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Honda Insight



  • Old news. Honda has already manufactured all the 2005 Insights they will ever make & closed shop.


    In August they'll tool up again & start making 2006 models.
  • Insight&bhcp=1&BrowserDetected=True



    Price is only up slightly; apparently same as 2004 model as far as features:


    Manual $19,330

    Manual w/AC $20,530

    CVT (includes AC) $21,530


    Dest Charge $ 515



    P.S. - Test drove a used 2001 5-speed w/AC. Had 49K, engine clatter when it started up valvel lifter Oil problem. Would only charge up traction battery half-way ( drove it 30 miles various in town and highway)., shifter was balky for a Honda (not typical Honda). Acceration was okay, would have liked to try with a fully charged battery pack. The wanted $9,900 but I think that was high becuase I think the car needed work and possibly something was wrong with traction battery.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,112
    Do you Insight owners pay more for insurance on the Insight than any other comparably priced car?
    Just doing some research...
  • xcelxcel Posts: 1,025
    Hi Gagrice:

    Here in Chicago, I pay $560 a year w/ $1,000 deductible and 500K limits. The Corolla was ~ 20% more, the MDX is less by $100, and the Ranger is the same. Given the aluminum body and underpinnings, I am not complaining in the least ;-)

    Good Luck

    Wayne R. Gerdes
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,112
    Thank you xcel.

    That confirms one of my suspicions on the IntelliChoice Cost of Ownership charts. They have a sneaky way of making the cars they want to look good come out looking good. They use the depreciation, maintenance & Insurance figures to tilt the total costs. For example the number one rated Prius they claim will have an insurance bill for 5 years of $6063. The Insight which they rated rather poorly for Cost of Ownership show the insurance costs for 5 years would be $9650. That is $717 more per year than the Prius. They do the same with depreciation. They claim the Insight will depreciate $2700 more in 5 years than the Prius. If they were honest in their Cost to own analysis the Insight and the HCH would have come out as good or better than the Prius. They also show the Prius totally stripped price where the Honda hybrids are all pretty well equipped at the start. That makes a big difference on the overall Cost to Own. One reason I can see for this kind of deception. Toyota has paid advertising on IntelliChoice on almost every web page. I did not see any advertising from Honda. So guess who gets the shaft this year. You pay or we skew the figures to make your car less desirable. How can we trust any of these publications?
  • xcelxcel Posts: 1,025
    Hi Gagrice:

    Although the Insight and HCH might deprecate faster then a Prius II on a % basis, their initial purchase is lower and I believe the Insurance figures should be lower as well? With all of that, a used Insight is a consideration vs. new given you are looking at south of $20K for initial purchase no matter which one you are looking at. Well sort of … I have seen HCH’s go out in the low $18K range recently. At these prices, you will get hit hard on the resale no matter which hybrid you would consider. A $27,000 Prius II or $32,000 Accord Hybrid? Those guys are going to hurt bad when its time to move on to something else :-( Unless of course gasoline does hit and stays above $3.00/gallon which might be the case from recent Gasoline - Futures pricing activity on the NYMEX this early on in the year before the 05 summer driving season actually arrives.

    If someone were purchasing a used Insight for example, they could expect to pay $7.5K for a beat up - high mileage 00 to $12.5K for a well kept - low mileage 02. This type of pricing keeps the TCO reasonable given the much lower initial purchase price and depreciation from those numbers. The same can be said of any vehicle actually. I won’t have final figures until my own 00 Insight sells but here are the prelims if I receive maybe $9,250 - $9,500 for it?

    Year 1

    Depreciation: $750 - Purchase price - Sale price
    Financing: $275 - I actually own mine but someone purchasing a used one might pay this?
    Insurance: $560 - This is what I pay in IL.
    Taxes and Fees: $770 - State taxes on purchase + TL fees in IL.
    Fuel: $709 - 36,200 miles with actual fuel cost, not just 15,000 miles as Edmunds proposes.
    Maintenance: $110 - 5 x $22.00 Mobil1 0W-20 and Supertech filter changes.
    Repairs: $440 - Cracked windscreen replaced, new RE92 for one w/ a screw in it.

    Yearly Totals: $ 3,614 over 36,200 miles.

    The TCO works out to be almost $0.10/mile vs. Edmunds $0.37/mile for a new one when doing the TCO calculations on an 05 Honda Insight. Again, I ran her for 36,200 miles in a year with the above totals vs. Edmunds 15,000 miles/year basis. They (Edmunds) seems to be high on the MDX, Corolla, and the Ranger’s TCO’s as well. I do not pay MSRP on anything, I receive far in excess of their FE numbers for the fuel cost calculation, and my maintenance and insurance costs are always lower also. Hopefully everyone will find this to be the case with their own automobiles.

    Good Luck

    Wayne R. Gerdes
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,112
    That is good information to have. For anyone needing a commuter car for one or two people, I don't see how you can do any better than 10 cents a mile. I'm with you on the MSRP selling price. It would be an absolute cold day down below before I would pay close to MSRP for ANY car.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    One reason I can see for this kind of deception. Toyota has paid advertising on IntelliChoice on almost every web page. I did not see any advertising from Honda. So guess who gets the shaft this year. You pay or we skew the figures to make your car less desirable. How can we trust any of these publications?

