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Infiniti M35 / M45 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I see. Thanks! The dealership I visited had many on the lot. I suppose in that case, I would be in the position to negotiate.
  • Yes, I think you can negotiate a little better on the M35 versus the M45. Why don't you pick one out on the lot and make them an offer on it? See what happens....
  • empty1empty1 Posts: 109
    What have folks been experincing on a buy versus lease... how much over dealer invoice have you paid... I'm in the market for a M35x
  • The M is an '06 model only recently released (February) and will not experience a true Year End until next summer prior to the '07 coming out.
  • I finalized my deal on the M35 w/Tech & Journey Pkg yesterday. Went with Black Obsidian with Wheat interior. Nice contrast. Add-ins included splash guards, rear spoiler and trunk mat. 39 month lease, $3800 total down (included 1st mo payment). $555 Per month +tx. Although I had difficulty deciding between the M35 and the Acura RL, by the time I got home I knew I had made a great choice. Had no problem getting the Motorola V330 on the system within minutes. Love the sound system.
    Only negative was when I went into the finance office to sign the paperwork they "accidentally" added another $599 (first month payment) to the total down/out of pocket we had agreed on. After a quick discussion the manager suddenly remembered that he had agreed upon that. Slimy.....but that's behind me now.
  • Am conisdering buying an M45 at Infiniti North Houston. Have not discussed price yet. I've looked through the recent comments here and most are about M35s. There was a comment that M35 would have more discount than M45s. Can anyone who has purchased an M45 recently tell us what was paid vs sticker and invoice? Thanks.
  • wbreaux1

    I am also looking at the M and test drove one at Infiniti North Houston last weekend. I am looking at the M35 Sport and I have not asked for a price quote from them yet. I got one from another Houston Infiniti dealer (the one I bought my wife's G35 Coupe from in 04). Well I was surprised when they told me they would have to transport an Ivory Pearl with Stone interior in from Baton Rouge. Not sure about having it sent from that region given the recent impact there.

    The price is what actually shocked me. Here is the breakdown on the M-35 Ivory Pearl with Stone interior Journey Sport - Technology Pgk. - XM, Trunk Mat, Splash Guards, Rear Spoiler, Window Tint, Wheel Locks
    Msrp - $51910.00
    Purchase Price - $49,910.00
    License Fees - $180.05
    Taxes - $3256.48
    Drive Out - $53,346.53

    So needless to say I will be looking at another dealer to offer my business to. There are far too many posts on here showing prices closer to invoice including a dealer that was located in Dallas. So if a trip North is necessary then I'll be making my way there to avoid these Houston prices. There are four Infiniti dealers in the Houston area but only three would be close enough to benefit from 2 year free service. Not sure what others in Houston are experiencing with pricing but I would certainly be curious. I am looking to buy in the next few days but the hurricane may cause me to delay those plans.
  • After reading that someone just got a M45 for $1K over invoice at Winner Inifiniti in Wilmington, DE, I went to my local dealer (in the NYC metro area--which I won't identify out of caution and deference to the dealer) and offered 1K over invoice for an ordered M45, which the dealer immediately accepted. I told the dealer that if they did not match, I would not hesitate to get the car from Winner Infiniti at 1K over invoice given that such a savings is well worth the 1 1/2 hour drive from NYC. Had the local dealer not accepted, I would have indeed called Winner and ordered the car from them. Although I live in NYC, I have sometimes leased cars from dealers in Central Pennsylvania to save big bucks.

    Provided the lease terms are acceptable I expect to move forward with the deal.

    This indicates to me that you should be able to get the M45 for $1K over invoice.
  • salc1salc1 Posts: 12
    Appreciate the information regarding your dealings in NYC area for the M45. I am looking at purchasing an M35X and I also live in NYC.

    I have not had the same luck as far as negotiating the type of discounting you mention. Without revealing the dealership's name, could you give the county (or some other hint) as to the dealership location. Thanks for the info.
  • The internet sales department at a dealership in Bergen County. A big Infiniti dealership with high volume and lots of inventory.
  • salc1salc1 Posts: 12
    Thanks for the quick response 540dude. I'll let you know how I make out.
  • Since you are serious, I will give you a bigger hint. Think Northern Bergen County on Route 17. Good luck. That is a first class Infiniti dealership.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 176,844
    Check below "Post a Message".. You can name the dealership...

