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2006 Chevrolet Impala



  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    Honestly, I can't see how the new Impala could turn you off if you like the old one so much? The new one is better in almost every way. The back window treatment even looks a bit like a Maxima. Personally, I think the Maxima is a nice car though aside from it's bulky looks and price.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 22,327
    The Maxima's looks are exaggerated like the Avalon's. It just doesn't look like it belongs on the wheelbase that it's on.

    Saw an LTZ putting through the old Walmart parking lot. What a waste of a good motor with a grandmother driving gently! (You know your community is up and coming when they have an old and new Walmart.)

    2015 Cruze 2LT, 2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT

  • Just traded my '02 Impala LS and took delivery of my '06 Impala LTZ. I've only been driving the LTZ for two days now, so I only have early first impressions.

    One of the things I actually loved about my '02 was its design distinctiveness (yeah, even the Cheerio tail lights); you could tell an Impala coming and going from a distance, which is rare these days. So I think I'm just getting used not only to the significant overall design change; I miss the distinctiveness, I must say. I'm sure I'll get used to it, but what I've read here so far rings straight and true: I'm not disappointed, and I'm equally uninspired. I have a sinking but hopefully fleeting feeling that I just went from a distinctive car to a McCar.

    This is what really matters, and what impressed me even as I drove it off the lot: The engine and the ride are a smiling, noteworthy improvement over my '02. I notice its significantly more quiet inside, with a notably more smooth ride over most all surfaces & speeds. There's a huge improvement in what I think one calls wallow & float on the highway. The engine kicks right where I want it to be right when I want it. It's quiet, discreet and responsive, all at once. With my '02 I was riding the brakes as much as I was tapping the accelerator. Here I can bleed off speed by letting up on the pedal, not hitting the brakes.

    But why am I not thrilled with the seats and the dash? Heaven help me for saying it, and again this may just be sentiment for my '02 yet, but the LTZ strikes me as taut, rigid, even barren inside. I know this has been reviewed as "smooth", or "sleek", or "efficient design", but in comparison it seems a bit "absent". Should it matter? Not so much. Everything I loaded up my LS with is there in the LTZ, just a bit flimsier. Smallest of small points: Where's the sun visor extender that so impressed me as one of those unlooked-for touches on the '02?

    The Bose system, XM radio and 6-CD changer are superlative. I've already found a place to stash my iPod while I hook it up to the dash. The remote starter is just a toy now (early November in Minnesota), but I can already see where it's going to be something not to do without in a few short weeks. The flip-and-fold-flat seats have already been useful at the grocery store.

    This car, two days old after 84K miles on my '02, will continue to grow on me after this early tentative response, I'm sure. I'd be interested to know what still more people who've traded last generation's Impala to this one think.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 22,327
    My first impression when I sat in the black LTZ a dealer had in months ago was that it was a foreign car. I had just looked at an Avalon. It reminded me of that type of car. GM has changed to compete the way some people kept saying they need to compete with the foreign brands.

    2015 Cruze 2LT, 2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT

  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    Yup, total waste of a powerful car. I'm sure she will enjoy it still though. Walmart however is a nightmare.

  • I have a new SS (Super Sucker) and my milage like in the other emails is in the 19/20 mile range and is based on several tanks of gas. When I complained it did not even come close to the 28 MPG advertised I was told to read the fine print. They did a very unprofessional test of taking it to a gas station, filling to the first click off driving 40+ miles going back and waiting for the first click in the fill up. They claimed 32 MPH. Funny I took the car to the gas station and it took another 1.5 gallons. Dealer is walking away from this one. Do I sue, no do not have the money to match GM. I have tried the same driving route as they said they took and at the speeds they took and still only 22MPG. In other words I barely touched the gas pedal and kept the RPM very low. GM is riping the public off in the hopes we will go away. Premium fuel makes no difference in the test I have run but I can say my buying of premium never took place with a empty tank.

    The DOD only ads 3/5% increased gas milage according to the dealer. I wanted to trade out to a LTZ and the dealer wanted $2700 more. I decided to hold on to the car for only 2 years and dump it. I do not know what else to do.

