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Infiniti M35 / M45 Prices Paid and Buying Experience

lee_wlee_w Posts: 239
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  • wibblewibble Posts: 569
    There's $4000 dealer cash on the 2004 M45 this month.
  • Doublecheck the number. Last month it was $5000 when I bought my M45. I can't imagine it went down from Aug to Sept
  • wibblewibble Posts: 569
    I did and it did! Then again, I got mine when it was a $7000 incentive :)
  • kcc7kcc7 Posts: 2
    How much I should expect as discount to new 2004 leftovers. I saw a dealership in texas advertised $9,000 below sticker. Could do better? Thanks
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    I got mine for free! I just have to drive around and advertise the car for them.
  • Although it took a couple of trips and a few phone calls to other dealers I got the car with the Premium Package for MSRP. I was told by several people that it was a deal and that I had better jump on it if offered.
  • cohenfivecohenfive Posts: 85
    "Although it took a couple of trips and a few phone calls to other dealers I got the car with the Premium Package for MSRP. I was told by several people that it was a deal and that I had better jump on it if offered."

    you should check out the m45 message board. seems like pricing may be softening, at least in some markets.
  • m4dennism4dennis Posts: 2
    I hope to get this topic going again!

    I am ready to buy an M45 Sport, but cannot find a dealer in northwest Florida or Alabama willing to sell below MSRP. I am hoping people will start sharing their buying experiences and strategies here to help those of us who are in the buying process. Thanks for any help provided.

  • We bought an M45 Sport last night at North Houston Infiniti. We were looking at M35 (to trade in 1999 Q45T bought new). I didn't like the way the M35 drove. Did like M35 Sport and non-sport M45, but they seemed "hard pressed" to find a non-sport M45 anywhere in the nation that was acceptable to me w/ the options (wanted base) and colors (dark). Ended up buying black on black (again) w/ journey package, that expensive trunk mat, and wood trip. Paid full retail. Received only $12,000 for our Q45t that had 45,600 miles on it and was in great condition. We were taken, but at least they were pleasant. They tried to give us $10,500 for the trade-in, and edmunds came up w/ $12503 for "clean" and over $13,000 for "excellent". We met the clean specs by far but not excellent. They would have gone to the $12503, but we'd spent ages driving cars that night, etc.

    They were friendly, but they abandoned us a number of times for great amounts of time, knowing we currently owned 2 Q45Ts we bought new and had traded one of those in from a Q45T and that we'd been owners for 8 years. The dealer here gives blackberrys. Is everyone doing that? I just activated a Sidekick II with a year's contract 6 weeks ago.

    Bring in BOTH Kelly and Edmunds statements on condition of your car. At least they didn't change anything when we told them we were paying cash.

    This car is coming from Alabama.
  • Didn't mention my Q45T was a 1999 w/ only 45k on it
  • I have a quote in hand from a chicago area dealer on an m45 lux with journey, nav for $1500 off msrp with no negotiating. Submitted via web to dealer and quote came back via email. Shopping other dealers now. Anyone else in chicago bought one of these or have any quotes and shopping now?
  • esenioresenior Posts: 1
    Just ordered my M45 a few weeks ago from Discover Infiniti in San Diego, CA. They didn't have any cars matching my requirements, so had to order it. I ordered :
    M45 Sport (Black on Black/Aluminum)
    Technology Package with Sirius Sat Radio (to match my Dish Network)
    Journey Package
    DVD Navigation
    Mobile Entertainment (for the kids)
    Trunk Mat (Space Saver)
    Aero Kit
    Chrome Rims (Dealer provided, normally $1500)

    Before tax and License - $58k

    Probably could have gotten it a few bucks cheaper, but wasn't worth the haggling, and frankly, Jack (our salesman) has treated us really well.

    By the way....I also drive the GS430 (VERY comfortable, but felt gutless) and the 545I (comperable performance, but the M's interior was better).

    - Eric

    P.S. I'm new to the forum...just joined this evening.
  • tomc1227tomc1227 Posts: 20
    Has anyone leased an '06 M35 or M45? How do the lease payments work out?

    If you've gotten a good lease deal, please post the MSRP, selling price, cap cost reduction, drive off and monthly payment before tax.

    (Sorry to ask for so much, but leasing is complex and all this info is needed for the rest of us to be educated before we walk into the dealer!)

  • gjsctcgjsctc Posts: 9
    im looking at m35awd and non sport m45 with journey and tech package.acan anyone tell me if they have bought a car with these options and for how much.
  • aegis1aegis1 Posts: 6
    I live in PA

    I got the M45 sport with everything.

    MSRP was $62,950.00
    Selling Price - $59,998.00
    rate - 2.020
    term - 42 mths
    miles - 15k
    residual - 59% $37,140.50
    Due on Delivery - $1,988.01 which means my cap reduction is $978.13
    monthly payment - $797.85
    tax rate - 9%

    I had to order the car as they did not have a M45 sport in my color Liquid Platnium/Graphite Interior/Rosewood with Premium package, aero kit, full size spare
  • jrock65jrock65 Posts: 1,371

    Congrats on your purchase. Your selling price of $59,998 may be THE most expensive Infiniti that the company has EVER sold.

