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BMW Z4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • peakpropeakpro Posts: 65
    You did do well. I could not get that deal last month at a NJ dealer. Would'nt even consider 37.5K
  • mondmond Posts: 79
    Kyfdx is correct when he says "you just have to look for another car". The instant you insist on a particular car the dealer usually wins. Test drive a few different models and hopefully will find more than one you like. This also changes your attitude and the dealer will sense that you don't "need" their car.
    In addition, to get the best deal you may need to be willing to purchase or lease from a distant dealer.
    Keep your mind open, your wallet closed and always question authority. If you do this, they won't get the better of you.
  • I agree with some of the earlier statements: know the numbers, talk in terms of the dealer's profit, and don't fall in love with any one car on the lot.

    I bought my 2004 z4 (3.0 and all three option packs) last October while the $6500 incentive was on. Thanks to the internet (and Edmunds in particular), it's easy to understand dealer's invoice and all incentives whether to the consumer or the dealer. It put me in a position to negotiate not for my buy price but the dealer's profit. Without even stepping onto a lot, I called a dozen area dealers, asked if they had what I was looking for in stock and if they'd do the deal for $1,0000 profit based on my understanding of the numbers. Every single one of them said yes. In the end, I was able to convince my selected dealer to throw in a wind screen ($285 retail). I charged a deposit over the phone and the whole process took only about an hour. An MSRP of $48,500 turned into a buy price of $38,000. That spread was mostly owing to the rebate, but also from knowing the numbers and negotiating specifically for their profit.

    I am, by the way, delighted with the car. It's a blast; especially now with the warm weather starting to return to the northeast. Good luck.
  • mamemame Posts: 2
    Thank you!
    I feel much better now. Regards,
  • wantone5wantone5 Posts: 9
    I know it's early in the month, but I have seen nothing about incentives on the Z4 for April. Has anyone heard anything or are they really gone for now?
  • tmchowtmchow Posts: 31
    I've recently become interested in a 2003 Z4 3.0 and found the Edmunds forums by chance on an MSN Search (yay Microsoft ;)).

    In the northwest, low/decent mileage 2003 3.0's are going for anywhere between $35-$37k. Certified pre-owned (CPO) are between $37-$39k.

    In reading the above messages, someone stated "An MSRP of $48,500 turned into a buy price of $38,000". WOW!

    At that rate, is it even worthwhile to buy used? I'm guessing the same type of negotations can't happen on a CPO since there are no "Dealer incentives" here AFAIK. Comments welcome.
  • ukjimukjim Posts: 63
    I own an RX8 6 Speed ( that forum seems much livelier than this one BTW) but I recently helped my GF buy a Z4.

    After much driving around including a horrible Bait and Switch at one dealer where we walked out with the manager on his knees trying to get us to go back( I have owned BMW's and was surprised at this behavior, both the grovelling, and the B&S, not a typical dealer in my experience), she purchased:

    A Silver/Black 2003 3.0 auto ( she doesn't drive a manual), with 600 miles, full warranty, for $34K. it is basically brand new.

    She is not a slave to fashion and living in RI it is only a 3 season car so the "older" model doesn't bother her.

    A good deal?
  • ukjimukjim Posts: 63
    Read my posting earlier, ( for what its worth) I forgot to mention that the car was also CPO.
  • wantone5wantone5 Posts: 9
    I had a great experience today. I had sent out emails to three dealers looking for prices on a 2.5 Z4 with power top, and heated seats. I was using the TMV price as a target and my preferred dealer came back with a price just over $2000.00 below the TMV price. I was more than pleasantly surprised. I realize they have incentives going on now, but I thought that the TMV price took those into consideration. I just returned from putting down my deposit and I will pick up the car in a few days. I had the most pleasant experience that I have ever had in purchasing a car.
  • dpz4dpz4 Posts: 1
    While shopping for "something else" I test-drove a pre-owned Z4, and liked it! I then found one that I thought I would buy, and had made what I considered a decent deal. Then, while looking for other info on the web, I found this forum, and maybe wondering if I am doing a smart thing (being smitten sometimes makes you lose focus).

