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Infiniti M35 / M45 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • bdkinnhbdkinnh Posts: 292
    I doubt it. Some people may cross shop the M with the STS (I did after the discount started), but I can't think of many cars that fall under the discount that compete with the M.

    I'd think that if Infiniti were concerned about the competition with the discounters, they wouldn't have just raised the MSRP by $540.
  • jginatljginatl Posts: 5
    Great deal! If you don't mind my asking, what was your residual on the 39-month lease? I am getting quoted similar numbers in Atlanta for the same car MINUS the Tech package!! Hoping to do something by month's end. Thanks in advance.
  • artsrt10artsrt10 Posts: 13
    Anyone lease an m35-x in NY? Trying to get an idea how what a "good" deal would be w/ only first month down.

  • tcampos22tcampos22 Posts: 2
    I just got my M35 Sport this weekend. Traded in the G35 (will miss this car). It was listed @ 48,160, but I got it for 46,160 @ 4.9% for 60 months. Not bad. I got everything on it that I wanted except for the aero body kit, can that be purchased and installed on a M thats has already been bought and driven off the lot? Can the dealer install it? If they can't do the whole aero kit, do you think that they could install at least the spoiler? I know, I know, I should have just ordered one with everything that I wanted, I just didn't feel like waiting.

    Thanks in advance.

    (Going to get my windows tinted this weekend!)
  • bocatripbocatrip Posts: 194
    I presently own a 04 G35 Coupe that I wish to trade in for a 06 M35 Ivory/graphite/Journey/Nav. Basically the two dealerships I went to don't want to budge. One is pretty set on MSRP but I have not tried to negotiate as of yet. The other one dropped a "big $700" off MSRP and quoted without seeing my trade with 11k on the clock....$27,000. (04 Coupe Auto/Premium 11K miles) They do not have my car is stock which I know hurts my negotiations but told me they can look for one.To make matters worse they charge $695 Prep charge! I believe this to be a pretty crappy deal compared to what I've heard on this forum. Does anyone know of any dealers in the Florida area that are discounting on M35s???? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • shaft1789shaft1789 Posts: 3
    Try the Infinity dealership in Melbourne, FL. Recently (3-4 months ago), I was considering a M35 and they were willing to deal once they knew I was capable of purchase. Decided to wait, but nevertheless they were dealing.
  • rstennettrstennett Posts: 1
    I drove the m35 sport and loved it. the dealer made me an offer of 51,000 with journey, teck package.So i passed because the price was to high for me. I didnt drive the regular m35- is their a big diffrence in ride/ cost? Its getting close to the end of the month and the sales guy called me saying to come in for a better price. I think im going to wait till the last day of the month and ask for a price. Whats a good price to ask for the m35 (silver/burbon ) sport with jurny/tech package?

    first post: south florida location.
  • bocatripbocatrip Posts: 194
    From what I am hearing from this and other forums.. anywhere from $700-$1500 over invoice. These cars are marked up around $3500. And of course if you even bought the car below invoice..... they always get the "hold back".. Bottom line is.. be educated with the costs and stand firm...the dealership will always be making money regardless of your low offer.. If you are not happy.. go somewhere else. I have searched 3 dealerships for my M35... and I have done it in two days from a small $700 discount to $1500 and possibly a $2000 for a ORDERED CAR! (not in stock) it takes time and effort.... don't take their B.S.
  • tcampos22tcampos22 Posts: 2
    bocatrip is right, they are full of BS and stand firm. I got $2K off just by acting like I was going to leave and by saying I need to time to think, for like 2 hours, it was a test of patience. I didn't have the easy option of going to another dealer, there is only 1 in my area the the closest one after that is about 2 hours away, but I would have went there if I had to.

    There is about $3K diff between sport and non-sport. You should be able to negotiate $2K off of there sticker price.
  • longhorn4longhorn4 Posts: 9
    I am considering doing VPP on a new M35 Sport, Journey, Sirius and need some help. These are the details of the offer I've gotten:

    MSRP: $45,290 (+ sat. radio installed at dealer)
    VPP Price: $42,673 + tax (6.25%)
    TTL + other fees: $709.55

    For 39 mos/15K--nothing down except 1st month's payment: $714/mo
    For 42 mos/15K--nothing down except 1st month's payment: $704/mo

    This just seems high compared to what I've seen on this board. Any thoughts? Am I missing something? Another poster got a monthly payment of $607/mo on a car with a selling price of $47,210 with only $1,637 down. That's more than a $100/mo less on a car that's priced $5K more than the one I'm considering.

