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Chevrolet Equinox Maintenance and Repair

snowmansnowman Posts: 540
I like to hear from current owners that what type of problems they have. I know it is little early but I m sure owners have observations...


  • jedurocherjedurocher Posts: 16

    I know that there are some issues that people are running into. Look in the main board. They are intermingled with other posts. I had one dealing with setting the EQ and received an answer from there.

  • carmencarmen Posts: 12
  • snowmansnowman Posts: 540
    Give us more details, where it is coming from, AC vents?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,496
    carmen, please turn off your CAPS LOCK. It's very hard for others to read your comments.


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  • carmencarmen Posts: 12
    No, it is definitely not coming from the a/c vents. It is just in the car. I have at the dealers today. It is so bad that my family refuses to get in the car. You smell it as soon as you open the door. Whatever it is I hope they solve it.
  • snowmansnowman Posts: 540
    I wonder it is the sulfur from gas...
  • carmencarmen Posts: 12
    Thank you for your reply, the only way I can describe the smell is that it is a moldy, mildew type of smell. I had it at the dealer yesterday and they deodorized it. But to tell you the truth, It still smells. I'm going to wait a day or two to see what happens before I bring it back. I also plan on calling GM.
  • snowmansnowman Posts: 540
    AC system needs to discharge some water thru a pipe or clear tube, this might be blocked. If the smell is not like rotten egg, it should be definitely AC system which can be addressed easy. Good luck and keep us posted.
  • reedreed Posts: 11
    We bought a new Equinox about 2 weeks ago. When the engine is hot it gives off a gross odor (smells like a dead animal that's been on the side of the road for a month in the hot sun). We've checked all thru it, took it back to the dealer and they couldn't find anything either. They thought it might be a tiny antifreeze leak but it wasn't. They said to give it a couple of weeks to see if it's a sealant that will burn off with time. You can smell it slightly when the vehicle is sitting but it's nasty when it's been driven and the engine is hot.
  • noxwannabenoxwannabe Posts: 34
    Had no odor problems with mine which I've had for over a month. My only complaint is the air pressure vibration I get when various windows are open. I have to adjust heights and usually open more than one window to compensate. And why don't the back windows go down all the way? Seems like plenty of room for them to do so.
  • carmencarmen Posts: 12
    Thanks for the tip I'm scheduling another appointment. I may have been wrong about it not coming from AC. Yesterday, driving home from work, which is only 10 min., I realized that my shirt smelled really bad.......I had the AC on. So as crazy as it may seem, I took the shirt I had on the previous day out of the hamper to smell it, it didn't smell as bad. I didn't have the AC on that day. Its really frustrating, I have a new car and no one in my family will ride in it.
  • snowmansnowman Posts: 540
    It sounds like sulfur smell. It is not uncommon to have sulfur smell in some vehicles but not normal. Needs to be addressed.
    The smell caused by bacteria accumulation in air ventilation system can be tolorable but poses health risks and needs to be addressed.
    Sulfur smell is like a week old dead animal smell as you describe, this is somewhat related to safety. Mention this to your dealer see what comes behind of it.
  • jrestjrest Posts: 26

