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Kia Sedona



  • slaterslater Posts: 3
    "I don't think the current seating would impact sales significantly as 75% of the American males are under 5'11'' in height and the majority of minivan drivers are female."

    True, but a) most minivan drivers are (still?) married. That means perhaps 20% of the potential market is neglected because the track is too short, a less than $10 solution.

    I drove one the other day, and it's going to break my wife's heart to tell her I just can't fit into it.
  • averigejoeaverigejoe Posts: 559
    Yep. Bad mistake to short the driver of legroom. Kia should fix that right away.
  • ohiodadohiodad Posts: 25
    My wife and I are currently shopping for minivans.. I am 6-4 and I can say that the Kia Sedona is a touch cramped but not uncomfortably so. I find it just as easy to drive as my 2002 Olds Silhouette. And it drives a heck of a lot nicer. I can say that likely our next van will be either the Sedona or the Entourage. I got to think that the Entourage is going to get some better incentives next month so that they can actually sell some of them and not lose all of the sales to the Kias.. I know they are the same company but it isn't fair to the Hyundai salesmen.
  • hadgadyahadgadya Posts: 2
    Bummer! That really stinks. :mad: Going to take it for a test drive tomorrow and seeing what they'll give me for my trade-in. (2002 Freelander)
  • b9driverb9driver Posts: 118
    I'm 6'3 and would like another inch or two of legroom, but the seat also goes down and dips in a way that works okay for me. I think the seat can't go back further due to the distance from the airbag. Telescoping steering will need to be added.
    I just drove to PA and back from New York (220 miles) and had 250 miles on the car when we left. We averaged 23.5 MPG with speeds between 75-85 MPH. Car is astonishingly comfortable. This is a fully loaded EX with AC running and 3 people in the car. So far so good.

    Capt RB
  • andrewrandrewr Posts: 4

    I purchased my 2006 Kia Sedona EX Luxury package three weeks ago. I, too, am in Canada - Alberta, exactly.

    The stock AM/FM/CD player is standard with this model - only the Americans can benefit from the premium, Infinity sound system and the DVD player within the Luxury Package. I am not sure why. Two things: 1) the "stock radio" is fine (although I do envy the system in the American model), it plays and sounds very good, even at high volumes, but I am no audiophile. The one thing that does upset me is that the salesman convinced me that this deck could play MP3's - THIS IS NOT THE CASE! - it will play CD format only, but I have yet to try CD-R/W. 2) the one good thing the salesman did do was to steer me away from the DVD player. His thinking, and I agree, was do not purchase the optional DVD player with the van - purchase an after market system for far less. The optional DVD player is $1100. I purchased two independent systems that mount to the headrests at my local Canadian Tire for a third of that price. I now have two very happy kids. The only downside to this would be that I would recommend removing/hiding them when parked at a mall or when leaving your van unattended. Food for thought.

    As far a fair purchase price is concerned, I believe I did all right. I paid $38500 for mine which includes all taxes, fees, and GST (no PST in Alberta) - no surprises. I did not have a trade-in.

    Only two things so far that I question. First, I have noticed that once the vehicle is at speed and you remove your foot from the gas pedal (without touching the brake) it seems to have drag and does not coast very well - could be just getting used to driving a van again. Second, it idles very high, 2100 rpm, when starting it cold - don't know why.

    As I said, I have had my van for just over three weeks now, 1100 kilometres, and I am very happy with it. Good luck with your purchase and let us know how you make out. ;)
  • b9driverb9driver Posts: 118
    I'm shocked that the Canadian version comes only with the lesser audio/DVD package. He's quite right...with the regular stereo I'd have opted to get headrest monitors. On the other hand you might want to give Kia a buzz and see if the 2007 models will have the Infinity system. I cannot say enough about how much better it is. 13 speakers with a center channel and 7.1 surround sound makes it something other minivans only dream about. This also means I can play concert DVDs in surround's simply awesome!
    I am an audiophile and I can safely say this is one of the best systems around without requiring aftermarket additions. This system is very much worth the wait...if it's coming at all.

