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Toyota Solara



  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    Don't fall for all those car awards and top ten nonsense! It's all CRAP and POLITICS just like all those Hollywood awards. Go and read and look through the archives- specifically the Motor Trend Car of the Year article and you'll see what I mean. I have the 1999 Car of the Year- 300M- it's the worst car I have EVER owned!

    Your Solara is 100 times better then my "Car of the Year"!

  • Isn't that UGLY [non-permissible content removed] wimpy 4cyl PT Cruiser the car of the year? I always see old ladies driving it. I think it looks hideous...and the AZTEC as well. In fact, one dealer told me how he thought that AZTEC was so ugly and that he'd promise not to try to sell me one of those.
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    Right! Watch how many Chrysler ads- multi-page/ pull-outs- will now appear in Motor Trend. Of course, with their current slashing/cutbacks and new ad agency, maybe MT will be in for a surprise with no big buck ads to bolster MT's coffers!

  • fastrdriver is right on - magazine awards are total crap and politics (Is this redundant?) - they usually go to the largest advertiser. It is the same in ANY industry. Just try to find a BAD review in any magagazine that takes advertising - Cars, hi-fi, computers - never happens!

    The Solara is a great car, mine was admired again today by an Accord driver that is now going shopping for a Solara. Enjoy!
  • nori10nori10 Posts: 24
    I guess its true.. its all about advertisment and politics here. toyota doesn't need to advertise as much to sell thier cars, since the driver's advertise it for them! Reliable and "good-value"...well depending on which dealer you buy from (me? a monopolostic 'buy or leave' kind of dealer). Its actually funny,,my last choice for the car I was getting was toyota, toyota gave me an image of family generic and typical and bland styling. But I do not regret buying my solara, beautiful stlying and luxurious ride. But one think that shocked me was detail parts such as door handles or aircon vents are the same ones used on tercel and corollas..even for the lexus. I guess toyota is smart since they can use the same part for lower costs for all there cars, I just hope they change that "smartness" have more character in each car. A camry and a ES300...the differences are slight..a lexus mark..vvt-i..and leather. But my solara its unique! I never think I am driving a camry solara, but that I drive a solara. Toyota should keep up with cars like this!
  • Speedracer - thanks for the link. Helpful info. I will take the info to the dealer and see if they will beat the price. Bill
  • gpoltgpolt Posts: 113
    Happy that Paul is content with his Nissan, however, for those considering Solara but longing for more umph, next year's engines will receive considerable improvement with the addition of variable valve technology. Should the base Solara/Camry engine jump up in size and rececive the Highlander's 2.4 liter, it could be the economy sleeper "car of the year".
  • I am intrigued about the rumored new 2.4 liter engine for the Solara, as I am one that gloats over performance specs. Before I test drove anything, I calculated peak BHP per ton of curb weight. This figure serves as a very good indicator when comparing prospective new cars to recent ones that I have owned. I had always loved the styling and interior of the Solara, but was disappointed when my figures indicated that the 4-cylinder Solara would not be much faster than my ex-Focus. For a long time, I ruled out the Solara because of this calculation, but finally told myself that maybe my figures were erroneous for just this one case.

    The respective BHP per ton figures are: Focus SE=83.46, Solara SE=86.54, Sentra SE=108.45, and Solara SE V-6=123.84. Since these are all calculated from peak horsepower, which no one ever really achieves in real world driving, this could explain some of the bias. As it turned out, the Solara was slower than the Focus on the interstate. Performance-wise, the Focus' weak area was merging onto interstates, but it had no problem in going from 70-90 in little enough time to get out of a "roadblock" created by daydreaming drivers. The base Solara would be stuck behind the daydreamers. Like I said previously, the base Solara is an "economy car that pretends to be a close relative of the Lexus."

    My new Sentra SE has more than enough power for my needs, with the Solara SE V-6 having another theoretical 14% power over my Sentra, which I really don't need.

    So, if one were to divide 108.45 by 86.54 and then multiply this figure by the BHP rating for the base Solara, the theoretical desired Solara horsepower rating to match the Sentra SE would be 170 to 175 BHP, or about a 2.6-2.8 liter with VVTI. So if the 2.4 liter engine were optimized in design with VVTI, it would indeed be a true "sleeper". If Toyota could do this, they could simply drop the 2.2 and 3.0 Solara engines, and offer this new engine as the only choice. Had this been available on my test drive, I may well have bought the Solara. As it stands now, the two Solara engines are at the extreme ends of the spectrum.

    By the way, I am REALLY glad that I did not buy the Alero, as I was shocked to hear that GM plans to phase out the Oldsmobile division. How could they? They should get rid of Buick instead.

    As for those of you who are thinking of buying a Sentra over the Solara, I must warn you that the two suspension systems are like night and day. The Solara's was a bit too soft for my tastes, but Lexus drivers would say that the Sentra SE rides like a pickup truck. Personally, I like to know when the road is bad, so that I can adjust my driving. The Solara will disguise bad roads so well, until you finally need another front end alignment. The Sentra will slap you in the face as soon as the road gets bad, which is the way I like my cars - very, very, tight. I doubt if there is another driver out there who would choose a Sentra SE over a base Solara, but it fits my needs very well.