    I would think your rear windows aren't going down all the way because of a child safety feature. Read the manual! as there should be a way to disable that. I don't own the equinox (yet). My equinox had to be special ordered so I'm playing the waiting game.
  • noxwannabenoxwannabe Posts: 34
    But I'll check the door panel where the switch is for the child safety door locks and see if it says anything. I know a lot of SUVs have back windows that don't go down all the way I just thought with the long wheel base and the wide back door that there would be plenty of room to put a full size window.
  • carmencarmen Posts: 12
    I took my Equinox back to the dealer on Friday, he said the evaporator wasn't working. The smell is not completely gone. He told me use disenfectant spray and to keep circulating the air, leave the windows open. I still don't see any water coming from the A/C. I'm wondering is that normal since there is a evaporatoring system. Also, just in case, are you familiar with the New Jersey Lemon Law?
  • snowmansnowman Posts: 540
    Are you positive that he meant evaporating system for AC. I am still not sure that this is related AC. Fuel systems have evaporating mechanism too and disconnected or improperly routed vapor lines may cause gasoline smell (sulfur smell too) inside the cabin. Make a search in google and you'll see what I mean.
  • reedreed Posts: 11
    We have discovered that having outside air flowing thru the vehicle without AC or heat on brings this nasty odor into the Nox when going slow or stopped. If on the highway, you can not smell it until you stop. When we park it, the smell is just horrible. We contacted Chevrolet and a rep called us a week ago, was going to contact our dealer and then call us the following evening......never heard from her again. We are definitely following through on this as it's just unacceptable the way it is. When you pay $27,000 for a vehicle, it shouldn't stink.
  • Just a heads up for owner's of this great vehicle. I purchased my Equinox LS at the end of April and since put 1700 miles on it. At around 1200, I started noticing a creaking noise coming from the front of the vehicle by the steering rack. The noise only happened at slow speeds when turning the wheels. After 2 trips to my dealer's service dept., they found a bulletin issued by GM to replace both front struts if this same noise was noticed. I'm sure most of the new owners of the truck are getting around that mileage, so keep your ears open for that noise, and if you hear it, contact your dealer & make them aware of this bulletin that was issued June 3rd.
  • mitzijmitzij Posts: 613
    The back door windows do only go 1/2 way down.
  • carmencarmen Posts: 12
    I contacted my dealer yesterday and told him the odor is still there. He was going to talk to the Service Mgr. and get back to me. I probably going to have to pursue the Lemon Law. Keep me posted on how you make out with your dealer and I will do the same.
  • nancys1nancys1 Posts: 21
    Add my Nox to the list of needing strut replacement.
    I took mine back to the dealer after 2 weeks of owning it..mine was the first Nox they had to repair.
    After being in the shop for 2 days, they told me the left strut needing replacing.
    I will get the car back tomorrow..hopefully..other than the steering wheel creaking at slow speeds while turning, I really like the vehicle.
  • reedreed Posts: 11
    The Chevy Rep finally called back last night and said we were the only ones with the reported odor problem. I told her to check The Svc Mgr at our dealership is also investigating but we told both to either fix it or we want another vehicle. The Rep. is checking with our Svc Mgr today and will get back to us tonight. Hopefully they can determine what is wrong and take care of is a sharp vehicle and other than the odor, really like it.
  • brian4brian4 Posts: 1
    Wow, I thought I was the only one with Problems. At 500 miles I started heariing a knocking in the front drivers side and a ticking/clicking from the steering wheel. I took it in for service and found I need a new strut on the driver side and I need a new turn signal/switch... 500 miles.. how sad.. OK, here's the problem since it's such a new vehicle they don't make the switch YET. So I've been told I'll just have to deal with the noise until it's made. NO ETA. needless to say.. I'm not happy.
  • nancys1nancys1 Posts: 21
    The strut problem must be widespread.
    I was supposed to get the part in this past week, of course, it hasnt arrived yet.
    The dealer is paying for a rental car for me.
    Too bad Chevy did not discover the strut problem in the testing stage!!!
  • reedreed Posts: 11
    Took the Nox to the Svc Mgr at our dealer yesterday and after much waiting they are going to put it on a machine on Tuesday for 24 hours to sanitize it......what that means, I'm not sure but we'll try anything at this point. Another Equinox owner came in for struts while I was there and his Nox did not have any odor but he was amazed at how nasty ours smelled. Keep me informed on other Nox stinkers!
  • Well, here's the problem I got now. The struts have been on the Nox since this past tuesday, under a week. Come Saturday, the noise re-appeared, and gradually getting a little worse day by day. Obviously not noticable w/the radio on. But when you drop as much money into a brand new machine, you don't want noises coming from it when it's not supposed to be. I'm hoping to contact a Chevy rep within the next day or 2, and ask him if he has any suggestions.
  • snowmansnowman Posts: 540
    The problem is, I think, GM is still using bad design struts.So, they replaced your struts with the same brand, model rather than different desing from different manufacturer.
  • nancys1nancys1 Posts: 21
    Oh no, I am still waiting on the strut replacement parts to come in, you mean replacing the strut does not fix the creaking noise???
  • reedreed Posts: 11
    Yesterday we got the Equinox back from the dealer after they had it de-ionized (machine on it for 24 hrs). It still has the odor but "maybe" not quite as bad. The lady from Chevrolet called last night...she said to give it a couple of days to see if there was bacteria in the vehicle, it might need a couple of days to take care of it. NOW, on top of that, there is a noise in the front of the Nox when you turn at a slow speed... sounds like we may have the strut problem as well! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • tracyhtracyh Posts: 3
    I posted this on town hall, I will also post it
    here, I have 3500 miles on my Equinox, my average
    mileage is 19.6 and that is 85% highway miles.
    I complained to my dealer at 350 miles he said
    there was nothing he could do. Told me to contact
    GM customer service, which I did, they tried to
    tell me that most people just fill up and never
    pay any attention to there mileage, and they make
    no guarantees on mileage, tried to blame it on epa
    testing, EPA has not even tested this vehicle.
    on the GM web site is says 19 and 25 determined by
    gm testing, they said they would turn it over the
    the BBB, but that nothing would happen. A week later someone from GM called saying they would do
    nothing and said I could go thru the BBB process
    but they won't do anything. I told him GM is guilty of false advertising. I have always been
    a GM person, I have never owned another brand in
    40 yrs of driving, I even sold Chevy's for 3 yrs.
    a long time ago. No wonder Honda and Toyota are
    taking away much of GM's business, they have lost
    touch with the buyer, no customer satisfaction and
    it takes an act of congress to fight and fight to
    get anything fixed at a dealer, doesn't really seam to be the dealers fault, seems like they can't get information or parts from GM.
    I do not have the smell problem some of you are
    addressing, at least not yet and I have 3500 miles
    on it. Some of the other post's talk about the
    real bad road noise on rough roads or concrete
    roads, yes I have that problem too. GM should know
    better putting 60 series tires on a vehicle with
    struts and a unibody. The noise just radiates from
    the tires to the struts into the one piece body and amplifies it. It is really bad, GM should know
    better, that is why pickups ride so good and are
    so quite, 70 series tires act as shock absorbers
    and with a seperate frame with isolation biscuites
    they ride nice and are quite.
    The Nox drives good, looks good and has plenty of
    power but the short commings make it a looser
    unfortunately, If I got 23mpg or so I could live
    with it, and almost as bad is GM's lack of concern
    as I told them I was just one owner, I am sure there are lots more out there with the same concerns. That they should check with engineering to see if they knew about this problem and if there was
    a reprograming change to fix it.
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