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Volvo S40 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    That's essentially the same price on the same car I was quoted earlier this month in Portland, OR, give or take a hundred bucks. I didn't pull the trigger, but not because there was anything wrong with the price....
  • barrakbarrak Posts: 8
    Given what the MSRP was, it feels like a pretty good deal. The salesman said that the dealership is pretty much pricing the remaining V50s such that there's no dealer profit. They have a lot full of 2006 models that are about the same sticker price, so I imagine they have to mark the 05s down pretty heavily to get people to buy the older model.

    I'm torn between that and the Audi A-3 (they carry both) and they're just about the same price. *sigh*
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    As I mentioned on the A3 board, that's a close call. The A3 would be more expensive, comparably equipped, but it also drives a bit better. Neither is a world-beater for reliability or avoiding problems. I think the Volvo has a hair more room in both the back seat and cargo area, though the differences would be pretty minute. The A3 is the better performer.
  • drew10drew10 Posts: 25
    I'm confused. What is the cap. cost of the car and residual and money factor used to arrive at the lease price ? Maybe I am misunderstanding your numbers, but 460/month seem very high. The payment arrived at in post 331 is more in line of what you should be paying.
  • Finally purchased a new 2005 S40 T5, red with quartz interior, auto transmission, premium, audio, and sport packages. Took advantage of manufacturer to dealer incentive (ended Aug. 1st) of $2500. MSRP $31970, purchased for $27780 (includes destination charge and dealer fee of $499), OTD at $29700. Purchased from dealership in Lakeland, Florida.

    Hopefully not bad for a girl! :blush: I have been scanning this for a year, and used numbers from here and carsdirect to make my offer (so thank you to everyone who has posted!).
  • drew10drew10 Posts: 25
    Does anyone have any experience with dealers in eastern Massachusetts. Rebates in this area are over, hopefully they will be back. Would be interested to know of any dealers willing to deal and your thoughts and experience with dealers in eastern Massachusetts. Thanks
  • bskirkbskirk Posts: 5
    Here's what's on the table as of 5 August:

    Main features are silver paint/T-tec interior, Geartronic, climate pkg, select pkg. MSRP is $30,015, initial cap cost is $27,253, adjusted cap cost for lease is $25,003.

    There is a $750 "pull ahead" rebate in play for the lease (I have S60 lease expiring later this month), and the dealer is throwing in $1500 cap reduction. I think there must be some manufacturer rebates to the dealer that are depressing the invoice cost. Additionally, they are offering 3 years of maintenance included in the deal.

    Dealer really pushing the 51 mos lease, which I have rejected for two reasons: it goes past the warranty/roadside assistance and would have me shopping for my next vehicle in November.

    So, the 48 mos lease on the table includes $2769 due at signing (which includes $327 of local taxes) and 12K/year mileage allowance. Residual value assumed is $12,876 (39% of MSRP). Lease money factor is .00188, and the resulting monthly payment is $323 before taxes, $337 after taxes.

    I have not decided to accept this offer, still negotiating. Left a msg for salesman about the $500 rebate available for Volvo Financing signings, to see if that $500 could pull the adjusted cap cost down even further.

    If anyone has ideas, please speak up! Thanks.
  • srn3srn3 Posts: 20
    Was at a Volvo Dealer in the Capital Region, NY today and got an offer of $ 22,675 for an 06 2.4i (Ice White). I didn't get the car becoz it felt pretty underpowered and ended up picking up a Scion Tc :)
  • srn3srn3 Posts: 20
    There is a manufacturer to dealer rebate of $ 750. Besides that there is also an additional $ 500 rebate for recent college grads and a $ 500 rebate if you finance through Volvo. Hope this helps.
  • bskirkbskirk Posts: 5
    Thanks. The $750 pull-ahead rebate is already in play, and I have asked about the Volvo Finance rebate-- waiting for reply. I'm not eligible for the collge rebate.

    Have contacted another dealer with what appears to be a larger inventory. Should receive e-mail with some offer(s) yet this morning. I did send them the current offer on the table, in the spirit of capitalism.
  • bskirkbskirk Posts: 5
    Looks like my negotiations are over.

