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Toyota Tundra Prices Paid



  • OTD means out the door price. No more addons; the final price. I would suggest using tne internet; contact as many dealers you want in the radius of how far you are prepared to go. Tell them the model and options you are looking for and ask them to quote their best OTD price. Pickout a couple of the best deals and work from there.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,041
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  • orb1orb1 Posts: 4
    I just bought a new '05 Access cab in the Annapolis/Baltimore area that listed for a little over 24K. Kind of bought it on an impulse buy so didn't get all the quotes I normally get buying a new car. Anyway, the truck is a green '05 access cab, 4X2, V6, bed liner, fog lamps, trailer light package, chrome wheel arch moldings, floor mats and door sill protectors.

    Without much haggling I was able to have the dealer drop $3,175 off of his price. On top of that I got the 3,000 cash back from Toyota. The total on the truck was $17,852, my out the door price with tax, title and tags was $19,203.

    Hope this helps. I think it was a pretty good deal, but I'd be very interested to find out what you can get the 06 for.

    Best regards,

  • I made a final deal at the price of $21,882 plus TTL($1,542) on this 2006 Tundra SR5 with Installed Options:

    . Cloth front captains chairs and center console with 2 cupholders
    . Chrome wheel arch moldings,
    . Extra mile aluminum wheel upgrade
      Wheel locks
    Road hazard tire warranty(3yrs/36,000 miles)- no charge
    . Bedliner(under rail)
    . Carpeted floor mats w/Doors sill protectors
    . Window Tint
    . Heavy duty undercoat
    . Window etch

    The actual sticker price is $25,411, it came down $1500(center of Texas) from Toyota and $2029 from the dealer. So the drive out price is $23,424(21882+TTL).
    Like to share info with people in this forum. I think I did well on the price searching, but not on the financial part.

    Get ready on both bargaining and your financial situation before meeting with a dealer to make a final deal.


  • All you need to do now is to take out the carpet mats and get some heavy vinyl ones.

    I got mind four years ago for 22200 with the V8. Looks like a good deal.

    I assume that AC, cruise, and the power stuff are all standard now.
  • I just ordered a 2006 Tundra SR5 V-6 Automatic. My price is similar to yours, I have a few different options. My question-does your truck have cruise control? I bought mine using internet pricing and compared it to TMV pricing. MSRP prices in my area (S.E. region)are showing cruise control to be a $265 additional cost item. However, the 2006 brochure and a confirming call to Toyota Customer Center say it is standard. Edmunds does not show it as optional! Does anyone know the real answer!
  • We're interested in purchasing a 2006 tundra 4x4 ltd w/leather, nav, dvd, bed extender and opt d package. I know there are several deals going on right now. Invoice would be 40.5k, invoice 35.9 before ttl...

    Anyone care to estimate drive out pricing if we take delivery by the end of the year? Thanks.
  • I also ordered an 06 Tundra SR5 V-6 Automatic. Cruise control is optional on the V-6 Trucks only.
  • I just took delivery yesterday. The first thing I did was make sure it had cruise control! The second thing I did was read the window sticker. Guess what-there was no optional price being charged. This would indicate it is standard. The sales people could not explain this, you might want to question this when you take delivery!
  • ortort Posts: 2
    I am considering a 2WD extended cab Tundra V8 with the TRD package. I also haven't ruled out the V6 after taking one recently for a test drive, and being pleasantly surpised with the performance. Any comments from those with the 4.0 liter regarding how it does with hills, towing, real world gas mileage, and any regrets not getting the V8? I am looking to buy soon, so any input regarding the above, as well as some current out the door prices paid would be appreciated.
  • tutututu Posts: 5
    i am looking for a v8,2WD access cab go with these options:
    (JU-02) Chrome Wheel Arch Molding $56
    (AL-02) Wheels: 16 in. x 7 in. JJ 6-Spoke Aluminum Alloy $440
    (DC-01) Radio: Deluxe 3-in-1 AM/FM/Cassette/CD w/6 Speakers $218
    (LD-01) Limited Slip Differential $227
    (CF-01) Carpet Floor Mats (4-pc)/Door Sill Protector $91
    (TO-01) Towing Package $344
    and the best dealer give me OTD $22,400.00
  • flan3flan3 Posts: 1
    I am finally giving up on my 10 year old F-150 which has been a great truck. I have not been to a new car dealership to seriously buy in that many years. Once in a while I'll drop in to test drive different cars, but thats it. I am now interested in the Tundra but will only pay invoice at most minus the rebates. So far most of these joker dealers are trying to get from 500 to 2000 over invoice. Look its still a truck and like any vehicle will have problems. I am not drinking the toyota kool aid and if the sobs don't give me a fair price they can stick it where the sun don't shine. get my drift? what has been your experience dealing with these money mongers and what success have you had. tia.
  • my price came down to $28000 for a double cab. is this what your getting?
  • lxpatellxpatel Posts: 34
    Just bought this Toyota Tundra 4x2 Access Cab SR5 V6 5-Speed Auto, Salsa red color with gray interior MSRP:$24,704
    Rebate $1500
    Paid $20767 + Tax and Licensce

