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Land Rover LR3



  • gw123gw123 Posts: 64


    How many times did you LR3 stall before the tank was replaced? All in the same spot?


    If so, how often do you go by that same spot? Did you go by that spot many other times without it stalling?


    I am obvioulsy interested in this stalling issue and what can be doen t fix it. My tank was replaced and it stalled the next day.


    Either way, good luck with your LR3!
  • gw123gw123 Posts: 64
    "...and what can be doen t fix it. "


    ...and what can be DONE TO fix it.


    See what happens when you don't use spell check.
  • Another dealer you might ckeck out in LA, who also claims to be the #1 volume dealer in CA., is Land Rover of Encino. I was in after Christmas and while they had a large iventory, none matched my option needs, and now after reading all the postings on the stalling issue, I have decided to hold off for a while. But, the General Mgr at this dealer still stays in constant communication and his latest email to me stated, Due to our commitment to increase sales this year, we are extremely motivated to make offers that under normal circumstantances we would not consider. So give it a shot. Good Luck.
  • "I am interested in mudflaps for my LR3."


    You can see the pdf for the mudflaps installation by logging into the LR technical site:



    Then click on Owner Info at the top right which brings you to a page for selecting from owner's manuals, accessories etc. You have to sign in a second time to get these pdf's, but it's free. By the way, I just glanced at the instructions for the rear mudflaps and it looks rather easy. The attachment screws seem to be already in place.
  • Yeah, I looked at their inventory on line and it's huge. Only two in the color I want though. We'll see and thanks for the heads up!


  • Well I have some info (not good) about my LR3 with the recurring suspension failure. I took it in for service Feb 3. I had to call back Friday Feb 4 at the end of the day since they didn't call me and they said I had a bad air suspension sensor for which the replacement would arrive Monday. Sounded promising enough.


    On Monday, they called me at 6 pm and said "We put the sensor in and everything seemed fine. We hooked up the air suspension module to re-calibrate things and there was a software error. We tried to grab a suspension module from another LR3 but they are hardcoded for each truck. We ordered a new module which should arrive tomorrow (Tuesday). I will call you to keep you informed." Well, needless to say I never got a call Tuesday. Wednesday, I called them at noon and my service rep was out, so I talked to another. He explained he could not get the status from the guy actually working on my truck because the repair guy was having surgery soon and was out giving pints of his own blood in case he needed them. Why on earth did he tell me this? Anyway, I said I would call my normal service rep Thursday. My truck has now been there 1.5 days for the first service job and now 7 days for this service job (5 of which the LR service dept was open). So, I will call later today to see what the status is and get back to you guys.


    Here is the beautiful part... LR finally got back to me and said they would be willing to buy back my LR3. It was one month old with 1700 miles and it cost 55000 sticker (an HSE fully loaded). They are offering me 44-45,000. that comes out to about $6 per mile. So do I take an $11,000 bath to have peace of mind and get something else? If I find out what BMW is willing to give me as trade-in value towards an X5, I will let you know.


    Hot happy....


  • gw123gw123 Posts: 64
    Check the lemon law in your state (if you're in the US). Also, LR should have given you a book on the grievance process (with state by state instructions on how to handle grievances - again for the US).


    The California Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act states "The amount that may be charged for use is determined by multiplying the actual price of the new vehicle by a fraction having as its denominator 120,000 and as its numerator the number of miles traveled by the vehicle before it was first brought in for correction of the problem. For example, if the car had traveled 6,000 miles before it was first brought in for correction of the problem, the lessee or buyer could be charged 5% (6,000/120,000 = 5%) of the purchase price for usage."


    So if I do my math correctly, they should be offering you $54,220 on a $55,000 acquisition cost. The cost you paid includes taxes, title, and reg. but not dealer installed options.


    Again, check your local laws.


    Good luck (and I would not recommend taking their offer).
  • Unfortunately, I do not meet lemon laws yet... has to be 3 failed fixes at same problem (they are on their second fix and I don't have it back yet, so it has to fail, get fixed, and fail, and then I am good to go.) or spend 15 days at the dealer on days where the service dept is open. I am up to 7 on this clock.


    Thanks for the info. The same group sells BMW and Mercedes so I asked if I could get a better trade in if I were to buy another car from them. Still waiting to hear back.


