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Infiniti M35 / M45 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • dodgerdogdodgerdog Posts: 4
    About a month ago I purchased a new 2008 m45. Fast forward to this afternoon, I am looking closely a my rims and I notice there are tiny (just less than 1cm) blue splashes of what appears to be metallic blue paint on each of my rims. There is only 1 drop on each rim however. And there is no other evidence of this blue paint anywhere else on the car (i.e., I did not drive through blue pain as it is not on he tire or on the rest of the body. these blue dots are not symmetrical--tha is it appears someone splashed paint on the rims--but only one dot per rim and not in the same place on each rim.

    So, I go to lunch today and in the parking lot of the restaurant and see a beautiful black new m35 (no license plates yet) and I go over to check out its rims, and it has the same thing!!!!

    I bought my car in Sacramento and this one was in Riverside (some 450 miles away). also, this car had the polished rims.

    does anyone know what the deal is? and how should I go about removing it?

    thanks in advance!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 143,031
    I'm pretty sure they mark the rim during balancing.. Either that, or it's the spot they mark to drill the hole in the rim for the tire valve.. (not the exact spot, just in the same radius on the rim).

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • keithandkeithand Posts: 10
    I was told by the dealer that it had something to do at the time of import/ inspection at Customs. Who knows why?

    They are barely noticeable and best left alone as removal could blemish the finish.
  • mltsurgermltsurger Posts: 102
    If you spray the rest of the rims blue, you will no longer see the dot.Good Luck
  • hakunamhakunam Posts: 13
    I am looking at 2 deals for a blue M35x
    1) 06 with adv. tech package, 33k miles, 7 yr/100k CERTIFIED at $0 deductible for 29, 200 OTD from infinti of chantilly, VA. They are offering 8500 for my trade-in.

    2) 06 with adv. tech package, 52k miles, 3yr/36k extended warranty (by infiniti at $0 deductible) for ~$27k from an independent dealer. They are offering 10k for my trade-in. I got the car through a pre-purchase inspection at the infiniti dealership and it checks out fine.

    so, out of pocket would be 20700 in 1st case and 17k in 2nd.

    is 19k in miles and 1yr warranty difference really worth $4k?
  • buckypbuckyp Posts: 1
    Why would you not get $10,000 for your trade on the first deal? I would try that to close the gap some.

    Also, are you sure the second car (or either for that matter) haven't been in a wreck? Did you get a carfax?

    Your first deal sounds a little high to me. I just bought a similar M45 For $28,000 drive out. I do like the 7 yr/100k warranty though. Mine included that.

    I think I would go with the first deal. You will have better peace of mind with a certified car with that kind of warranty.

    Good luck
  • shmangshmang Posts: 297
    Well, basically, both deal has the same warranty period, since the 3yr + 4 yr from Infiniti will make it 7, only the 2nd deal with less mileage coverage - about 12k miles less.

    I definitely do not think that with the additional 19K miles on the car worth $4k. To be honest, the engine and tranny on M are the least thing I would worry about - they are bullet proof.

    Either way, warranty is a waste of money. If it were me, I would talk to them and see how much they will come off w/o the warranty and go from there.
  • jms8090jms8090 Posts: 30
    Wow, I have to admit that I can't make heads or tails of all of the incentives that are out there with respect to an M35. I am not a returning owner/lessee, but I think that I would be eligible for conquest cash? I have a Toyota and would be going to the Infiniti. Can someone help me with the stacking of the incentives on either a buy or a lease? I am assuming of course that I should start with invoice minus these incentives and possibly some or all of the holdback. Any replies would be helpful. Thanks!
  • jmcbmwjmcbmw Posts: 85
    I would like to know if the $5000 "marketing allowance" can be tapped into along with the $2500 "conquest" money towards a lease. The only restrictions listed on the marketing allowance is that is cannot be combined with the low apr offer. Anybody know? $7500 below invoice would be awesome and help offset the likely low residual on a lease for this model. Will someone also post the residuals and money factors for June M35's please?
  • shelly40shelly40 Posts: 10
    My M45 lease expires in 5 months....but due to things, I'd like to get the new car now.....

