Would a 2003 Accord be as reliable as a 2003 Camry?

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I've had a 2003 Camry for several years and it has been almost completely problem free. I had to get a new catalytic converter last year, and a couple of years ago I had about $1,200 worth of maintenance done. I don't know anything about car repairs so I don't remember what they did, but it was at a garage I trust and the car ran a lot smoother after. It has about 180,000 miles on it and still runs well, but it needs more exhaust work and someone ran into it making the repair cost more than I think it's worth(it's pretty beat up.)

I found a listing for a 2003 accord with only 100,000 miles on it for about $5000 and I'm just wondering if I should expect it to have a bunch of costly repairs right off. All I know about it so far is what the listing says:

"2003 Honda Accord EX- 4 cylinder - 4 door - automatic - 101k miles - Sunroof - Leather heated seats - all power options (windows, locks, roof, etc.)

Nice accord up for sale in ready-to-go condition. Interior is black leather with all the power options in clean condition. Exterior has typical wear for an 13 year old car but cleans up great as seen in the pictures. This Accord was just in the shop this week and received new front and rear brakes and rotors, front and rear sway bar links, balance/ tire rotation and front end alignment, oil change, and state inspection. It has later model rims on it. Goes down the road straight and smooth, no noises shakes or vibrations. No leaks or noises from the engine. Clean Honda with plenty of life left in it. Not uncommon to see these do 300k and on. Must see and drive to appreciate. First person to come see this car and drive it will buy it!! This car will pass NH state inspection without issue. Can be included with sale.

$5200 BO cash. "

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!


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    @screename28 When looking at 13 year old cars, it's all about individual condition. How reliable those cars were when new, has little effect now.

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    you could be trading one set of problems for another--best thing I could suggest is have the car carefully inspected prior to sale, and also try to dig up service records.

    As for "not uncommon to see 300,000....", that's just puffery and not supported by facts. That would be most uncommon for ANY car. Besides, you can keep any car running forever if you spend enough money on it.

    The only real reason I can see to trade, aside from it being a car with fewer miles, would be if it really enhanced your driving experience beyond what you have now.

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