    Good luck,

    Capt. RB
  • ohiodadohiodad Posts: 25
    I can honestly say this is the oddest thing that I have ever encountered in my years of carbuying prowess. I tried really hard to buy a 2006 Kia Sedona yesterday. My wife has decided that this is the van that she would like. Thinking with the 3K in incentives and a dealer willing to sell at invoice price and give me a fair trade on the current van I'd pull the trigger. Only stipulations. My wife wanted a red one and one with all 3 packages Power, Luxury, and Premium Entertainment. Several Kia dealers in town told me if it wasn't on the lot they would find one for me. So yesterday I gave 3 of them the chance and it turns out that in the whole state of Ohio there are only 2 with the Premium Entertainment package and one is black and one is white, my wife's 2 least favorite colors. Why in the world would there only be 2 vans in ohio with that package on it and an even better question is will more come? Dealers don't seem to know the answer.. Does anyone out there know? I've never had this problem with an American brand.
  • b9driverb9driver Posts: 118
    We honestly had no problem here in NY. Sedona EX loaded are easy to find in every color. My top color picks were the Glacier blue and olive gray...and we took the blue with the gray leather, which will wear better. Maybe Ohio dealers are not expecting people to buy loaded EX models. They are selling fast here.

    Capt RB
  • I have a question for you. I have owned my van since January and have inquired at the dealership several times about auto door locks and have not received an answer. Do you know if this an option the dealer can program? In my 2006 Sonata, the doors auto lock at 15mph and I was thinking the Sedona may have a smiliar option.
  • biggitybiggity Posts: 25
    > The problem is when I am driving the seat must be all
    > the way back to be comfortable - but for my wife, who is
    > approx the same height as I, but with longer legs -
    > finds the driver side too crowded for leg room and not
    > at all comfortable.

    > Has anyone else had issues with this besides myself and
    > uga91 (post # 506)?

    > Does the 2007 Hyundai Entourage (basically the same van)
    > address this problem?

    Yes. I have the same problem. Not enough leg room, and the left footrest on the driver's side is in the way. I cannot fit my big foot between the footrest and brake pedal to stretch!

    Kia, fix this!!!!!

    Irrespective of demographics that show that there is enough leg room for most drivers most of the time, no one wants to spend over $20K on a vehicle for their wife that they cannot really drive comfortably when they want or need to. I am 100% ready to buy, and after looking at all the mininvans, the only deciding factor for me is room for the driver. Grand Caravan barely works for legroom, but it does not work for headroom. Ughh.

    Just BTW, Honda Element has the most seating room I have seen (except for some monsters like the Nissan Armada SUV), and it is quite versatile, so I bought one of those in 2005 while waiting for the Sedona. It works well for a second 4-person family car with a big husband. Only problem, gas mileage is bad. We are getting 20 mpg in town.

    The Element has kept us going, but we are still itching for a full size minivan, as the Element is cramped for space on trips, and you can't seat more than four.

    I was just getting ready to bite the bullet and buy a Kia for my wife when I noticed that the Entourage is out. (I thought I read in 2005 that Hyundai canned the Entourage in USA.) I'm hoping it is at least a little better than the Kia. The review below says that the Entourage legroom is not so good, but you never know. A review is sometimes nothing like a test drive, so off I go ASAP.

    While headroom throughout the Entourage is more than ample, legroom in the executive chair isn't. After several hours behind the wheel I was wishing I could move the driver's seat further rearward, allowing a little more stretch, but alas the seat had already given all it had. In keeping with the leg-related lament, the foot-operated parking brake location conflicted with my left ankle.
  • biggitybiggity Posts: 25
    > i also found that funky dead pedal thing (left foot
    > rest) a huge annoyance, cutting left leg room by several
    > inches. anyone know if that thing is removable for
    > taller drivers?

    Yes, yes, has any tried to remove the driver's left
    footrest thing? If so:

    * How hard is it?
    * Is it possible to put it back?
    * What does it expose?
    * Is it sharp and uncomfortable to rest your foot once
    removed, or is it relatively flat?
    * How much extra room is there between the brake pedal and
    the exposed area?
    * Can you then strecth your leg under the console?

