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Chevrolet Equinox Maintenance and Repair



  • carmencarmen Posts: 12
    Tomorrow I will drop it off for the third time to see if they can come up with something. I spoke with GM Customer Service Mgr., she listen and suggested that I bring it in again. I told her I wanted another car. We'll see what happens. I'll keep you posted.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,456
    Your mileage might very well imrpove after 10,000 miles. Also, after that time you could switch to a synthetic oil, keep a sharp eye on tire pressures and alignment,etc. I bet you'll reach 23 if you do all that and are patient.

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  • tracyhtracyh Posts: 3
    Thanks to all that have responded to me and I am
    sure lots of others that have been very dissapointed by the poor gas mileage. I hope the
    mileage improves with more miles, I am at 4000 now, and last tank was 18.8 mpg.
    I am thinking about going to synthetic oil, I check my tire pressures and don't drive over 70,
    yes I use air conditioning, it's only 100 today.
    I have a call into the GM dealer rep.
    On another note, kinda funny the vehicle has no
    clothes hook on either side of back door, I have
    never seen a car or truck that didn't have a place to hang clothes, must be an over site, because they spent so much time working on getting good gas mileage. (ha ha)
    Other than these problems I have had no other problems. I bought this Nox May 21st.
  • Actually, there are hooks in the car. They're in the rear cargo area,on the roof in the corners. They drop down when you pull them towards the center of the vehicle. I guess they figure to hang clothes back there so it wont disrupt the driver's visibility when looking back through the rear door window. As far as the strut problem, the Nox was at the dealer on Monday, and the tech claims the hardware that should've went on w/ the strut replacement,didn't get ordered & obviously, not put on. So I guess I'll have to wait & see what that does, whenever that kit comes in. I also had them check and see if there were any other owner's having the same problem. I must be the guinea pig for them, cause I'm the only one. I also had them see if there were any other service bulletins out for the truck, and there are 4 total now. Reassuring, since the Nox debuted in March, and I got mine at the end of April.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,456
    also keep in mind that using AC is a big gas-eater. You'll lose 10% right there. It takes horsepower to drive an AC compressor, and gas to make horsepower. EPA estimates don't even calculate wind resistance, much less AC use.

