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Volvo S40 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • gruxxgruxx Posts: 4
    I'm an X-plan member, and was pretty sure that getting an s40 with x-plan would be no haggle * until today*.

    went in, test drove, liked the t5 FWD. as we were leaving, the salesman said he could go below x-plan. whaaa? This made me pretty nervous, "a manager" came out to confirm this development. I've never bought a car before, and don't know how to make an offer or haggle without getting hosed, wife and I left as fast as possible.

    the t5 we want:
    metal paint

    x-plan says 31160. about $500 more than invoice. the x-plan price sheet says [underlined] "customers can't be charged for prep/conditioning/document fees."

    [allwheeldriv3] says he got a T5AWD with comparable for less than 28,5. Should I go haggle for a better price? MSRP -10% gets me about 29,5 that seems so low. should I go make that offer, or am I going to have these hidden prep/document fees get me back over 31k, or higher?

    I'm also a little lost about offers/counter offers. is there a name for a special pre-workup sheet that I can take to the other volvo dealer in town to get a better offer? when do I mention the college grad discount? any tips on when during the week to make this deal, or helpful phrases to get it clear I'm not budging on price? Any help would be appreciated!
  • ha, i was a newbie heart was beating so fast when i signed those papers...

    should I go make that offer, or am I going to have these hidden prep/document fees get me back over 31k, or higher?

    go back and make the's funny you mentioned the x-plan because my father works for UPS and all of their full-time employees get the x-plan(invoice+2%) or similar plans for many makes(most domestic and jaguar, volvo, and mazda). when i first went to the volvo dealer, he quoted me the x-plan price and told me he could beat it and went around $700 less then it, but that was still over $31,000. my next trip to the dealer(same dealer, same salesman), i went back with the knowledge i got from this board and and i threw #'s out. the dealer caved and i got the car for less then invoice.

    I'm also a little lost about offers/counter offers. is there a name for a special pre-workup sheet that I can take to the other volvo dealer in town to get a better offer?

    thats your quote...

    when do I mention the college grad discount?

    after you verbally settle on a price that is acceptable to you...or within $500 of it, cause thats what it's worth...but mention it before you sign anything...

    any tips on when during the week to make this deal, or helpful phrases to get it clear I'm not budging on price?

    i made my deal on a saturday in the middle of last month...i've since been told that it's better to buy a car towards the end of a month because many dealers work on a quota system. as far as getting it clear that you're not budging, get up and start to leave.....
  • paulsazpaulsaz Posts: 27
    I have this quote on a Base S40 2.4i manual with metallic:

    MSRP $24,395
    Selling Price $22,822
    Loyalty rebate $1000.00
    36months/30,000 miles
    money factor .00004 ---(0.10% interest)
    residual 52%--$12,685

    Fees down:
    Lease fee $595.00
    Docs $388.00
    AZ Tags $411.00
    First month $255.00
    AZ 8.1%tax $20.67
    TTL out of pocket $1669.67
    No Cap Reduction
    $255.17 per month plus sales tax.

    I will probably have them roll the $595 lease fee into the monthly payment. How does this deal sound to everyone? Do you think I can get them to lower the selling price closer to the the end of the month? :confuse:
  • whodeywhodey Posts: 19
    Yes - I am being sarcastic. I've got an offer of $25,900 +tax ($28,515 sticker) for an '05 2.4i with metallic, auto, premium and climate. This isn't very close to the magic price but it is $1000 under invoice. The dealer wants to keep $500 of the $1500 rebate (has anyone else had this happen?) and had no info on the AAA rebate. I told the salesman and sales manager that I needed to think it over and I left. The price they offered is 9% off the sticker and it's exactly what I am looking for so I've sent this offer to multiple dealers to see if anyone will beat it.

    I'm not sure I can get them to move down much at all. The best I think I can do with this particlular dealer is shoot for the rest of the rebate. I think I am at the point where if I really like a car what is $500? I'm currently driving a '96 Honda Accord that I've had for nearly 8 years. I like to keep my cars for a while.

    How does that offer sound to the gallery? Thanks for any help you can provide.
  • Hi,
    I was quoted a price of 25850 (before college grad discount) for the following car:
    [no metallic paint]

    This is about ~750 more than [invoice - 1500 (incentive)]. The salesman told me this was the lowest he could go. He was aware of the 500$ college grad discount.