  • My LR3 stalled 3 times, all downhill, stopped, with varying fuel levels. not the same hill each time, but have been to each location several times with no stalls. one time i did get a "suspension failure" error with the stall.
  • No fix on the stalling issue is yet known by Land Rover officials according to my dealer and there is a team from UK here looking into problem. They reset the adaptive program on my truck and advised me to drive it harder as it appears the pattern is such that the lighter driven the truck, more likely stalling issues will occur. We shall least we love the thing!
  • LR3s are available (I live in SoCal). Unfortunately, if you are picky about color combos and options, there is still somewhat of a suppply problem. I could not for the life of me get an LR3 with 7 seats, Navigation, in Alpaca, with Gray/Silver exterior. I found one.... in Dallas. I looked at Land Rover Encino, but they added all sorts of stuff to them, like running boards, wind deflectors, and that awful fake wood cladding to the interior, and wanted to charge mark-ups for it. No thanks. But if you are not too picky about colors/options/extras, good deals are to be had.
  • gw123gw123 Posts: 64


    That is very interesting. As my wife is the principal driver of our LR3, she has experienced all of the stalls while driving. I was in the vehicle once when it stalled. I've driven to that hill several times (probably 10 or so) and it never stalled. And I probably am harder on the acceleration and braking than she is.


    Thanks for this info. I did pass this on to the mechanic as soon as I read your post.


    So it may be that if you drive more gently and try to get better gas mileage, the LR3 rebels against that.


    In any case, this is still something LR should fix. Thanks for the update.
  • finmanfinman Posts: 21
    Well, you've definitely reached "lemon law" status in probably all long as they've tried to fix the problem 3 or 4 times.


    Just tell them to give you a new one and they can keep your junky one to experiment on and find the issue...or you may want to start lemon-law proceedings.
  • Just an end of day update from my LR dealer. They said "the suspension module needed to fix your LR3 is backordered and we don't know when we will be getting one. I have a call in to LR tech and am awaiting to hear what we can do to expedite the repair of your LR3." At this point I am starting to think like this... 2 days for first repair, 5 days so far for this one. Definitely wont be done before Monday which takes me to 9 total days in service... just 6 from the lemon law.


    Go me!
  • finmanfinman Posts: 21
    Biggest problem is finding HSEs...Redondo Beach and Encino have a ridiculous number of SEs...but very few HSEs...and HSE7s. Encino seems to have put a lot of accessories on their inventory...pimping SEs into the $56-58k range!


    I'm somewhat impatiently waiting for my HSE7 to arrive...and unfortunately, stock in Phx/Scottsdale for HSEs is remarkably low...much better than MSRP may be tough.
  • finmanfinman Posts: 21
    Congratulations!!! This should be an "easy" lemon-law buyback...
  • finmanfinman Posts: 21
    Is there anything to a VIN that identifies the LR3 as either a SE or HSE or a 5-seater or 7-seater?

    I've noticed a lot of SALAA, SALAD, SALAF, etc starting off the VIN...

    Does the D and F imply a later build date?

    Just curious really...trying to make my search for an HSE7 a little quicker than clicking on each vehicle.
  • jsfmdjsfmd Posts: 4
    I had a 2004 Cayenne S which has an adaptive transmission. This worked well if you always drove the car fast, faster or like a maniac. If you were in city traffic or driving sanely, the transmission "learned" to shift into 5th/6th gear at 30-40mph, not to downshift on turns, and never to downshift when floored. This led to 3 near accidents (trying to pull out and pass on the interstate, the car suddently stopped accelerating for about 3 seconds, then took off--almost got clobbered by another car coming up in the lane------------or going through a 4 way stop sign, the car enters and stops accelerating). In spite of multiple trips to the dealer, there was never a satisfactory fix. If you check the Porsche Cayenne bulletin boards, they are full of other disgruntled people having the same problem with an otherwise wonderful car. I just bought an LR3 HSE and now I discover this board....Why don't they manufacture standard trannys any more?
  • teldoc,


    I have the body side moldings and love them... they work well in protecting the body and look great. I think all LR3s should have them.


    You can see a picture of them here:
  • gw123gw123 Posts: 64
    Not really.


    But, the dealer called to say they would replace our LR3.

    I'm glad LR is stepping up on this issue. I'll let you know how the new one goes.
  • I don't live in Cal but I have an idea you might want to look into. I work for a large company that is part of the Ford Partnership program and just got a new LR3 for over $3000 off MSRP!


