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Kia Sedona



  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    You might look at the owner's manual regarding the auto locks. It is possible they are there but just not programmed yet. For example, the Sonata comes from the factory with the auto locks disengaged; the dealer needs to program them if the owner requests it.
  • Nothing in there about auto-locks. THey did mention you can selectivley unlock one or all doors using the key, by turning it twice within 3 seconds.
  • Thanks Backy...will look into it!!
  • Just bought our EX new 2006 Sedona in silver gray!!! I live in the Dallas, TX area and they just started to arrive at dealerships. Sticker on my van was $29,665 and I was able to get the dealership to give me a $500 customer loyalty discount plus another $1,000 plus they threw the DVD for free (a $1050 value). Final price was $27,165. We traded in our 2002 Sedona. Ride is a great improvement compared to the first Sedona. I agree that exterior and interior finish has also greatly improved and comparable with Japanese competitors.

    I also advice to go with EX model instead of the LX. Also as my own experience has demonstrated, dealers are willing to negotiate on price.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    you won't do too well on gas driving @ 85mph!
  • According to my dealer, My Sedona EX was the first one purchased in Canada (I purchased January 3rd). Could be just a sales pitch from the dealer but anyway ...

    I traded in 2003 version and so far have no regret. All the good thing that have been said so far holds through so I don't need to repeat them. I will just point out the concerns I have so far and everyone can comment.

    1. I had winter wheels one my '03 so the first thing I did was to go over to Canadian Tire to enquire on getting winter wheels. The 17in rims with 6 lugs and also the tire will have to be special ordered. Kind of pricey too ... oops.

    2. The dealer had installed the remote starter in my '03 and it works beautifully. They have installed it in this '06 (so they say), but did not get it to work. They say they are still awaiting to get circuit schematic from Kia (??). They event went as far as to say they can't get info from Kia Korea(???). Anyway I am waiting still ... patiently.

    3. They've taken away the power control from the passenger front seat. I expect this will be a future upgrade.

    4. The radio has already been mentioned, but I have to mention again that what comes installed in the top-of-the-line model is a real step backwards. I think they are saving the good radios for future upgrade.

    5. Because of the sub-standard radio, the DVD they installed can only be played through FM. This make the steering wheel Mode button useful for flipping between radio (FM1) and DVD (FM2). So far so good. Side effect is the FM sound whistles with the sound of the engine. The guys at FutureShop/BestBuy says that some grounding is not done properly. ... Well at least I get to hear when the motor changes gear. I have my eye on the Eclipse AVN5435 so I am not too worried.

    6. I have been to three gas stations where the pump nozzle does not seem to like the gas tank head of the '06 Sedona. One (the very first one) overflowed, two kept shutting off (like the do when the tank is full). I find there is a special way you have to position the nozzle to get it to work. Not really nice in the Canadian winter. On the bright side, it's been a mild winter so far. I have been to other pumps that work just fine, so .... who knows. .... oh ... I got a free car wash at the pump that overflowed (I blamed the pump and the attendant gave me a free wash).

    I got a few more concerns that I will add a little later, but right now the boss is coming around.

    The ride experience is a big improvement, comfort and convenience are definitely big improvements. Let's hope the support structure also made a forward step, and KIA will definitely become a top choice.
  • Well,

    I just took a long road trip up to Michigan and back. So far, here is our averages with about 700 miles on the Sedona:

    City 15.5-17.5
    Driving up to Michigan: 24.9 MPG @ 74 MPH
    Driving back down 75 to Ohio: 20.5 MPG @ 74 MPH

    The weather driving back down today was terrible, with a heavy wind and rain, so I had the wipers, lights, and defrost on.

    Overall, I think the mileage is realistic compared to the EPA numbers. I was really pleased with the mileage on the way up. I also cross-compared the MPG average shown on the trip computer, with actuals with the pump receipts, and they are spot on.

    Other observations:

    This van just ate up the miles. I still felt refreshed and comfortable after the 4 hour drive.

    There stereo isn't half-bad,when you set the bass to +6. Not a high quality sound mind you (poor sound stage, boomy bass), but for a soccer mom vehicle, it's passable. It's no Mark Levinson system, but for the price, I shouln't have too high an expectation.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    keep us posted on your van's fuel economy as the engine continues to break in. You should see improvement once your van has a few more thousand miles on it.

    Seems Kia has cut corners on the sound system. Our 2002 has what I consider a very good system. In fact, it is much better than I would have expected in a $24,000 minivan. I'm an audio enthusiast, not an audiophile, to give you an idea where I'm coming from. Our Sedona's stereo sounds as good as most of the audio-company branded stock systems (Bose, Infinity, etc) I've heard in other non-luxury vehicles. Pretty tight and reasonably deep bass, surprising clarity and detail and pretty good dynamic range. I consider the stereo to be one of our Sedona's strong suits.
  • tmaliktmalik Posts: 27

    I live in Ontario and am in the market for a minivan. Just curious how much over invoice you were able to get your Sedona for? Were there any other incentives they offered? I don't see much on their website in the way of offers, not surprisingly.