    In addition the the deal explained in posting 355, I bargained for getting the clear protective mask put on the car at no charge. Considering both dealers I spoke to agreed that the price I had negotiated was below their costs, I'm feeling pretty good (both dealers had cars with identical configurations). My second dealer had a hard time understanding how I'd negotiated such a low net capital cost, but agreed to match it and then threw in the clear mask (with owner approval) after I made the request.

    Going to the second dealer was important: Without doing so I had only a fuzzy feeling that I had crafted a good result.

    Did end up with a flint grey vehicle instead of silver. Overall, I'd say the timing was very good, as the dealers are clearly incented to clear their decks of 2005 vehicles to make way for 2006 models, which are available now from Volvo.
  • hi i'm looking for a 05 s40 t5 awd for my wife and i got an internet price from a dealer thru autobytel--here's the deal
    -silver metallic
    -climate package
    -bi xenon
    -premium package
    -auto trans/geartronic
    -17' saggita wheels (add on)

    his deal is 2K off of invoice plus tax, etc., invoice 31840- = $29840+fees
    it checks out that way, now that's about 12% off invoice without the taxes, etc. just wondering what you all think, sounds too easy to me, thanks everyone
  • srn3srn3 Posts: 20
    The 06s are out.. so you should be able bargain more...
  • yea, i thought so, so what are the differences on the 05 vs. 06, and what do you think i should be paying? i'd appreciate the help, 1st "new" car and all thanks!!
  • cm3cm3 Posts: 11
    I tested a saab 9-2x linear( I was hoping I could catch the gm rebates but the good ones are gone or nothing was left) , Scion Xa, Jaguar X type and I knew I was all over the lines. the I went to the 1st Volvo dealer just to test drive with no expectation on the offer but they only have 2006 with $23500 to start with no negotiation policy. The sales there is nice and put no pressure on us. Since I liked the car, I went home to do a bit of reserch and sent out some requests to several dealers. They had specials with some 2005's around 20000+delivery only. Then I went to one of them and picked out a red one to test drive. The "check engine" light was on during the whole time which left me bad impression. Another white car carries the same climate package and the same price but I preferred the red one. I told them about the light and asked for a interest rate(4.99%) then left. I went to another dealer who offer the same price for a red car but w/o the climate package, after I got approved for 4.5% with my bank. I noticed some noise when I shifted during test drive. Well, this one had 200 miles on it already though I wasn't sure what the cause was. But the 1st dealer called during this test drive and offer me another $500 off plus the $500 college grad discount, so I went back there to test he same red car after they fixed the"check engine" light(they told me the gas tank cap was loss). anyway, they also matched my 4.5% rate...........
    2005 S40 2.4M with Climate Package.
    final price after all discounts(no frieght, before tax): $19622+$78.50fees
    $2500 down $347X60 months
    1. Did I get a good deal?
    2. Is steering wheel audio-control the only change between base 2.4?
    3. Why 2005 more than 200LBs less than the 2006?, according to the chart.(the buttons on the steering wheel? ;) )
    4. Is 89 acceptable to this engine or I have to pay for 91 octane?
    5. How do I break-in for a new generation Volvo? (my big family all drove Volvo's: 240's, 760's, 740's)
    6. Is "check engine " light a concern?
    or should I say Happy Volving?
  • For the life of me, I cannot pick between the 2005 chrysler crossfire limited coupe and the volvo s40 t5 awd. I know they are two somewhat different cars, but I've narrowed my long search down to those two. The price will be about the same. The s40 t5 awd w/ premium comes out to about $25,500 and the 2005 crossfire limited w/ 1,000 miles on it comes out to about $25,900. First of all, are these good deals??? Secondly, should I be more practical and get the nice, safe, reliable volvo (which performs well, but looks a little funny) or the cool-looking, a bit small , crossfire?? Any thoughts and experiences on this would be very much appreciated.
  • cm3cm3 Posts: 11
    I happen to own a Chrysler 300 touring for more than 8 months now. And we just bought a S40 2.4M. On the insolation quality and engine mounts, I think Chrysler invests better than S40. seating in a S40 feels just feels like in a Mazda3 or a Focus. I'd get the Crossfire as a 2nd car male driver to have some fun with. They are totally different in all areas but I assume it's gonna be your 2nd car too.
  • Thanks for replying! What would your answer be ,however, if I told that it would be my primary car??
  • cm3cm3 Posts: 11
    I'd put in all kinds of considerations.
    I'll stay single and change girlfriends often=crossfire.
    I like to hang out with a lot of friends often and some of them don't have cars or live in downtown=S40.
    I have a stable girlfriend and she has even more prettier girlfriends to tag along=S40(passion red, tinted to 35% so your gf 'd not spot u if there is only u and her gf in the car).
    I do have weekend tracktime=crossfire for sure.
    personally, If I am dreaming I were still single, I'd go for the crossfire.....
  • alright, looks like i'm joining the club...checked with about 20 dealers over the past 3 weeks and this is what i got
    05 s40 t5 awd
    flint grey
    climate & xenons
    17" sagitta
    auto trans with geartronic