    details: 2003 Z4, jet black, tan leather, 2.5, 5-speed, premium pkg, convenience pkg, xenons, heated seats, wood trim, foglights, premium hi-fi.

    less than 3,400 miles. from a BMW dealer, and is CPO. so that's the balance of the 50k original factory warranty, plus 2 add'l years and another 50k for 100k total
    (I understand that the second 50k isn't as comprehensive as the first 50k, but the CPO plan looked pretty good to me).

    Purchase price: $30k.

    Thoughts? For me, it's a lot of money, and I just want to be prudent with it.
    Thanks, DPz4.
  • Just bought mine (end of March).

    3.0, PrPkg, SpPkg, Xen, Heat, Step

    $41k cap cost. mf = .0022

    I'm fairly certain others could do better, but owing to the complexity of my situation, this dealer really went to bat for me and thus I am more than happy with it and more than willing to give them something on both the cap cost and the mf.

    Oh, and fwiw, he DID try to raise the fee from $625 to $825, but grinned rather sheepishly when I called him on it.

    Second fwiw, I had to walk out (literally) on this deal, get in my car, and drive home. During said drive, they called 4x, so I know this deal (and probably one even better for less complex deals) is not difficult to achieve.
  • tmchowtmchow Posts: 31
    I'm seeing wildly different prices here on 2.5 and 3.0.

    I'm now thinking of leasing as it may be a better option as I plan on only keeping the car for 3 years.

    I'm looking for either a 2.5 or 3.0, but want it fully loaded WITH navigation. I figure I'm getting a new car, why scrimp on the creature comforts :)

    1) I'm located in Seattle area, just wondering what people have managed to swing in terms of deals lately. I that "thankthepasser" scored a fairly nicely equipped 3.0 for the invoice price that Edmunds quoted me for a fully equipped 2.5! Only diff I see is navigation.. seems like "Thankthepasser" got a GREAT deal.. or are there other options that he is missing?

    2) Is the Money Factor to shoot for these days 0.0020?

    3) Is the standard "acquisition fee" $625 or $675?
  • Does the current $4500 dealer incentive on the 3.0 apply to cars that are ordered, or just to cars already on the lot? I can't find the car I really want anywhere, and if I get it, it will have to be ordered.
  • peakpropeakpro Posts: 65
    the car would have to be delivered before the incentive period is over....

    unless th eincentive period is extended.
  • tmchowtmchow Posts: 31
    I went to the dealer today and he gave me some figures to think about. Pricing is for 2005 models (brand new).

    -Both have premium audio and M sport seats, WITHOUT navigation

    2005 2.5i
    -~$40,000 with $1500 dealer profit
    -includes $2500 incentive and further $1500 discount

    2005 3.0i
    -~$42,250 with $1500 dealer profit
    -includes $4500 incentive and further $2000 discount

    The salesguy showed me his computer screen and stated that the MSRP is 8% above invoice price, and showed me his screen with a "wholesale" cost, which he said is the same thing as the Invoice. I did notice that there were charges for "MACO" ($200) and "Training" ($180). Not sure if I shoudl be paying those.

    WHen asked about "money factor" for leases, he stated it was 0.0024 (5.76%).

    Any comments on the above pricing, "wholesale" vs. invoice and the money factor?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 66,697
    1) Did the dealer happen to show you the MSRP on these two examples?

    2) Training is broken out on the dealer's invoice, but it all adds up to the same invoice price you see from other sources.. MACO is a regional or local advertising charge that the dealer pays to BMWNA for that particular car.

    3) The "base rate" money factor is .0020, so the dealer is marking up the rate the maximum allowed (not good).


