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Land Rover LR3



  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    You probably know about this Sirius link but right now only the Range Rover and RR Sport offer it as an option.

    Yahoo also said a couple of months ago that only the RR and RR Sport would get it in '06.

    Hopefully the dealer was clued in and correct so you won't be limited to aftermarket.

    Steve, Host
  • tzotzo Posts: 95
    yeah, my gas leak occured in early Aug, but I bought my car in Mar '05. So the official LR analysis of this fault seems at odds with reality. Whatever the failure mechanism, it occured in cars that arrived here in the US in the March timeframe, ahead of the Apr/May manufacture time specified in the recall letter.
    Doesn't give me a whole lot of confidence in the fix, in this case.
  • March 2005 falls between May 2004 and April 2005. I'm pretty sure they got it right, tzo.
  • trm2trm2 Posts: 42

    Please don't be condescending; of course I read the full description. The recall document says that it is possible that "[t]he excess fuel may be discharged onto the ground."

    Such a situation is, in my opinion, not simply improper operation, but extremely unsafe. If this were to happen in the presence of a spark (cigarette, bit of metal on road, etc.), there would be catastrophic consequences (the aforementioned explosion). Even without a spark, as an engineer and a lawyer, it is my considered opinion that the forceful ejection of fuel from a gas tank during operation is a very very bad thing. And, I believe, the ejection of fuel would not just happen through the purge valve, but possibly (because of the build-up of vapor behind the liquid block) could happen through a seam in the tank (or other weak spot) (again, the aforementioned explosion).

    I would be less annoyed if my dealer did not know about it. My dealer does know about it; and just isn't going to do anything until forced to. Liability-wise, this is pretty short-sighted. And, the dealer says he can't do anything about it even if he wanted to -- Land Rover has not sent him any new parts.

    I am not trying to be a jerk about this; my wife and kids are in the car every day. I don't have another vehicle that accommodates them all; and I am genuinely concerned (I am not griping about overpaying; or that I have a lemon; I like my car--a lot). I was merely wondering if a call to NHTSA or LAND ROVER proper would get some results; or if the dealers do have parts and aren't doling them out, but might if I really complained. Or if there is some other approach I could take, not counting renting a mini-van for a few weeks (for which I am sure LR would not reimburse me).

    BTW, I was particularly perturbed that the dealer suggested that he was ordered to retrofit the UNSOLD cars first. That bothered me.


  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    The prospect of financial loss is great motivator. As a lawyer, I'm sure you could draft a letter to the dealership principal detailing the potential for liability, documenting his attitude to date, and noting that it will be cc'd to the appropriate persons at Land Rover corporate and the NHTSA.

    Such a letter will at least document your current position, and will indicate that you're not going to be easily blown off with excuses. In all probability, you'll find that you're suddenly called in to have one of the first fixes.

    Good luck.
  • trm2trm2 Posts: 42
    Thanks. I probably should just do that.

    It's funny that I -- and probably others share this trait -- am probably less forward/aggressive with car dealerships/service departments than I am in my normal jobs. It's probably because, on the one hand, we all want immediate results in our favor; but on the other hand, we understand that we want a long-term relationship, where we and our cars are treated well for years.

    I think that all I really want to know now is: (a) how bad is the problem (every car in that VIN range? will I notice stalling/hesitation first? etc.) and (b) Are there really new parts available to dealers now to install or will they be available only after October 14. No use getting all agitated if the problem is not that bad/extensive and/or if there is no fix available now.

    Again, thanks. My wife really loves the car, she just wants to know she'll be ok in it.
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    I understand your concerns, but based on the current information... the failure is pretty rare and there have been no report of fires or injuries so far. And, unless I translated incorrectly, only 20% of the vehicles that are in the recall range are possibly impacted. I'm not sweating it.

    It's a safe bet Land Rover does not have enough parts now. That's a lot of fuel tanks the supplier has to produce. I have a friend that has a failing fuel pump and the fuel tank is backordered. October 14th is only the 'start' of the process; it'll take longer.
  • After doing more careful research than any other car we have purchased in 16 years, my wife and kids fell in love with the LR3 and we picked it up on August 12. This site proved very helpful in our decision. We picked up a V8 SE, fairly loaded up.

    Got a call from dealer on day of pickup that rear climate control was not working. Claimed that installation of DVD system may have caused it. We wanted new vehicle for trip starting next day, so I think dealership was nervous we would kill the deal if the car was not ready the day we wanted (which we made clear to dealer ahead of time). So we took delivery with non-functional rear climate system with assurances they would repair it when we got back.

