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Land Rover LR3



  • I also experienced the low coolant warning and had it checked out at my LR dealer. The problem is a faulty sensor that has plagued a number of LR3's. The dealer was familiar with the problem. They have to replace the coolant tank where the sensor is located. Mine was replaced and corrected the problem.
  • trm2trm2 Posts: 42
    I previously wrote that Armor All Leather Wipes appeared to pretty much fix the door panel hazing. However, coverage became spotty over time.

    I have since used Meguiars M4016 Vinyl & Rubber Cleaner/Conditnr. And, after 4 weeks with no re-application, it looks great.
  • gw123gw123 Posts: 64
    Thanks grommet. You've been a source of good info on this board. I called LR, who gave me the NAVTEQ 800 number. I called them, and they claim they do not supply the data for the LR3, but they do for the Freelander and Discovery. I sent LR CR a note asking for new data. They claim no new data is available. Oh well. Unless I know the exact address of where I want to go, the Nav won't be very good for me to find stores or restaurants (even the LR dealer is not in the system).
  • I'm wondering also how the Pledge furniture wax is working. My panels were hazing when I bought my '05 SE about a week ago. The saleman told me the door panels would likely be recalled someday. The dealer polished mine up before delivery to me and after 1 week they look good still.
  • What a minute! I was thinking "Did I already post my message?" This is the exact same situation that happened to me.
  • Just a thought, but I was wondering if you have the correct area selected for navigation data within your area?

    You may want to check!

    My LR dealer couldn't figure why addresses were not being found out either & eventually I discovered the problem.
  • Land Rover of Bedford, NH. You are a lucky one, all we wanted was a car that worked! :lemon:
  • The $15,000. is with my trade in of a loaded 2005 LR3 that does not work and has never worked since i bought it. You want to trade in your new car plus $15,000 on the same exact car that might or might not work?
    It also says it happens in hot weather climate and I do not think New Hampshire is very hot in December and January, and that is when I got the car and started having problems. It really is not fun driving down the South East Expressway in Boston with a baby in car and losing power. There is no breakdown and you are stuck for no reason. You'll know if it happens.
    Good Luck! :lemon:
  • koeslerkoesler Posts: 57
    I just went on a 600 mile trip to Dallas and have never had a more pleasant drive in my life..What a great road vehicle!! Mileage was 19.3 with the AC on and going 75. The NAV system was a miracle tool taking me exactly where I needed - and I used to think they were just a gimmick.

    I also got the steering wheel creaking fixed - they popped off the airbag, took off the nut, and removed the wheel then trimmed the plastic housing a hair with a dremel tool - fixed...took all of 10 minutes. NO other issues, 5000 miles.
  • gw123gw123 Posts: 64
    Unfortunately, the area is correct (CA and NV). For some reason, the Nav system seems to like to point out stores and points of interest that are far away from the SF Bay area (LA, NV). It finds many places 300 miles away but not so much in the Bay area. Perhaps the providers of the data have a thing against SF.

    Thanks for the suggestion, but the dealer verified that a brand new 06 Range Rover had the same problem, and they did replace my DVD (no improvement).
  • I use a product that I bought at our local Canadian Tire; I think it's called Mother's somethingorother... a white liquid. It has taken away the hazing - it's been two months now since I applied it. So this is a non-issue once you have the right product.
  • tdo123tdo123 Posts: 102
    Has anyone been driving the new 2006 V8? The dealer in my area tells me that there won't be a shortage of HSE's like last year, but that the V8's are still not arriving very quickly.
  • kandgkandg Posts: 53
    at 7700 quickly it flies by. LR3 was recently given the 4 country shakedown and made it from Mid-Deutschland to Prague then south through Brenner Pass in Austria, East in Venezia, down to Rome and back again to Germany...Last car i did that drive in was my 91 CRXsi.
  • bmk007bmk007 Posts: 27
    Is there anywhere for a front license plate to go on the LR3's? I know the need for a front license plate varies by state. In Ohio, we are supposed to have one, but it seems like the front end wasnt designed to accomodate a plate.

  • gw123gw123 Posts: 64
    Yes. A bracket comes with the LR3 and can be installed by the dealer if your state requires a front plate. They end up screwing it into the bumper (similar to other makes).
  • rea9390rea9390 Posts: 19
    05 LR3 now is 6 months old has 9000 miles with zero problems. No warning lights, faults, fuel leakage or anything......Rides great the gas mileage is appropriate for size, weight, and drive system.