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • Just ordered a new M35 Diamond Graphite/Graphite w/Journey, navigation, splash, trunk mat for $43K in Northern Calif. Don't know if anyone has the car with the full size spare - do you lose a lot of trunk space with this option?
  • Don't know if anyone has the car with the full size spare - do you lose a lot of trunk space with this option?

    You lose about 4" of depth all the way around the trunk.
  • I saw some earlier message about years of included service, is this a standard feature or something that you were able to negotiate with the dealer? I just ordered a new M and am going over to the dealer to put in my deposit and wanted to see if there was anything I had missed.
  • kt88kt88 Posts: 1
    Looking for best pricing lately on M35. Being quoted 2500 over invoice on 39 mo. lease, 60% res and 0.00195 MF. Where should I take my money?

  • I saw some earlier message about years of included service, is this a standard feature or something that you were able to negotiate with the dealer?

    No its not a standard Infiniti policy - each dealer can do whatever. There are dealers on the Houston area that give 2 yrs service with a purchase; but thats their marketing choice.
  • Ramsey Infiniti's internet department in Ramsey NJ. Here is my lease on a M45 Sport that I inked today (I ordered the car rather than taking what was available from dealer stock). It was a pleasure to deal with them. All of the price negotiation was done via emails.

    1. M45 Sport with the following options and color combination:

    U03 (Tech Package with Sirius)
    J02 (Journey Package Sport)
    W01 (Wood trim)
    P93 (Rear Deck Spoiler)
    B94 (Painted Splash Guards)
    T92 (Trunk Mat with space saver tire)
    Exterior color: liquid platinum (the bright silver)
    Interor leather color: graphite (the black leather)

    Total capitalized cost of the lease is $53,292 ($1,000 over invoice including the destination charge). (MSRP is $57,200).

    The lease is for 18,000 miles per year, 39 month term. Zero cap cost reduction. $1500 drive off costs (security deposit, first month payments, doc and title fees)

    The monthly payment is:

    $736.25 with sales tax rolled in.
    $669.39 with taxes up front.

    The money factor is .001570 (equivalent to 3.768% APR)
    The residual is $33,139.70 (about 58%)

    Your dealer is totally ripping you off on price and money factor. Your dealer is clearly making up the money factor from IFS's base money factor.

    For this kind of savings, it is well worth driving 4 hours to Northern NJ to save thousands. I would.

    One caveat. The M35X is the top seller so if you are looking at that car, it may be somewhat less negotiable (due to short supply) than the M45 Sport.

    Good luck.
  • Give Flemington Infiniti a call. I worked out a better deal (by about $900 on a M35x) on the phone than with Ramsey (NJ) and got red carpet treatment. If anyone thinks Ramsey is a class joint, they must be eating at Wendy's an awful lot. Take my word, Flemington is a pleasure to work with and buy at. Give 'em a shot.
  • Are you sayng that you got $100 above invoice??

    How was it $900 better? Money factor?

    Do tell.
  • I just leased the following

    M45 Sport
    Diamond Graphite
    Graphite Interior
    Metal Trim
    Journey Package
    Tech Package/XM
    Full Size Spare
    Full Size Trunk Mats
    Splash Guards
    Rear Spolier

    MSRP $57310
    CAP $53285
    Down $2000
    12k Miles
    39 Months
    Resid 59%
    MFact .00167

    $682 (includes tax)

    They had to swap it from another dealer across the state.
    Got the Road Hazzard from list of $330 to half ($165)

    How does this sound?
    (I signed off around 9pm, the dealer closed at 8pm!)
  • 540dude540dude Posts: 38
    You did good on selling price. Residual value seems good too.

