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Yuppies and pickup trucks

trucks4metrucks4me Member Posts: 42
Seems to me that trucks are gettin softer and more
optioned then ever before now. I think its
that factory respondin to the truck buyin yuppies!
What say on this? Are yuppies drivin up the
prices we all end up payin on our pickup trucks?
Is this a good or bad thing now? Good luck on this
one now!


  • RoclesRocles Member Posts: 982
    I think it's a good thing. We have more options and who can complain? I still own the truck that started my buisness (78 F-250) but I don't relish that era. Trucks today can still provide the brunt without giving away handling and driveabilty.
    Sure, demand has increased this and price as well but I don't think trucks are outrageous. Suvs are the ones that yuppies want.
  • trucks4metrucks4me Member Posts: 42
    I like them auto trannies now, but what about that grannie 1st gear? When was the last time you could get that grannie 1st in a 1/2 ton? What about dual shocks and locking hubs and such? Seems they be replaced with fancy radios and electric seats and such! And that price now! The price on them trucks is as high as a luxmobile now! Should have kept my 47 Ford now, that one was a truck for sure! Good luck on this one now!
  • mviglianco1mviglianco1 Member Posts: 283
    If you consider a yuppie to be someone who is successful enough to buy what they like and open minded then I confess!!
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    Pickups have become the Family station well as the Executive well as the work Horse.

    I drive 51 miles round trip everyday to work...and you're damn right it's gonna be loaded to my liking.

    You want a stripped "Pick-em-up"?
    ...They have the Base model for you....I'll take the luxury model....which still hauls just as much.

    - Tim
  • andy_jordanandy_jordan Member Posts: 764
    I am definitely a yuppy trucker - I wear a suit 5 days a week for starters. That said I bought a truck because I need one on weekends. Like Tim says I too want the luxury, I suspect that I am therefore part of a different market segment than a contractor who kills his truck on a daily basis and just wants function.

    Now that said, I am probably going to be changing jobs soon which will mean that instead of commuting by rail and therefore only driving to the railway station during the week, I will be driving an 80 mile round trip. If that is the case I will probably buy a car to do it - but it will still be loaded.
  • pyrodexpyrodex Member Posts: 47
    How about a nice Lexus for your future drives to work? You'll love it!!!!!
  • andy_jordanandy_jordan Member Posts: 764
    You obviously still don't get it do you. I do not intend to leave you any invitation to let your ridiculous comments spill over on to this topic.

    I love the idea of the sports coupe (GS400?), but it isn't too practical here. I have looked at the ES300 and I liked the way it drives.

    As I have mentioned in other topics I like a manual and that obviously limits my choices although the latest automatics do give some semblance of manual control. I particularly like the Acura sequential sport shift.

    However given road conditions and operating costs I am leaning towards a Subaru. I like the look of the Impreza RS, but as a reluctant car driver anyway I think it may be a bit small. I haven't seen the Outback sedan but that is supposed to be a nice car.

    All of which is off topic anyway - but I'm a yuppy so what do I know!
  • bluebeastbluebeast Member Posts: 258
    I've had a truck since high school (72 Chevy Cheyenne super) and since then I have always complained that the options that I wanted were on cars but not trucks. I'm glad people are buying/demanding more of trucks, it justs makes it so I can get what I want now. Sold my 95 T100 for my 99 Silverado xcab LT 5.3L it. Only one thing that burns me though, a sun visor that cannot block sunlight from the side because it is too small and has no extender on it. Oh well, I'm hoping the new Suburban and/or Tahoe will have a good sunvisor that is compatiple that I can go buy.
  • pyrodexpyrodex Member Posts: 47
    I'm turning over a new leaf here. I left you a post in another topic(I'm sure you'll see it). I think the Outback is a nice vehicle...especially if you need to compromise between a car and a truck. Good luck on your decision.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Member Posts: 3,581
    I prefer redneck in training. Why should I punish myself with solid axles, torsen bars, dash boards that look like they were designed in the 60s and a buckboard ride. I hunt and fish and tow a boat and yes, I want a comfortable ride.