    is this good price? I beilive invoice was $22767 so i guess got it 500 under invoice including rebate.
  • blane64blane64 Posts: 1
    I am going to sign the papers later today...

    2006 Tundra DC SR5, only options are keyless entry, floor mats, aluminum wheel upgrade, tint and sealant package.

    $24,888 +TTL

    I had test driven and almost bought a 2004 LTD with 34,000 miles for 23,988, so the NEW 2006 seemed like a decent deal.
  • Anyone know what the Tundra, DoubleCab Rebate offer was in January 2006 (Southeast Toyota region)?
    Thanks, Crawford56
  • ma23peasma23peas Posts: 7
    We got a Toyota Tundra Double Cab Limited

    Leather/upgraded sound system/sunroof/limited slip differential/tow package and some other stuff (put chrome runnerboards on at dealer for $430) for $31,000 (all taxes/tags included) with the 1.9% financing included in that price. We traded in our 2004 Camry and got a good value for it made the deal worth it...we love it and plan to tow a tt with it. Looking for what others can safely tow with theirs...thanks!

  • Is this 4x4 or 4x2? Do you remember what the MSRP was?

  • willsimwillsim Posts: 33
    I went with my brother last Friday to help purchase the V8 2WD version of the above truck. The MSRP was $27,154 he paid $20,988+T&L with a $2000 rebate.
  • miadlormiadlor Posts: 1
    Picked up a 2006 TRD Dual Cab Tundra.
    The sticker was $33,294.00.....paid $30,130.00 + minus my trade.
  • Hey folks,

    I want to know the best deal along the Gulf States on a Tundra 06 v6 reg cab automatic and with aircon before tax and lic. including on-going rebate of $2000 plus another $1000 for customer loyalty or something...I need dealers'name, contact person and phone number so I can call and make a deal. Tundra-lly happy for your help.

  • tutututu Posts: 5
    it seems you got a great deal...iam looking for one and the best deal i have for now is 22,942.00 out the door price.
  • Got V8 4x2 double cab in Florida with
    limited slip diff.
    floor mats
    tow package
    privacy glass
    keyless entry
    fog lights

    for $22500 plus TTL (this was after $4000 cash back).
  • tutututu Posts: 5
    you got it..another good deal.
  • tutututu Posts: 5
    otd price for 2006, v8, 2wd, access cab is $22900.00...about $1000.00 under this a good price ? please, give me advise..thanks ahead.
  • I have a quote of $32,995 (not incl. tax & license)
    on a double cab 4x4 SR5
    with moonroof
    side curtain airbags
    stability & traction control, LSD
    17" wheels

    reasonable price? thanks
  • In Arizona - drove it and looking at tundra model 7728: 4x2 access cab sr5 with option package b [trd off road "of", captn chair "cc", slip diff "ld", all weather pkg "ck", 6 cd player "dz", v8 tow "to", mats "cf"]. local spray bed liner for $300 = MSRP $27794. Internet "deal" $25,425. But that $25,425 "invoice price" includes funny detail items [yes it is always in the details!] like "TDA =$451.00, Dealer holdback =$486.00, and, whsl financial reserve =$243.00" to get to that $25,425 total. Are these last item negotiable!?

    So add on top of that $25,425 invoice there is doc fee $369.99,lieu tax $427.13 and misc $20.00 plus for $26,241 taxable at local rate. There is $2,045 state sales tax [$300 over calculation in his favor on 26,541 not 26,241]
    for a total of 28,587 [I plan on 0% fin for 60 m offer].
    The deal isn't bad but looks like $1000 more wiggle room
    and I need to correct his math!
    any thoughts out there??
  • There's a current promotion, in South Florida at least, for $6,000 off a Tundra Double-Cab V8 4x2 X-SP ($4,000 rebate plus $2,000 X-SP3 package discount). This leaves the truck priced at around $25,000-$26,000. I'm going to visit the local dealership and offer $23,000. Does this sound like a reasonable price, or is it unrealistic to ask for an additional $2,000 off after the generous $6,000 rebate?
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