5 speed transmission question

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I have a 1989 Ranger 2.3 with a 5 spd trans. thats hard to shift to 5th gear & jumps out of reverse. My question is will a trans. out of a 1996 Ranger 2.5 with a 5spd fit my truck. Both are 2 wheel drive.


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    I don't have an Interchange Book so can't say for sure, but the two trucks are different generations. The earlier generation (yours) used a variety of transmission, while the later general (your donor truck) seems to have only used the Mazda M5OD R-1.

    So if both your transmissions are the M5OD then you might be in luck. You'll have to identify what transmission you have in the '89.

    Some tip-offs are that the M5OD has an internal hydraulic slave cylinder (not attached to the outside) and an integral bell housing.
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    Before swapping transmissions, have you had the shift linkage and its alignment checked? Sometimes a bushing can wear out, or something else happens that interferes with proper gear engagement.
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    I did'nt know it had any adjustments.Where do you look.
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    I googled it, there is a bushing repair kit for some of them. Check out the first two videos, see if they're yours:

  • hitch2016hitch2016 Member Posts: 3
    I tried that no change.
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    So i have a 97 ford ranger 5 speed 4cylinder whenever i start my truck it dies i was told that my transmission was goin out or my clutch is slipping i have to keep starting it up while pressing on the gas. Can someone help me 
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    Do this test on an empty street. Press the clutch pedal then start the truck. Put gear shift in 1st gear then let go of the clutch pedal. The engine should stall right away if the clutch is good.If the truck doesn't slall, you need a new clutch.
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    I did and the truck didnt go till third or fourth time startings up and rhanks for the info
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