    I found a truck that does everything I want and nothing I don't. It will tow a bass boat, haul several deer, tote my dog, carry my guns and tree stands and looks downright classy on the streets of suburban Northern Virginia. Good luck with this one Ruby.

    andy jordan--ever consider the V6 Camry with manual transmission? Get it with leather, moonroof and premium stereo and you wont give up much on the ES300 and pick up your manual transmission.
  • RoclesRocles Member Posts: 982

    What are you talking about? I'm a real contractor who enjoys both options and function. Alot of my trucks are "stripped" but not my personal one. Trucks are actually more practical than most other vehicles so how is this being a "yuppy"? Most owners wouldn't qualify anyway.
    A "stripped" down half-ton runs with a six (which outperforms older small eights), manual or auto tranny (which outperforms older models), rides better than the older models, etc.........
    And the price? Ordered would run what? 15 grand? Factor in inflation and the buy is far greater today than yesterday.
  • trucks4metrucks4me Member Posts: 42
    Guess my "yesterday" be much further along than most ones now. In my day them trucks were about half as much as them cars was. We had "cow catchers" instead of AC, grannie 1st instead of OD, throttle controls instead of cruize controls.
    But then again even Franklin got that 2-tone on his Chevrolet now, along with a whole lot of other doo-dads and such. Good luck on this one now!
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Member Posts: 3,581
    You are a strange one. My first house didn't have central heat and my first computer was a Commodore 64. Perhaps you are right and we should all give up out indoor plumming and our fancy machines. The world was a better place then right?

    Better yet, why don't you give up that fancy modem of yours and I'll keep my Tundra and all the "fancy doo-dads" and we'll all be happy.
  • scape2scape2 Member Posts: 4,124
    Please, keep your Tiny Dra!
  • RoclesRocles Member Posts: 982
    I hear ya but I love my 98! Hell, I still have my older 78 F-250, which started my buisness, but only for nostalgic reasons. Grannie first haven't been around for awile so where are you going on this one now? Good luck on this one now!!

    BTW: What did you have in that 47?

  • trucks4metrucks4me Member Posts: 42
    Had a flattie in that 47. The last grannie I had was my 79 F150 4x4, which was a good one now. Wish I still had both of em too. That 47 got used up on the farm and parted out, but I sold the 79 and regretted it since. Good luck on this one now!
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Member Posts: 3,581
    I plan to.
  • dskolnickdskolnick Member Posts: 3
    I drive my car to work during the week. Weekends my truck supports renovation of my house and work at my folks about 60 miles away. A '00 F250 SD SC is somewhere between the factory and here to replace my current stripped truck. I would have bought a new truck regardless, but I don't regret ordering AC, power windows-locks-steering, CD, and other yuppie goodies. Why be less comfortable if I can afford more? No one else is going to look out for me if I don't!
  • keith24keith24 Member Posts: 93
    when it wasn't the "coolest" thing to drive a truck. Back in high school, I drove a truck. Had an old 4wd Scout, too. I grew up on a cattle farm, so a truck was a necessary part of life.

    The times they are a changin'! I've still got my old Scout, and the old farm truck. Granted, it wasn't that long ago when I was in high school, but you wouldn't be caught DEAD driving a truck to school. (girls particularly) Now, its exactly the opposite.

    Oh, I forgot the topic is Yuppies and pickup trucks. Its probably a safe assumption that 85% of all trucks on the road are never used as they were intended. Especially these $30,000+ x-cab 4x4 full size trucks. Or ANY popular truck, suv, for that matter. I don't have a problem with it at all! It provides those of us who WANT a new truck and will USE a new truck a plethora of late model, low mileage, never been off of pavement used trucks at considerably less than a new one! You know how these status-seeking truck drivers like to trade every year or 2!