    But they marked up yur money factor from IFS's base money factor. It should have been .001570 (equivalent to 3.768% APR), which I just got a few days ago.
  • ezeflaezefla Posts: 3
    Yes, I did figure that out (after I left) but since they did bring the car in for me, no extra driving, plus the good deal on the cost, Resid and simple time spent (not at the dealership, like most, all over the phone, with 30 minutes at the dealership for paperwork) it balance's out. Don't you think?
  • drokondrokon Posts: 10
    Hi everyone,enjoyed this forum a lot,looking to buy an M35 or 45 with AWD IN NC or close by,with a good deal any help will be greatly appreciated.Secondly do u need to get the journey package in other to get the tech packege? I really just want the sorround 14 speaker sound system on the tech. thanks in advance
  • ckelly14ckelly14 Posts: 105
    I have been to Infiniti of Raleigh recently and was offered about 1,500 off MSRP on a M35 with Tech/Journey without any negotiation. I walked as I'm not quite ready to buy. From this forum I think that 2-3 K off MSRP (or about 1000 over invoice) is easily obtained in NC. I cannot speak for AWD versions, however. They seem to be pretty scarce around here.

    I'm not sure where you are in NC but I did like Modern Infiniti better- they have a store in Winston-Salem and Greensboro. They offered to hand me the loaner overnight to help me convince my wife. I work in-between the Triangle and the Triad so I have alot of options.

    The Tech package requires the Journey pakage, so you're out of luck there. I'm not real happy with their packaging...
  • drokondrokon Posts: 10
    hi,Thanks for your input.I live in the durham area but also temporarily hang out in the Pinehurst area so I would be flexible going to any of the locations.I went to infiniti of raleigh and looked around they had only 5 m35 on the lot but were expecting 14 in 2 weeks.Did call Modern infiniti at Greensboro,they have the same problem with supply,but was ticked off when over the phone the sales guy who wanted my credit card downpayment so he could bring a car from another dealer to the centre,I thought that was kind of desperate being that I only spoke to him for about 5 minutes,I would check on the one in winston salem.I am looking for a twilight blue with graphite interior m35 Awd with journey and nav.Thanks again will keep searching cos i am looking to get one in 4 weeks.
  • drokondrokon Posts: 10
    Just got called about an M35 journey with nav(not AWD) being offered at 46080, is this a good deal? Any help will be appreciated.
  • bidyutbidyut Posts: 18
    Is it the sport model or non-sport? If it's non-sport, then that's a too high price. Because I paid 44912 for non-sport +tech+journey+splashguard.
  • drokondrokon Posts: 10
    IT actually was a non sport m35.Anyway I decided to chase another deal and I am about to close on it.Its a nonsport m35 twilight blue with graphite interior + TECH+JOURNEY+SPLASH GUARDS asking 46500,is this a better deal being that the M's are really scarce. any quick response will be greatly appreciated,,,thx
  • Will you really need the Tech pkg? Got my M35 sport, Journey, and Nav in platinum/stone for 43,500 at the end of August. Seems like the M's are getting scarce nowdays. Good luck.

  • drokondrokon Posts: 10
    Thanks for your input,well I really love the sorround sound,I am a music bum,so the tech was something I wanted, initially I was going to roll without it but this package came in so I am seriously considering it,will probably seal the deal early next week,i think for the price its ok,what do you all think?
  • milsey2milsey2 Posts: 12
    I just was quoted 3K down and $549 a month for a 36 month sport RWD with 15K per year. This is without tech. package - just journey 1. Is this average, good or great? 2. How much less do you think I could get this if I chose the regular sedan and not the sport? 3. How much do you think prices will soften up in the next 4-5 months when my present Infiniti lease will be up? Right now there is no discount for loyalty like there is for Lexus. Thank you.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 176,844
    You might have better luck re-posting here:

    Infiniti M35 / M45: Lease Questions

    Host-Prices Paid Forums

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • msu79gt82msu79gt82 Posts: 541
    If it's non-sport, then that's a too high price. Because I paid 44912 for non-sport +tech+journey+splashguard.