    Is there room here for haggling? Or do people get lower prices only in specific areas where there is > availability?

    The salesman sounded like there wasn't more to negotiate...but then that could be the way they conduct business....

    Thanks! Appreciate any help.
  • I just paid 29,700 including TTL for an S40 T5 with automatic and premium package. I found better deals at another local dealer, but they were out of stock until the end of the month.
  • whodeywhodey Posts: 19
    I recently purchased and took delivery of a 2005 mistral green S40 2.4i with premium, climate and auto for $25,630 + TTL. Not quite the magic number (about 10% off MSRP as it was built on December 29 and under the old pricing plan) but I got everything I was looking and my top color choice so I an very happy. I also got the dealer to match some internet prices for rubber floor mats and a trunk mat.

    One unexpected benefit is that my insurance went down about $1 a month after replacing my '96 Accord with the Volvo.

    This isn't the right forum but has anyone shopped for Volvo extended warranties? I was able to shop prices on a 7/75k Honda Care plan for my wife's 2002 Odyssey (got it for $800 as opposed to $1600) but I haven't found much info on where to get lower cost Volvo Increased Protection Plans. My only major concern is an expensive fix at 40k miles...I like to keep my cars for a long time as you can see with the Accord but expect long term maintenance could become very expensive.

    I'm glad to finally be an S40 owner!!!
  • Congratulations,
    One comment - the perceived high maintenance cost for the Volvos is one of the urban legends.

    If you take a look at the True Cost of Ownership here on Edmunds, then you will find out that in the group of 2001 cars (the oldest data available) Volvo S40, Accord EX - 6cyl, Volvo S80 - the S40 is a cheapest one - 0.38 cent per mile, Accord - 0.41, S80 - 0.44, all very close to each other, while BMW 5 will drain 0.54 cents per mile and so much praised for their reliability Acura TL - 0.44 as well and Lexus GS 300 - 0.57 cents per mile.

    This imply performing all maintenance at the dealership. I can attest that the dealership maintanence could be expensive, but the reliable independent mechanics, specializing in Volvos are just as inexpensive as the one for Honda.

    As an example - I had a "discount" coupon for the 90,000 maintenance on my Volvo s80 from the dealer @ about $500, and have it done at my friend's independent Volvo repair shop + the front wheel alignment for $262.

    And yes, I have put 92K miles on my S80 and can not be more happy with it.
  • bonsbons Posts: 45
    Yes, insuring a Volvo is less than other cars. I find this to be true in my case as well.
    The fact that the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry always top the list of the most stolen vehicles somehow affect the premium. Volvo safety and accidents statistics compare with all other manufacturer gathered and used by insurance industry also play role.

    If you plan to keep your Volvo for the long haul, the S40 2.4i will be on the low end in term of maintenance. T5 could be higher in maintenance in the long haul (you'll need major turbo maintenace at around 200K miles est. cost about $1500+).

    What Lev post about true maintenace cost is excellent fact findings. I think the reason why Volvo high maintenace cost is myth or "urban legend" is it may costs a little more to repair your Volvo than a Honda for example, but repairs/fixes (excluding maintenance) are less frequent in a Volvo.

    You may want to check for ext. warranty
  • mb5mb5 Posts: 7
    I am interested in purchasing a s40i from a local dealer. However I am interested in one with the select package (which seems to automatically come with the climate package). However there are none in the state and my dealer said to obtain one from farther than two states away would mean additional costs would be added to pricing.

    Is this a standard policy? I figured if he was selling me a car with existing mileage on the odometer he'd consider discounting the price of the car.
  • I figured if he was selling me a car with existing mileage on the odometer he'd consider discounting the price of the car.

    Interesting, I read a similar thought for a second time. Why do you think a dealer, which has gone "an extra mile" to fulfill your request (both, literally and figuratively speaking) has to discount a car with some mileage directly related to your specific order?

    Just curious...
  • mb5mb5 Posts: 7
    The main drive behind this logic is the mileage would most likely count against or eat into the warranty under no fault of my own. If they were willing to start the warranty from the time of receipt then this might change my thinking a bit.