    This would be very helpful information for many people I think. So, anyone, please.
  • biggitybiggity Posts: 25
    Manufacturer information about legroom and headroom is dubious for several reason:

    1) You don't know exactly the points they are measuring between.

    2) You don't know if they are fibbing a bit.

    3) You don't know how much extra room you may get from the give in the seat cushions.

    4) You don't see other data like whether parking brake pedals or footrests or molding may be in the way of comfort, and how far you can streath your legs under the console.

    5) Actual comfort depends on a particular person's actual proportions and other factors about them.
  • b9driverb9driver Posts: 118
    This is something to discuss with your dealer. My doors don't lock automatically. I did add a remote starter though and that has a autolock available for when you leave the car...dangerous though if you fortget your keys!

    Capt RB
    2006 Sedona
  • b9driverb9driver Posts: 118
    5) Actual comfort depends on a particular person's actual proportions and other factors about them.>>>

    Well said. I'm 6'3 and have room. But it really depends on the person's build and how they like to drive. Still, I'd like two more inches....but I'm still quite comfortable in the Sedona. Removing the footrest? Hmmmm. I suppose that could help.

    Capt RB
    2006 Sedona
  • juicedupjuicedup Posts: 7
    I live on Long Island, NY and between visiting and calling contacted 6 dealers and not one had the Kia with all three packages in stock. Now the rebates and financing deals are not as good as the ones that expired 5/31/06. I own a 2003 Sedona EX that has given us 49k of trouble free miles except for two recalls that were fixed in a couple of hours. My wife and I love the 2006 and wanted to upgrade to it but I guess we will have to wait now.
  • b9driverb9driver Posts: 118
    Major Kia on Northern Blvd. had plenty of loaded Sedona's a couple of weeks ago. I can't imagine they're all gone and no more came in.

    Capt RB
    2006 Sedona
  • juicedupjuicedup Posts: 7
    thanks b9driver. I live on Eastern Long Island and didn't check Major. I went to Stevins,Atlantic,Autoworld,Eagle, and called Smith Haven and Sun. It would have been a good idea to check Major but my wife didn't want to go all the way to Queens. The incentives were excellent now it would cost me $1000 more plus a higher rate according to the Kia website. I feel like calling Kia to complain. Do you think that would help?
  • b9driverb9driver Posts: 118
    I paid under 28K for my totally loaded Sedona in glacier blue, with an alarm and remote start as well. Even without the incentive you can come close I think. They want to sell volume.
    Ask for Lou and tell them Bob Brody sent you and I make 200 bucks for the referal if you buy!

    Good can contact me for more info if you like.

    Capt Robert B
    Queens, NY
    2006 Sedona
  • 54gradsteds54gradsteds Posts: 102
    For those of you who already own a new Kia Sedona, or those anticipating purchase of same, check out the article by Warren Brown in today's Washington Post !!! Never have I seen such praise for a vehicle as this !!
  • I took my 2006 Sedona on a week holiday to Virginia Beach putting 2500 miles on the odometer. Here are a few impressions. First the odometer is wildly optomistic out by almost 10 percent verified by gps and construction radar. I will be speaking to Kia to find the tolerence on the speedometer. We were loaded (and I mean loaded, 3 adults and 2 kids with all our camping gear and the van had power to spare (two large containers on the roof). The rear suspension was low, the trailer hitch bottomed out too many times for comfort (no trailer just the internal load). Fuel ecomomy was better than my 2002 Olds minivan but that minivan was a pig. I will give the numbers once I sit down and do the math. The seats and driving was comfortable, the air worked well in 101 degree heat. I will look into changing the rear shocks to air shocks. I have 4000 KM on the van and so far other than the speedometer out by 10 percent I am very pleased with the Sedona.
  • I am getting ready to buy a minivan and would like input regarding these two vans. The Grand Caravan SE and the Sedona LX. I have test driven both and here are my impressions of each.