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  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,041
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  • pnolpnol Posts: 1
    Well, here we are sports car owners! We have a Cadillac Escalade and a Dodge Super cab Hemi, but we always wanted a fun car, two seater convertible! At our ages, it was soon to get one or forget it! This last Saturday we went to breakfast, went to a Golf shop, and then we decided to just browse the dealerships for a sports car. I told my husband I always wanted red with tan leather and tan top. That was my only criteria, except it had to be a 2 seater and very sporty! We went to GMC dealers first to check out the vets. I am not too crazy for the new body style and the used ones did not meet my criteria. We then went to a Honda dealer to check their 2 seater out, well, comparing it to my Escalade, the Honda deffinetly was a cheaply built car. Then my husband decided to go a BMW/Cadillac dealer close to our home. We drove onto the lot, and their set this gorgeous Z4, red with tan top and interior. We had never drove a BMW, so the salesman told us to take it out for a ride, which we did for 45 minutes! It was a blast to drive. We returned to the lot and their stood another couple about our age looking at another Z4, black on black. without leather and the sports package. We drove up in the red one with the top down and she turned to her husband and said something like WOW, needless to say, this Z4, low mileage, 10,000, with the 100,000 mile maintenance program, and all the bells and whistles, had found new owners. The dealership had just got in it on a trade for another BMW.
    Anyway, at 57 years of age, we are having a blast driving this car. We put the top down on Saturday night and cruised the downtow streets! There are a lot of us baby boomers enjoying their dream of owning a sports car, and now we are one of them. We feel very fortunate to have found this car and be able to afford it!
  • buulubuulu Posts: 13
    2006 325! @ $1400 + ED invoice (including options)!
    Titanium Silver
    Heated Seats
    Power Seats
    Black leatherette
    The dealer is the most friendliest (yet professional) i've seen so far - BMW of Eugene.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 66,697
    Maybe you could post this in the 3-series forum?


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  • lenunbiasedlenunbiased Posts: 13
    My local dealer has a bunch of 04 3.0s on the lot with signs on them offering them at 9k-10k below MSRP -- which given their configurations appears to be right at invoice less the $5500 (for $1000 profit net of incentive). For instance, they've got an 04 3.0 with performance, auto, heated seats & xenon fin black or silver or $37,900.

    Two questions:

    1. How much lower do you suppose the dealer might go given his large inventory?

    2. What have posters here meant when they talked about the '04s being "punched" and would that have any impact on me, e.g., starting the warranty clock early, etc.?

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 66,697
    1) The dealer may want $1000 profit on an '04, but I wouldn't make it my problem... Their fault for not moving the cars.. I wouldn't pay more than invoice minus $6500, and even at that, I'm not sure it is worth it.. There is a $4500 incentive on the '05.. So, at $1000 over, you'd only be paying $2K more for a new '05..

    2) I'm not certain about the warranty issue.. But, if the clock has been running, that would make the '04 deal worse...

    3) I don't have any inside info on what a dealer might take for the '04, or even if they would consider a loss on it.. My target price would be invoice minus $6500 incentive minus another $1000 ($2K under their asking price).. But, the fact that they've held onto them this long, shows they may not be that flexible...

    I find that demos, service loaners, leftovers... rarely sell for enough discount to make it worth it... I'd be aggressively low with my offer, and walk away if they can't do it..



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  • z4_2k4z4_2k4 Posts: 1
    Ok, looking to buy an '04 Z4 2.5i. Whats a good price? Here are 2 cars I found

    2004 z4 2.5i - $33,2995
    Red-Tan Leather
    6yr / 100,000 maintenance
    Heated seats, xeon, premium sound, wood trim, Convenience Package


    2004 Z4 2.5i - $32,495 - CPO
    Silver - black leather, Convenience Package, Sport Package
    Multi-function Steering Wheel, Foglights, Premium Hi-fi System
    Premium Package, Heated Front Seats, Xenon Headlights