    You can really go off the deep end sometimes, you know that? You aren't related to the Gary who produced the X-Files, are you? You like conspiracy theories so much I wouldn't be surprised. 8-)

    If you want to see the "bias" Intellichoice has against Honda, take a look at their Best Deals for Subcompacts, Compacts, Midsize, Near Luxury, Sport, Minivan, Small Utility, and Intermedidate Utility categories. They are full of Hondas and Acuras.

    No, Insight didn't make their Best Deals list for subcompacts. But honestly, do you think it should--as a new car? Compared to cars like the Civic Coupe and Beetle TDi?
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,112
    You can really go off the deep end sometimes, you know that?

    No I don't. How do you explain their insurance pricing between the Prius and Insight. $6063 for five years on the Prius and $9655 on the Insight. Maybe that does not seem odd to you. It can make the difference between a cost effective vehicle and one that is not. That is why I asked an Insight owner about Insurance. It seemed rather high. And yes I noticed that the VW TDIs all rated highly. I also noticed a lot of advertising by VW/Audi. I like to see honesty in these publications not bias. Most people do not research their cars as you and I do. They could be mislead by those kind of Headline reports. Just skew one aspect and the car goes from excellent to average. Do you know anyone that has bought a Prius II for $20,875? I watch this board from time to time and have not seen any. It is more like $23k to $30k. If you paid $30k for the Prius you would be in a "don't buy this car" category. That would add $10k to the Total Cost to Own.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    Did you consider that Intellichoice's info is not based on one city, on one person?

    For someone who has sung the praises of diesels, it seems odd to me that you would disagree with Intellichoice's choice of the Beetle TDi as a Best Pick.

    I know of many people just in my own city who have paid under $23k for a Prius, plus T&L. Just because some people pay $30k for a Prius doesn't mean everyone does.

    Before you accuse a publication of bias, you need to have something more to back it up than "Company A advertises on their web site, therefore they are biased." Especially when there is so much evidence to the contrary. How do you explain all of the Hondas and Acuras recommended by Intellichoice if they are so biased against Honda and in favor of Toyota?

    Can we get off the Intellichoice attacks and back to the Insight? My local paper's car section is running a special story on the 2005 Insight tomorrow. I thought that was a curious choice, given the low sales volume for the car. What was it, seven sold in the U.S. in January? Anyway, I'll let you know if they say anything interesting.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,112
    I thought that was a curious choice, given the low sales volume for the car

    I find it strange also. I think the Insight is the most value for the money of the hybrids. If you have a long commute.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    Well, the article on the Insight in today's Star Tribune, Newspaper of the Twin Cities was a waste of time. Just a couple of photos and some basic information about the car. I suspect it was a reprint of a very old article because it made it sound like the Insight was some new revelation from Honda, and also for MSRP it said "TBD". I wonder if Honda will even have an Insight at the Twin Cities Auto Show in a couple of weeks. Do you suppose the only reason Honda offers (officially if not in reality) the Insight in the U.S. at all is so they can say, "Honda has the car with the highest fuel economy, and we offer three hybrids overall"?
  • xcelxcel Posts: 1,025
    Hi Backy:

    Of course that is why. Pretty smart advertising move on Honda’s part given a $10,000 + a pop loss (corporate loss) and maybe 100 sold a year from this time forward. A car manufacturer would be foolish to let the highest FE capable automobile by far in NA and the ability to use its capabilities against competitors disappear for that small of a cost imho.

    Good Luck

    Wayne R. Gerdes
  • I found this insight for sale. It's essentially a new car (8000 miles), but it will only cost you 50-60% of the price of a new car: TRK%3AMEWA%3AIT

  • apetoidapetoid Posts: 2
    Checked my stocks this morning and saw OPEC RAISED production quotas and oil prices ROSE anyway.1st time that ever happened I know of.So, I called a Honda dealer and got a blue Insight,5 speed with air for $20,600 plus mudflaps thrown in.There were only 2 available in 3 states(pacific northwest)one of which was mine,the other an automatic.Anybody know if a ski rack &/or a bicycle rack can be mounted on an Insight?Sounds like a heck of a car to me.Honda customer service ,today(about3/15/05),claimed Insights ARE available.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,112
    Honda customer service ,today(about3/15/05),claimed Insights ARE available.

    I believe that the CVT Insight is plentiful. The manual transmission is harder to find. Most people that buy the Insight want a manual transmission to squeeze every last mile out of a gallon of gas. I think it is the best commuter car available in America.

    The Insight posted on eBay from an earlier post, sold for $11,100 from the Lexus Dealer in Jacksonville. It was like new red, MT with 8000 miles. Good buy.
  • midnightcowboymidnightcowboy Posts: 1,978
    If then new cost is $20-$21K selling for only $11K is alomost a 50% depreciation for only 8,000 miles ( a typical 1/2 year of normal driving).

    That is terrible resale!