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  • nancys1nancys1 Posts: 21
    After 16 days I am still waiting on the new strut part to come in.
  • carmencarmen Posts: 12
    Well I had it back at the dealer again, they discovered there was water getting into the well where the spare tire is stored. Of course I also discovered that the spare tire is not a tire but a donut. My fault I should found that out before I bought the beast. Anyway, I told GM that I want to take steps to get rid of this car. I feel that it has water damage and that the smell in all likelihood would never go away. She checking what needs to be done, it should be interesting to say the lease!
  • Since the Nox is a brand new model, obviously, availability of parts dwindle at the corporate warehouses. I work at a GM dealership & have some limited access to see where & how many parts are stocked. When my struts were ordered, there were 19 drivers' sides, and only 4 passenger's located in the Lancing, MI warehouse. I live in Pennsylvania. So i had to wait about a week and a 1/2. I'm sure your dealer has already done this, but call and make sure they have it on a priority order w/ your VIN. With the VIN, you probably can get pushed up on the list of awaiting replacements. I'm a little eaggrivated because I'm the only one out of my dealer that is expierencing this problem. PA has a "lemon law",which basically is a 3 strike attempt to repair the vehicle. If the noise doesn't dissapear after this last time, i hope the vehicle will get replaced. Love the vehicle other wise.
  • barlobarlo Posts: 23
    When I first got my Montana, the carpet was always wet in the back and when I opened the jack department it was full of water. Turns out it was leaking though the hatch where the wire harness was. I now have a leak under the carpet on the passenger side in the front. I am getting quotes on an Equinox as we speak so not too thrilled to here about your water problems in the spare tire well. Can GM not make a water tight vehicle. Has any one else had water in the back tire well of their Equinox?
  • nancys1nancys1 Posts: 21
    Just picked up my Nox from being in the shop for 17 days waiting on the redesigned strut to be manufactured.
    It drives like a dream! NO NOISE or CREAKING anymore!
    The service manager gave me a full tank of gas as well..I am pleased, at least I have my car back!
  • jrestjrest Posts: 26
    Damn! I was really under the impression it was a full size spare!!! Don't other SUV's and jeep liberty's come with full size spare? Man, I feel like I got burned yet again. As Lando Calrissian said in Empire Strikes Back, "this deal is getting worse all the time".
  • nox112nox112 Posts: 2
    I bought an equinox about a week ago and being the curios person that I am, i looked under the vehicle and noticed that the driveshaft looked rusted (i think thats what its called---aka the big moving rod in the middle). Please excuse me on the lack of knowledge of vehicle parts.I also noticed that one of the other rods connected to the wheels also looked partially rusted. I want to know if anybody else noticed it or if its an isolated incident. Everything else looked fine. So I am requesting that everyone who reads this check their nox.
  • jedurocherjedurocher Posts: 16
    I have been lucky. I have 3200 Miles on my NOX. I average 20 to 22 mpg (that is intermixed city/hwy driving). I do not have a weird smell. I do not think that I have a leak. I think that I would know with all the rain that we have had hear in Houston to first month I had my NOX. I have not heard the strut noises, that I know of, but I do have the strange noises (due to , I think, the electronic steering)in the steering column. I was wondering, though, if anyone has had a problem with their doors making a huge noise when they open them wide. I have a kid that I put in the back seat and I have to open the door wide. The door makes a loud pulling noise when I open it. It does seem to change dependant on the weather. Has anyone had this issue?
  • jrestjrest Posts: 26
    Nice to hear finally someone doesn't have the problems other's have posted.
  • noxwannabenoxwannabe Posts: 34
    I put a kid in the back of mine too but no noises. I've had mine longer than most but only about 1100 miles on it. I just wish they had wind tested it better with various windows down, anytime you want some air you get air pressure on your eardrums and weird vibrations.
  • cornejocornejo Posts: 1
    I also recently had problem with a rubbing /grinding noise in the wheel well/linkage area which turned out to be a bad strut. The dealer ordered a new part, and it took 16 days to get it here. The new part is in place now and the vehicle drives like new again. Prior to this the ac compressor leaked oil over a short period and finally the AC system was no longer blowing cool air. My service rep obtained a new compressor. That only took 1 day for the part to get here from the midwest. Once the problem was diagnosed the dealership service dept was able to order the parts and make the necessary repairs under warranty. I enjoy this Equinox so it is worth the effort.
  • magicv8magicv8 Posts: 1
    If I step down hard on the throttle from a standing start, most od the time the Equinox torque steers hard to the right. If I don't hang on to the wheel tightly, it will change lanes. If I attempt to correct it, it may torque steer in the opposite direction.

    It appears that the electronic control needs help, but does not like being helped - so it counter attacks.
  • crgcrg Posts: 1
    I bought my Equinox in June. On the 3rd day we had it the battery was stone dead. Had it towed to the dealer who kept asking me if we left a light on or a door open (which we didn't). They decided that the battery was faulty and replaced it. Told us not to let the tow truck driver jump it if it happens again, that is the only way they can figure out what is wrong. 5 weeks later same thing. Have it towed to the dealer and spend 2 days denying that I left any thing on to kill the battery. They couldn't find anything wrong and wanted to charge it up and send it back to me. I told them I didn't want it back until it was fixed. I asked what the point of the built in run down protection was if I could leave a light on and kill the battery. After a week without the car, they figured out that it must be the BCM which was turning the stereo on when the vehicle was off.
  • pbnoxpbnox Posts: 1
    I have had my Equinox since May and love it. I did notice the rubbing noise coming from the front of the vehicle, especially at slow speeds and when backing out of the driveway. The noise seems to have gone away, though. I am now at about 3500 miles. Does anyone think that I should bother going through the strut replacement ordeal or just be happy that the noise is gone??? Also, does anyone know if the strut problem poses any kind of operational or safety hazard?
  • bobbibobbi Posts: 3
    You think 19 is bad, on my equinox, i get about 12, on a good day. I'm just waiting until 5,000 miles, i have about 2300 now. hopefully it will get better!
  • bobbibobbi Posts: 3
    Around my sun roof, the roof is lose! I can stick my hand in the front of the sun roof and my whole arm in the back, between the roof and the rug. The dealer put new VELCRO, but the heat melted the glue again! But no smell, or strut problem. The only other thing is the leather seat (front pssgr) whistles when you sit, like there is a whole.
  • ndmike88ndmike88 Posts: 155
    My daughter is driving a 2000 S-10 Blazer. While it was in the shop for a faulty gas sensor our salesman was kidding her and saying how she should trade in her Blazer and buy an Equinox. Today my TrailBlazer was getting the recall repaired and I went over and looked at the Equinox. They had maybe 5 of them. Prices were not too bad and it's really not a bad looking SUV. But after reading all these comments (mostly negitive) I think she can wait till next year. That will give GM time to work out the bugs.
  • cmeinelcmeinel Posts: 1
    Just picked up our new Equinox yesterday. Love the looks and drive but... while driving at 30-40MPH with the sunroof open the whole car has a bad vibration. Has anyone else had this problem?
  • kinley1kinley1 Posts: 2
    what size gas tank comes with the nox
  • Yes I've had the sunroof vibration. Pull the sunroof forward about 2 inches and the vibration will stop. It is not just a function of the sunroof though. Any time you put a window down be prepared to adjust it up and down or make other windows open. The windows suck the air out of the car or something and the lack of air pressure makes your ears hurt.