    Congrats on a great deal. Invoice on that is $44,051. Your deal is not typical from what I understand. I know that you can't get an M for that little over Invoice in Houston.
  • baschbasch Posts: 2
    I'm looking for M35x . Live in Southern MD (Metro DC area). Was hoping for crimson w/tech & journey but hasn't been available, and inventory seems to be reducing. Anyone have any perspective on whether to expect more vehicles soon? Has anyone ordered to say how long that actually takes? Sounds like from earlier posts there may be better deals in NJ - any other leads on that (or downside to buying there)?
  • mcefanmcefan Posts: 2
    Vehicles get ordered during a two-three day period, at the beginning of each month. Vehicles that were ordered last week, will be arriving at the dealerships in January. NJ has a bigger dealers than what is down in your area, giving you more of a choice. You might think the traveling would be the downside, but the upside to that is picking up your new vehicle. Unfortuately, Crimson Roulette is not a big color choice for most people, making it difficult to find.
  • I am starting the search for an M45 (non sport) loaded with the $10K premium package plus chrome wheels. How much over invoice do you think I should pay?
  • I am assuming that you want to save some money since you are asking. I highly recommend that you do not purchase the chrome wheels from the dealership. You can save a significant amount by purchasing them after market from a local wheel dealer. Same quality. Much, much lower price. Most after market supplliers order from an industry standard catalogue. I purchased mine in Phoenix, they are identical to the standard rims but are chrome. Paid $725 with tax. The dealer wanted around $2200 for the same rims.
  • I ordered my M35 in September and they tell me I can expect a November delivery date.
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    I am in the process of purchasing a M for the wife. I not sure of which to get. I know the V8 is down right muscular, but the V6 is plenty fast enough at about 6.8 seconds to 60 mph. However with today's gas crisis, I'm not sure of the V8 getting only an SUV-like 17/23 mpg is the right choice. The V6 fairs better at 18/25. Both of the ones that I'm interested in are Sport models. The V6 had the Journey,Tech, Aero packages. The V8 had the same but not the Aero, just a rear spoiler. The dealership is looking to move these cars, especially the V8's The sticker on the V8 was a mind-boggling $58,567 while the V6's was $50,345. Before I could even negotiate with the V8, the sales manager told me that he was willing to go down on the V8 to $49,500. Here comes the gotcha. He would take the V6 down to the same thing. When I asked why not take 8 grand off the V6, he implied that would be like giving it away. Bad choice of words in my book. So I have a buddy of mine who also is a wholesaler, and he stated that they are trying to get the V8's off the lot because they aren't selling quite like Infiniti thought. He told me to check back with him in a couple of days to see if he could locate a White Pearl M35 Sport on the East Coast. So I waited and not only did he find the M35 Sport, but he also found a M45 Sport with the Aero package. The V8 is about $47k while the V6 fully loaded is about $45k. I am completely in shambles. Here is my situation:

    M45 Sport: pros: V8 power, the resale value will hold out over the V6, and bragging rights
    cons: Thirsty, Thirsty, Thirsty, $986/yr MORE to insure over the V6, and the
    huge gas bills

    M35 Sport: PROS: Sweet V6 motor, fuel economy, easier to insure over V8 model
    CONS: Resale value isn't quite as good as V8, V6 not as punchy as V8

    Overall, I think the V6 is the more sensible choice. Before I make the plunge, please tell me of any problems(if any) associated with this model car. I'm interested in buying by this weekend. Thanks in advance for the imput. Happy Motoring :)
  • sdiver68sdiver68 Posts: 124
    I want to address the fuel economy. Most REAL WORLD M35 owners are reporting 18-19 mpg in mixed driving, this based on several threads on this and other forums. This jibes with the 18 mpg mixed I got with the FX35, same weight car, same engine.

    Most V8 owners are reporting 17-18. My own M45 sport is averaging 17.7 over the first 2000 miles, and I don't baby it.

    Although the insurance may be a concern, I would not make my $50K decision based on 1-2 mpg in real world difference in fuel economy.

