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2006 Chevrolet Impala



  • thanks a lot.
  • LS, 1LT and 2LT don't have Anti-Lock Brakes Standard. They are an option. I would recommend this one option.
  • As far as driveablity is concerned, the LS, 1LT, and 2LT are the same. Antilock brakes are an option on all of these models and they all come with the 3.5 liter engine. Again, driveability of the 3LT and LTZ should be the same, they come standard with antilock brakes and the 3.9 liter engine. The biggest difference in these two models being cloth vs. leather interior.

    The major reason the LS is cheaper is because of singular air condioning controls, it has hubcaps in lieu of aluminum wheels, it doesn't have floor mats, it doesn't have a compass or outside temperature indicator, it doesn't have remote start and it comes with the bench fold down seat and bucket seats aren't an option. You can't get the fold down back seat with it either. Still, it should drive just like the 1LT or 2LT. It doesn't have all the features but I think it is truly the value of the line up.

    With all of that being said, I currently have a 3LT or order. I started out test driving the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry. I felt the Impala was a better buy for me personally. The Camry is the best selling car in the U.S so it must be a terrific car. Still, to me, it felt mikey mouse compared to the Impala. If GM's quality can live up to the rest of the package, they have a winner.
  • tina5tina5 Posts: 11

    how long do you anticipate the time from order to delivery to be ? I have an LTZ on order and was told 6-8 weeks.
  • did you guys pay deposit for your order?
  • deminindeminin Posts: 214
    The LS and LT are very similair, but you have different option levels and the LT, I think, gives you the option of the bigger V6. It all depends upon your needs and the size of your wallet. The LTZ is, in my opinion, the premier package. It has nearly all the toys standard, and with a tighter suspension, is a real joy to drive on the curvy country roads. The SS is the top least in price...if you want to give up some gas mileage, and can stand the torque steer.
  • cblackwell's message is well said. The EQ settings are a requirement from Bose on the uplevel radio and have been this way for a number of years.
  • I was told by the dealer that they had been getting ordered cars in as quickly as 3 weeks and as far out as 6 weeks. I'm would be very surprised if it came in under 6 weeks. I think the 6-8 weeks is more realistic.
  • "did you guys pay deposit for your order?"

    I put up a $500.00 deposit. The dealer told me I didn't have to put up any kind of a deposit.
  • tina5tina5 Posts: 11
    I gave them a check for $200. They said they wouldn't cash it until the car comes in and I sign the paper work. I didn't sign anything when I ordered. Is that actually normal ? I expected some sort of order contract.
  • "I gave them a check for $200. They said they wouldn't cash it until the car comes in and I sign the paper work. I didn't sign anything when I ordered. Is that actually normal ? I expected some sort of order contract."

    I didn't sign any papers either.
  • you said you didn't have to put desposit, so why you did?
    maybe the dealer is not bad as I thought.
  • They started off saying we normally take a $500 deposit but you are an established local and you don't have to put anything down. Why did I? Because I had the cash and the car has to be paid for.
  • 307web307web Posts: 1,033
    That makes no sense. Why not pay it when you get the car?
  • Took delivery 11/11/2005 of Sport red mettalic SS Impala. After a weekend of head turning cruising my impression is very favorable. If you have a need for speed with comfort the impala SS is great.18" tires provide stable handling. Comfortable seats. V8 rumble :) (although tame)Bose system very clean and clear. Negatives :( are although glove box is larger, center console storage much smaller than my 2000 impala. Torque steer as others have reported is a little unnerving.(ahhh but power is gooooooood!!)Trunk lid sounds cheap when opening and closing. 171 mi in 3 days. 17.5 mpg. (I definitely had a lead foot!!!)
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    GM will improve the Impala, I'm sure of it. It's a very important high volume car for the company. That's also why they build it in the #1 plant in North America.
  • been awhile since i can remember that positive of a review from edmunds for a GM car that didnt have a "-V" attached.