    Sorry for such a long post!

  • gwmooregwmoore Member Posts: 230
    A little off the truck topic, for a second. I give my strongest recomendation for the Outback if you are in the car market. Subaru makes one heck of a good product. I had a Legacy Wagon I finally sold with 165,000 miles. Never replaced or fixed anything (no clutch, water pump, belt, timing chain, clutch/tranny, brakes, etc.). Just tune-ups and oil changes. Great all-wheel drive system. With studs, that car was the best vehicle I have ever been in in slippery stuff. Got 30 mpg. Fun to drive, too. The new Outback sedan you were talking about looks real nice, and can be decked out with good stuff (leather, side-impact bags, moon roof, etc.). May lose a tiny touch on performance, size, or foofy wood grain dash compared to Camry, Audi, Volvo or whatever else, but nothing will be as dependable (or cheap to fix in the very unlikely chance you have a problem), efficient, or competent in the slippery stuff. Never talked to a Subaru owner who wouldn't like to own another one, I know I would like another one if I could afford two vehicles. You know how it goes though, gotta have my truck now!
  • RoclesRocles Member Posts: 982

    What size and type of flattie was on that 47? Good luck on this one now!
  • trucks4metrucks4me Member Posts: 42
    V8, believe it was 239ci of about 95 HP now, was many a year ago. Backed up by a stout 3spd. Could get about 48 mph out of her, was geared real sweet. Was one of the first civilian models out of Henry's factory, which was up till then buildin bombers for WWII, the big one which most here seem to have forgotten now. Good luck on this one now!
  • RoclesRocles Member Posts: 982
    Oh....i remember a budy of mine who had a '50 with a flat six. They claimed 80 hp but I doubted it had 50!
    WW2? Not forgotten here my man. I may be of the younger generation but I served in the Corps--so I will never forget.
  • mccdon1mccdon1 Member Posts: 32
    Too bad I promised not to tell Marine Jokes.

    I finally got my truck, I don't really use it, so does it make me a Yuppie? I am happy so I don't care...

    Go Navy

    y * i n a q
    * d v u
    e y i
    s p

    Sorry, couldn't help myself!

    God bless America!
  • RoclesRocles Member Posts: 982
    Oh man-----LOL!!! Couldn't stop laughing! That's an oldie but it is still funny!! However, Mr.Squid, I think we both know that the shoe can drop off the other foot........;)

    Have fun with your truck!!


    N-A-V-Y ?
    i * i e
    m * o o
    r l m
    o a a
    d t n
  • mccdon1mccdon1 Member Posts: 32
    Hmmmm, I always thought it stood for:

    e g o o
    v a l u
    e i u r
    r n n s
    t e
    e l
    e f

    Before anyone starts, please forgive me for getting off subject.

  • unixgodunixgod Member Posts: 91
    Even if the Navy "were" an elite group like the Marines, I wouldn't have worn the nasty, dorky bell bottomed, cheap nylon uniforms....even at gunpoint!
    Never understood why anyone would wear uniforms everyone in the world made fun of.
  • moparmadmoparmad Member Posts: 197
    I had a '92 Dodge Ram W150 with granny low and overdrive(NV4500)and I think this illustrates new trucks vs. old trucks.New trucks can do anything old ones can do plus a little bit more.My truck is now a '96 Ram and unlike the '92 now I could afford an auto with pw,pd,cc,tw,ac,and it even has a six disc changer.Guess I'm just a yuppie that works construction huh? I hate terms like yuppie,what the heck is a yuppie? Someone with money? I call that successful. I don't think truck prices have really climbed that much out of proportion to cars. When I bought my first new truck in 1990 it was about 14000$ or about twice the price of an economy car.Now a Neon is about 13000$ and a truck is about 26000$.I'm talking fourwheel drive truck prices,I figured if I didn't clarify someone would get all upset and say it aint so.
  • daniel40daniel40 Member Posts: 34
    by Weezer
  • pbb98pbb98 Member Posts: 19
    I don't think anyone who actually uses their truck should be called a yuppie. A yuppie is someone who buys a truck just for the image. They never put anything in the bed and never engage the 4x4. A construction worker or a farmer or someone like that who buys a truck with a lot of options is not a yuppie. It is just someone who wants a comfortable vehicle to do work with.
  • werkingwerking Member Posts: 431
    i think anyone who buys a 4x4 truck and never uses it for anything they couldn't do with a car should be taken out back and shot. and they're whole family too.
    what the hay? if someone wants a truck just cuz they want a truck, it's a free country. i use mine occasionally (maybe once a month) to haul a keg, help friends move, and run around the back woods for fun. but, by and large, i use it to get to work and back. i don't make a lot of money, but i like having all the amenities. should i head "out back" for my appointment?

