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Hyundai Sonata 2006-2007



  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    What is "dishonest" about adding a premium above sticker? That's what the free enterprise system is all about. I'd say they had a distorted view of the value of the '06 Sonata in a very competitive marketplace, but dishonest... no. I've dealt with Honda salespeople who were very upfront and honest about the ADM stickers on their cars. And I thanked them for their time and walked out. I didn't get any impression that they were being dishonest with me.
  • 747pilot747pilot Posts: 38
    I currently own an 04 Hyundai Sonata LX (bought new in August of 03) that I have been very happy with. I have always been interested in the new version ever since I started hearing about it last year.

    When I had my car at the dealership getting serviced I went over and started looking at the new 06 model they had in the showroom. The body panels all lined up perfectly and the doors were as solid as a bank vault. When inside the car with the doors closed you could hardly hear a thing inside the car. Its very well insulated from outside sound. Like the inside all the interior panels line up nicely and the cabin is very simple and uncluttered. Also had a lot of room in it and the seats were very comfortable.

    Going back outside and looking the car over again I started to see several cars in the design. From a certain angle it looks like an Audi. From another angle it looks like a Honda Accord. From yet another angle it looks a lot like a Volvo. Nothing new here. My Sonata will look like a Mercedes from some angles and a Jaguar from another.

    Now its time for the test drive. Luckily I was able to test drive 2 models because the one I really wanted to drive was out on a test drive. The first one was a GLS with the 4 cylinder engine. Power wise it was not that bad but you could tell it was a 4 banger. You really had to hit the upper RPM's for it to move quickly. Road noise was very quiet. The Chassis felt very solid and it soaked up bumps like it was nothing. Handling was so so but this one had 16" alloy wheels. It handled very stable but not exactly fast.

    As we pulled in I could see the one I really wanted to drive. It was an GLS with the V6 engine and the Premium Sports Package. Looking it over I was impressed. Its one of the few Asian cars that comes from the factory with very robust looking wheels and tires. The LX package truly looks like an European sports sedan in my opinion.

    Without wasting any more time it was on for the test drive. This time the salesman let me take it out by myself. This meant I could have a little bit more fun.

    Since traffic was a bit heavy I had to give it a lot of gas pulling out of the dealership. By accident I literally started spinning the tires even with the TC on. I was like holly smokes this car has got some serious power.

    On the road the GLS-Sport had a bit more road noise and the ride was not as soft but it was barely noticeable. You would only notice the difference if you drove them back to back like I did. I thought the base four cylinder was quiet but its nothing like the V6. You can barely hear it at idle and normal cruise and it makes a very pleasant and throaty sound when pushed.

    Speaking of being pushed I opened the car up a little. I managed to smoke a Mini-Cooper S rather aggressively off the line. However he did not raise challenge until I was a few car lengths ahead of him at a traffic light. So it was not exactly fair. However this car is very quick. In fact its so quick its a real handful keeping the front end straight. Hyundai could have done a better job keeping torque steer in control. This was my only real complaint with the power and car.

    The GLS 4 cylinder I had first driven before handled well and flat but not necessarily aggressive. However on the same turns with the GLS-Sport I was able to go twice the speed and the car took it in stride with very little body lean. No tire squeal was heard. So I tried a few more turns at even higher speeds. The G force was rather high and only felt a bit of axle hop at really high speeds. The sucker just refused to give up in the turns. A handling treight once only found in European sports sedans.

    About the only handling quirk I felt was some moderate understeer. However its front wheel drive and that can't really be fixed easily. This is likely to prevent a normal person from ever driving the car hard. However it sure can dance if you wanted.

    Overall I was very impressed with the car. It has a lot of features and its solidly built. Nothing screams cheap in the design and everything is well laid out. As for performance it can play with the big boys. Perhaps not beat them but they would not be able to run away.

    At that moment I was interested in trading in. My 04 is paid for and I figured if I really wanted this car now is as good a time as any. However they were really not interested in talking about it. The dealership said that the 04 and 05 is a very solid car and still in demand. The big problem is they still have many 05's they are trying to move. With the current rebates and discounts they could not give me a fair price for my 04. They also said that the 06 does not have any incentives so it would be difficult to cut a deal I would be happy with. They are probably correct in that regard. They suggested I try in 6 months when all the 05's are gone and they got some incentives going on the 06. I appreciate the honesty but this was the first time a dealership did not try to sell a car. Of coarse they know me pretty well so again they were probably being honest.

    Again I loved the car but I think I am going to wait it out until they get some good incentives going. Also would like a little time for them to get the bugs out of the new plant. I am probably not going to wait forever but an in dash navigation system would be a bonus as well.
  • baron71baron71 Posts: 7
    Right now there are no rebates except for owner loyalty and college grad.