    this is good to see. i must admit when i saw one in my neighborhood about a month ago (LTZ), had to physically get up close to see what it definitely did NOT look like the former Impala nor anything GM made.

    i also saw an SS sitting in the mall parking lot...silver with black interior and it looked fantastic. the wheels at first did not look good , imo, but they have grown on me. i am in the market and have been trying to decide between the TL and G35...i never thought i would ever say this, but i am now considering an Impala.

    i am 24 married with a child due anyday, and cant wait (for the baby of course) for a new car as well. the TL and G35 are in my direct price range and offer most thing i would like to have--however with a fully loaded SS (remots starter included)for around $31,000. that beats out the infiniti and acura. now i would say that that 2-3k would be worth it for the infiniti/acura name and quality alone, but when you add in the GM employee discount (my father in law works for GM) that is some pretty nice i need to figuer out of its worth it. :shades:
  • How often does the DOD kick in when your, cruisin on both highway and surface streets? Does it go V8 on slightest touch of the pedal? and what about foot-off coasting?? I personally am glad I don't have it in my GXP as I would surely not pay enough attention to the road to see if I'm in 4 or 8cyl!!!
  • I believe the reason dealers have a cash deposit while saying you will get it back even if you decide NOT to buy the car is to get you back into the dealership if not for some other "deal". just my opinion.
  • quigquig Posts: 16
    I'm looking at buying a 06 Impala with variable valve, my wife and I are retired with travel plans, will the variable valve make a big differents in our mileage. I'm not buying a SS model just standard V6 with limited options pack.

  • deminindeminin Posts: 214
    We, too, are spending out childrens inheritance. I think the variable valve feature is present in both V6's in the new Impala. Its purpose is to give decent fuel mileage, yet allow for some extra HP if you need it. We have the LTZ with pretty much everything except the sunroof. So far, our highway mileage is in the 26-27 MPG range, which is acceptable for the power this 3.9L engine has. We haven't taken any long trips yet, but I am quite happy with the comfort and handling of this LTZ. It has excellent seats, and a slightly tighter suspension which is a real plus for some of the 2 lane rural roads we drive regularly. It doesn't wallow around on the road like some of the softer riding cars do. Before you buy, try to check out one of these LTZ's. They come with nearly all the options standard, and are not much more expensive than an LS or LT with a few options. They even put outstanding tires on the LTZ...Goodyear Eagles LS2's with a UTQG of 400AB.
  • We just got our 06 Impala with the 2LT package Saturday. It was awesome. We traded in our 01 Tracker (our faithful servant then), and was thinking about the Equinox. But after test-driving the two vehicles side-by-side, we decided on the Impala. We hoped to have AWD, but the long wheel base and low-profile and immensely better handling (probably because we are comparing car to SUV) compensate for that. On top of that the Impala is $2,500 cheaper...
    We have the 3.5L which is fuel-flexible. That means we can use E85 fuel, which is at least 50 cents cheaper than regular unleaded. In the State of South Dakota, where corn ethanol production signifiies the local economy, that makes me feel really good. I don't think the 3.9L takes E85. We feel the 3.5L has more than enough power for us even the speed limit is 75 in SD.
    The car came equipped with XM radio, 6 CD changer, fold-flat rear seat (very neat), ABS, steering-wheel audio controls. The remote starter rocks! The car is very comfortable and has a high level of refinement (at least by Chevy's standard).
    We are very happy with our purchase, and hope the solid feel of the car is not short-lived.

    Happy motoring!!
  • Just picked up sharp 3LT in Dark Silver Metallic with Ebony Cloth interior and the brushed sterling appliques this weekend. Got the 3.9L and 17" touring tires, spoiler standard, 6-seater option, along with the Bose upgrade. Took everything else as standard, as it was very much the feature mix I was looking for, balancing cost with features.