    I was offered an M35, with the Technology package, and Sport package...for 47,500..

    Sticker is about 52,200....

    The dealer will pay my last 5 payments of about $800 I'll no more responsibility for the car...

    Questions are...

    Does the dealer really have to shell out $4000 to Infiniti for my lease ?

    Good deal , or pass on it....? or can they do better ?

  • shmangshmang Posts: 297
    The true market value says $49,100 for M35. So, the deal is good. Can they do better, maybe if they desperately want to get rid of it, but not by much.

    As far as your M45's payment, I am sure they will handle it they best to their benefit. But, as far as your concern, there is nothing you need to worry about. If they find somebody to assume the lease, good to them, if not, they will be end up paying for it, which I highly doubt it.

    Good luck and let us know how it comes out.
  • I havent bought a car in a while so I am not sure if I am getting a good price.

    2007 M35 Sport with tech package. 17K miles. 2.5 yrs left on bumper to bumper warranty + cpo till 100k miles . --- $32K.

    What do you guys think?
  • It's a fair deal, but not great. That car is probably worth about $26K at auction. (I know, because I have a loaded 07 M35 with only 16.5K miles right now). Adding CPO and clean up costs the dealer 2500-3000. So, the dealership is still making a nice profit off you.
  • I currently have an 07 M35 with adv. tech & nav. Because I traded in my old car (a crappy VW), my lease payments are currently $537/mo. My 2-year lease ends in November.

    At dealership today, they tell me that I can turn the car in now, and they'll put in a nicely equipped (Tech/Nav.) 09 M35 for a little over $600/mo. No money down for me (just first payment), and I don't have to pay the remaining 4 payments on my current lease.

    I could wait a little longer and enjoy the low payments on my current car, but it's very possible they run out of 09 cars by next month, and then I'm shut out of all these incentives.

    (also considering a G35, but it seems like the MF is so high on the G and incentives so much lower that it's really not as good a deal. Thoughts?
  • angtoangto Posts: 1
    Hello All, glad to see all you enthusiasts online.

    I just bought a used 2006 Infiniti M45 Sport with ever single option except the wood trim and XM radio. I just love this car.

    Background if you are interested or please see questions at the bottom: (forgive the Metric System & Canadian dollar numbers for my USA friends):

    I have been driving older(+5 years) Cadillac’s as my last 3 cars, usually get them for under $12k out-right. $65k+ canadian new. Drive for 4 years then replace. Works out to about $3300-$3500 a year including repairs.

    This time I had a few nickels to buy a little more car and was only look at the 2006 Caddy CTS and STS. I expanded my search to include Infiniti after reading all the used car reviews. The Infiniti had many more options and upgrades. After weeks of test drives… I found a 2006 Silver Infiniti M45 Sport with 66k_km for $26,400 plus tax from a dealership. Including new tires and like-new brakes replaced at 59K. More than I wanted to spend but so much more car ($71k new in 2006 woo hoo! $80k when you include the tax) Just love it.

    2 Questions please:

    i) Did I really get a good deal? Car was traded in after 4 year from single owner.

    ii) I hooked up my Blackberry Storm to Bluetooth phone…Can I use my Blackberry to play music I have stored on it through the stereo? (or even hook up with connection cable).

    Happy to be part of the Infiniti Family. I have found my new home.

  • bmwfan53bmwfan53 Posts: 35
    Had a great expirience with the guys from Austin Infiniti!!! if you are looking for a great deal, talk with Akeem Disu.
  • dkny330dkny330 Posts: 31
    I have 4 months left in my FX35 lease and considering all the cash incentives and that this would be my 4th Infiniti, thinking of seeing if I would be able to get a new M35x with all the incentives and Infiniti just "forgiving" the last 4 months payments. I have a history of turning in leases early and paying for it somehow (and swore I would not do it this time), so wanted to see what's happening out there so I could have some ammunition when I go to the dealer.
  • mltsurgermltsurger Posts: 102
    You may want to try the M45X.I have about 1500 miles on the vehicle and it is a great ride.Looks conservative,has all the toys(premium package) and is faster than my muscle car of the past.
  • tsoltsol Posts: 40
    Nothing has changed as far as "I" know. Unless you can get Infiniti to forgive your balance, your payoff is-what-it-is and releasing now means rolling the balance into your new lease or paying off the balance in cash.