    However from talking with other owners of other cars and SUVs this is not a Nox problem, as many other brands/models have the same issue. Guess they figure most people drive with the air conditioner on.
  • I picked up my Laser Blue Equinox ET on May 14. I have about 6,200 miles now, 3,500 came on a July trip to to Texas, Ohio and back to Florida. The Nox ran great. I average 18 mpg in the city (congested Pinellas County FL) I drive about 35 miles a day. On the highway, the best I got was 25 mpg...running about 72 mph. On our trip I ran from 68-80 mpg, ran at 90 on some stretches. My trip avg highway mileage was 23 when running at 68-75 and 21.5 when running over 75 mph.
    About 4 weeks into ownership, I could smell mold. I took it back and the dealer replaced the headliner, they said the liner was damp from the sun roof nor seating properly.
    I dont know if I am sensitive to it but I swear I can still smell mold if the car sits in the sun all day. I have checked everywhere but the spare tire well.
    I too have the wind chatter with the sunroof open. (sounds like a chopper overhead!)I found just cracking the drivers window a couple inches and it dissipates. I also found highway speeds affect the noise too. The faster I go, less chatter.
    So, outside of the mold problem (and I hope that is behind me) the Equinox has been great.
  • mitzijmitzij Posts: 613
    gas tank capacity: 17 gallons.
  • carmencarmen Posts: 12
    If you haven't check the spare tire well, please do. They still haven't been able to solve the problem and the Nox I had and have agreed to replace the Nox.
  • reedreed Posts: 11
    We are still trying to stop the gross dead animal smell in our Nox. It has been to the dealer 3 times, I am in contact with Chevy and we are trying to come to a solution. 2 weeks ago the dealer had the Nox for 5 days, they put a new filter where the fresh air comes into the vehicle plus did an engine wash (they did a deionization before). Both times there is a strong disinfectant smell that wears off and the bad odor comes back. Right now we are waiting for the smell to be really nasty before we take it back, although we are keeping them informed. Right now, if it can not be fixed, we want a different vehicle, such as a Silverado or Trail Blazer. One reason we bought the Nox was gas mileage but it's not that much better. And the saga continues..............
  • bradley2bradley2 Posts: 11
    The press-down clips on roof rack meant to secure roof rack slider from moving always pop back up after moderate freeway speeds. Anyone else noticing this or having this issue? I am still under warranty, so I plan to gripe about it. I am saving my trip for warranty work with a list - clips, struts (yes, mine creak), and smell (yes, it smells). I will also take advantage of the warranty alignment available to us before 7,500 miles, per manual. Anything else I should add besides the NHTSA sevice bulletins ? which I will print and take with me. Actually, my dealer does not mind (at least to my face) this kind of preparation. After all, GM pays them for warranty work.
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