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Infiniti M35 / M45 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • sawbelsawbel Posts: 1
    Hi! I am looking at the same car. I was disappointed to hear about the timeline as well. Where are you considering to purchase from? What city/State? Also, was your out the door price...with tax, tag, and title?

    Last question, was your price based on a cash deal?

    thanks for any help or advise you can offer.
  • I just got a good deal I think. M35 Black Obsidian/Graphite with Sport/Tech/Rosewood

    Retail $50,420
    Invoice $45,014
    Selling Price $42,200

    They added back in the $695 bank fee. Got 0.9% for 5 years. No money down, not 1 cent, $785/month for 60 months.
  • Hi,

    Jusyt bought my 2008 M35 with Tech Package, rear spoiler, trunk matt and splash guards. Price was $37,504. With TT it was $40,400. This is a new vehicle.

    Great price and the dealer was great to deal with. This was in Atlanta.
  • Hi toddandreg. You will have better luck finding an answer to any specific questions that you have about leasing an M35 if you hop on over to the "Infiniti M35 / M45 Lease Questions" discussion.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • Mark,
    I bought a 2007 M35X yesterday that had the following:

    10,000 Miles
    Tech Package (includes Navi)
    Xenon/AFS Package

    This is a one owner car with a clear title and all services performed in time. The car was purchased in the Chicagoland at an Infiniti Dealership.

    The price was 30,000 plus tax and title.

    For the rest of you out there, how did I do?
  • I see people mentioning a loyalty discount. Is anyone getting the loyalty discount (how much) and the $6k Marketing discount taken off invoice?

    My M#%X lease is up in Novemebr, and if I could get a dealer to lop off $8k off the invoice I would certainly consider buying? Is this feasible??

    Also, are people getting the 0.9% financing on top of these discounts?
  • The $2000 loyalty money is only available for a lease...think of it as a $2000 reduction in the invoice price when you negotiate the "capitalized cost".

    The $6000 is only applicable to a purchase and you can think of it as a $6000 reduction in the invoice price when you negotiate your purchase price.

    of, in lieu of either of the above, you can negotiate a purchase price and finance it at .9.

    You can't combine these programs.

    Of course, if you aren't going to do anything until November, none of this matters anyway.....these are all limited time offers.
  • Thankyou for the clarification.

    I know that these offers "expire" at the end of month, but of course, if inventories remain high it's doubtful that they'll go away. In fact they could go even deeper.

    Thanks again
  • I'm closing in on a lease or purchase for an Infiniti M35x with Tech and Xenon lights, etc...MSRP $50,835

    Lease Price - $45, 278 Purchase $39278 w/6000 rebate cash deal
    1600 Out of Pocket
    6% Tax
    12k Miles
    39 mos
    48% residual

    Carman or ghstudio what would you do?
  • please post in only one forum....
  • What's the name of the dealer you used their in Atlanta.
    Do you want to recommend you sales person?

  • Need some advice????

    I am thinking of buying a used M45, 2007 with 26500 miles. Selling price $29,900.00 car is in excellent condition. What do you guys think? Car is loaded. Jerry
  • Jerrry, After I finished looking up the blue book value of the car I think you are getting a very good deal on it being, that a fully loaded one sales for at least $35,000 according to them. I also went to and searched the 07 M45 and 08 M45 at the same mileage and price range and found no result for neither one of them at that price or mileage and they were certified cars. The cheapest one I found on there went for $33,000 and it had 29,000+ miles on it. So I think you are getting a great deal on the car. I would still maybe try and get them to come down another $1000-$2000 off the deal, if they really want to sell it they would but if not hey it's still a good deal. A word of advice before you purchase this car take it out on the freeway and run it up to about 85 or 90MPH and see if the steeringwheel shakes or if you hear any strange noises or feel any vibaration and also at low speeds of about 20 or so listen for little noises coming from the front end of the car.
    I brought my car like that and at the time it was all fine until I got on the freeway to come home with it and when I got up to 75 to 85 the steeringwheel gave my hands a very stern massage that hurt some kind of bad. And the bottom of the car had a very bad vibaration to. I thought I was about to have a blow out. Also when trying to buy a car is a good place to look because you can sometimes find better deals there with everything you want on the car too. Hope this helps and I wish you the best with your new M45. God bless.
  • My M35 lease is up in two weeks and I just received a letter from Infiniti saying that I could take $5,500 off the residual prive if I wanted to buy the car. I have a M35 Journey with 52K miles on it. Will not be over miles plus they have already inspected my car with no other wear and tear charges.

    Residential value is $24,870 plus $150 purchase charge = $25,020. Take off the $5,500 and I'm looking at $19,520. Has a trade-in blue book value $18,080 and a private party blue book value of $20,845. My idea is that people generally get deals below blue book so I'm not sure what to do.

    Last month I decided to give them back the car because the the residual was soo much higher than the market but their latest offer makes a big difference. Maybe I'll just return the car and talk to the dealer and have them sell it to me later as a CPO.
  • I think your dealer has to send the lease return back to infiniti...he can't keep it and sell it your idea may not work.

