Water damage that big of a deal?

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Was a few days from buying a used 330ci (im a grad student) when I learned it was a rebuild because of water damage at 38k. It now has 110k and the guy I was buying it from says he had no problems in the two years he's owned it. Very honest guy so I take his word. I spoke to a bmw specialist and he told me to just stay away completely. After 80k miles is the water damage still that big of a deal?

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  • jordanmberjordanmber Member Posts: 3
    Thank you, yeah I took your advice and told him that if he has trouble selling it over the next few months and would reduce the price to around 2500-3000 I would take it but I'm sure someone will buy it by then 
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    Good idea. There is no shortage of E46 3-Series. Wait for a better one.

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  • jordanmberjordanmber Member Posts: 3
    This was my first time driving and I fell in love. Just needed to have it 
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