterday! You get a lot a vehicle for the know if the managers are buying them - the deals are good! :D
  • gryangryan Posts: 35
    I think you could do a little better, I believe 7000 of the 10,000 off is in rebates from Infiniti. Invoice ojn the truck is around 58,000 so I would shoot for purchase of 51,500 or less. i heard the dealers are eager to move these and 2011 brings big improvements
  • nh_1nh_1 Posts: 12
    Thanks to the helpful posts above- I found this website to be a wonderful resource in my car buying decision. The dealer was willing to take another $500 off, which brought the purchase price just below $51,650, not quite the $51,500 mentioned above, but I felt it was a fair deal. Would love to hear what people think about the final purchase price!
  • Does the purchase price include tax, tags.
  • nh_1nh_1 Posts: 12
    That price includes all fees, but not taxes- as I had a trade in, so the taxes were net of that.
  • In the Dallas area and today was able to get a 2010 QX w AWD and DVD for $51,299 plus TTL. Included a few dealer options such as pin stripes, tint and nitro tires. Looks like this is right inline with what others are saying. Thanks all for posting your experiences.
  • scliff. Can you please provide the dealer in Dallas.

  • I bought a 2010 QX w AWD and DVD for $51,750 (Including TTL). The car was a demo model with 1000 miles on it. This is in DC metro area. Thanks all for all the nice information
  • Crest Infiniti had the most QX's in stock so I was able to find a color combo that I liked. Other dealers seemed willing to offer a similar price but just did not have a good selection. A lot of black ones out there if you like black.
  • Let me just clarify that Sewell in Dallas has sold 26 QX56 this month - that is more than some dealers will sell all year - because of this, Infiniti gives us the most - so our selection is as good or better than anyones. :)

    Deep Garnet is hard to find....
  • ysbakysbak Posts: 3
    Just bought the 2010 2WD QX56 SUV in the Atlanta Area.

    The Roswell Dealership had an internet advertised special for $46,888 Plus their Doc Fee ($499) Making the total cost $47,387. Their Tag and Tile with Lemon Law was $43.00. Tax would vary upon which county you lived. Test drove the car and liked it enough to consider purchasing. Only problem was that they did not have the color combo that I had wanted.

    Put some feelers out to the other area dealerships and got response from only 2 out of the 4 that I sent. Only the Gwinnett and Decatur dealership responded.

    Both the Dealerships did not have the color combo that I had requested. I was originally told that the color combo I had wanted would come in on Wed but received an email stating that it did not and would take 2 more weeks. They were going to give me a loaner SUV till mine would come in but found out that it was a capt chair and I was looking for the Bench style.

    I needed the SUV badly so I decided to compromise my color combo and go with the Decatur office. I talked with the internet sales department and agreed on the price over the phone. I went to the dealership and everything was as expected.
    The Car I chose had 74 miles already but acceptable. The other had over 300.

    I bought the car for $47,000 Plus Tax (7%) and Title ($21). Grand total OTD $50,311.00

    I came home with the purchase and so far everything is OK except that I could not find the headphones or the remote that was suppose to be with the car. It was getting close to traffic time and I did not want to get stuck and so I rushed looking over the car. The car was not as clean as I would have like it but the Manager saw what I was talking about and will detail it more anytime I want in the near future. Hopefully they will not question when I tell them about the missing headphones and remote.

    Oh well, never rush the process!! Lesson learned. I will post some problems I ran into during this whole buying experience after I let it all sink in!!! Good luck to all who are in the market and I hope you all will detail your experiences so that we all may be better educated!!!
  • nh_1nh_1 Posts: 12
    Hi Ysbak,
    What was the original MSRP on the vehicle you purchased? Did it have the Mobile Entertainment (tv), tow package, or the Tech Package (brake assist)? Thanks!
  • Does anyone know when the new body style 2011 QX is supposed to hit showroom floors?

  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    We are slated to get them in June. They will be awesome. :)
  • Thanks, do you know if it will still have captain chair in the middle? It sounds like it is going to be a bit smaller, more like the LX570.
  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    Yes, I assume it will have captain chairs in the middle.
  • I just saw that the new 2011 QX will be on display at the New York Auto Show at the end of March.
  • qxnolaqxnola Posts: 1
    Live outside New Orleans. Went to Inifinti of Baton Rouge. MSRP 58710--has entertainment, cargo mats, wheel locks (99$ dealer add on). Paid 48400. Negotiated price was 48790--the car we liked had 800 miles--used as test drive vehicle--got them to agree to another 390 off price.

    Sales manager was willing to give us any other vehicle at 48790--but wife did not like the color combos on any other car.

    Car is terrific.
  • The ~10K off of MSRP cited by qxnola above no doubt reflects the Factory cash (looks like a 2WD), so should we expect another 3-4K in dealer negotiating room, or is this strictly a geographic situation with a dealer in Baton Rouge. Here in the NW, inventory seems very low, with dealers only having 1 or 2 in stock. Seems like supply is tight. Any thoughts?
  • $10k off seems to be the going sale price on all QX - regardless of equipment. You may get a few hundred more off a demo or just playing hard ball, but that is where they are selling. And 10k off is assuming all the dealer cash, so no lease or special rates at that price. :)
  • gryangryan Posts: 35
    I think it should be at least 11,000 off MSRP, This is a combination of the factory cash and difference between invoice and MSRP. I think by next month it could even get to $12000, depending on dealer inventory
  • Yesterday I signed papers for a brand new 2010 QX56 which I will take delivery of tomorrow. It is fully-loaded, MSRP $62,960.