    msrp 35153
    invoice 33034

    i got it for 28560 (including doc fees) + tax === 30918 out the door
    what does everyone think---i think i did alright, give me some input....
  • It's a good deal, but you could do a little better. I could've gotten the same deal with black, beige premium, auto, sagitta,xenons, no climate for $ 25,500 before taxes, and could've brought it down by few hundred more!
  • greggorgreggor Posts: 11
    You got a great deal, I have the same base car as you do, my options are a bit different: 2005 silver T5 AWD 6spd, Select Package, 17" Sculptor, and DTP for nearly the same price you paid. 28400 + TAX + REG + Doc FEE = 30910.
  • About to purchase my first Volvo! Could not find my top choices in colour, interior, convenience package, bi-xenon headlights w/o child boosters (I think it changes the comfort of the rear seats - I will never use the boosters). 1st choice of what remains is a new 2005 V50 2.4i, Flint Gray, w/ black leather interior, premium, audio, & climate packages, & boosters. Best price was $26,472. Dealer insists he is only making a $250 profit & has never sold a car for less profit. Have a hard time believing this. How did I do?
  • Interesting way to look at things, CM3.
  • Has anyone purchased or thought of purchasing an EVOLVE aerdoynamic kit for their s40. If so, any thoughts on that????
  • I think you got a pretty good deal, considering you got all the bells and whistles.
  • au94au94 Posts: 171
    Does anyone know if there will be anything better than the 500 incentive currently available for August in Sept? We would like to lease a S40 T5 with auto and premium pkg. In the Atlanta area if that helps. Thanks...
  • au94au94 Posts: 171
    never mind the incentives, we got an 06 T5 w/auto and premium pkg Saturday from Volvo @ Gwinnett Place in Duluth, GA. OTD was 27800. Dealership was great, no hassles, no tricks, no pressure. Just a fair price on the Volvo and a fair price on our trade (thanks to Terry on this one). Love the car! Color looks great and man is it fast. Can't wait to get in broken in and really let it stretch it's legs. Thanks to everyone whos posts here. It really helped to have some real world benchmarks when we went to the dealership.
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    The S40 and the Mazda 3 are the same car underneath actually. The wife chose the 3 over the S40 because of the rediculously high headrests. The 3's are a bit smaller, so she bought it. The S40 was a bit more expensive also. She paid about $16.8 for the 3 S sedan and the cheapest Volvo with just automatic was $20,995 before t, t & l.
    Did see a white S40 on the drive home tonight and it was a really sharp looking car. We're just cousins with the S40...and I think we're both part of the Ford family i think.

    The Sandman :)
  • Looking into getting a 06 S40 2.4i / select / sports / leather / auto. Has anyone had any experience in current OTD price this this configuration? Dealer is taling ~$100 over invoice. Comments? Suggestions?
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