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Toyota Tundra Prices Paid



  • awilks23awilks23 Posts: 5
    Awesome.. I'm in Atlanta too!! I have not started the negotiation process yet. I live by the Mall of Georgia, so I was going to start there. Any dealerships you would suggest staying away from? If you had a good buying experience, would you recommend the sales person you dealt with?
  • xsp_ownerxsp_owner Posts: 4
    I bought from Cobb County Toyota after dealing with several other dealers that wouldn't come off the price. I called Cobb County Toyota with my offer and without hardly any hesitation the sales person told me to come in and get it. "We'll clean and gas it up now". Easiest buying experience I've ever had. Since you live close to the mall of georgia I would start there but if they don't budge on the price then I would maybe try a couple more in the Gwinnett area but after that Cobb County. Good luck!
  • marlin410marlin410 Posts: 5
    04 double cab limited 32000 miles 21,100 + ttl and they gave me good trade on my t-100. Needless to say I am thrilled!
  • sfh1sfh1 Posts: 8
    Great deal on the used D-Cab! I almost bought a used 04 D-Cab Ltd for $29,000 a month ago. Had only 12000 miles on it -- was beautiful but it sold before I could make it to the dealer. They lowballed my trade so it took some time to arrange a deal I liked.

    Just bought an 05 D-Cab Limited last Friday. Paid 33987 against MSRP 38391. They were 700 lower than any other Toyota dealer, AND they offered 1500 more on my trade than anyone else. Made it very easy. I got exactly what Edmunds estimated for my trade and got the truck right at invoice (minus the current rebate).
  • idahoronidahoron Posts: 18
    What did edmunds say the price should be on the one you got? Ron
  • sfh1sfh1 Posts: 8
    For the D-Cab I bought, Edmunds' TMV was 35610. I got it for 33987. I also got what Edmunds estimated for my trade-in. All in all, I'm very happy. I think the employee pricing on the domestics helped, but this particular dealer offered the truck at $1000 less than the other 3 dealers I called. My truck was built on April 1, so maybe I got a benefit from having it sit on the lot for so long. Don't know. Don't care. It's a great truck.
  • toscitosci Posts: 18
    Does anyone know if Toyota is going to continue the $1000 rebate for the '05 limited double cab?
  • Purchased from Power Toyota in Tempe, AZ Yesterday

    2005 Toyota Tundra 4X2 double cab 2WD SR5 V8
    w/JBL 6CD indash sound system
    SRS curtain airbags
    No TRD package
    "threw in" floor mats

    Price 25,900.00
    Tax 2,097.00 (8.1%)
    Tire Tax 5.00
    Doc fee 369.00
    Lic fee 483.22
    Title fee 13.75
    Total 28868.87 OTD

    Hope I got a good deal!
  • miata007miata007 Posts: 129
    Yikes! I don't like your doc fee.

  • heywood1heywood1 Posts: 850
    I'm glad I don't live in AZ, considering the sales tax and license fee.
  • miata007miata007 Posts: 129
    Anyone have experinece with warranty for their Tundra? Are they from Toyota or private? How much does it cost and any recommendation?

  • adontechadontech Posts: 11
    What was the MSRP on this truck?
  • Consumer Reports says that extended warranties are not a good value considering the longer factory warranties and the excellent Toyota reliability.
  • toyotakentoyotaken Posts: 897
    I have yet to have Consumer Reports ever pay for any of the repairs on any of my vehicles so until they do, I've kept extended service programs on all of my cars as I tend to keep them well longer than the factory warranties cover for.

  • Of course they don't pay for your repairs -I knew that! LOL
    Sorry if the post was unclear or seemed useless. Consumer Reports gave that as a proviso actually, that if you plan on keeping it well past the warranty then an extended warranty should be considered. I don't keep them more than 4 or 5 years in general. Tundras don't warrant the expense of extended warranties for a couple years beyond the factory warranty. If you buy less than very good or excellent reliability, then you should consider it as well.

    Consumer reports has been very very good to me.
  • sfh1sfh1 Posts: 8
    Well, the thing to remember is that they sell extended warraties in order to make money. For my Tundra, the warranty could be extended to 6/75 for approximately $1000 (with a $50 or $100 deductible after 3 years). They also have a clause that if you get 6yrs/75000 without needing warranty repair, you get your money back.