    There is also a $500 rebate for military. Our local Hyundai dealership is running an "employee price" promotion until July 15th too.
  • chevymalibuchevymalibu Posts: 129
    what's roadside assts going to do?? all they'll do is put that donut on. You can only go 55 MPH max with that thing and 80 miles max on the tire. I put a full size spare in my accord last year. Doesn't completely fit in the trunk but I can go full speed and many miles on it if I need it.
  • chevymalibuchevymalibu Posts: 129
    sorry, just scrolled down and saw your message. My exact thoughts and sentiments!!!! screw the damn donuts. If the sonata is a "large" car, geez, put a damn full size tire in there or at least make the damn wheel well large enough to accomodate one (honda you need to do that too, dummys). Gee, a 25K car with a donut. I agree that you don't get too many flats but I had 6 to 7 in the last 3 to 4 years due to all the housing construction going on. The damn carpenters or roofers let those plastic washered nails fall off the truck and they sit upright just waiting for you to run over them. Luckily my bad luck has been with size 14's at 50 a tire instead of the michelins that are 150 on my wife's accord. Yikes.
  • chevymalibuchevymalibu Posts: 129
    the dealer I went to said they are only making 3-4% from MSRP. So with that (if you believe it), then the invoice on the net is way off. Personally, I believe the net and
  • chevymalibuchevymalibu Posts: 129
    seems like everyone is buying the V6's and that's great. Does anyone here have a 4 cyl and took the mileage?? I doubt it reaches 33MPG on the highway based on my test drive and the tach readings. Just my observation without concrete evidence. thanks
  • chevymalibuchevymalibu Posts: 129
    More add on from my earlier post. I went to adv. auto and they had the PL or L14450 filter. The fram 3595A is supposed to be a cross match but it's smaller in diameter. Anyway, I looked at the '04s for all hyundais and they use the same filter. Now the 6's might be a cartridge insert but that I don't know for sure.

    Sorry for all the fuss over a oil filter but for someone who changes his 2-3K during the first 100K or so, it means a lot to me to baby the car. having put about 900K on all our family cars in the last 20 years or so, I haven't had any engine/oil issues (with the exception of the lifters/valves in that grand am junk).
  • dcibrandodcibrando Posts: 90
    the lastest word now on navigational systems and Xm satellite radio is they will be arriving mid-production year... and about the time the Azera arrives this fall (November?)

    I'm working on getting prices and more details ... so I can pass them along. I guess this will force me to wait on getting my sonata... but maybe this is a good thing.. rebates may be out by that time? :)
  • tomcotomco Posts: 1
    I just bought a Sonata 2006 GLS or so I thought.
    I payed 19500 for the car out of the door (all included). No extras.
    DO you think it is a reasonable deal ?
    Well , to make a long story short, the dealer wanted 22 K two days ago, suddenly called me at my price, appointment to 9:30 PM signing papers for hours and finally gave me the car. When at home reviewing the car I discovered well wrapped and disguised the window sticker of the car - turned out to be the GL version even thought I signed all the papers as GLS V6.
    Just a reminder to everyone - keep your eyes more than open , skeptic.
    By the way the dealer is RICK CASE at Ft Lauderdale Fl. be aware.
    The cars are so similar ...
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    So you DID get the GLS V6 for $19.5k, and not the GL, right?? There is a HUGE difference between those two cars, in powertrain and other equipment. BTW, what was the price before taxes, license, and other fees were added?
  • boltmanboltman Posts: 85
    Hi everyone...

    Well it's official got the second tank of gas (first one I filled) MPG results....

    The Sonata calculated on the trip computer 20.5 MPG.

    I went 323.6 miles before I filled up with 15.758 Gallons
    So my actual MPG was 20.5356.

    That trip computer was spot on accurate!

    I suspect the reason for the lower MPG reading was being stuck in LA traffic on day and lots of around town driving on that tank. Hopefully as time goes on I'll get more in the mid-twentys range on average.

    I'll keep you updated.
  • boltmanboltman Posts: 85
    I know the Sonata LX isn't "scheduled" for it's first oil change until 7500 miles.

    I am a HUGE fan of Mobil 1 synthetic and want to switch to synthetic as soon as possible without sacrificing normal break in. Anyone have any thoughts of the best time to switch? I checked with Mobil 1 about a possible cartridge filter element for the V6 they responded that they typically only make the spin on filters... looks like Hyundai is the only place to get the cartridge filter element so far.

    My thinking is around 1500 miles I should switch, this will be past the initial 1200 mile break in period and should allow for significant ring seating etc. Anyone have any different suggestions that knows about engines?

