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Toyota Tundra Prices Paid



  • Unfortunately my 2004 DC LTD is totalled, thanks to a cell phone talker that didin't see me stopped in traffic to turn left and rearended me at 55mph. I loved the truck and will be replacing it with an 06 DC LTD. MSRP is about 38K, One dealer offered 2K off MSRP plus the $3000 rebate. Another dealer offered $31,500 after rebate and discount. Does this seem reasonable? I really want an 06, I prefer the more traditional style and real fake wood dash to the more modern style and larger size of the new 07 redesign. Plus I am reluctant to buy the first year of any new model, even a toyota.

    Does 31,500 for a 4x4 DC LTD in WI sound reasonable?
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Start at my message 3863 on the Honda CR-V prices paid discussion for useful info on how to buy a car.

    The DC model seems to be a particularly slow mover around southern Ohio, with the access cab nowhere to be found. I'm not particularly fond of price targets, but if you need one start at about 10k off and be be happy with 7500-10k. The limited edition may be similar. Unless there are significantly less of them. Play hard to get as it is a buyers market.

    A inventory search from the Toyota website for about 200mi your surrounding area will show your supply situation. This whole market segment this year has been discounted 25- 30% off. The 08 redesign has slowed sales also.

  • Hi laney0069.. in your last post you asked if 29,274 was a good deal on the truck you were looking at. I believe you're looking at a 4 wheel drive vehicle... compare that to the truck my son bought 3 weeks ago, 06 double cab tundra 2 wheel drive, leather, electric everything, but does not have navigation or back up cams. he bought his truck for 24,558 + tax, title and license... as for extended warranty, I guess they run different prices between cars and trucks... i bought a new 07 toyota avalon sedan 3 months ago.. the extended warranty was 72 mo or 100,000 Miles with a $50 deductable and it cost me 1595.00 My son bought an extended warranty for his tundra, same terms, 72 months, 100,000 miles, but with a zero deductable.. his warranty cost him 1080. 520 less than I paid for mine... Go figure.

  • Went last night to go buy. Had them down to invoice only ( no plus $500 over invoice). Looked at the blue metallic. I pulled it into the dealer garage looked over. It was hit on the fender flare and maybe slightly pushed the bed a touch. Didn't fell comfterable buying even they said it would look good as new. Exact same setup and color avail in 2 weeks. Might get that or choose different color somewhere else.

    One those warr. you bought where they toyota warr. or aftermarket?
  • Looking to buy a new vehicle and 2006 tundra is one on my list. I found locally (PA) a 2006 Tundra SR5 Crew Cab 4wd V8 Silver. Not sure of the options but it is listed at $30240 MSRP. What is a realistic offer to make? and would this offer include the $3000 rebate or would that be additional to the offer I make? Thanks.
  • opsmoopsmo Posts: 8

    first question I have for you is the 3000 rebate something new in December. My son bought a new Tundra near the end of November and the rebate was 4 grand... might want to double check that... as for the amount to offer, let me just tell you my sons truck is a new 06 double cab v-8, leather, electric windows and locks, pretty much everything except it dosnt have navigation or heated or cooled seats. also his truck is 2wd... he got his truck for an out the door cost of 24,500 Hope this helps... oh, he had a gmc sierra 1500 before this... he says no comparison..Tundra blows it away. Good luck.

  • I just bought a Tundra today (Dec/15/2006) I know I buy it late but better than nothing . It a brand new 2006, V6, access cab, SR5. On the newspaper ads said: MSRP $24225, after rebate+sale my price is $15988. I went to the bank do some transfer money then I brought the ads to the dealer and ask them show me the car, the salesman take me to the lot and show me the car, it's a metallic silver, beige interior, V6, Auto Transmission, Airconditionning, power window and ........ I told the salesman I take it. That's is, all the deal done in 1 minute.
    So the price is $15988, and out-the-door is $17967.
    I know the new design 07 will come out in two months, but what the heck, I got my Tundra.
  • robin226,

    i'm looking for exactly the same truck you bought but where I may make a purchase they are charging $17,770 with out tax and license. Where did you purchase yours?
  • Hi All:

    I went to the local dealer in Greer, SC... Apparently there are no more Access Cabs. They have maybe 6-8 Double Cabs. Price quoted was $26,300 for the Sporty special edition one: leather, 20" wheels running boards, etc. I think $25,300 would buy it.