    It's basically the sister car to the LTZ without the heated leather seats and without a few amenities like heated/auto-dimming mirrors. Despite all the "bland styling" comments online, I got plenty of head turns and nice comments this weekend -- this color combination with the 17" rims and spoiler is luxurious-looking without looking frumpy.

    First thoughts:

    Ride is very stable and smooth, fairly quiet, very little lean in turns. It's a VERY easy car to drive, particularly at high winds as it has pretty good aerodynamics (including the "zero decibel" side mirrors which were pretty good on noise). There's still some road and wind noise of course, but quieter than my previous cars.

    No noticeable wallow or float so far, which is consistent with my test drives. Chevy found a very nice balance in-between the rougher sporty rides of the Grand Prix and the boaty rides of some larger luxury cars. It's like they took the best of both worlds in this particular engine/tire/suspension mix. Better control and ride than the non-CXS Buick LaCrosse models (which do wallow and float on the highway).

    VVT 3.9L puts out plenty of kick, esp. for on-ramps. 17" touring tires take a nice bite out of the road and add to the overall refinement. All around a smooth ride with substantial power. Real easy to get up to 80 mph on the freeway without realizing it, it's that smooth and powerful. IMHO, the 3LT/LTZ is definitely the "sweet spot" for the best balance of overall value and luxury in the lineup. Don't get me wrong, the V8 SS had me thinking about it for a while, but I seriously doubt its MPG ratings. SS drivers have reported here that they're not getting anywhere near those numbers -- don't forget that they are GM numbers, not the EPA. The 3.9L provides plenty of power with only a moderate hit to MPG compared to the 3.5L (which I felt was somewhat underpowered, particularly when I'd load up the car for a family road trip).

    The main reason I got the cloth seats was my back. I test drove at least 3-4 Impalas from August to early October with the stiff leather and promptly got a middle/lower backache in under 10 minutes. Cloth just felt better. I agree the early '06 Impalas had far too obtrusive lumbars (too much of a hump in my back, even at lowest lumbar setting), and the stiff leather only made it worse. I noticed the cloth had more "give" and since I ordered out for this, it feels like it has the revised seat mentioned in Healey's USA Today review at: link title It's a good, well-balanced review, and I agree with pretty much all of his comments and conclusions -- it's a good guide to the 06 Impala.

    Fit and finish, for what I paid, is excellent, particularly as Chevy has historically been the more "vanilla" value line for GM. Kudos to Chevy for figuring out how to work in a nice clean and respectable interior for a value price.

    The upscale radio with Bose is well worth it. Crystal clear jazz, voice, and instrumentals. Fiddling with the manual EQ Bass/Mid/Treble/Fade provided much more substantial sound for rock/pop. Good bass, with some thumpin' on some songs, but not others. If you're looking for deep rumbling bass, this isn't how it was geared -- more for a finely balanced overall sound with very rich clarity. But the bass is there and adequate, it just won't shake you out of your seats. Which is pretty much the signature Bose sound balancing.

    iPod line-in jack definitely impacted my purchase decision -- it's about time!!! The iPod sounds great through the Bose, far better than I expected. Love the radio buttons on the leather steering wheel -- always wish it had more, of course, but very fun and safer driving. Just discovered holding the steering mute button for two seconds launches the OnStar system for calling, etc. -- so you don't have to take your eyes off the road to push the mirror button. Little touches like this abound in the interior.

    Also very cool that you can purchase additional packaged minutes for hands-free calls that are good for a year, so I don't have to worry about using or losing them. I have a cell phone, but it's nice to have the additional service for backup in case I don't have my cell phone with me. At this point I plan to renew the OnStar after the first year.

    So far, I can confirm two prior concerns with the radio:

    1. There are only two settings via the EQ button -- talk and manual. Which is fine by me, because I have always ignored the EQ presets on every car I've owned and tweaked the settings myself (all those "genre presets" are pretty worthless from an audiophile's perspective). I greatly enjoyed the quality of the sound playing classic rock, jazz, easy listening, talk, etc. I would've kicked myself for not getting the Bose upgrade. Hey, can anyone tell me where the last two speakers are? I found the two tweeters in the front posts, the two in the front doors, and the two in the back dash. So where are the other two?