    The Ford partner program means the dealer has to honor a specific set of prices for each model / feature.


    You can join EAA for $40 a year and get the benefit of the Ford partner program. Not sure if the discount is as good as mine but worth looking into. Try and go to Member Benefits. You can also go direct to Ford at


  • Darn..I just looked closer to the EAA fine print and it seems you can't get the Ford x-Plan pricing unless you have been a member for more than 1 year.


    Another Google for x-plan and see what other discounts might be out there.
  • "6 speed ZF automatic Transmission"...Is this new for the LR3 or has this box been in use in another vehicle before? What I'm getting at is engine oil and tranny fluid. I know the specs listed, but has anyone heard of any experiences good or bad with upgrading these fluids once well broken in? Full synthetic top shelf stuff like Red Line, Amsoil, and the like? I've been running synthetic fluids for years and years and would feel better taking the LR that way soon, but with all the other quirks I'm apprehensive. Thoughts?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Most of us are pretty fluent in chat typo, but you do have 30 minutes to make any edits after you post. Simply click on the Edit link that appears with your message after you post it. You can also click edit and then spell check.


    Steve, Host
  • ronprxronprx Posts: 24
    Does anyone know or have they used before the COSTCO pricing. How does it compare to x-plan, is it a good deal?
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    Ford x-plan partner pricing is normally lower than deals negotiated by Costco... at least by a few hundred dollars. I have no idea if Costco offers LR3.
  • how did you get the dealer to give-in and replace your lr3??? how many times did they attempt to fix it? What strings did you pull? I just got mine back from the dealer after getting the tank replaced.
  • 3rdgin3rdgin Posts: 22
    I believe I remember reading that the LR3 has a preheat mode which basically warms the car during cold days. Am I wrong and have this confused with another car? If it is a standard/option, how does it work?


    I am thinking about purchasing this vehicle in the next 6 mos. Hopefully all the bugs would have been worked out by then. Also, any one in the North Carolina area that has purchased the LR3, specifically Charlotte?
  • katzatkatzat Posts: 45


    I don't own an LR3, and have never had the kinds of problems that you are experiencing with a new (or old for that matter) vehicle. I have watched this forum for quite a while because I am enamored with the LR3, and frankly need some reason to get this truck out of my mind -- at least for a while. I really don't need a new vehicle and would prefer to keep my $55,000 for a couple more years.


    BUT, I would imagine that LR would rather replace your LR3 than enrage a customer by charging you $6/mile to use this troublesome lemon only to have you switch to the competition. Since some folks on this forum are having good experiences with their LR3s, and since you have already spent your $55,000, wouldn't you at least be tempted to try a replacement before dropping the $11,000 for the use of the LR3, only to drop some additional money (probably more than $11,000) to get a comparably equipped X5?


    I am not a LR enthusiast and have no idea if $20,000 means anything to you. But if both vehicles delivered the reliability and performance you expect, wouldn't you rather have the LR3?


    Or does the possibility of another lemon make the prospect completely untenable for you?
  • gw123gw123 Posts: 64
    To the dealer's credit, they offered the replacement without me even mentioning arbitration, legal action, or lemon status. They do not want me to take my LR3 back and drive it at all.


    This is the third time in the shop - this time it was in for 10 days when they called and said they would replace the truck.


    For what it's worth, the stalling issue seems to be more prevalent than the 8 or so posters here.


    I would like to thank landy_man for his posts. As a result of his posts, my dealer (in the San Francisco area) called Parsipanny and discussed the stalling issue with them (and with LR corporate). It seems like Parsipanny has several stalling LR3s (must be the hills in that area) and my dealer admitted that another LR3 from his dealership had stalling issues (they replaced the tank).


    LR corporate is going down the path that the adaptive system seems to be an element to this issue.


    I'm hoping that whatever system is failing has some tolerances built in and that my LR3 stalled so often because it was at the low end of the "tolerance". I'm hoping that the replacement is at the higher "tolerance" end.


    In any case, I will post again if my replacement LR3 has any stalling issues. And LR now has a fairly good "guinea pig" LR3 to test (although they have not gotten it to stall yet that I am aware of).


    This has obviously been upsetting. At least Land Rover is stepping up the customer service effort.
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