    So, Toyota! How about a 2.5 liter VVTI with a true sport suspension on the next Solara? It sounds like my dream car, and I'm sure that a whole new group of buyers would be attracted.
  • there is no replacement for displacement! the Solara needs a 3.2 or 3.4L so it can have more low end torque. A 2.4 or 2.5 would be to wimpy. Even Ford's zetec 2.5L in the new Cougar puts out 196hp but only 168ft-lb torque. If economy is what you're after, then Toyota should drop in an inline 6 from the IS300 and bump up the IS300's power. This would give it good power and much better fuel efficiency.

    VVTi sounds great, but there's a huge flaw...there are two torque and power curves, one peak occuring at lower rpms, around 3000, and the other at peak rpm, but after 3000rpm, the power and torque drops until 4000rpm and rises again. This "rerouting" of power is great for every day driving, but really slows down 1/4 mile and 0-60 times. that's why the solara v6 can whoop the celica GTS and IS300.
  • I'm just as happy as gpolt that paul116 is content with his Nissan, but please join the Nissan Sentra Discussion board. You went from a Ford Focus to a Nissan Sentra. These cars are a far cry from a Toyota Solara. I'm glad you got to test drive a Toyota, but let's leave it at that.
  • ...last time I checked.
    It's great to have different opinions and compare the Solara to other cars of the SAME class.
    No point in comparing apples to oranges...
  • ral2167ral2167 ohioPosts: 723
    if anyone can figure out a placemark system on this new look, please post-- i'm a tad confused.
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    LOL... I just finished adding all my old PLACEMARKS to my Netscape Communicator bookmarks. I have NO clue if this will function like the beloved Placemarks, but I guess I'll find out soon as new messages are posted. I was just going to go to the Talk to the Hosts section and ask the same question.

    BTW- does it seem to take a long time for a page to load? I have DSL and it seems really slow here.

  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 57,347
    they might send you back to the old topics so be careful. Best to sit tight with those until things settle down in here. There is a sort of placemarks feature on Webcrossing but it isn't activated and I don't know yet if there are plans to do so.

    Yes, if you can find the Talk to the Host topic, that's a good place to get up to the minute answers!


    MODERATOR --Need help with anything? Click on my name!

  • I can't seem to place a bookmark whatsoever, and this new thing is fussy. It takes me so much time to get back into here everytime!!! The darn thing keeps telling me I'm not logged on, but it welcomes me with my username...what gives?!?!? Any suggestion for bypassing the entire process of choosing category, conference, etc.. to get back to this solara board? The saying goes, if it isn't broke...don't fix it!!!
  • ojcojc Posts: 31
    Someone earlier posted that they don't want to waste the $ at the pump, so they prefer the V4. If you drive 35,000 miles/year and get 28 mpg (which is what you can expect with the V4) and gas is $1.50 OR you get 25 mpg (like I get with the V6) the savings is only $18.75 per month. If that drives you to get the V4 vs the V6, better buy the Corolla. The biggest savings is really in the purchase price of the V6 vs V4, not the mpg that you gain.
  • "rpm9" has been posting on many boards saying how much better his Grand Am (Cough , Gag) is than YOUR car, just looking to start arguments. How stupid - probably a 12-year-old with nothing to do. He had posted here yesterday, but was deleted in the changeover.

    Please ignore this fool and do not waste your time by responding.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    RPM9 is actually an interesting case. I ran into him on the Camry board and discovered he is just trying to spur discussion. I wouldn't characterize him as a typical troll. He comes clean about his intentions if you give a reasoned defense of your vehicle. I told him I'm keeping an eye on him but he isn't the type to ruin a topic.
  • He was not so nice on the Mercedes and Maxima forums. I think he is just fooling around.
  • vz18wpvz18wp Posts: 20
    I've checked for posts the last two days and .....ZERO!
    What's up?
  • ral2167ral2167 ohioPosts: 723
    All of this new and improved town hall still leaves me with a lame coinbox in my solara...

    The Subscriptions is a reasonable Placemark idea, I guess; about the only thing missing is a "flag" to indicate something new has been posted since you last read through messages...unless I'm missing something--- in other words, I have subscribed to all my favorite topics-- similar to placemarks-- but there is no indicator when new messages have been posted since I last read through a topic. am i nuts?
  • Is everyone practically on vacation or the demise of townhall has already begun?
  • Hey Guys and Gals - I hope that you all come back! I see action on the other forums now - they are getting the bugs squashed! I do have to log into each forum separately to post, however. "Autologin" is not recognized yet by many forums.

    Well, the dealer has just replaced my front strut towers - a warranty issue that may require a recall, according to the service writer. It is not a big problem, but the holes are just a little oversize, so there was a little "clunk" once in a while when going over bumps. Now, that is gone completely. Also - they had said that my struts were leaking a little, and had replaced those a few weeks ago.

    The car seems to ride even better and more solid now - it is really a pleasure. Also- they have ALMOST eliminated the left pull, it is just a slight drift now, and easy to ignore. Hooray! This time the dealer and service manager will get GOOD marks on the review!