    Here are suggestions for LR accessories: Have an optional hard plastic tailgate in place of the carpeted version....Would be of great help for camping, dogs etc...I am not happy with coverage afforded by the black rubber optional floor mats..It's still too easy to get mud on the carpeting.
  • rea9390rea9390 Posts: 19
    ARB had a bumber available for the LR3....Check it out....very nice :D
  • Very Nice! I checked out the brochure on ARB's website, and I have a couple of concerns. It doesn't mention being able to integrate the headlight washer's and the photo shows the black wheel arch ending where the Bull Bar ends. This is much higher up than where they currently end.
  • kkonekkone Posts: 61
    Has anyone recevied their recall notice yet for the fuel tanks? As we all know the notice indicated Oct 15, 2005 owners will be notified.
  • :confuse: I am thinking of buying an 06 LR3, but a good freind of mine is miserable with his 05. Says it is in the shop A LOT. He has a long hesitation on acceleration and fuel guage problems amongst other things. My other option would be to buy a used 04 with low mileage. Any thoughts?
  • Well my wife has an '05 LR3 HSE that she bought in February that now has over 21K miles on it. So far she has had 2 issues. The suspension had problems due to a faulty connector and the fuel tank leaked. As far as I know both these issues are not present on the '06 models. She seems to love it. I don't know anything about the acceleration issues. The couple of times I've driven it, it seemed to accelerate just fine. But then again I drive a truck with a turbo diesel so I expect a moment of lag before the turbo kicks in.
  • My parents purchased an 05 LR3 back in December 2004. We began to experience the check enging light, hesitation in acceleration and stalling problem back in September. Needles to say, the dealership has tried three times already to fix the problem. The third time, they replaced the fuel tank but the check engine light is still on and at slow speeds, the car has some hesitation and stalls again. Now my parents want to pursue a :lemon: complaint here in California but this is the first out of five cars that we've actually owned to ever resort to using the Lemon Law. If any one has any advice whatsoever in getting the process completed properly and quickly, much help will be appreciated. This car has been great and its just sad to see that we have to resort to the Lemon Law to get this resolved because the dealer is just giving us the runaround. Also, I've seen a lot of similar experiences among other LR3 owners across this forum, could you please keep us updated as to what has happened to your LR3s? Thanks in advance.
  • :lemon: Words cannot express my dissatisfaction with my LR3 and the problems I have had since I got which are all unresolved. When you purchase a $ 54,000 car you would expect it to work, at least a little! Stay away until Land Rover North America treats their customers as customers not idiots! Just read here about others experiences! :lemon:
  • Do not do it! :lemon: Land Rover North America does not care about their customers or people who pay $ 50,000 for car that does not work. My 2005 Lr3 has had numerous problems and has been in the shop since the day I got it. I never a new car ould seriously have this many problems, but mine does and we refuse to drive it. It stalls, peices fall off, the seat belt fell off in our hands. The quality of our car is absuletly the worst! You do not wannabee an owner of this peice of junk! :lemon:
  • The black plastic is fading and looking horrible.

    Solution: A container of "Mothers Preserves Protectant" from Canadian Tire. It says it offers 30 day protection: well.

    Applying this with a cloth and wiping off made all the plastic black again and so far that's lasted almost 90 days. Problem solved, it appeaers.
  • koeslerkoesler Posts: 57
    Just did another rather long trip in the LR3 and have the same great review as before - an absolute joy to drive with never a problem of any type. And who cares if the road ends or goes to hell, you just drive on, and up and over, or through it - this thing is as good off-road as on.

    Reading some of these posts makes one want to dump the LR3 as fast as possible, or never buy one, but my vehicle and dealer have been the absolute best all round. And only 2 owners out of 50 have reported problems to the dealer One is a gas tank, the other a suspension fault - that's it....(are they lying to me?). I don't think so..

    Want an LR3 ? Buy it and enjoy..
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    I'm just a few weeks from my "1 year" anniversary... no problems with our LR3 HSE so far. :) I figure it'll explode about 1 day after the warranty ends, though. ;)
  • I am only at 4 months trouble free on my 2005 HSE, but I asked my wife yesterday if she wanted to trade in her Infinity on a new convertible BMW or the new Volvo since she has been bugging me about getting one ever since I got rid of my old Cabrio. Her response was "Get what ever you want and I will take the Truck"
    This of course is after she was dead set against me buying it in the first place.

    I feel for those that have problems, but I know people that have had lemons from BMW, Infiniti, etc. The more complicate a car is the more that can go wrong.

    I would recommend this truck to anyone.
  • If there are any other Land Rover Sales Guides on this board could you drop me an email. I have a couple of questions about our last order call. I would like to see if what we had to work was similar across the board. My email is in my profile just send away.
  • nbarconbarco Posts: 14
    No problems in Prague with the vehicle? Did you park at the embassy? How many miles total was your trip and how did it do on gas?

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