    On our trip, we realized that the base climate control system would not blow any warm or hot air. The higher we set the temp, the colder and harder it blew...

    Then, SRS warning light has come on two separate times. Nothing like consulting the owner's manual and having it tell you to urgently go to dealer for problem.

    Vehicle is now going on 2nd day at dealer service. No luck fixing it yesterday. Had to set a special date for service so some "tech director" could be there...

    Picked up LR3 loaner. Had suspension default warning light all day yesterday.

    Now reading of fuel tank issues on this site, after consulting for climate control issues. Wow (no pun intended).

    Cadillac dealer told me to buy 2 LR3s - so I had one when the other broke down. My family (a bunch of silly car nuts) razzed me to follow my wife when she drives it to be sure I am there to pick her up when it breaks down. I did not have the *@lls to tell them about climate control issues out of the gate.

    We all love the vehicle, but this is a fairly inauspicious beginning. $3.60 gallon for premium changes situation a little, too. It seems like such an impressive job on the surface re investment in Solihull modern plant and re-engineered Disco... Proof is in the pudding, I guess.

    If anyone has had rear climate control issues like this, your comments/insight are most welcome.
  • emolsemols Posts: 15
    hey- I can sympathize- my lr3 purchased in Nov 2004 in atlanta has been stalling intermittingly during my 9000 mile period. Finally stalled out in the middle of bumper to bumper traffic- got it to dealer and he precedes to tell me about this gas tank issue. He calle today and said the part is in and he said to bear with him as this is a new issue. He said my car was in the .7% of 1% of vehicles with this problem. They are super nice (THANKFULLY) and they did put me in a ford 500 until problem is fixed. No loaners, and they say they have grounded all lr3's until problems are resolved. My husband has had it and is having the owner of our dealer who is a friend look for a lexus- I love my lr3 problems and all but it has been driving extremely rough for about 3 months now- lots of jerking upon acceleration and no pickup at all- and I too have two small kids and 2 dogs that go everywhere with us and need reliability. I am sorry for your problem too and all I can say is that Atlanta dealer seems to have all the info on this problem. Good luck
  • I bought a fully loaded V8 LR3 SE in January. Silver with tan interior. I love(d) that vehicle, and in fact drove it 19,000 miles in 7 months (obviously I drive it a lot). I gave it up last week and moved into an Audi A3. The primary motivation? Gas mileage. As gas rides towards $3.50 per gallon (premium) and who knows where beyond that, I was having incredible difficulty swallowing the $65 per fill-up (twice a week, at least).

    As I said, the LR3 is a fantastic vehicle (I had zero problems in 19,000 miles). But the gas mileage around town with stoplights is WAY worse than the 14 mpg listed on the sticker (think more like 11 mpg). Highway mileage is obviously better, but a mix of city/highway at 15-16 mpg was too difficult to take.

    In many ways I miss my LR3, and I still recommend it if you don't need to drive it huge distances every day, but beware the gas mileage.
  • What mileage does the A3 get?

    I am thinking of that or a Prius as second vehicle to mitigate my guilt ($250 per month to Exxon/Mobil and who knows how much of that to Saudi Arabia, Venezuela or others) and to compensate for premium at $3.45+ per gallon in my neck of the woods. They say it is going to come down now.... Right.
  • oleole Posts: 1
    I purchased a 2005 LR3 HSE two weeks ago. On mile 270, I received a suspension fault warning. When my wife sits in the passenger seat, the passenger airbag off light comes on.

    Did you have any luck getting your suspension issue resolved? I just dropped my land rover off this morning - they seemed shocked to hear of such a thing...
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    The Audi A3 T2.0 (which a friend's daughter owns) gets ~25 MPG mixed, vs. LR3's EPA 14/18 MPG (~15 MPG mixed). I guess you'd save ~$1800 a year if you drove 20K mostly mixed miles a year and fuel stays at $3.50 or so.

    travelinman, that's one impressive switch... I do question why you bought the LR3 in the first place if you obviously didn't need any of it's capabilities. I don't think the A3 is in the same utility class. :)
  • travelinman, that's one impressive switch... I do question why you bought the LR3 in the first place if you obviously didn't need any of it's capabilities. I don't think the A3 is in the same utility class.