    my $0.02
  • moparmadmoparmad Member Posts: 197
    What about people buying cars when they don't have a family to haul.Is this wrong too?I and alot of people I know seldom use the back seat of a car.
  • gwmooregwmoore Member Posts: 230
    You better get a motorcycle then!
  • moparmadmoparmad Member Posts: 197
    Doesn't this topic sound like a country music song in the making...."Yuppies,pickup trucks and hillbilly music."

  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157

    I wouldn't be here!


    - Tim

    ...."I know...It's Only Rock-n-Roll....But I like it...Like it..Yes I do!!"

    - Mick Jagger
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Member Posts: 3,581
    So far, my yuppiemobile has hauled several tree stands, two dead deer, a bass boat, 12 fishing rods, my dog and my wife (not all at the same time). All of these were handled in the lap of luxury with leather interior, wood grain dash, 6 disc CD, ABS, power seats, alloy wheels and the most comfortable ride imaginable.

    My hobbies dictate the use of a truck. Why should I punish myself with roll up windows and vinyl seats?
  • bud_light_dudebud_light_dude Member Posts: 330
    I agree. I personally don't like leather, truck or no truck, thats why I don't ever buy it. But its not because I think its only for yuppies. What the hell is a yuppie anyway? Who has a right to say who should buy a certain vehicle and what they should use it for.

    By the way, you were lucky this year. My truck has only had one dead deer in the back. I am still working on one with my bow.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Member Posts: 3,581
    The gun season doesn't end until Jan 1 and I still need one more in the freezer. I will try to reward the Tundra with a Christmas deer to haul.
  • bud_light_dudebud_light_dude Member Posts: 330
    How long is your gun season? Our bow season goes to Janurary (Kansas), but gun season is only two weeks unless you count muzzleloading season as rifle season. There are several special muzzleloading seasons, but I have never gotten into that yet.

    Going to start duck and geese hunting next year. Been putting it off because of time, but will have plenty of time next season.

    Right now I am sticking to the bow deer season and of course, Kansas has some of the best Pheasant hunting around! :)
  • tp4unctp4unc Member Posts: 437
    Still gunning here in NC, too. In my part of the state(central), we have a six-day muzzleloader season in November(usually begins around 11/7). Immediately following that, our modern firearms season begins and runs through 1/1 or 1/2. In eastern NC, the firearm season starts one month EARLIER! It is great having a long season. It gives us plenty of time to fill our 6 deer tags---4 of which can be bucks. By the way, bow season begins in early September statewide.
  • pbb98pbb98 Member Posts: 19
    #31- "I think anyone who buys a 4x4 truck and never uses it for anything they couldn't do with a car should be taken out back and shot." I agree, but there are a lot of things that a car COULD do, but are usually reserved for trucks so as not to destroy the car. For instance, my escort wagon COULD handle everything cliffy1 mentions in post 36 (with possible exception of the boat), but it would be much easier and more desirable in a truck. Off-roading is the same way. You'd be surprised at some of the places you can get a car to but it is much easier on both the vehicle and the driver to do it in a truck.
    tp4unc- 6 deer tags! Wow! In PA we can get 2 and sometimes 3 (1 buck, 1 or 2 doe).
  • powerisfunpowerisfun Member Posts: 358
    The word "Yuppie" is an extension of the acronym YUP for young urban professional. It's mainly used for people in their 20's or low 30's who have high paying professional jobs and usually drive BMW's, Porches, etc. Another acronym is DINK for Double Income, No Kids (for married yuppies, I guess).