    I'm assuming you cross-shopped it with the Honda/Toyota offerings. If you did, was there any specific deal-clincher that you made you go for the Kia? Thanks!
  • tmaliktmalik Posts: 27
    I see Edmunds hasn't even done a First drive of the new Sedona. Has anyone found any extensive reviews of the Sedona. Even better would be a direct comparison test of this against the competition. Maybe the media's waiting for the Hyundai version to debut before doing a thorough comparison.
  • You'll find a rather extensive review of the new SEDONA on AUTOMOBILE.COM (their magazine website) posted late December, 2005. No side-by side comparison, but several specs, features and dimensions referenced. If I didn't know better, I'd say KIA paid handsomely for the praise, but the SEDONA stands on its own merits! :)
  • tmalik,

    There was not much incentive being offered. At the time is was just a $512 off.

    I was split between getting the Oddy/touring pkg or the Sedona/Luxury. Was looking at ~$16,000 difference. Although not exactly apple-apple, but this week I am having an eclipse navigation unit and some other whistles installed ($3000) in the Sedona. That is taking me closer to apple-apple.

    The Sedona is definitely not an oddy, but it does compare well. I do prefer the Oddy, but am not disappointed I went with the Sedona, especially at $12000 less for near equivalent.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I like $12,000 a lot, myself. If you decide you don't want it, my address is...


  • As I write this the bottom line is I can buy
    A Dodge Grand Carivan SXT for LESS than the BASE 2006 KIA sedona.

    The Grand Carivan SXT has many more features than the KIA
    It also has a $4K rebate and the 2006 KIA SEDONA HAS ZERO.

    Lets go KIA, get you act together if you want more market share.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Well, it's a new van, and has a lot more horsepower. Wait a year if you are bargain hunting.

    I saw a base Caravan (SWB 4 cyl) for $13k. I'm sure it's bare bones but it was interesting to see vans are sold for that cheap.

  • Say Gang...heads-up!

    There are several postings from prev-gen 2000-2003 Sedona owners who are having rear heater hot-water lines rusting through prematurely in Northern road salt states. The engine coolant quickly drains out when the line goes completely, so this could affect the lifespan of the engine! See the Edmunds thread at:

    It is claimed (through the dealer) that KIA is not repairing these rust outs under warranty. KIA's rust-through warranty is *only* for the body panels. The repair costs over $500 too!

    I recommended that owners of prev-gen Sedonas who HAVEN'T experienced a failure yet coat their lines with marine grease.... a trick that I read about in USENET (Google Groups).

    Here's a link to the kind of grease needed:

    I started thinking that unless the new Sedona has been engineered differently or with better grade lines, they'll also be susceptible to this problem.

    So.... if you live in the snowbelt, you might want to think about greasing up the heater lines, brake lines, and fuel lines!

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Finally got to see one up close, very nice upgrade from the old model. Much roomier, better seats and fabric, basically a lot closer to the class benchmarks.

    I had my 2 kids with me and they liked it, too. Crawled all around the inside for a good 15 minutes or so.

    Toyota had a Sienna almost facing it, but it was a loaded one, so the price was $42k vs. just $26k for the Sedona. The funny thing is, the Sienna wasn't *that* much nicer.

  • dhongdhong Posts: 3
    I must say it's truly nicely equipped van. Since I haven't driven Oddysey or Sienna, I cannot present any opinion regarding comparison.

    I wonder anyone can answer my question. I felt the engine sound was louder than my current car, 97 camry v6. Since, sedona is not a sedan, my comparison might not be appropriate.
    Can anyone who test drove oddysey and sienna can share your comparison regarding the quietness and smoothness of ride, espcially at low gears? :confuse:
  • :D The engine sound is not AMANTI quiet. The exhaust note is noticeable on startup and during operation. You're sitting almost on top of the engine. It is however considerably quieter than the previous model. The operation through the gears is smooth and pleasant. The adaptive transmission "learns" how the primary driver likes to accelerate and adjusts the shift points for maximum performance/mileage, from 'little old lady' style to 'Joe Racer.' The ride is as nice as Honda or Toyota...maybe better. Handles well for a minivan.
  • Compared to the Odyssey EX-L, the Sedona is quieter. However, compared to the Odyssey EX, it is noiser. The reason? The Odyssey is raspy and lumpy due to the cylinder deactivation in the EX-L, in spite of the special engine dampers and the white noise piped into the cabin.