    So - If you get a little "clunk" in the front end once in a while, talk to your dealer about replacing the strut towers.
  • decondecon Posts: 56
    I took my car to the dealership and they fixed the car door not closing properly problem.

    They stated the window regulator was loose.

    I wish Town Hall would switch back to the old style, this one doesn't work as well
  • nrl76nrl76 Posts: 30
    I sometimes hear that clunk that you are talking about. I took the car in to Sheridan Toyota in Santa Monica and they found nothing. It seems to happen more when it is cold. Is this correct, or was it happening all the time? If you have a TSB number could you post it. Next time I am there for an oil change I will ask them to check the Front strut towers.

    I also hope that everyone comes back to play.

    PS - Has anyone done the 30K mile

    '99 SLE
    27400 miles
  • qibbleqibble Posts: 26
    Hello all,

    FYI - If anyone is interested in factory chrome wheels then give this link a try . It will run about $600 and you have to send your old set back to them. I have not seen the wheels in person nor have I dealt with these people so I can't back their product. But I am interested in them. If anyone has dealt with this company please post your experience?

    99 silver SE
  • hotanhotan Posts: 3
    hi. I just got a new 2001 DE V6 Manual transmission Solar. Silver with leather. I love it! a couple a questions for you guys.

    Number 1: I am not the best stick driver yet. I am good, but not great. So my engine is a bit loud now. So I think it could just be my driving ability or the cold weather or the fact that I am breaking in the engine.

    Number 2 : My passage door needs to be slammed shut in order to close properly.

    Number 3: My brake peel use to make a squeaky noise. but not any more. I was wondering if anyone else's did and if it may come back.

    Number 4: I have to really press on my clutch to start my car. I am talking really far down to the metal.

    Are these things normal. I can live with them, except for the passage door.

    Other than that, I love this car. I have been Eyeing it since it first came out in 1999. My next step is to tint the windows. I still have paper tags on it. I don't want real tags yet, because here in Maryland, I will need to have real tags on the front and back bumper. Now that I have paper tags, it is only on the back. I think all cars look better without the stupid tag on the front. But oh well. Love this car.
  • Hi Neil - Good to hear from you. According to my service rep at No. Hollywood Toyota, the problem with the towers is that the mounting holes are just a teeny bit to large, and the strut may move from time to time - giving the "clunk". It seemed to happen all the time, but now that you ask, I am not sure. It was only over certain types of bumps. It is not a functional problem. I will ask if there is a TSB next visit.

    Hotan - Welcome to the Solara forum! You have made a great choice. Maybe we can help with your questions -
    1. Loud Engine - Maybe you are letting it rev too high before you shift. Get an experienced stick driver to show you. While you are breaking it in, it is good to keep at 2500-3000 or less rpm's at all times.
    2. Passenger Door - Some have found that the window glass is a little too high, preventing the door from closing easily. See #386 above. It is easily adjusted by the dealer.
    3. Brake Pedal Squeaking - Do you mean the pedal, or the brakes themselves? Disc brakes can squeak from time to time if they get dirty, it is no big deal, and usually goes away.
    4. Clutch - Do you also have to press the clutch all the way to shift? Get the dealer to look at it - see if the cluch is adjusted properly. Meanwhile, start the car in Neutral.

  • To:;

    The quality (or lack there of) issue in the Toyota is significant. Toyota's hallmark has been long-term reliability. I believe this is NOT the case now. It may well be a myth perpetuated by Toyota. Owners are likely to have false hope based on this myth.

    Did you know that some owners are experiencing sludge in the engine and being denied warranty claims? Did you know that these same owners are paying $5,000-8,000 for new engines? Did you know that some 2000 Sienna owners are having torque converter replacements within the first few hundred miles of driving? Did you know that others have had total transmission failures after after a few thousand miles? Did you know that there are other problems common to this vehicle? Have you had:

    1) Persistent drifting/pulling to the left or the right
    2) Uneven wear of tires with need for early replacement
    3) Premature brake component wear, including rear brake drums
    4) Power steering problems, including inner tie rod or total rack and pinion replacement
    5) Vibrations, esp. at speeds above 50 MPH
    6) Premature transmission problems or failure
    7) Torque converter replacement, sometimes just after delivery
    8) Sliding door latch problems with sticking and difficulty opening
    9) Oil sludge in the engine related to a contaminated system

    IF you have experienced these problems, please write to the following agencies and file a report detailing your case. THEN, network with others by visiting sites where owners post experiences.

    U.S. Department of Transportation
    National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
    Office of Defects Investigations
    400 7th Street, NW
    Washington, D.C. 20590


    Center for Auto Safety
    1825 Connecticut Ave., NW
    Suite 330
    Washington, D.C. 20009-5708

    The Complaint Station--click "T", then "Toyota"

    Car Trackers Discussion Forum

    Phil Edmonston's Lemon-Aid Car Guides

    Also, use the USENET groups:

    Charlene Blake
  • nrl76nrl76 Posts: 30
    Question 1-9
    Answer 1-9 - NO

    '99 Solara SLE
    27,400 miles
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