    I still turned it down, but that's mostly because I don't worry too much about costly repairs. The problem is the inconvenience of having my truck in the shop, and Toyota's warranty doesn't help me with that.
  • jk28jk28 Posts: 1
    I purchased new in '02 v8 sr5 access cab. At 35,936 the truck started to run rough. Dealer told me I need new spark plugs and should have changed them at 30k. My bad. Next day same thing happened, this time the told me it was a fuel injector and not the plugs after all. They claimed that they "tapped the injector with a screwdriver and the truck ran great'. That's how they figured out it was the injector. Their answer scared the hell out me. I immediately bought the extended warranty and boy howdy it has paid off BIG. Complete front brake job (heavy shudder) at 40k $ 1501.00, rear window latch snapped off, fan control knob shattered in my hand $175.00 for both repairs and I recvd a Camry for the day to use. Now I have a paint issue that I'll attend to this next week. 99.9% of the time I'm against extended warranties but, after reading all the post from Edmunds about owner problems I will never be without a long term warranty again. Thxs, Just my thoughts on this.
  • Has anyone tried to take advantage of the end of year specials?

    I've been to 3 dealers in the Atlanta area and one in Macon. It has mostly been a complete farce for two major reasons:

    you have to practically threaten the salesman with violence before you get something even close to fair for your trade.

    Dealerships continually use factory rebates to mask other things they stick in the price and when you call them out on it the response is always the same "but I'm giving you $3000 off" - that's not costing the dealership a dime and when they try to peck away at my FACTORY rebate I get very pissed off.

    With the exception of one of the four dealerships I've visited, OTD price has always been a few hundred over invoice minus rebate on 2005's Tundra's (yes, I said 2005). You would think there would be a little more motivation to get these off the lot. Speaking of invoice, it seems standard at Toyota dealers that invoice = invoice plus various mark-ups. Yet another ploy I am completely sick of seeing.

    One dealer who didn't have anymore 2005's (therefore leveled with me on a few things) said Toyota is still not happy with market penetration and that's why we have rebates on 2006 Tundra's that just got on the lot this month. Apparently there is too big a gap between Ford/Chevy and Toyota full sized pickups. I can tell you why, it's not about the truck, it's about the morons at the dealership.

    I do NOT want to buy a Ford/Chevy/Dodge/Nissan/whatever but there is no way I'm going to buy a 2005 unless I get a really good deal. These sales managers who try to convince me that I'm getting a really good deal are so pathetic.

    anyway... rant off...... There are still 10 or so 2005 Double cabs in the Atlanta area, I'm curious to see what they do when we get into October and there are still on the lot.

  • There are several postings from around the country on the 05 and 06 DBL CABS. I just priced and bought mine at the same dealership in Tempe, AZ. They are at Invoice less the $1250 rebate on an 06. The dealership invoice was slightly less than the Edmonds invoice. Go through the internet department and you will get your invoice quote.

    As far as trade-ins go, sell the vehicle on your own. The dealers have a lot of trade-ins on their lots and the larger used vehicles trucks and SUV's are not moving. The dealers are even undercutting the KBB Trade in Values.

    New large trucks simply are not selling well. If you cannot get the Tundra you want at or near invoice, move onto another dealer. Toyota simply cannot move the new Tundra's, hence the rebate.

  • 12361236 Posts: 34
    I just bought a 05 4x4 Tundra Limited Access cab fully loaded for 27K plus usual Tax Lic etc They are thin on the ground but right now 3K rebate from the factory makes for a pretty good deal.
  • for 2006 Tundra Double Cab SR5 with the following options:

    Dual Exhaust
    Overhead Console
    Fog Lamps
    JBL with 6 CD changer

    Anybody see a better deal in Georgia (7%tax) area?
  • 2" LIFT
    (excepted no heated seats & single cd)

  • Anybody get (heard of) a particularly good deal on a new double cab SR5 4x4 in Southern Cal lately? What did you pay? Where?
  • miata007miata007 Posts: 129
    Try Carson Toyota. They have weekly special where you can view on line.
    You can do a search for that website. Let me know if you can't find it.

  • Hi all,

    The auto dealer asked for 22,700 on this car below. TMV is 22,037 after rebate($1500). How much can I start to bid, 20,700 or 21,200?


    2006 Toyota Tundra Pickup
    Model Access CAB SR5 V6 4*2
    SR5 Standard Convenience Packages and
    Installed Options
    . Chrome wheel arch moldings,
    . 16-in. 6-spoke alloy wheels with P265/70R16 tires
    Wheel locks
    . Bedliner
    . Carpeted floor mats
  • All of that (minus 2"lift), 4x4 and a sprayed-on liner. C
  • All of that (minus 2"lift), 4x4 and a sprayed-on liner. 38k out the door. (7.75% tax) C
  • you seem pretty knowledgeable about toyota trucks, I am a total novice when it comes to buying a vehicle, I would love any advice you can offer when approaching a dealer re:
    a new truck, I like the tundra's and would like to buy a year end 2005 for a better deal, do you think I could get an equitable deal on a 2006 since you are saying they are not moving, please advice in any fashion you can
  • what is the best method to approach a toyota sales person regarding a best buy opportunity, what is otd price?, I'll take any advice I can get.

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