    As for the oil 5w-20 is recommended, however both 5w-30 and 10w-30 are also suggested. Now Mobil 1 does make all these weights but I personally have never noticed the 5w-20 weight in stores. Does anyone know where to find the "recommended" 5w-20 Mobil 1?

    If that weight turns out too hard to find... which would be better for non-freezing driving... the 5w-30 or 10w-30 in the V6?

    Also what are your thoughts about "Superplug" I emailed to see if they had a 2006 Sonata V6 plug yet still no response. I just want to make sure the magnet won't mess with any of the Sonata's systems. I seem to remember reading something about magnetic fields under the car in the owners manual I think it has something to do with one of the systems (ESC ?). Anyone know?

  • danf1danf1 Posts: 935
    Check the VIN number on your paperwork. It is possible that they delivered you the wrong car. But at that price, I can't imagine them selling you a V6 model.
  • chevymalibuchevymalibu Posts: 129
    thank you so much for the reply. you must have been a lot more city or standing still in traffic to get 20 MPG. Someone said that the EPA numbers were high. I am wondering if the 4 cyl would even break 30 on all highway/interstate. Somehow, I doubt it. I hear the camrys are getting 35-37 on all highway. Heck, my POS 1994 4 cyl with 202K gets 35MPG on all highway.
  • chevymalibuchevymalibu Posts: 129
    got to and read on dino oil vs. synthetic. they say you can switch anytime. Guess the filter is really a cartridge in the 6 cyl. You can find 5w-20 anywhere in castrol, penzoil, store brands etc.. I've used it on the accord now for a year and it still is really great by feel coming out at 3k per change. I don't do synthetics so I can't say that I've seen it in that wt. per your other question, the farther the two numbers are apart, the more additives are present. Since they recommend 5w-20, I'd go with the 5w-30 as a next choice but you should be able to get the 5W-20 syn. I bet you can get it in castrol although I guess you'll say mobil syn is better than castrol and it might be. Good luck.
  • thndrstmthndrstm Posts: 47
    I got little over 30 on a 270 mile trip(both manually calculated and odometer) That included a 15 mile backup at a toll plaza.
  • boltmanboltman Posts: 85
    I called and spoke to a Hyundai service technician just to get their opinions...

    His recommendation is using 10w-30 in California, he says that is what he uses when he does the oil changes. Doesn't get cold enough to need 5w. Plus less viscosity improvers needed in the oil itself than 5w-30.

    He also said you can switch to synthetic at anytime and that it is no problem going 7500 between changes in the V6.

    As for the Superplug he said it was up to me. He just seemed to think it was a really good idea on older cars and that the new ones don't really need it but it couldn't hurt anything.

    So I think I'll probably do the first change somewhere between 1200-1500 miles. I'm going to try to do it on my own (like the extended old oil drain time). I'll let you know how easy or hard it was.

    He is checking into turning on the speed-sensitive door locks (disabled by default) and will call me back. I'll keep you updated.
  • fezzyfezzy Posts: 83
    Did you confirm what model car you got. As one of the other post said if the paper work that you signed said Sonata 2006 GLS you may have gotten the wrong car. However, you should be able to take the car back and get a GLS V6 model at the price that the paper work shows or get your money back.

    Before getting your money back I would consult with an attorney. Because, if you really want the car and they (the dealer) wrote 2006 GLS V6 on the paperwork and you signed it that is a contractual agreement. If they fail to honor this agreement they have voided the contract and should make it correct or stand to be disciplined. This can be costly for the dealer and the person in litigation. So if you decided to take legal action I would find a young attorney (Local College Law School) that wants to work pro bono as additional practice.

    You can also inform the BBB and other government agencies. This is a big no no to lie to consumers in addition to having it in writing.
  • kc206kc206 Posts: 32
    If it's a V6 then it's a GLS. The GL only comes with a 4
  • wincrasherwincrasher Posts: 12
    Such frequent oil changes are simply a waste of money and non-renewable resources and will not extend engine life. At 7500 miles interval, with regular oil, they are willing to warrant 10 years or 100,000 miles! That says alot.

    Just about all new car engines are built to such tight tolerances these days that they all recommend 5000 or 7500 mile intervals. I have a diesel truck that recommends 25,000 mile interval!

    Save the planet - stop wasting oil. :)
  • jojo6jojo6 Posts: 20
    Chevymalibu - the 30 mpg - what engine and transmission?