    Absolutely true. I got sucked in by the looks and the capabilities (which I did use on ocassion -- the mountains above Death Valley are out of reach of anything except a fairly capable 4x4.) Did I need the LR3? No. And after a lot of soul-searching (and gazing at the cash flow to gas stations), I decided to jump off. I took a (big) hit. But live and learn. When I bought it premium was $2.30 or so. I didn't quite expect gas to go up like it has. Of course, if I had expected it, I would have bought oil futures. Or stock in Chevron. Or something.

    And again, the LR3 was wonderful in almost every sense of the word. A great fit for my needs? no. But.... I'm definitely glad I had 7 months with it!
  • tzotzo Posts: 95
    I stand corrected as I thought I read only past Mar 2005 dates of manufacture. If indeed as you say, then I feel better that they have got it right. Thanks for the correction.
  • tzotzo Posts: 95
    I was similarly perturbed by my fuel leak experience, especially since the fuel was dripping down and splasing into the hot exhaust muffler!!! OK, the temp on that metal wasn't at flash point, but what if someone ahead of me thru out a cigarette and I went over it in slow traffic. You don't know you're leaking gas if you don't have the windows open.

    Well, my dealer is quite responsive... the parts/tank are indeed back ordered, he can't tell me when they are coming, but he told me I am first in line to get the repair. Sounds like I am the only one in that dealership, so far, to bring in a car for this issue. And furthermore they are putting the existing cards ahead of the unsold cars, which of course is the obvious thing to do.
  • Hey, since Land Rover will not sell the remaining 2005's until the gas tank problem is fixed, those of us who have been sitting on the incline of the Confidence Course waiting to plunk down our thousands may get a wee better deal in a month or two. The recall combined with low 2006 LR3 inventory is going to make for slim sales in the near future; they'll need to make up for lost time and money and will be keen to get the '05's sold once they are released. At least I can dream....
  • Update - Day 3 in shop. No word whatsoever on status or prospects. Driving silver LR3 loaner.
  • I purchased my lr3 June 28,2005 was suppose to take possession 7/5/05 went to
    get the car they said in detailing they noticed acid on the front bumper so they took one off another lr3 , finally recd mine on 7/11/05 had the car for 3 days we had
    a week of rain and I needed to wear a rain suit inside my car after weeks of calling
    my husband finally got me a New lr3, after receiving the second lr3 and driving for
    4 days, the suspension fault warning light comes on, I call they send a tow truck
    and I'm driving a KIA for 1 week. I have this car for about 2 more weeks and then
    the car seems to have trouble taking off. Thinking what else could be wrong I have
    2 other people drive the car and they also experience the slow take off. They picked the car up 8/20/05 and I am still driving a loaner . They said they can't
    duplicate the problem after almost 3 weeks. They are bringing my car back tomorrow. This has been a nightmare of an experience...
  • My sympathies gbugg. What is worrying me is that I read this forum very carefully before purchase (mid Aug 05 - my borther steered me to it) and spotted some posts complaining of different problems, but not many and not recent or up to date. I chalked it it up to the fact that I was sure LR couldn't have changed or fixed its entire reputation overnight and there had to be a few problems or bugs out there. But generally, posters were effusive about their new LR3. I drove mine for 3 weeks and loved it. But now... SRS warning lights, suspension faults, no heat, rear climate shot...and this fuel tank thing that I just learned about when I returned to this forum to check on climate control issues! I am afraid that the Land Rover reputation is now bubbling back to the surface of reality. It appears the LR3 may have more Disco genes than we all feared... What a shame. Any one thinking of buying one and coming to this forum to research - BEWARE. I closed my eyes to LR's history and what people told me and went for it and now there is major egg on that beautiful LR3 grille.... $50K for this truck and these problems? Wow...
  • Grommet - you have been on this board since the beginning, it appears. I am not a "troll" either. And I am most disappointed in the early problems and now the many others apparently experiencing the same. I guess when you really like a vehicle and then encounter problems like this, you turn somewhere to vent. And given LR's history, one with some middling of auto knowledge and interest might feel like one made a foolish mistake and turns to others in the same boat for comfort....and an exchange of issues to be sure one can handle it appropriately with dealer, customer care or lemon law authorities. Knowledge is power. 50 minutes from end of day 3 of LR3 in service and still now word on fix, issues, prospects. That stinks. Thoughts?