    How low should I go?
  • fundirfundir Posts: 1
    I am looking at 05 z4 3.0 deluxe. $50,100. MSRP. Invoice price is$46,267.
    Incentive at this dealership is $5000. Salesman says if I buy this car I pay
    MSRP minus $5000 incentive = $45,100. That is $1,167 below invoice price.
    But you say you paid $10,500 less than MSRP on your car.
    I would be paying $5000 less on my car. The car you got at MSRP $48,500 had
    an invoice of approx. $44,700. And you paid $38,000. That would be $6,700 under
    invoice price. How did that ever happen. and what dealership did you get this done at. If I order one, salesman said it cost me MSRP if the incentives are gone when it comes in, which will be June. Do I need to find another dealer or just walk away now? Please reply, need help fast. May decide this week. Anyone can respond to this. My salesman says BMW's are normally sold at MSRP. Is he right or wrong?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 66,697
    1) The BMW-to-dealer incentive on the '05 Z4 is $4500..

    2) If they sell it to you for $5100 off MSRP, you are only getting an effective discount of $600 from MSRP.

    3) "My salesman says BMW's are normally sold at MSRP. Is he right or wrong?" hahahahahahaha... he is a real joker

    Take their invoice $46,267.. add $1000 profit, then subtract the $4500 incentive.. That gives you $42,767.. I would offer $42,500... and hope to take it home for $43K at the most..

    They don't have $4500 incentives for no reason... they aren't selling well..



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  • lizc3lizc3 Posts: 1
    I understand that there is a $2500 dealer incentive on the 2.5 Z4. Does the dealer still get this incentive if the car is leased? Does anyone know how long this incentive goes for?

    There is also a lease deal for $359/month with $3259 down for 36 months at 10,000 miles. It is good till May 31, 2005. How can I negotiate a good sale price and then take advantage of the lease incentive?

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 66,697
    The incentive is compatible with the BMWFS lease rates, so the dealer gets it whether you lease or buy..

    The advertised lease deals for BMWs almost always assume a dealer discount of $1000 from MSRP, in addition to any incentives... But, that lease price is for a specific car with few options.... There is always a little extra room to negotiate lower..

    Use your knowledge of the $2500 incentive to negotiate a low sale price.. then insist on the dealer using the base rate money factor and acquisition fee.. That will get you a good lease price..



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  • miata007miata007 Posts: 129
    If any guys are not sure about how much to pay for a car, go to several dealers and lowball them. Salesman are full of lies trying to make an extra commision on people who are too lazy or not capable of during research. Just be sure to walk when they are wasting your time at the dealership usually when they try to wear you out. Treat the car buying process a fun one by taking your time and shop around between dealers/brands/models. There are plenty of supplies out there.

  • solinsolin Posts: 13
    Greetings everyone, I'm interested in leasing a 2.5 Z4. I know BMW has a $359 a month lease with a down payment of $3,493. Is is the the best deal I could expect to get in Southern California? I saw a lease this weekend for $299 a month but the down payment may have been closer to $4,000. The car advertised included a power roof.

    I don't think I would keep the care longer than 3 years, hence my interest in a lease which I've never had one.

    Lastly, I keep seeing a 0.00020 or something like that number that appears to be the magic equation. Can you explain what that means and how you derive to it?

    Thank you very much for your help.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 66,697
    The advertised lease assumes a selling price of $1000 under MSRP minus the current $2500 dealer cash incentive... The large amount due at signing is there just to make the monthly payment seem lower... You do not have to make that large of an initial payment.. Of course, with a lower initial payment, the monthly payment will be higher..

    The advertised lease also assumes a fairly low-optioned car.. and is for 36 months and 30K miles (10K miles/yr)

    The .0020 is the money factor.. This number is used to calculate the finance charge portion of the lease payment... lower is better..

    A typical $39K MSRP Z4 2.5 lease would be about $483/mo.+ tax..

    This is with only 1st payment and security deposit due at signing.. and also for 3yr/30K term..

    This assumption is for the same discount in the advertised lease... If you negotiated another $1000 off the purchase price, the payment would drop to $453/mo.+ tax..



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