    Thanks for all help.
  • dxcoquidxcoqui Posts: 25
    I am guessing they are sticking it to you with the money factor. Do you know what is it?? Your payment should be close to $607 including tax and about $571 with taxes up front. This numbers are with CarMan MF of .00211 which is about 5.06% interest.
  • tiger93tiger93 Posts: 57
    I am guessing they are sticking it to you with the money factor. Do you know what is it?? Your payment should be close to $607 including tax and about $571 with taxes up front. This numbers are with CarMan MF of .00211 which is about 5.06% interest.

    Yeah, I agree.....I'm betting that's exactly what they're doing. Get the MF and Residual from the salesperson you're working with. Looks like the dealer is taking your rightfully obtained discount from Nissan/Infiniti and putting it in his own pocket. Definately go for full disclosure from him so you can tell if/where he's milking the deal.
  • jginatljginatl Posts: 5
    I'm in Atlanta and just test drove the same vehicle yesterday. For 39 mos./15K miles, the residual on the M35 luxury is 62%. My MF quote was .00225.
  • tiger93tiger93 Posts: 57
    No problem bp714. If you were to lease a 2006 Infiniti M35X through Infiniti Financial Services right now for 39 months with 15,000 miles per year, its base lease money factor and residual value should be .00211 and 61%, respectively. As you can see, the July program for this car is fairly similar to the June program. The only difference is that its residual value dropped a point this month, which generally tends to happen as the model year progresses. If you can still use the June program, it is to your advantage to do so. It is difficult to say what Infiniti's August lease program for this car will be like, but I suspect that it will be fairly similar to the July program.

    This quote is from Car_man in the leasing topic board a couple of days ago and it's for a M35X, but it's in the ballpark of your quote in Atlanta even though it's for the AWD version.
  • longhorn4longhorn4 Posts: 9
    Like jginatl, I now have a MF of .00225 (this after negotiating somewhat). Not bad, I guess, but not base either.

    Thanks for all of the comments. They were very helpful.
  • mabenmaben Posts: 9
    Here's the deal: went comparison shopping to an Infiniti dealer out in Chantilly, VA (I live near DC) and saw a base M35 that I liked. Price was $40,790. Didn't like the exterior color plus there are lots of other dealers nearby so I said I wanted to lease it for 3 years at 12K miles, with 0 down. At first, they said they could get the car I wanted in black, but they would have to ship (total BS btw, I can check dealer inventories by the web and I know EVERYTHING they have) it for an additional $1300. Long story short, they said I could have the other base M for the color I wanted for $594.00 a month. I had told them that $550 a month was all I was going to spend. They said they would let me have the one on the lot I didn't want for $549.50 a month. What do y'all think? My wife thinks I'm nuts but I know I can find the right color combination one for the same price elsewhere. Am I being stubborn?
  • davidc1davidc1 Posts: 168
    I say walk. Don't sound like such a great deal to me.
  • tiger93tiger93 Posts: 57
    For me, getting the color car I like (black) is VERY important. A zero cap cost lease payment of $550 is definately a solid offer on this car right now and since they have it on the table for the less desireable car, they should do it for the black car. At the same time, I do recognize the fact that the dealer would incur some additional costs in going to get the black one....I might tell him I'll take the black one for $550/month and I'll pay him $150 for his costs to go get it, otherwise I'm out the door to shop his competition. I might also wait to reply until next Thursday or Friday to catch them at the very end of the month. ;)
  • 702702 Posts: 5
    I am going to attempt to purchase a new M 45 sport this week, I am thinking of only paying $1200 over invoice. I currently reside in Nevada, only one Infiniti dealer here and they are pretty tight. I would like to get some feedback regarding any deals that members have gotten, that would be close to my figure. I then could show this dealership that my offer would not be outrageous.

  • tiger93tiger93 Posts: 57
    A lot of the posts in this topic seem to be from people who bought the M35 but there is evidence that, at least on that model, it can be had for $1,200 - $2,000 above invoice. I would think M35 purchase prices would somewhat mirror M45 prices unless there's a significant difference in supply/demand between the two cars.

    Perhaps you've already read the old posts and have seen these, but if not....see posts #28, #30, #32, #39, #54, #65, #69, #73
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