    FWIW, $986/year more to insure V8 versus V6 sounds very high to me.
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    17.7 MPG is not an awful lot of mileage. My '06 Jeep Commander gets 17.9, and it's a fully loaded HEMI 4WD. My neighbor has a M35 Sport, and he is reporting 22.6 city/highway mix. In my part of the country, petro is pretty steep. So that is why I'm a little hesitant about the V8. BTW, have you priced the difference on insurance b'tween the M35 Sport and M45 Sport? Insurance company's here the word Sport, and they charge you an arm and a leg for it. I can insure the M35 Sport for full coverage for $1198.87/yr. The V8 is $2170.56. Beats the crap out of me why the difference is so much. However, I checked with the top 5 insurance carriers in the nation and they have all been about $50 within each other on the difference. If I could get over the insurance and fuel economy, I'd take the V8. But to make my case, I have houses both in Maine and L.I. However, I live on Long Island most of the time. There is NO way I will ever get a chance to get the full zip of the V8, so if there is another advantage besides power and prestige as to buying the V8, please post.:)
  • melt55melt55 Posts: 2
    I want to thank all of you for entering your experiences on purchasing the M. I live in the Atlanta area where there are several Infiniti dealerships with a great selection of vehicles. After a couple of test drives and deciding on what options suited me I was able to purchase the Diamond Grahphite M35 non-sport with Journey, XM, splash guards, and trunk mat for $41,300. Invoice is $40,835. I was there at the dealership for almost two hours but the time there was well worth the money I saved. I dealt with the Internet Sales guy at Troncalli Infiniti and he really was a very nice fella. Not pushy or too aggressive. I had a TL before and enjoyed it very much. But this car is so much better than it and I've enjoyed every moment of my brief ownership.
  • apex99apex99 Posts: 3
    I'm looking at pulling the trigger on an M35x (DG or BO) in the midwest area (IL or MI). I'm working on a deal with a dealership in MI where they're looking at giving me the M35x with Journey/Nav for $45,995.

    Invoice is at $44,389. Is $1,600 over Invoice high? Sounds high, right? Didn't know if anyone's been seeing better out this way...

    Thanks in advance! ;)
  • just got my M35x black on black. Sticker was $48,700. sold at $46,502. plus tx 1387. plus $550 acquisition fee. Total Gross Cap Cost 48,440. It has the Journey package, splash guards, trunk mat, and Navigation system.

    I traded in my 03 FX35 with touring for 26,000. (owed 22,400 or so) so my cap reduction was 3641. Adjusted cap was 44799. residual 28733 (59% of the $48,700). Works out to $559.75 for 39 months. In total out the door, I gave them my other lease car, the FX, and paid $695 for first and docs and license fee.

    You guys on here were helpful to me so I thought I would pass it along.
  • I found this forum the DAY that I picked up my M35x with journey/tech. I was curious as to if this deal I got was good and it "seemed" good to me but then again who knows.

    24 months, 12K/yr
    $0 down, no first payment
    CAP cost - 50096 (yes MSRP - sigh)
    Residual 73% $ 36648 (no way I am buying it so that was great to me)
    MF .0020
    Payment total 724.3 plus 6% tax = $789.49

    The one thing I did not pay any attention to was trade in. I had 6 months left in my FX45 and they took it back. I am sure that factored in here perhaps with the residual generosity? I came to test drive and essentially left with the car. I was happy to give back my FX early.

    Any thoughts or tips for 23 payments from now are greatly appreciated!

  • hitenhiten Posts: 12
    Need your input. please tell me if this is a good deal or not..

    MSRP: $50,090
    INVOICE: $46,632.38

    Dealer Take: $1,398.97 (3%)

    Price: $48,031.35

    Savings of $2,058.65 off of MSRP

    Please let me know your thoughts. Thks
  • $9k off msrp for the m45 sport, is this a common occurrence now or was blkhemi's experience an isolated but amazingly fantastic deal? i find it hard to believe the bottom has dropped out that badly for a car with much more power and barely worse mpg....

    heck if they are doing those deals i would consider trading my m5!!!
  • Just ordered a M-45 Sport with Technology package for $1000 over invoice from Glendale Infininty in S. Cal. I did everything over the phone. The key was asking for the fleet, internet manager and having him give the quote. Best deal I could find. Expected time of delivery is 10 weeks. That’s OK. My lease on current car runs out in December.

    Tim Anderson
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