    Also I'm pretty sure I can get an SR-5 with nice alloy wheels and maybe a bedliner for $22-23K out the door. Cloth interior, no running boards, no wood trim, etc,... What do you all think? I haven't gone to Spartanburg, Anderson or Asheville yet. Should I try Atlanta? It's 2-3 hours from me.

    Thanks for everyone's input, and best regards

  • Just an update- I did it. Paid $31,868 (invoice), Pro Pack (paint sealant, fabric protector, underbody spray) $499 , window vin etch $199 , toyota maint. pkg.(11 visits 5k,10k,15k,20k,25k,30k,35k,40k,45k,50k,55k incl. parts&labor)= $995 , 7yr/100k toyta platinum bumper2bumper $1490. So total all that together and minus $2500 cash back. sales tax $3185.17, $35 doc fee. Grand total o.t.door $35,971.17. Oh yea, Bellevue,WASHINGTON dealer. Just LineX'd it $400 plus tax. Lowes tool box $250(orig.$278). Happy shopping. :shades:
    2006 TUNDRA D.CAB SR5 V8
    Here is the options I got
    CC, CK, DJ, AA, JC, JZ, KE, LD, LF, PG, PN, SR, CF, FE.
  • You're in the same area of the country I am. Go to and click on the left menu on new toyotas. From there you can see what they have "hot on the lot",or look thru their inventory. That is where I purchased mine. Great deal,no hassle!They are in Asheville,NC.
    Merry Christmas!!
  • To: nicoleswack.

    Sorry for the delay, I did not check this forum often.
    I bought my 06 Tundra at: Manhattan Beach Toyota, in city of Manhattan Beach, California

    I still have the sticker window sheet, and the long yellow receipt , I can scan anf send to you if you requested.
  • Holla Amigos.

    I am new to the forum and need help from the collective wisdom regarding pricing.
    I am looking to purchase a new '06 Tundra, 2wd, DBl Cab. Limited with the following:
    EJ- JBL system
    CK- All weather
    JC- Overhead console
    KG- Running boards
    LD- Limited slip
    LP- Leather package
    SR- Moonroof
    CF- Carpet and sill protection

    MSRP is $34,847. Rebates in Arizona are just $2,500. Invoice is roughly 31,200. Since this is the last of the Limiteds in this area, I am wondering, given that they need to get these out the door, how much less than invoice is a fair offering? I saw one post saying $7,000 below sticker is reasonable considering the new Tundras will be out in a month. On the other hand, I hate to lose out on a great truck at a reasonable price.
  • Rice Toyota in Greensboro, NC, a reputable dealer, is offering new 2006 Access cabs with the V-6 for $19357. This looks like invoice less the $3000 rebate. Actually, their print ad has the price at $18,988. See
  • How about offering invoice (31,200) less $2500, which is $28,700, but insist that it be "out-the-door"? That gives you a comfortable bump down with the rebate plus no extra taxes, tags and dealer rip-offs. Personally I would not go any higher than this. The other possibility is to go on the Internet and make your lowest out-the-door offer to all dealers you can locate within driving distance. This can happen quickly. You can find their email addresses by doing a Google search for "Toyota Arizona". If someone bits, you then have two choices, bargaining down the original dealer or taking the second deal.

    Good luck.

  • debating between and used f150 (2005) or new tundra. The f150 is a loaded lariat edition supercrew with 22k miles on it. It looks flawless. Drove it and really liked it. They're asking $25900. But I also like the tundra's and got a price of $28500 after rebates for an 06 double cab sr5 with the trd package. No sunroof, leather or nav. Is this a good deal? I'm located in the northeast. To me it's seems they should be blowing these out for a few grand less. This price isn't much differnt than what they gave me two months ago.
  • hey goldmemeber you are comparing a used ford to new tundra. I am gonna say they own the Ford for 21,200. The toyota sounds like a fair deal. What dealership did u try?
  • I guess that was a bad post. I'm really comparing used F150's and used Toyota Tundras. I currently own a tacoma so I'm slightly leaning towards a tundra. In my search of used trucks I found that F150 that I took for a test drive and really like it. I started to look at invoice pricing for both trucks and the tundra seems to be giving a better deal in my opinion. I'd really prefer to have leather though and a new leftover 06 tundra would run me $33,000. I just don't have that money for a monthly payment. Truly, I'm comfortable financing around $27,000. My wife wants me to get what I'll be happy with, instead of "wishing" I had gotten certain features after owning the truck a year from now.
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    There seems to be tons of the 06 double cabs leftover and in anticipation of the 07. Most of the access cabs seem to be gone or becoming scarce. The machine wholesales about 10k off list 1st year, so you want about 7k off MSRP, which is what many seem to be getting. (Review the last few months posts)