    A fully loaded Q45 is $63,800, but the actual selling price is much lower than $60,000.

    Maybe you should ask them for a free T-shirt. :)

    However, I am confused. According to, the M45 Sport is not available with the Premium Package.
  • aegis1aegis1 Posts: 6
    very funny.....I have the 02 Q45 right now, and looked at the new ones. yes, they are selling in the 57's and 58's.

    Your right, it is not listed on the web site. I sat down with the sales guy today and the sales price I was able to build on the site was lower, because of this. But the premium package which costs $10,500 and includes the rear reclining seats, was a package. I let the sales guy know there was no premium package on the site and he didn't realize this. But the tech, journey, and premium pakages are all available.
  • aegis1aegis1 Posts: 6
    Got a call from the dealer today....they can't do the premium with the sport model. so the site and you were correct. Now I have to decide between the 45 and 45 sport. I have the extra options that the premium gives me on my Q45 and love them, but there is a difference in the drive of sport and no sport.....tough choice now
  • beatcfbeatcf Posts: 2
    Solicited quote via internet from Chgo area dealer for M45 Sport MSRP $56,780. Came back with quote of $56,130 with explanation that car is demo with 200 mi on it so this is the reason for coming down off sticker. Shouldnt demo warrant a bigger discount? Are M45 Sports still that hot that sticker is the deal?
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    No. Keep workin' 'em.
  • cohenfivecohenfive Posts: 85
    from what i've been reading, about $2000 below msrp (new) seems to be the area where a lot of people are buying cars....and no the m45 sports are not particularly 'hot'...i think the m35x is the most soft after variant relative to production.
  • burryburry Posts: 37
    M45 Sport
    Trunk Mat

    MSRP $54,140
    INV $49,564

    Quote: $3,140 off MSRP if willing to Order Car

    Comments ??
  • mikestevensmikestevens Posts: 17
    The quote I got on a loaded M45 Sport was 200 off MSRP--$200! I was ready to laugh...
  • msu79gt82msu79gt82 Posts: 541
    Seems like a good deal to me; usually they discount more for cars on the lot as opposed to a special order.
  • beatcfbeatcf Posts: 2
    Visited one Chgo area dealer for Ms this weekend and not coming off sticker. Did you get deal done at $1500 or more below sticker. Also looking at M35x as AWD is attractive. Dont think I really need the 50 extra horses of the M45 and Chgo weather may make AWD useful. Comments anyone?
  • gfish1gfish1 Posts: 3
    Can anyone share what deals they've seen for an M35 in the San Fransisco Bay Area? Best I got was $500 off MSRP.

  • blackm35blackm35 Posts: 1
    I just bought an M35 w/premium pkg @ sacramento infinti at prox $1500 off MSRP. It was not my first choice in color or package but i grew tired of finding the color and pkg i wanted. I had a few different dealers searching the west coast for inventory and/or incoming cars that fit my criteria. I had been quoted MSRP and 4-6 mos to order the M35 exactly as i wanted. The difference between this one w/premium and the M35 sport w/tech,journey & Sirius was about $700. I bit the bullet and won't look back. Good Luck.
  • legendmanlegendman Posts: 362
    Dont think I really need the 50 extra horses of the M45 and Chgo weather may make AWD useful. Comments anyone?

    Well, the M45 is a rocket, and I believe that there are some performance enhancements unique to the M45 under the hood (aspiration related I think), so if a super fast, torquey car is something that really turns you on I would say go for it. That is, if you don't mind spending thousands more to get it. If "fast" is good enough for your style of driving, I would say that the M35 is still a great car.

    AWD brings a lot of road grip, cornering ability, and safety to the table. I am from Chicago originally, and I would not live there with a rear wheel drive only car. It would have to be AWD or front wheel drive given the snow and icy road conditions, not to mention the occasionally heavy rains.

    You could save some tax money if you buy in Lake County or just across the border in Wisconsin. You might be able to get a better sales price in Wisconsin, as I suspect the market there would be a bit softer than would Chicago and suburbs, but that's just a hunch,

    Let us know how it works out.
  • tstreettstreet Posts: 4
    Just bought M35 non-sport last night. Didn't like the rough ride of the sport. With Journey and Navigation it stickered at $46,010. I paid $44,600 (about $400 less than quoted me) I also rec'd 4.55% financing for 60 mos. They originally told me 5.75%, I then said my credit union did 4.75%, so they beat it. Negotiate the rate!
    Other notes:
    No trade in
    Bought Graphite ext., Black int w/ wood grain - incredibly beautiful.
    Southern California - Infiniti of Mission Viejo
  • tstreettstreet Posts: 4
    I gave the M35 and M35Sport extensive test drives and I think the difference is significant. The Sport package rides very rough - you will feel every bump on the road. I just sold a Saab for that reason.
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