    Only you can decide if you like the car enough to keep it. I've been seeing some used Jaguars recently at about 20K which would be pretty tempting.
  • Bubey,

    I bought it from Nalley Infiniti in Marietta, The sales guy was named Evan.
  • Have a feeling that the used car market is really soft now. Don't believe I have ever heard of a $5,500 cash bonus to buy a leased car before. Just shows how desperate Infiniti must be to unload these cars. And I'm pretty sure they realize they should offer even more to reflect the actual market, but they do need to try and hose me a little.
  • Nissan just offered to knock down the price of my 2006 M35x (base model) by $6k off the residual of $27.800 giving a price of $21,800. Its due back in mid-November and I have unitl 11/3 to decide.

    I only have 27k miles on the car and I'm curious to find out if they will offer attractive financing, but with all the deals thas are being offered on new cars I may just pass.

    Any opinions if theyll go even lower than $6K in a few weeks or if this is a good offer as is? I know they're offering $10k on M45's that are due back off lease.
  • gfish49gfish49 Posts: 24
    I just got offered around $11,000 of a new 2008 M35x. Of course no special financing with that.
  • walt18walt18 Posts: 54
    That is a steal of a deal I would take it!!!!
  • drtraveldrtravel Posts: 395
    My offer was for $5,500 off the residual of $25,200 for a 2006 M35. I have 52k miles on it. I will be turning the car in Next Wednesday - I'll let you know if they try to sweeten the deal. I do plan on returning the car but you never know....
  • mchspd1mchspd1 Posts: 11
    Just got an offer for a new 2008 M35. Tech/Adv Tech/ Sport/Splash. MSRP is $52,305. Internet offer is $45,999 or better said...$6,306 off of sticker. How low can we go here? 11-13K? Hows the market. I am trying to upgrade the family car from a 2005 Altima 2,5S. I was holding out for the new Maxima but the prices here have not been low enough just yet. Best on the top line Maxima was $250 below invoice. Is the Maxima SV the better ride? Feedback appreciated...Thanks
  • OK this is no joke... I have a 2006 M45 sport coming off 39 month lease now paying 760 a month and my buyout was 33559 on my car received a 10,000 reduction on the residual to buy the car so figure about 24000 to buy it. Wow the banks are no where close on the residuals on these cars. So I go to lease a new one and the dealer on Long Island NY has 5 new 2007 M45 sports all equipped the same tech package no advanced tech package. All stickered about 55000. I put a deposit to purchase with a negotiated price of 35998! New car with full warranty and they included a 10 year 100k extended powertrain warranty too. 19000 off sticker. This is a crazy deal. The only thing is they are all sport models. I have a sport model now so i know what to be prepared for however i hope for very little snow. I am picking it up on friday so anyone interested it is at Legacy Infiniti in lynbrook ny.
    I can only say that this is a good time for excellent deals on cars now!!! :)
  • Did they offer financing?? If so what rate?
    I an cut a good deal on an M35x in NJ from on dealer but I'd be on my own with finacing,
  • $19,000.00 off MSRP, that IS crazy! I just got a mailer for an advertised special here in Chicago of $12,000.00 off MSRP on a M35X. Your deal now has me wondering if I could negotiate even lower then the $12,000.00 off. Currently looking at a base model with an MSRP of $46,000.00. Wonder if I could get them to do it for $30,000.00 out the door, tax, title, and license.

    Also what was the interest rate you got on that deal?
  • mchspd1mchspd1 Posts: 11
    wow, I cant believe that those cars are still sitting around. I checked out their website and you are so right! What color did you chose? How is the paint on them? Have they been sitting out in the sun/snow all this time? Do they still smell new? The sales price is even below edmunds trade in value for an excellent condition vehicle. The only draw back is the gas mileage. I have been working on a deal for the new Maxima SV Sport. I would rather have a RWD vehicle. Whats the problem with these vehicles not to sell? I have only read high reviews. Just thinking out loud. It could be worth a trip up to Long Island.
  • Sorry for not responding earlier..... They didn't offer any special financing with this deal. I Paid cash for the car. The cars condition was NEW. Yes the paint was not as glossy as some others however the car had yet to be detailed. I am sure that after they prep the car for delivery today it will look awesome. As far as I remember it had a new car smell. Bottom line it it was way to good of a deal to pass up. My salesman was very good Legacy Infiniti in Lynbrook NY. I am coming out of the same car and yes the gas milage stinks. I average 16 1/2 mpg. I also have a heavy foot (love the V8) and i am prepared for that. My only complaint is it is bad in the snow but other than that I have NEVER been happier with a car. I average about 17,000 miles per year. I am leasing now at 760 a month and i figured that after paying tax on the car (39,000) if I were to continue the same payments I can keep the car and after 4 and 1/4 years the car is paid for any residual value is a bonus. It is a no brainer. I am very happy to find this deal. I can't wait 2 1/2 hours until delivery. :shades:
  • Oh I forgot to mention I got the Pearl White (same as now) with the trunk spoiler and the light grey interior. On my car now I put the african rosewood in and they are swaping it into the new car at no charge.

    Cant wait!!!!! :)
  • walt18walt18 Posts: 54
    Congrats!!! on your new M. I think that pearl white is a nice color on the car especially with the rear spoiler, that makes it look even better and you got the V-8 good deal. I'm ordering a 2009 M45 black/black with african rosewood with every option they have except for AWD which I don't need in Eastern NC.
  • stlgasmanstlgasman Posts: 139
    A friend of mine has their lease ending mid-November, but hasn't heard anything about a reduced end of lease offer.
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