    I am someone who rarely uses my truck for hauling or towing. It's basically just a commuter vehicle. I guess I'm a yuppie (and a DINK, for that matter). I wanted a truck for three reasons. I love the way they look, I like to have the extra trunk space when needed, and they sit up higher.
    An SUV would have also been an option, but they cost even more than pick-ups. I guess another reason is that I'm 6'5" so only trucks or big cars are an option for me. Big cars remind me of old people.
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    I am most certainly a Dink.....and love every minute of it...

    But no way in hell I fit the Yuppie mold..

    What someone makes in $$$ is not a way I associate myself with Yuppies do..


    - Tim
  • modvptnlmodvptnl Member Posts: 1,352
    ......just the trucks they drive.
    Dodge=special ed.
    Toyota=don't know any better
    This list is for entertainment purposes only and may offend some people. Therefore, it should be viewed by no one.
  • moparmadmoparmad Member Posts: 197
    Guess I'm a DINK Carpenter,That is one of the nicer things I've been called.
    What I wanna know is this...If we take everyone out back that owns a truck and doesn't use it,what do we do with people who don't have kids and never use the back seat of thier cars?
  • powerisfunpowerisfun Member Posts: 358
    Good point. Not only do I own a truck that I don't really use as a truck, but it's an ext-cab with the third-door that never has anyone in the back seats. The extra room is nice, though, for indoor cargo, plus, my wife can tilt her seat back and sleep while I'm driving. That's not possible in a regular cab.
    I think a lot of people (myself included) buy vehicles based on what might be nice to have, not on what they need. Sports cars are a great example. No one needs to go 150 mph or go from 0-60 in 3.9 seconds, but most people would love to have a Dodge Viper anyway. If everyone drove only what they needed, most of us would be driving base-model Chevy Cavaliers or Dodge Neons.
  • moparmadmoparmad Member Posts: 197
    Power is fun would not be a good moniker if we all drove just exactly the vehicle we needed,imagine all the city goers trading in thier Camaro's and Mustang's for schwinns.I would have to trade my Ram in on a four cylinder compact,with a trailer towing package.What a scary thought.Imagine the resurgence of the Dodge Rampage and Chevy El Camino,except they would be electric and have two horsepower motors with 46 speed transmissions to get them moving.Is anyone getting a feeling that this topic is just rediculous or what.
  • volfyvolfy Member Posts: 274
    Yes, it's rediculous. Anyone wanting a basic truck can buy a basic truck, and they don't cost a whole lot more when adjusted for inflation compared to trucks of yore.

    As for those who hold some sort of grudge against us yuppies, well, have at it if it makes you happy.
  • volfyvolfy Member Posts: 274
    BTW, YUP means just that: Young Upwardly-mobile Professional. No inference is given or should be taken regarding habits, lifestyle or choice of vehicle.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Member Posts: 3,581
    An Escort wagon could certainly not handle the places I drive my Yuppie truck. I may be able to get away with a car but it would involve dragging deer several miles farther than I can physically handle. The same applies to the goose decoys that are now getting a good work out.

    No car built could safely handle a 3300 pound boat either. As I stated, my hobbies dictate my choice of vehicle but to be honest, I would probably own one anyway. I just like trucks.

    BTW, VA has a gun season that runs from the middle of November to the first of Jan with a 4 seer limit unless you purchase bonus tags which are cheap. I bagged 5 deer this year and will not be buying beef for another year.

    Anyone want some goose meat? I love to hunt them but they taste like crap.
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