    Wait the four months, it won't kill you and you'll be able to find killer left over end-of-year deals around Thanksgiving. Go in the day after :)
  • jngo1jngo1 Posts: 21
    Would you folks kindly let me know how much is m35 08 sport packaged loaded with ~7K miles worth. Dealer asking for 41.5K, is this too much
    according to several sources, it should only be around 36K.
    thanks & kind regards
  • mltsurgermltsurger Posts: 102
    I agree ,it is too much.I bought ,3 months ago a M45X,2008-12,000 miles.Perfect condition,CPO,Premium package with Factory Chrome wheels for less.The M's are nice cars.I look forward to the drive to work and even more to the drive home.Brand new 2008's were selling for 41.5 Nov. ,2008 with adv. Tech.Offer 35.4K and good luck!
  • Hi,

    Could you advise of how and where you were able to get an aftermarket nav for your 2007 m35.


  • I just bought a beautiful black on black 2006 Infiniti M35 with 53k miles from an independent dealer. It has every option (tech, nav, dvd player, etc) and was well taken care of (previously leased).

    I paid $19,500, which seems like a good deal but wanted to bounce it off you guys.

    I was looking at a used G37 but after driving/cruising comfortably in my M, don't feel like I'm missing out too much...
  • shmangshmang Posts: 297
    I believe you got a good deal if the car is still under warranty - even just for 2 month, so you can check everything out and have the dealership taken care of any defect, or get an extended warranty.

    If it is out of basic warranty, I would still have the dealership check it out thoroughly to make sure power train is perfectly fine.

    Other than that, keep the regular maintenance and you should be able to enjoy your M for a long, long time.
  • jngo1jngo1 Posts: 21

    Great Forum
    I am lookingto purchase new M35 2009 with sport + tech package, MRSP is ~51K @ Would you folks kindly comment how much should I ask to buy this car for, is it around 18-20% less due to the bad econony and not many cars being sold near Galveston/Texas. Do you have any good car salemans that would work with you especially in Galveston Tx Areas or surrounding areas.

    Thanks and kind regards
  • shmangshmang Posts: 297
    Well, the economy is not good, but has picked up a bit, so it is not realistic to expect 18-20% off MSRP. I would set my target at 10% off MSRP, which is about $5-6K below, that is $2-3000 under invoice. Especially the M35 has a 7 spd tranny for 2009, it is a bit harder to negotiate.

    So, if the MSRP is $51k, I would start from $45k and settle around $46 - 47k. On the other hand, if you are looking at the M45, you might be able to negotiate more off, although you will still end up paying more, but you got a better car.
  • zhlmmczhlmmc Posts: 3
    I'm looking at a 2009 M35 with tech package. The listed price is 50K. The dealer offered 39.8K. Good deal? I know infiniti is giving 5K incentive on this car. My target price is 38K. Not sure if it is a feasible price.

  • shmangshmang Posts: 297
    Is it a demo. or program car? How many miles are on the car? If it is more than 2000 miles on it, you are basically getting an used car instead. But, still, it is a decent deal.

    If it is new, it is a fantastic deal, I would just jump on it now.
  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    That is a great deal, almost too good - I'd get it. $38k is not feasible assuming this is a new, untitled car. ;)
  • m4mm4m Posts: 76
    I'm also looking at a 2009 M35 S (Sport) with tech package. The listed price is 51.665. The dealer offered 10K off at 41.665 + tax and fees, Atlanta area dealership.
    This is a brand new, untitled car.
  • jngo1jngo1 Posts: 21
    would you kindly let us know how much TTL should be in texas [around ~8% of sale price], right?
  • mltsurgermltsurger Posts: 102
    Just buy the car.You will like it!
  • Texas tax is 6.25% ... if you have a trade, the vehicle is taxed after you deduct your trade allowance from your sales price...
  • jabatjabat Posts: 8

    Is this for a new car? I'm looking for anew M35 non sport to lease in the Atlanta area. So far best deal is msrp at $53, 035 discounted to $47, 785.