  • It is time for some good LR3 news. I have posted here before. All negative. Out of the 90 or so days I have owned my LR3 it was been in the shop for 30 days. Most of which were days waiting for the gas tank fix. Now for the good news. I finally had the opportunity to take my LR3 camping over the labor day weekend. Hooked up the trailer and went the the Californa coast just north of San Francisco. (Dillions Beach). My trailer fully loaded is about 5500 lbs. The LR3 pulled the trailer like it was only 500 lbs. BTW, the height control is awesome when connecting a trailer. Moving the hitch up and down with the height adjustment saves a lot of time and effort. Anyway now for the good part. upon arriving at Dillon Beach the first thing I did was get stuck in the sand when pulling into my camping spot. Not just stuck but extremely stuck with the trailer connected. Screaming kids in the back seat had me distracted... :-) . I disconnected the trailer and in my frustration, I forgot all about the terrain response system and just tried to muscle my way out which just dug me in deeper. Before I realized it, I had sand up to the bottom of my doors. By this time a crowd was begining to form to smirk and see what this yuppy with screaming kids would do. To make matters worse I was blocking the main road with my trailer which caused another big Ford truck to try to go around and ended up getting stuck as well. After getting out to survey the situation, I finally remembered the terrain response system. I went back in to give it a try. I was in normal suspension height so first thing I did was switch to off road height. This lifted the LR3 just enough to get the underside out of the sand. Next I switched to the sand mode and low range. At first try I made no progress. Tires spun and I began to sink again. About half way thru the engine began to back off and the terrain response computer kicked in and I could feel power switching from wheel to wheel and then locking and unlocking the diffs. Once the computer was satisfied with the the power distribution the engine kicked back in and I was off. The LR3 climed out of the sand like it was on snow shoes. Feeling much better now. I took a bow for the crowd, backed around to the rear of my trailer, thru a rope around the axel and the LR3 hitch and pulled the trailer out as well. The great part was that the Ford truck that got stuck had to be pushed out.

    Hope you enjoy the story. When all is said and done the LR3 is a great SUV despite the 1st year issues. I also own a Defender 90 and I think that the LR3 will out manuever in situations like this one. Can't wait to give it a try in the snow this year.

    Have fun!
  • trm2trm2 Posts: 42
    Great story!

    And, just for the record, my only complaint has been about LR's unresponsiveness to my queries re: the recall. And, people on this board have rightly reminded me that 1) I don't have any symptoms, and only 1/5 of the recalled cars actually have a problem and 2) the recall doesn't officially start until October.

    The vehicle itself has been great for myself and my family. My wife and kids love it. And, other than door hazing (anyone figure that out yet?), not even a hint of a problem. The truck worked great last winter in the snow for me; glad to hear it works as well in the sand.
  • Out of the hundred or so LR3's that we have sold only three so far have reported any problems related to the gas tank and only one of those has the fuel spill out of the tank.

    The other two have just been random stalling and hessitation.

    As for the door hazing next week I am going to get a couple of different cleaners and go out to one of the LR3's and experiment. I already have mequiars NXT cleaner and i am going to get some mother back to black if anyone else has suggestions for other types please tell me. I will clean one door panel of an LR3 with each chemical and see what works the best then report back over the next couple of weeks.
  • My dealer recommened that I use a product made for leather. I used Meguiars Gold Class Rich Leater Wipes. Hazing problem is gone. The wipes are great and leave a low sheen.
  • Have you have issues with inside edge tire wear. If you check around you'll see quite a few people with that problem. People tend to notice it at around 12k. I had my tires replaced. The new tires: I've upped my tire pressure about 5psi over recommended in hopes it would improve tire wear. I've read that an SUV this heavy should have the pressure at about 45psi. But have not gotten any confirmation. Any insight would be appreciated.
  • It is not something I have heard about but I will check around some. As long as you do not excede the maximum tire pressure for your tires you are fine so just don't go above 50 PSI for the stock tires. Manufacturers recomend the lowest possible PSI for improved ride but it is not always the best for tire wear.
  • jobiejobie Posts: 47
    I used the standard ArmorAll wipes about a month ago and my door panels still look fine.

    Also FYI - I just passed 6 months and 6K miles with no problems at all (knock on wood) with my black on black SE 7.
  • It is my understanding that LR now has a fix for the hazing problem. Dealer told me it is a matter of cleaning the doors twice with some "stuff" the factory has told them will fix the problem.They have ordered new panels for my HSE but will try the cleaning "stuff " first, if it fails to work they will replace the panels.
  • I used the Sonus cleaner to no avail, but the aerospace 303 protectant did the trick.
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