  • Well, I suppose everything is subjective. As happy as we have been overall with our 00 LS, we really wanted to like the redesigned Impala. We realize the drivetrain and interior have only been improved upon and liked what we saw and read of it online. But after seeing it in person, both my wife and I came to the same conclusion as the author of a previous reply in this forum, to us the new Impala looks like an enlarged Malibu, a car we have previously test driven but could not get past the appearance of, particularly the front end with it's bulging bug-eyed headlights. And in agreeance with yet another recent post, I don't see the new Impala being as distinctive as the 00-05 models, especially with the tail lights that remind me of something as exciting as a Honda Accord. It furthered appeared to us that the size of the trunk opening has been reduced on the new Impala, a key factor in our choice of our 00 LS. And while we have been pleased with our 00 LS, it hasn't been without a few of it's own relatively minor problems but I continue to have some nagging doubts in the back of my mind regarding the overall quality and reliability of domestic brands. So we figured we might as well shop the competition and ultimately opted for something else that we felt was a perhaps a bit more refined, at least compared to our 00 LS, this time around. We've been GM (Chevrolet, GMC, Pontiac} consumers for the last 20 years but unfortunately they currently do not offer anything that really appeals to us.

    Hopefully the regulars here don't take this as a bash on the new Impala. I hope you are as happy with your new Impalas as we have been with ours over the years. I was simply offering a suggestion to someone contemplating both an Altima and and Impala SS, two rather different cars, and only responding to some subsequent questions.
  • How many miles do you have on your SS? Sometimes it takes 2000-5000 miles for the engine to truely "break-in". Someone on the HHR forum complained about their mileage (around 19 MPG, if I remember) and one day, around 5000 mi, they started getting in the high 20s.

    Secondly, to get true MPG figures, you should probably go to the same pump at the same station under similar weather conditions and stop filling at the first "click" every time - don't top it off, that's unreliable. It's the only way to accurately guage MPG.

    My last point, something you may not want to hear, is that your MPG may fall into the expected range for your mix of driving. If you look at the window sticker, it does say that your mileage could vary from that on the window sticker (probably a range of 24-32 MPG highway for a 28 MPG rating and 15-19 city or something like that for a 17 MPG city rating). So 22 MPG could be a normal thing. I doubt you'd be able to sue.
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Little Rock, ARPosts: 872
    While I agree with some folks here that the new Impala doesn't exactly have the visual impact of the previous version, I think all will agree it is generally an improvement over the outgoing model. As a 2000 Impala owner, I admittedly am not excited about possibly trading mine in a couple of years down the road for a "better but blander" Impala. However, I think GM is smart to realize that focusing on quality and non-polarizing body styles is the smart way to go long-term.

    My wife drives a 2003 Honda Accord sedan (which I dislike, and am doing everything in my power to assure I don't inherit it when it's time to get rid of my Impala!!), and while it is bland style-wise, they sure sell a lot of them. My guess is GM is heading in the direction of having a "halo" car or two at the extremes of any given brand, but the other cars in the mix will be fairly mainstream. You'll be able to tell a Pontiac from a Buick, but as some have said, telling the difference between an Impala and a Malibu might get difficult. BUT you'll know it's a Chevy. Pontiacs like the Solstice and the GTO are great, but they'll sell many more G6s - which while good cars, are much more mainstream in terms of styling (and like the Impala, can easily be confused with Accords or other foreign makes).

    Basically I think maybe we're heading to more of a brand-based style as opposed to every model being uniquely and boldly different. Kind of like distinguishing a 1957 Bel-Air from a 210 sedan; you instantly know both are '57 Chevys, but you have to look a little more closely to distinguish one from the other.
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    Where are you driving? 28 is a highway only number.

    How many miles on the car. Peek mileage does not occur often for at least a couple thousand.
  • It seems you guys don't care about the price of Impala?? For the forum of "Prices Paid & Buying Experience", the most recent post was on 9/1/2003. How can I negotiate the price? The dealer asked $22900 for LS without any option on Sat.
  • deminindeminin Posts: 214
    In my opinion, the Bose system in our LTZ in probably the finest sound I have heard in a factory radio. If you are into thumping hip hop base, you will probably not be impressed, but if reproduction clarity is important to you, this is one fine radio. I was listening to a comedy routine on XM the other day, and someone in the audience sneezed. It was almost like being right there. The stereo effect can be noticed from almost any seat in the car, and there is virtually no hiss or background noise unless I switch to an AM mistake. I don't know just how much of the setup is real Bose, but in our car, at least, they got it right.
  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    I have seen brand new 2006 Impalas listed on for $18,900. Just check your area for listings.
  • I agree completely; the Bose sound system in the LTZ is superlative. Combined with XM Radio, the 6-CD changer, and my iPod through the jack, the entire system is a fantastic experience.