    2. There is a slight hiss from the radio at extreme low volume levels. That doesn't bother me as I usually either have the radio on somewhere in the middle volume, or off.

    The quickstart card mentions a separate Bose supplement, which was not included in my package, so I'll have to check with my salesman to get it. Is there a separate manual for the radio?

    I'm not looking at the gas mileage yet, as I've been idling a lot while learning all the cool functions (radio, DIC, OnStar, remote start, etc.), so it's still in the teens. Remote start is awesome, particularly as I'm in the Midwest with winter coming. ;)

    It's a little strange to realize one loses the back trunk key lock as well as the one on the passenger door. So if your key fob battery dies (although the DIC provides a low fob battery warning), you better hope the driver's door lock isn't frozen.

    Also, with the 6-seater option, the shifter on the column blocks the left edge of the radio disply in Drive, so you have to look around it to read the far left part of the display. Small annoyance, but it's there. I went for this option for the longer and much softer, comfortable arm rest. I also wanted more leg room and the center console is more limiting although sporty.

    Overall, I'm very pleased with the 3LT. I'm somewhat concerned about buying a first year model (think version 1.0 for software), so I got the 72/100 extended warranty as I'm expecting some bugs/defects along the way -- those usually tend to pop up with wear and tear at higher mileage.

    Tips for GMS e
  • Sorry, my first post got cut off, so here's the rest:

    Overall, I'm very pleased with the 3LT. I'm somewhat concerned about buying a first year model (think version 1.0 for software), so I got the 72/100 extended warranty as I'm expecting some bugs/defects along the way -- those usually tend to pop up with wear and tear at higher mileage.

    Tips for GMS employee discounts: Besides the standard $1,000 rebate, there is an additional $1,000 discount for GMS buyers in November (it's not on the consumer GM web site). Also, we received a coupon certificate from GM in the mail this month for an additional $500 off (we're previous GMS purchasers), which added up to a very nice $2,500 off still early in the model year, in addition to our GMS discount, so we saved a bundle. Couldn't match this value-to-feature ratio on comparable competitors, that's for sure.

    Also got the car pretty quick, about 4 weeks from order to arrival at dealer. Dealership used one of their allocations for me to help speed it up, nice service.

    It helped that I really did my homework on the features, did lots of test drives, etc. And I'm glad I waited to order exactly what I wanted, as I benefited from some additional incentives that were not there in October.

    It's still just a baby, but I'm thrilled with it and without knowing more about reliability at this point, would recommend it. If you want a lot of the luxury touches and drive feel of the LTZ, but want to save some money, the 3LT is a worthy choice.
  • would you guys like to share some buy experience?

    How much did you pay?
  • Some details of the deal that I got:

    2LT with ABS, XM radio, 6CD changer, Fold flat seat (now that we have this feature, it's a must-have), Engine block heater

    MSRP = $24,790
    GM red tag price = $22,207
    (You can get these numbers from Chevy website)

    Dealer's discount brought it to $22,000. And I got $2,000 off from my GM card. So the final sales price of our Impala is $20,000. Probably not the lowest price possible, but the very friendly and patient salesperson makes a big difference in our decision to buy the vehicle. Still an incredible value compares to similarly-equipped Camry/Accord. Don't think that we will buy a Ford. We have an excellent local dealer. That makes the buying experience quite enjoyable.
  • quigquig Posts: 16
    Good info. guys on Impala (Thanks Deminin) Question for all can I order a 3.9L in a 2LT package? I noticed on a GM build site there was no option for it.(2006 Impala)
  • quigquig Posts: 16
    Ivans. Where did you get the $1000.00 additional discount for gms buyers in November? And what is GMS?

  • 3.9 engines are only for 3LT and LTZ
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