    At cruising speeds, I hardly hear the engine in the Sedona, the noisest thing is wind noise, as they did a really good job quieting the vehicle down. Under acceleration, as I've mentioned in other reviews, the engine produces a rather pleasing throaty sound. Both the wife and I like that sound, sounds like a small V-8.

    One thing i should mention, is that you have to be careful getting on it, in a turn. The torque steer will start to get you, and the tires spin. It's not a problem in straight-line acceleration. But then again, this is a big van, not a sports sedan. :P
  • I have seen much discussion and reviews about the fold down seats in the new 06 (and older models too) and since I have the 03 version have always wondered about this. I never hear about anyone that LIKES the sedona seats (2003, heavy ones). why? ok, so they are heavy and not stowable, fact. However, there are GOOD pluses on this fact too. first being the height of the under carriage. stowable vans of course have to ride lower underneath. my neighbor has the dodge and in our NE snow had to call for a tow in a recent storm, completely hung up, i tried to help her out. I also work on a street prone to minor flooding. again, mine sits so high, away I go! many people are not aware that the sedona of old sits much higher than other makes.
    second, ALL the seats are comfortable. I'm sorry, but you cannot have it both ways, its either economy and easy, or it's comfortable and harder to remove. a comfortable, stowable seat will without a doubt NEED to approch 60 pounds. i take 3-4 seats out maybe 4-5 times a year, for trips or camping and such. i am 5-8 at 155 male, and have no problem. if i need 2x4's or sheet rock, i borrow my brothers truck!
  • SpectraMan, can you tell us the "name" of this USENET group? Also, how would I identify these lines???

    Lastly, how do I apply this marine grease once I identify the lines? Thanks.
  • "SpectraMan, can you tell us the "name" of this USENET group? Also, how would I identify these lines???

    Lastly, how do I apply this marine grease once I identify the lines? "

    Here's a link and excerpt from a good example of the type of threads I ran across in Google Groups (USENET) regarding this topic:

    ========================= - a9b/4791e46dd9ef3052?lnk=st&q=brake+lines+rust+%22marine+grease%22&rnum=1&hl=en#- - 4791e46dd9ef3052

    From: MaxAluminum - view profile
    Date: Fri, Dec 12 2003 7:45 am
    Email: (MaxAluminum)
    Groups: (Brent P) wrote in message ...
    > In article , JW wrote:
    > > Today while my car was on the lift for a simple oil change at my usual
    > > mechanic I notice all the brake hose that runs under the car has
    > > surface rust on them. All the brake hose has turned yellowish brown
    > > because of the rust. I asked my mechanic if they should be changed. He
    > > said no need to worry because he doesn't think they are leaking.

    > It's no big deal. And it's the steel hardline you are refering to,
    > not hoses I assume.

    I put marine grease on all my brake and fuel lines. They are 21 years
    old without failure here in the rust belt. I might favor the paint
    though if I were starting over, but grease is fast. Also, Lubri-Matic
    makes a product called Corrosion Pro that sprays on and holds very
    well. You can spray those sections that go above the frame (if you
    have one).


    Any kind of *metal* line that's about the size of a pencil is a candidate for greasing, in my book!

    I would just apply the grease liberally to the lines and rub it back and forth until all lines are coated with a thin layer. That's about all there is to it!

    I'd start by powerwashing my undercarriage at a self-serve car wash as best as you can. Let it dry for a day or so (don't drive through any salt/snow), and then get your car on a mechanic's lift if at all possible.

  • A quick update to the message #450 above:

    Actual USENET newgroup:

    A *usable* link to that forum and message:

  • SM, thx for a quick and detailed reply.

    I never thought of this before, but I suppose it's best to apply the grease as soon as you purchase the vehicle, huh? (We're considering a 2006 Sedona.)

    BTW, how often do you grease these lines?
    Is it an annual ritual?

    And do you just "brush" this on?
  • To all the new owners of the 2006 Sedona. Please keep us all informed here at this forum of any problems you might be having with your new car.,,,,Thanks
  • I think I know the answer to this but my wife is nagging me to check so, does anyone know for certain if the power sliding door and lift option is possible to be added to older model Kia's? We have a 2002, still love it, but with 2 kids now she'd like the power opening doors...and I don't really want to get a new minivan just for that..

  • In a Totally new model ('06) with almost nothing in common with the older Sedona. Sorry. I'm sure someone could do it for about the cost of a new Sedona, though.
  • estoesto Posts: 136
    Have any of you seen newspaper ads for the new Sedona that mention any prices? Our local paper (The Oregonian) has ads for the '06 Sedona, but no prices are mentioned. I'm waiting for the "one at $xxx" prices to get an idea of how low prices can be.
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