    For the most part, I also love the "tabbed" menu interface on the audio system. But one part has me stumped: The EQ presets.

    How do you scroll through them, or are there any to scroll through? All I'm able to come up with are "Talk" and "Manual", as opposed to the Jazz, Rock, Pop, News, Classical presets I found easily with the Auto Tone button on my 2002 LS. Many of those were meaningless, but a few of them made a noticeable difference.

    The manual tells me only that the button scrolls through presets. Do I have to do something in conjunction with the EQ button, or are there simply no more options beyond Talk and Manual? Might it be possible to create & save presets from Manual?

    This is embarrassing. Any guidance you '06 owners might provide would be appreciated.

    (And I'm growing to love my LTZ by the day!)


  • basically, like any man, i want as much power feesable. but in my current situation i have been looking at TL's and G35's.

    much to my suprise, i liked the new Impala on first sight. i was shocked, i even had an inckilin of feeling for a GM car (i like their SUV, but much is left to be desired for me with their cars) anyway, my father in law works for GM and the inlaws drive a c5 vette and Avalance and my wife drives a Trailblazer...needless to say they would prefer me to join them--that was hard for me to swallow.

    anyway, what i am looking for in a car, preferably is a nice looking car, with as much HP as i can afford with nice interior, a great stereo, an aux port for my ipod, HID's, roominess, and fit it all in my budget. again the TL an G35 were ideal...

    well, besides the HID's the impala pretty much address these at much less the cost. however, the SS would be my main focus. it is good to hear the BOSE in the impala isnt a BLOSE. that plus my ipod port sounds fantastic. i have yet to drive one, so the FWD bothers me, but only minimally...i will not be drag rancing, nor driving at average speeds above 100, but i do want to point and go fast at times, and from what i have read, it will. my daily commute is roughly 80% hwy/ 10% city. i drive 40 miles one way hwy and 2 city every day.

    looking forward to driving one. with the employee discount--that never goes away for me--i could save prolly $6-8gs on a fully optioned SS compared to the fully optioned TL and G35

    i am 24 with a child due any minute, so i am trying to get out of the "total selfish" mode and into the more practical mode for now...ill worry more about wants later in life i guess...time to focus a little
  • thanks a lot,charts2

    I only saw something about $21900(msrp)in my area. IS there any good forum for discussion the price and buying tips for impala? I'v seen a lot of buying topics for SONATA and PASSAT in this forum. why not impala?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Well, the right place is the Chevrolet Impala: Prices Paid & Buying Experience that you correctly noted has not had a post in quite a while. But don't let that stop you - posts beget posts, and just because no one has posted there recently does not mean folks are not subscribed to it and won't respond to a new post.

    Also, don't overlook our many discussions on the Smart Shopper board which can be very helpful to you with negotiating and shopping strategies in general. In that same vein, you'll find loads of good advice in the Tips and Advice section of the main site,

    Hope this helps.
  • I really appreciate you guy's reply.
  • I took delivery of my new '06 LT last Friday with the 6 CD, XM radio and Bose system. I agree that the sound is the best I've heard for a factory system but I am also confused by the EQ button. In my other GM cars that button scrolled thru several different settings but on the new one I only get Talk and Manual. I've pushed every combination of buttons I can think of and get the same thing. You're right, the owners manual is very vague and the Chevrolet website is no help either. I wonder if this is a softward issue that the dealer can correct. I will try to call today and find out. If anybody else has this issue please let us know the solution (or non-solution). Thanks
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Good luck - keep us posted!
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,978
    “The manual tells me only that the button scrolls through presets. Do I have to do something in conjunction with the EQ button, or are there simply no more options beyond Talk and Manual? Might it be possible to create & save presets from Manual?”