    It also is somewhat of an inconvenience that they don't have one manual with a select package in the entire state of NJ, and the dealer may realize this and take into account that the costs that they will tag onto the vehicle sale may be the difference between me purchasing with them or trying another dealer / going directly to the source to discuss pricing. This is especially true if added cost would be more than the cost for me to personally obtain the vehicle.

    I'm new to this whole process so maybe it's just me..
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    Your warranty will begin from the mileage on the odometer when you pick it up so that's a mute point.

    As for the extra charge, he has to send at least one person in the car they are trading with or hire a flatbed to bring you car back. It's not free. If they can't find one you are free to try and find it yourself and buy it for less if you want.

    As for the inconvenience, every manual 2.4i I have driven has been a base model. No select package, no climate, no premium - nada. The sales rep basically said they don't order sticks with anything because stick drivers tend to want them as base. Plenty of autos with select and climate are available here in the Boston area. Now a 2.4i or T5 with Premium, Climate, and Xenon is impossible to find.
  • my understanding is that it is always best to purchase a vehicle that is already on the lot of the dealeship: even if it isn't at your state. I've looked into this issue before with the purchase of my vehicle because in washington state there aren't that many volvo dealers and they are not always price competitive. but if you had to buy from another state the average shipping cost that i found is around $500. dealers want to move inventory; and when i emailed dealerships before they are usually straight foward because they know you're not going into the dealership to negotiate.

    if a dealer doesn't have the car you want and they don't have any deliveries coming up with that spec. that you want then you might pay a little more to have it built and delivered: if the cost exceeds the shipping then i'd get it somewhere else.
  • divewreckdivewreck Posts: 50
    I had mine built at no additional cost; just had to wait 1 month. I wanted passion red with black (offblack) interior, select & convenience pkg, and stick. My dealer said the closest one was in Oregon, (live in Georgia) didn't tell me what it would cost to ship but suggested getting what I wanted. Incidentally, I picked it up today
  • mb5mb5 Posts: 7
    My understanding was that after April 1 you were unable to custom build a car for the 2005 models? Does anyone know if this is true?
  • My understanding was that after April 1 you were unable to custom build a car for the 2005 models?

    according to the 2 dealers i dealt with in NJ....that is the case...
  • frankie3frankie3 Posts: 2
    Hey All,

    I think I'm ready to buy this S40 2.4i.

    I received a the best quote so far, which is

    the S40 2.4i Automatic transmission
    Select Package - moon roof, Audio, Power seats etc....
    Climate Control
    T-Tec, which I prefer over the leather
    Silver metallic
    And I'm gonna take the 1.9% financing before May 2nd

    All for $25,200 including destination charges, excluding taxes.

    The MSRP is $27,930, which makes it 10% off, and this is over the phone.

    I went to another dealer in the same area and he quoted me at $26,600 for the same exact car

    My question is , do I still have room to haggle? Should I mention the rebates and is the $1500 incentive still available, if I decide to go elsewhere for financing

    The $25,200 looks really good compared to the first offer, so I'm debating If I should still shop around.

  • schell1schell1 Posts: 8
    I am currently looking to buy a new car and I am looking into the volvo s 40 2.4i. Any regrets out there? Is the premium package (leather seats, moonroof, etc.), for which I am being charged $4,000.00 more, worth it. Thanks!
  • the premuim package is supposed to cost around $1,800-$2,000.....the dealer is trying to rip you off...
  • whodeywhodey Posts: 19
    I bought an S40 2.4i 10 days ago with premium, metallic paint, climate and automatic for $25,600 +TTL. I'm not sure what the car's invoice is but you should definitely go for the invoice - rebate = your price...that is a minimum.

    I wasn't able to get the Volvo magic number (MSRP - 10% - incentives) which is often discussed in this forum but I got about 10% off MSRP....and I shopped multiple dealers. I was happy with my price as I got the exact car with all the options I absolutely had to have. You magic number would be $23,637.

    I'm no car buying or negotiating expert but I think you can do better that what they are offering.
  • nofeernofeer Posts: 381
    looking to lease and start the deal process in the next week or so, any expected rebates of promotions planned for may or june?
    wish to get my wife
    t5 awd conv, prem, xenon, audio, booster seats,spoiler in red.

    or are the deals the best they can get now........

    what should be my target... that is how much above or below invoice.
  • chantelchantel Posts: 12
    I went in last night thinking of just test driving the S40 T5 AWD but ended up negotiating on the car that I'm not sure whether I even got a good deal on it.