    Boltman - I assume you can constantly monitor the MPG. What does it read when you are cruising at highway speed ? I think the change to Mobil 1 is a great idea. Has worked great with my last two cars - both over 150K and never a problem relating to engine wear. I think I would change somewhere around 1K-2K.
  • gkelgkel Posts: 2
    Anyone out there gotten a good deal on a 2006 GLS? I got a quote for 21875 including taxes and tags (with a 1000 trade in), but I thought I could get under 20000. Any ideas? Also is the 4 cyl much more fuel efficient than the 6? Thanks
  • boltmanboltman Posts: 85

    I totally agree, the only reason I'm advocating swithching to synthetic very early in the engines life is to get the most benefit from the extra lubrication/safety and the extra fuel effieciency. Not to mention draining out ASAP any residual shavings or such that might be in their from the initial break in.

    One reason I switched to synthetic a long time ago is the fact that I'm not wasting non-renewable resources, I usually go somewhere between 6,000 to 12,000 miles between synthetic oil changes (also use Mobil 1 filters). I am always amazed at the pristine black oil (no sludge, bubbles or particulates) that drains out looking into the engine I see no indications of wear. I've been using the stuff since it came in a can through mail order and the original Mobil 1 can stated 25,000 miles between changes.

    Got 150k out of my 5.0 Mustang LX (traded it in on the Windstar), and currently 100K out of both my Contour SE and Windstar SE. All cars engines run great and none have needed any engine work. I expect to hold on to the Sonata LX for 10 years as well and after the initial oil change will follow Hyundai's 7500 interval while under their warranty then may go longer between drains after that.
  • boltmanboltman Posts: 85
    Jojo6- the MPG is an average over the period since reset so at highway speeds I usually see it climb from city driving and then settle in on a number. I think it simply calculates how much gas has been used over what miles have been driven at that exact moment . So initially you see pretty good flucuations but as you drive it slows down and displays your actual MPG since the last reset.

  • jimstrenkjimstrenk Posts: 56
    It would appear that after careful examination, that my suggestion that Chicagoland dealers are asking MSRP + $2000.00 is incorrect. After re-evaluation of what Hyundai gives as MSRP and what is listed via, dealers are listing 2006 Sonatas for MSRP.

    I stand corrected!
  • byrdebyrde Posts: 1
    Doesn't look as good as the previous years. I bought mine for the style. I wouldn't buy one now for the looks.
  • thndrstmthndrstm Posts: 47
    I already posted my price of 18,791, but believe that was a 1 time opportunity.
  • boltmanboltman Posts: 85

    I give the 2006 Sonata LX high marks in just about every category. The power, handling and brakes are excellent (even keeping it under 4000 RPM during break in) can't wait to really wind it out in a few weeks! The looks are great. I like the manual shift feature, it is nice to downshift when coasting to a stop instead of using the brakes all the time. I have yet to see another LX on the road yet. I keep on thinking those accords may be Sonatas from the back, but the Sonata looks better. It has a nice raised in back stance when you park it. Looks fast even at a stop.

    The interior is fine I don't find it dull at all. There is plenty of room in all seats and the trunk is huge.

    It makes me buckle my seat belt by it's annoying ring right after you drive.


    Really nothing major! But I'll nitpick a little for some clarity...

    The seats could be more comfortable for longer drives. My wife liked the leather seats for comfort in our 1995 Contour better, I agree. I think it is because the seats in the Sonata are much firmer (sportier). I find for normal trips (less than an hour) there is no issue but she is probably right a few hours in those seats at a time may be on the uncomfortable side especially if you have a lousy back like she does. Be aware because of the airbags you cannot alter the seats at all and maintain proper operation (no sheepskin or different padding etc.).

    Gas mileage... hopefully it improves 20.5 is a little on the low side. Hopefully after a few more miles and synthetic oil the MPG will improve to the mid twenties.

    The horn is a little on the tinny side.

    Things I found out that I didn't know when I bought it...

    The power plug in the trunk... great for electronic usage in the back seat.

    The trip computer has lots of functions. Good MPG estimates and range to empty.

    The speed sensitve door lock feature(currently disabled), we really like that feature on out Windstar. BTW I'm having it turned on at the dealer next Tuesday.

    The gas cap holder in the gas door... just screw it in, no dangling.

    The fact that the compass needs to be set to your specific region for accuracy. Probably not set by the dealer correctly. Think it was on the Alabama zone.

    All the little touches... a handle inside the trunk to pull it down, the ridges in the door handle to grip better, the underside of the vehicle is streamlined and protected well. The EXCELLENT owners books... very well laid out and detailed.

    Easy car to wash and wax... very streamlined.

    I still look forward to driving everytime I need to... it's a great car so far. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED even at MSRP.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    Well, as Hyundai says (or used to say), "driving is believing"! :)
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