  • What I would suggest you do is go with the Tundra Double Cab with the AL package. AL has the bucket seat, alloy wheels, fender flairs. It does not have the TRD off road package but all this package has that makes a hudge diffrence is the all terrain tires which you can get yourself later and the bilstein shocks. Not to big of a deal. So the AL package truck is 33,127 MSRP. Take the MSRP 33,127 LESS THE 2500 dollar rebate equaling 30,627. The dealrship will work with you to get around your number of 27,000. So if you get the truck for 28,000 you can be at 504.58 for 72 months with an intrest rate of 8.9 pending your credit score. At 72 months WITH A RATE OF 5.9 YOU WILL BE AT 463.91 roughly. The dealership also has after maket leather heated seat just as good as factory if not better. The cost is 1,295 and 395 for the heaters. This is a rough estimate ofcourse. You should give the nashua dealership a try.
  • Thanks. Do you work for that dealership? I bought my Tacoma in Portsmouth. My credit is great, so my rate should be at the best available as well.
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    Anyone else having problems getting a decent price on a leftover 06 Tundra? They seem to be in short supply here and no one's dealing. They're staying pretty close to MSRP minus the $4K incentive. I even found an 06 used Tundra with only 100 miles and they're asking $1500 over MSRP, which is crazy.

    Looking for a recommendation in the Orlando Florida area.
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Go to the toyota website and use the dealer locator to find inventory of Tundra's in your city and adjacent ones. I would assume almost all are double cabs. Like I said the Tundra wholesales about 10k off list 1st year so you want about 7k off.

    Possibly you're looking at access cabs? (short supply but you still want 6-7k off)

  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    I'm looking for the limited access cab stepside 4x2 V8 auto. I've found three vehicles like that from the nine dealer websites that lists. I'm planning Saturday to go visit, but I'm not holding my breath, so far emails haven't been promising. They all list in the $30K - $31K range and my target price is $24K plus TTL, so we're both on the same page.
  • Yes, I do work for them. If your credit is good like you say it is you should have no problem. I have a few trucks here at the dealership that would work for you. Good luck and get one befor the incentive programs go away. The Tundra rebate is at 2,500 dollars.
  • Jfritsch you seem really sure of what you are telling people to do on these forums. Have you gone yourself to the dealership and ask for 7,000 dollars off the MSRP? If so, did you get the truck you wanted and what model of Tundra did you buy?

  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    His figures seem to be on as I just found a dealer who says I can buy the Tundra with an MSRP of $30261 for $23995 after the incentive. That's for a 4x2 Limited Access cab V8 stepside. We only talked on the phone so I'm hoping he has a bit more to work with, going in tomorrow. I didn't pin him down for an exact out the door figure. I'll post the details when I get back tomorrow.
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    New 2006 Tundra Limited Access cab 4x2 V8
    Manufacturer Options
    CC Cloth captains chairs
    CK All weather package
    RL Daytime running lights
    TO Tow package

    Dealer installed options
    JB3 Bedliner
    PV4 Carpet mats

    MSRP $30261
    Invoice $27200 (est. due to dealer installed options)

    Price 28000
    Dealer fee 500
    - Trade in 13150 2005 Civic LX coupe auto SE 19K miles
    TTL 1070

    The trade was higher than I thought I'd get based on feedback from over in Real World Trade-In values.

    I decided to do the 0% interest for 60 mos. instead of the $4K rebate as it will save about $500 over the life of the loan as compared to financing it through my credit union and taking the rebate. Both the salesperson and the SM commented how little they made on the deal and that I did my homework. We went back and forth several times and they even let me leave and go to lunch when we were $350 apart, I told them I wanted to think it over, so I know I didn't leave much money on the table. And no I didn't use the Bobst method. They were both great to work with and will get a perfect CSI from me.

    Thank you Edmunds folks.....I love that truck!!!
  • hpia4v2hpia4v2 Posts: 62
    Toyota will be lucky to be able to sell 150K unit per annum.
    I spec out a Limited double cab and come out with over 50K, ouch.
    Not sure if the web site is reliable, but some believe the price on this "backdoor" web site is not too far off.

    Well, I'll see in two weeks to be sure. I want a real crew-cab anyway (which the site doesn't have).
    If GM starts coming out with rebate, I may have to start looking into it.
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