    Went to dealership with price $49,664 for vehicle without tech pkg (had MSRP of $61,810). I did not want the tech pkg but since the dealership could not get a vehicle w/o it they took another $500 off the price of the vehicle (price of that option is $1150 so in effect I got it for almost half-price).

    Therefore, my price for vehicle was $49,664 + $1150 - $500= $50,314 plus $294 doc prep and tax. I usually refuse and do not pay doc prep, but the deal seemed good enough (well below invoice even after $7000 in cash-to-dealer incentives was subtracted) that I let this go.

    What I was pleasantly surprised about was the value they gave me for my trade-in. KBB $11,925 for "good condition" trade-in value of my 2005 Touring model Honda Odyssey with 108,500 miles, per their website. After an original offer of $9,000 by the dealership, I was able to get them up to $10,500 for it. I went to another Infinity dealership earlier in the day and they offered only $6,500 for it. I am used to getting only about 60 to 70% of KBB value for trade-ins, esp if I am already getting a good deal on the new vehicle so I thought this was good. Do you agree?

    Also, I was offered a 72 month/120,000 mile Infinity Elite extended warranty for $2,577. There is no deductible if I go to their dealership for repairs after the factory warranty ends, otherwise there is a $100 deductible if I take it elsewhere. It seemed like a good deal (we drive about 20,000 miles per year) and is only $100 more than the best online quote I could get for an 84 mo/100,000 mi Infinity Elite warranty. Can I do better?

    Any comments, thoughts, or suggestions before I pick up vehicle tomorrow? Thank you.
  • gryangryan Posts: 35
    That sounds like a good deal, In Juanuary the best I could get was $51,191. I am still waiting to decide, what other SUV's did you consider? I am also thinking of waiting for the 2011.
  • nosepkrnosepkr Posts: 2
    I also looked at the Escalade, Navigator, Sequoia, and MB GL class. With 3 children we needed more room than the MB (it's really a "large midsize" SUV IMHO), the Escalade was nice but with a small 3rd row seat and, without any good incentives was over $20,000 more than the above price for the Infiniti with virtually the same equipment. Also, a small point but significant to me in the NE, the escalade has air-blown cooled and heated front seats while the QX56 has electric-heated front seats and steering wheel. My sedan has the air-blown and I've found them ineffective- takes about 10 minutes or more for the seats to get noticeably cool/warm which I think kind of defeats the purpose. The electric-heated seats and steering wheel of the QX56 warm in about a minute. Toyota Sequoia is a great vehicle with a nice ride and lots of room but now taking a hit in resale and reliability. Also, Toyota still is not offering any substantial rebate. See ya'! The Navigator I thought was very nice with lots of room but it came down to price/value- you just can't beat the Infinity incentives. The QX is probably not the best SUV out there but its big, nice, and IMO the best value. If the MB was a bit bigger I probably would have waited to see if they had another big round of incentives this summer (10 to 15K) like last summer.
  • gryangryan Posts: 35
    Thanks, It seems like we are looking at the same SUV's I had a navigator for past 3 years and before that an LX470, I like the MB but it is pricier and smaller, I think the Infiniti is the best value and I like the tip about the electric heat (I live in NJ) I also like the Audi but again it is small and maybe the sequoia. At least I have 6-8 weeks to decide
  • I'm waiting for the 2011, but I expect it's going to be full price in the 60k range. Here is the relevant info I have on it.

    Here's a link to a review of the new Patrol by Motor Trend, it includes specs. Based on those numbers is looks shorter than the current version, but close to the size of a current Denali.

    2010 Nissan Patrol
    Base Price N/A
    Vehicle layout Front-engine, 4WD, 8-pass, 4-door SUV
    Engine 5.6L/400-hp/413-lb-ft DOHC 32-valve V-8
    Transmission 7-speed automatic
    Curb weight 6150 lb (mfr)
    Wheelbase N/A
    Length x width x height 202.4 x 78.5 x 76.4 in
    EPA city/hwy fuel econ N/A
    On sale in the U.S. Late 2010-Early 2011 (As 2011 Infiniti QX56)

    Read more:

    Here is a link to the Nissan Patrol which was launched last week in the Middle East, the Infiniti is supposed to be a rebadge.

    I also heard it is debuting at the NYC auto show next month.

    I've heard June launch and I've also heard late summer, anyone have a better idea?
  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    No changes for QX.

    10 QX: Special Rates + $1000 OR $7000

    If leasing: $1000 + $1000 Lease Loyalty Rebate if you own an Infiniti.

    Hope this helps. :)
  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    This makes little sense to me; however, Infiniti just informed us that they are raising the MSRP and Invoice on the 2010 QX56 by $650. It is weird to me because the 2011 is coming out this summer, I'm guessing when the prices come out on those they will be able to say, "look the 2011 is only $xxx more than the 2010 was".

    Raise the price but then give dealers a bunch of dealer cash to sell it??

    Anyways - if the QX is on the lot now or are assigned to the dealer - your good. But, any the dealers buy from Infiniti starting tomorrow - we pay the extra $650. :(
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