    S40 T5 AWD
    17" Saggita wheels
    Premium Package
    Audio Package
    Climate Package
    Bi-Xenon Headlamps
    Convenience Package

    Out the door $33,500 (includes tax, fee, blah blah blah)

    After reading your post, it sounds like this would be way too much because if I just add 3K of tax and fees to your final price, it would only come up to $30,208.

    The MSRP is $35,411

    Am I taken for a ride? Please help! Thanks!
  • I think it is very good, consider that magic formula MSRP-10%-incentives. You are more than 15% below the MSRP, counting 3K for all taxes, fees and license!!!

    The MSRP for your car and for other car can be different
  • actually, i think u got a pretty good're right, my final price will be about 30k with taxes and the all, but my car is manual....i'm not sure the exact invoice price for the geartronic version of the AWD is, but it's probably around the difference between your car and mine give or take a few hundred....other then that, our cars are identical...

    EDIT: wait, wait, wait....i just checked the volvo site....the msrp for the geartronic is $1,200, so invoice can't be much more than 1,000 if that....i think u are being taken on a ride....a $2,500 one to be exact...don't get me wrong, i still think u got a good deal for the machine u will be driving, however, i think u could have paid a little less......if u haven't signed anything, go back to thedealer and tell him flat out "i've done my homework" and offer him $31k.....after all, it doesn't hurt to try...
  • chantelchantel Posts: 12
    I had my dad who lives in another city to check out the price there and yep, I knew I was taken for a ride. My dad didn't even do much haggling around and the sales guy gave him a bottomline for the same type of options I wanted at $29,600 +tax, fees, etc. I'm sure if he haggled a bit, it can probably drop down to the price you suggested which is at $31K.

    I'm just wondering whether the low 2.9% financing still can be use cause I figure the dealer isn't the one that is financing, it's Volvo. This dealer told me they can't offer it but I have a suspicion that they probably get some sort of additional incentive if I finance at a higher rate.

    Honestly, it's not like Volvo is the car that I have to get. I guess I can always try. If fail, try other cars. Being a first time buyer, I maybe being a bit unrealistic but still gotta try.

    Thank you.
  • haha, i busted my car cherry with volvo far as the 2.9% i don't know whether they offer it anymore. my dealer told me it went till the end of march which was a major reason i jumped on the deal....since i ordered the car and it comes the end of may, the dealer had me sign a price freeze form that guaranteed me the price and interest % i got quoted in march. if i were you, i'd go back and see if i could work the final price to somewhere in the $31k ballpark and, after thats over(i'm almost positive the dealer will cave), ask about the 2.9%....i know it's kinda dirty, but you can try lying and telling the dealer that other another dealer quoted you a price a little higher but with 2.9% and if he could match that interest rate, you'd sign for the car right is the end of the month and they might be behind quota....again, it never hurts to try....good luck!
  • mdidmdid Posts: 13
    S40 T5 AWD 6M

    $29,800 plus taxes, tags, reg.

    Note quite hitting the magic target, but overall very happy due to (i) zero dealer hassle and (ii) car has all of the options I wanted other than the 17" wheels (DSTC is hard to find).

    Picking it up the end of the month and psyched!
  • volvodogvolvodog Posts: 9
    I just bought a new v50 t5 awd 6peed. I have 1K miles on it after 2 weeks. I was an Outback driver for the past 6 years-2 different vehicles on lease. There is no comparison between my last Subaru Legacy outback('02 5 speed non turbo) and my new v50. The v50 has it beat by a long shot in every way but visiblility looking out the front, sides, and back. The v50 is a quieter, smoother and less taxing car to drive. I paid 1800 under dealer invoice for a six speed, with convenience pakage and built in booster seats. Consumer reports does not address the quality one feels immediately upon touching the Volvo's controls; trust me it beats the '02 Subaru. The Subarus have been fine-reliable and very easy to get along with. The Volvo is the 'high priced spread." I can't talk about reliability yet.
  • nofeernofeer Posts: 381
    so should i target invoice or what chance below invoice, edmunds target price and cars direct are at or above invoice. what incentives are planned for late may or june????
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