    This is from the GP 2006 owner’s manual pdf:

    EQ (Equalizer): Press this button to select customized
    bass, midrange, and treble equalization settings.
    Up to six customized equalization settings, can be
    programmed on the six numbered pushbuttons,
    by performing the following steps:
    1. Turn the radio on.
    2. Use the TONE button and the SELECT knob to
    create the desired equalization.
    3. Press and hold the EQ button for two seconds.
    SELECT EQ # will appear on the display and the
    EQ symbol will flash.
    4. Press EQ or turn the SELECT knob to select the
    desired EQ number.
    5. Press and hold the EQ button or push the SELECT
    knob to store the equalization setting and the
    number. You will hear a beep and EQ SAVED will
    appear on the display.
    6. Repeat the steps for the other EQ settings and
    EQ 5 has been programmed at the factory for use with
    talk radio, but it can be set to a different tone.

    I do not know how similar the various Impala radios are to the Grand Prix’s – but I suspect that they are similar enough to warrant trying this . . .

    Good luck!
    - Ray
    Never having tried this . .
    2016 BMW 340i

    Exactly what I was looking for; never occurred to me to check the PDF manual online. I'll have to check it out and see what else I can find.

    Thanks Ray ... I'm sure that's just what I need to do. Much obliged!

  • drat19drat19 Posts: 28
    Tried the GXP solution on my '06 Impala LTZ radio. No Joy. Did I goof up the recipe, or are we still outta luck on this one?

    -Dave R. in Biloxi
  • The procedure posted for the equalizer settings above will not work on the Impala's radio. It will work fine on the Grand Prix. I work at the Oshawa Car Assembly plant where the Impala, Monte Carlo, Grand Prix and LaCrosse are made. I just tried the procedure above on a radio and it doesn't work. There also is nothing in the Owner's Manual or Service Manual for adjusting the EQ. I am going to forward your post to the Engineer responsible for the radio and let you know when I get a response.
  • Thanks everybody; I tried the procedure as well, with no luck.

    Happened to get a follow-up call from my dealer, so I drove out there last night and he and I took a look at it. He believes that there are no preset EQ settings, but that each of the 36 available source presets should retain any specific equalizer settings made while at that source. We experimented with this and it appeared to hold true.

    Seems odd, though, to use dashboard real estate for an EQ button that only toggles between two arguably arbitrary sound settings. Odd, too, that the manual doesn't make that clear, especially when there is so much detail about many other features.

    Anything further that members might find out would be a welcome read and much appreciated. Still and all, though, I think I've bought an excellent, responsive and sporty car. Believe it or not, in spite of myself I see the '00-'05 models on the road and catch myself thinking of them as the "old" Impalas. :blush:

    Thanks again.

  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 22,327
    of a new Impala with Bose. But I read the problem with equilizer settings and remember my own RDS radio. I finally found out the pressing and holding the station button memorized the equilizer settings I had manually selected for that station. Then it used that instead of the last used or other equilizer setting when I came back to that station.

    When you do that with an input does the Bose add that setting to the list of presets that you can scroll through?

    2015 Cruze 2LT, 2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT

  • bxdbxd Posts: 186
    If considering Altima, Impala, Maxima... give the Grand Prix GXP a look too. Same V8 power as the SS, and more "goodies": bigger brakes, better struts, more aggressive wheel/tire package.
  • The Bose audio system on the Impala doesn't allow the custom settings you may have had on other GM audio systems. The Bose has a Bose Preprietary Custom EQ (that you paid Bose for)that has limited adjustement capabilities. This is similar to Bose home equiptment. Notice that you never get EQ capabilities on their home equiptment either. The Custom EQ is designed to select different sound 'feels' to compensate for differences in genre types (hiphop, country,etc.,) Bose overcomes these differences in their amplifier. So, you're left with TALK only.
  • I am a totally new cop to cars. After I tested SONATA and IMPALA, I loved IMPALA. The dealer told me that the LS, 1LT and 2LT are all same for driving. I mean the performance on highway, handling, stability, acceleration, etc. The only differences are the LTs have more fancy options. Is that true? Same question for 3LT and LTZ? I don’t need those fancy options, but I am worrying that they eliminated something (for driving) in the LS to make it cheaper. If they are all same, I will go for the cheaper one.
  • drat19drat19 Posts: 28
    Short answer: Biggest diffs between the trim levels from a DRIVING standpoint will be the engine (3.5L vs. 3.9L) and wheel sizes (16" vs. 17").

    I'm sure several respondents on this board will chime in with more detail.

    -Dave R. in Biloxi (enjoying my LTZ more every day, now at 2200 miles)
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