    I looked at the Insight and it had some pretty neat features, but it was a little spartan and a little slow for my tastes. I drove a used 5-speed and it had quite a valvel lifter clatter when it started up, maybe just poor maintenance. The new 5-speed are MSRP and a 3-4 month special order.

    YMMV, 6-speed an luv'n it!

  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,112
    That is terrible resale!

    Here are 10 Insights with various mileage all going for $9500 a piece. I would think that would be a good price even if they needed a few repairs.

    They have a lot of 2004 Civic hybrids for well under wholesale blue book. All around 12k miles on them. I think people are not trusting the hybrid technology.
  • apetoidapetoid Posts: 2
    I know people with well over 100,000 miles on Insights.They love'm. The one I just bought I'll keep for a LONG time so depreciation doesn't matter. My take is the 2 seats put many people off. I'm looking for detachable ski & bike rack systems for mine.That's all I need.I have a van & deisel pickup for heavy lifting.Also, there is a real possibility THIS time that gas will stay high & go higher over time.Anybody know about a extended warranty for the Insight?I haven't asked my dealer yet.
  • Hi. I just test drove a 2001 Insight and thought, "Wouldn't this be great if Honda also offered this hybrid as a coupe with a targa top similar to the old Del Sol model?" In fact, it could even look like the 2-seater Del Sol.
    Granted, the weight would be a bit heavier to reinforce the vehicle and maybe a slight drop in mileage but to take the top off, stow it in the back would be great. The neat thing about this over a "rag-top" convertible is when the top is on, it's not only more secure but a lot quieter too.
    Nobody yet produces an "open air" hybrid vehicle.
    I think the Honda Insight would be a good candidate.
  • midnightcowboymidnightcowboy Posts: 1,978
    and you won't see a Del Sol version of the Insight. The Indsight has horrible sales and is still a money loser for Honda. 2005 is tha last year and it is special order only.

    Honda will be bringing a new smaller car next year (2006) named the Fit/Jazz to complete with the Scion and CE Corolla. There will also be a SI perfomance hatchback. Additionally there will also probably be a high fuel version, probably not a hybrid.

    As soon as the clean sulpher is in effect in USA, Honda should start importing their diesel models. There will be several versions, including a probably 90 mpg Hybrid diesel manual shift car.

    The Insight for all practical purposes is DEAD.

    Good Luck,

  • Agreed the Del Sol never seemed to be a hit, which is puzzling for the following reasons:
    1) I owned a VW convertible and had the top slashed and radio stolen. The Del Sol top would have acted like a hard top and probably prevented that from ever happening.
    2) The Del Sol is quieter than a "Rag Top" convertible when the top is on.
    3) You can roll down the glass rear window. A nice feature with the top on or off.
    4) With the top off, you don't get the wind blowing directly on you. You feel it, but it's not blasting on you.
    5) The storage section for the top (when off), is in the trunk. It holds it in place and you still have a lot of room for luggage. Not many two-seater convertibles can brag about that.
    I'm merely pointing out that Honda could offer two available models of the Insight. A current "Hatchback" model and one like the Del Sol for a "Targa Style" model.
    The Honda dealer in my area informed me that the Insight will be continued with a new redesigned body for 2006. Possibly the IMAS.
  • I have been a big fan of the Honda Insight for some time now. Here in Texas the dealers do not stock them nor will most dealers order them. I recently found a dealer with a red Insight with automatic transmision leftover from a local autoshow. I found it at a dealer and test drove it and fell in love. I put some money down, and ordered a silver 5 speed. (After convincing the salesman that I did not want the model currently in inventory. I was told not to expect the car for about 3 months. This was cool with me because I already own a car. Has anyone ordered an Insight? What was the time frame given for delivery? and was it accurate? Any troubles with ordering one?

    Paul, Insightless in Texas
  • I PAID $20, 862.00 18 months ago @ LAKESHORE TOYOTA in Burns Harbor INDIANA. I pay $268.00 every 6 months for "full coverage ins. @ Farm Bureau. No breaks on plating the hybrid in Indiana (although Indiana should be ashamed for not offering a discount for plates and a tax break from the state tax people.
    Railroadjames(enjoy the ride)
  • aldgealdge Posts: 3
    Has anyone found an after market armrest that is nice and works in a 2001 CVT? Thanks,Aldge
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    If you own a hybrid vehicle and live in New England, a reporter would love to hear about your experience.
    Please respond to by May 1, 2005 with your daytime contact info and any brief comments you care to share via e-mail.


    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

    Share your vehicle reviews

  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Consider buying a hybrid? Reconsider after you learned about the long wait? Whether or not you chose to add your name to the waiting list, a reporter is hoping to hear your perspective. Please respond to with your daytime contact info by May 27, 2005.
    Jeannine Fallon
    Corporate Communications
  • Sounds good! I have over 100,000 on my 2001 Insight and will take a trade lke that!
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    Hey, I think that might set some sort of record on Town Hall--nearly a year between the post and the reply! :)
  • Hi -- I need to replace a tire, so I should replace two, right? Can any of you advise me what tire would be good for this car? I drive mostly in NYC plus some Northeast highway driving. TIA!
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