    If you're getting 10k off on a new car, I'd say its pretty good deal.

    Can you tell me which dealership?

  • m4mm4m Posts: 76
    I got that quote from Nalley Infiniti of Decatur.
  • m4mm4m Posts: 76

    Never mind, When I got to dealership last night to purchase car with my check book and financing in hand... I was told that car was just "sold", but we can show you what we have, how low for a luxury car dealer!

  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    The 2010 M35 and M45 will start arriving next month. For the most part it is the same vehicle as 2009, less colors to choose from and most vehicles will have Navigation - we were very limited in the amount of base units we could order.

    The 2009's have the big saving with the dealers getting at least $5000 dealer cash on all remaining models. We only have 11 left and we are the largest dealership in the West (finished #2 in the Nation last year). ;)
  • mltsurgermltsurger Posts: 102
    Is this posting for advertizing!
  • zhlmmczhlmmc Posts: 3
    I just drove the car home. 2009 M35 with Tech and Sports. I paid $40500 for it before tax and title.
  • m4mm4m Posts: 76
    Congratulations on new car!!! wow, what a deal, more than $11000 off MSRP! would you please share which state and dealership?

  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    For the 2010 M35/M45

    Dealer cash: $3000 (M35) or $4000 (M45)
    Spec Rates: 36 months = 0%, 48 or 60 = 1.9%, 72 = 3.9%
    Lease Loyalty = $2000 (Lease only, must own an Infiniti)

    Hope this helps. :)
  • mltsurgermltsurger Posts: 102
    what dealership do you work for, sewellgsm?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 143,031
    sewellgsm can't answer that question without violating our rules that prohibit soliciting in the forums...


    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • bgsellerbgseller Posts: 18
    Hello all,

    I have owned an I30 for ten years and considering the M35. I would appreciate feedback on a fair price being that I will be taking advantage of the current financing offer (2.9% for 72 months).

    Can I still expect to purchase the car at invoice when using the financing incentive?

    Thanks in advance
  • tsoltsol Posts: 40
    I can not answer your question at the moment bgseller, but congrats on 10 years!!! in an Infiniti. I'm on my second M35x and highly recommend the car. Best of luck in your search.
  • Could you tell me where and how you got such a great deal. I am looking for 2008, but for that price, I will get the 2009. I live in Chicago, Illinois. Please share your tips for negotiation. thanks

  • I live in CA bayarea. If you are looking for the exactly same car as mine, you just need to tell the dealer you want to buy the car with that price. Don't really need to negotiate.
  • I would think you should be able to get about $3000 off MSRP then the special rates or an additional $5000 off (if you don't take the rate). This is for 2009 models. :)
  • Just bought a 2006 M35 Sport with 28k miles, 1 owner lease return, Umbria Gray with chrome sport 19" rims, new Toyo tires, excellent condition with the exception I had to pay $60 for paintless dent removal and $30 to have a detailer remove hard water spots from the glass and chrome trim..Paid $24990 and traded my 07 BMW 335 sport with 48k miles for $24k...KBB shows trade value for the M35 is $25k so I think I got a good deal. Bought it in Houston from service advisor at Infiniti said my car is a rare color/sport pkg combination. I like the M35 because it is quiet and the chrome highlights the exterior. Infiniti does a great job with their paint since the car shines. The interior is much more detailed with higher quality material than my old bmw. i don't like the manual shifter since there is too much latency between gears. Also I have a rattle in the overhead plastic console that Infiniti has been unable to fix.
  • I am interested in feedback from any owners who have this combination.

    Is the graphite leather more charcoal/gray than black? I am wondering if the black-on-black combination is nice?

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