    Grand Caravan is better looking but it still looks like the 1996 that my parents have. I like the greenhouse better but the head and tail lights are not to my liking. And why does Dodge have to use black fascias on all the base models of their vehicles? Sedona looks they aped the look of the Sienna and threw in an Odyssey front end. Not as smooth as Caravan but tasteful and elegant and less common on the road. Also, sliding door tracks are not tucked away like on Caravan.

    No contest Sedona is much better and feature filled compared to the Caravan. Caravan dash looks ugly, MUCH worser than the 1996 model. Has black treatments and black solid lightweight(ie. cheap) buttons. Kind of feels like a rental car not a 2006 vehicle. Sedona dash looks and feels more upscale. Armrests on Caravan are stiff and uncomfortable. Seating comfort also goes to Sedona. I do not want the Stow&Go on the Caravan as the rear buckets on those models feel like they were designed for midgets. Third-row in Caravan feels thinly padded and storage compartments feel cheaper than 1996 model. 3rd row legroom seems a bit tight in both models but fine for my purposes. Stereo systems about equal quality. 3-zone AC standard on Sedona have to pay $2000 extra for package that includes p/w, p/l, and some other things on GC. I like the column shifter on the Caravan better but Sedona has Sportmatic feature.

    Sedona also takes this one. Caravan feels taxed when accelerating into interstate until transmission shifts. Sedona is smoother and much more powerful. And it is a DOHC unit vs the GC's pushrod V-6. Also has extra gear on transmission. Fuel economy is 19/26 on Caravan vs 18/25 for Sedona. I'll take the tradeoff of 1mpg for 64 more hp.

    No firsthand experience here thankfully. Sedona has everything standard. GC has curtain airbags optional but no VSC or TPMS. Can get TPMS by upgrading to SXT model but then I get stuck with Stow&Go. Another one for the Sedona.

    Did not start negotiations yet at any dealer. GC stickers at 27,735. There is currently a 4000 rebate bringing the price down to 23,735. Sedona Sticker of 24,865 with the DVD package. Dealers here try to add 1,495 for an environmental protection package which is really a ripoff fee. After telling me it was required, salesperson decided to change his mind after I objected to it strongly. There is currently a 1500 rebate and I can get an additional 400 for the college grad rebate. Total MSRP before negotiations is $22,295. I figure that Dodge dealers will be willing to budge a bit more on the price of the GC. Hopefully there will be employee sales soon.

    My Conclusion:
    I can't believe I'm saying this but I would much rather have a Kia over the Caravan. I tried so much to like the Dodge as my family has owned 2 Caravans but it seems to be outclassed by newer competition. It's time for Dodge to redesign these to keep up.

    Has anybody else compared these two vans. I would like to compare notes and thoughts with anybody else.
  • b9driverb9driver Posts: 118
    Has anybody else compared these two vans. I would like to compare notes and thoughts with anybody else. >>>>

    There is no comparison. Kia mostly targeted the Sienna and Honda minivans for the Sedona, not the terrible Chrysler vans which continue to trail in almost every area. I still think the AWD Sienna is probably the best van as it's AWD, BUT after that the Sedona is actually nicer than the other entries including the Honda. Forget the Caravan.
    BTW, Kia chose to only make the 3rd row stowable so they'd have better 2nd row seats than the Caravan...which they do. Not only that but the 13 speaker infinity DVD stereo system in the Sedona EX is not only better than the Caravan's, it's perhaps one of the best on the market for stock systems.
    Power wise the Sedona is the class leader and then there's the warranty.
    The ONLY thing to worry about is how often the Sedona will require many visits can be a hassle time-wise. Only time will tell.
    Thus far our loaded Kia EX impresses's even nicer than our Subaru Tribeca (also a nice ride) and feels every bit as upscale as the Lexus GS330. The 7.1 surround sound DVD system is amazing, the ride is quiet, handling surprisingly tight...and I we don't hear a single rattle!
    This is my list of BEST MINIVANS..based on driving them, sitting in them and so on....

    Toyota Sienna AWD
    Kia Sedonna EX
    Honda Odyssey (also great when loaded!)

    After these come the US built models which are pretty awful. My father owned 2 Chrysler minivans and they showed awful quality issues. He finally got the message and bought a Subaru...can't wait for their minivan!
    In short....don't get a Caravan.

    Good luck,

    Capt RB
    2006 Sedona
  • dc_driverdc_driver Posts: 712
    I think your impressions of the two minivans echo my feelings as well. Our turnoffs of the DCX vans were:
    - Dashboard layout
    - Overall fit and finish
    - Stow&Go seats uncomfortable
    - Average safety ratings
    - Lack of stability control
    - "Old school" engine and 4 speed transmission
    - Not as powerful as competitors
    - Questionable reliability
    - Questionable resale
    - Warranty not as long as competitors (Honda, Toyota, Kia)

    That said, here are some advantages:
    - Price. In my area you can get a completely loaded GC SXT with leather, heated seats, power doors and liftgate, sunroof, DVD player, etc for $24K
    - The Kia's second row seats do not slide sideways
    - Larger dealer network for service/warranty issues

    Like the DCX vans, the Kia also has questionable reliability and resale (verdict is obviously still out on the 06, but the previous generation Sedona had poor reliability according to CR). Obviously the new generation of Kia vans is superior to the previous generation but Kia needs to continue to build on their reliability.

    Overall, I would probably go with the Kia. The safety features and just overall engineering and fit and finish are huge factors.
  • sookyassookyas Posts: 2
    After a couple of Kia tests drives I noticed a few items. I was wondering if anyone had noticed the following:

    1. The passenger side, middle-row captain chair has a big protruding dimple, right in the middle of the cloth seat. It's only on that seat and I have seen it on three Sedona '06 vans of various trim levels, at different dealerships. Has anyone seen this as well? There is not damage to the cloth, it just stick up for some reason! It's pretty hard to miss.

    2. I also noticed wind noise on the passenger side front door at highway speeds. I opened and closed the door and window just to make sure but it was still there.

    3. The A/C did not seem to cool as well as some other vans I had test driven. It was a pretty hot day but I just wanted to check if anyone was not happy with their A/C.

    Besides those questions, I am sold on the van. Would like to get the EX with power options package in a couple of weeks.
  • b9driverb9driver Posts: 118
    Hi there, fit and finsih appears to be very good to excellentm but I do think Honda and Toyota maintain an edge.
    I have a loaded EX with leather and the four two front and middle seats all appear about the same, except that the 2nd row does not have the same drop and lock armrest feature for the armrests.
    I have not noticed more wind noise on the starboard side of the van and can't see how that could occur. Noise is very well handled in the Sedona...perhaps class leading.
    The A/C works very well, but remember that the volume of this van takes time to cool down. By turning on the rear vents and winging out the 3rd row windows things cool down pretty quickly. I have yet to see what happens on a 100 degree day with four people aboard.

    Capt RB
    2006 Sedona
  • cpsdarrencpsdarren Posts: 265
    Could an owner please verify some information for me?

    I would like to know exactly which seating positions in the 2006 Sedona have LATCH (lower anchors). Also, if any positions have a top tether anchor but not the lower anchors, I would like to know those as well.

    Thank you!
  • sookyassookyas Posts: 2
    Thanks for your feedback. I am going to test drive a Sedona once more before I buy and will check the A/C and windnoise - it might have been an issue only with the Demo that we took out on that day.
  • All five rear positions have the latch system, and all have the top tether.
  • srubiosrubio Posts: 6
    Hi my name is Steve Rubio I am a Kia Salesman, the answer to your question is the 2nd and 3rd row seating positions have the LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children) on all 5 seating positions not to mention that all seating positions have a 3-point seatbelt for the safety of all passengers. All of the LATCH's have 3 points to connect a child seat on them. I hope that answered your question.

    Steve Rubio
    Sales Consultant
    Briggs Kia
    Topeka, KS
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