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Infiniti M35 / M45 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • After researching for a while I finally settled in on my the M35, Twilight Blue, T/J package, rear spoiler, painted flaps. Got it (purchase not lease) for $47000 even +TTT. I used my employers VPP. I was pre-approved from my credit union so I went in with 47000 in mind and got just that. Was it a deal or have I been taken? I sign the papers tomorrow) (12/17) and pick it up - so I am not etched in yet. On the actual invoice (which I actually had to initial for some reason) the dealer cost appeared to be $46,333. Comments anyone?

    Big big thanks to zindallas for pointing out VPP because I had not even considered it until I read your post. Saved me $3400. Thx.
  • You paid less than $700 over invoice. How could you think that you were possibly taken? VPP is generally the best you can get. Enjoy your new car!
  • My salesperson at Ramsey Infiniti told me that they only order M35X and M45 Sport and that base M35 or M35 Sport and base M45 are generally custom orders for specific customers. The reason I was given is that the M35X is a red-hot seller in our region and that customers wanting the M45 almost always want the Sport version.

    This may explain some of the salesperson's confusion over the M35 Sport. I am sure they would be happy to order you the M35 Sport or locate one. They really are reasonable on price if they know that you know what people are paying at other dealerships.
  • Hi everybody i am posting to ask if anyone has experience with dealerships in the Connecticut area. I plan on buying an M 35x, possibly M 35/45 sport in the spring when the roads arent covered in snow and sand. I know there are a few dealerships and i don't mind making the extra 1 hr or 2 hr drive for better service and a better price. Thanks and Happy Holidays
  • Would most dealers trade to get you the car you want? What advantages/disadvantages are there for dealers to trade new car stock? The M35 I want is 80 miles away. My local dealer has the same car but in a different color. Assuming both places will do a similar deal, is there anything I need to know to stimulate the transfer?
  • Just bought M35x, journey, tech, splash guards, full size spare and trunk mat.

    msrp 51140 paid 47457 invoice 46615 842 above invoice.

    Probably left a few hundred on the table but thats OK.

    I had real problems on my trade in. Bought a used jag 10 months ago to see if I would like it, and wait for prices of M to come down. Even buying used I got smoked on the resale. Cost me 10000 for 10 months of ownership. Saved 3683 by waiting for M to come down. Cost me 6300 for 10 months of ownership which at 630 per month would be about right for a lease payment. Bought the car over the internet. I want to pass along my experience to you guys. Do not buy cars unseen. The car came with a few issues which were fixed under warranty, but the trany never worked great. Im sure the next owner will have problems. A nice lesson learned at a small cost.
    I hope I like the M as much as guys on this site do


    Bought car at Flemington Infiniti- Only visited this dealership. The resale on the Jag was correct as I checked that at other dealers. Edmunds and KBB are way off on that car
  • Hello, I own a M45 Sport Graphite w/wood on black Journey/Tech/Entertainment/Aero/. Have 15k on it and LOVE this car!!
    I put some 19" Zanetti's on it with Yoko's and just got the new Stillen exhuast system installed for x-mas (24 more HP). I am looking to find other M owners who are into tuning their car.
    Would like to share info once you get your car on your experiences..
  • If you also got the rear entertainment system on your car, then the ipod jacks right in through the aux inputs in the rear. Mine works great!! If not, then a local stereo shop can install on for around 200.00.
    happy M45 owner
  • sam_ksam_k Posts: 120
    Vic, in case you haven't heard there are a couple of Infiniti M forums out there with guys who modify their car like you.

    BTW, I knew the wood was available as an option on the Sport model (instead of the aluminum). Yours is only the second one I've heard about with it. I was surprised when I saw one at the dealer when I was picking up my M45 Sport.

    Also, the auxiliary input is available on cars without the mobile entertainment system. I think it comes with all the cars that have the technology package because I have it in mine and I don't have the entertainment system.
  • ufcpaufcpa Posts: 6
    I've been considering an M35 now for the last week, and am likely going to lease an M35 tomorrow. I'm interested in the straight M35 w/ the Journey package and XM. I've talked to several dealers in S. Florida, and the best deal I've seen on a 39 month lease is $800 down (includes 1st lease payment), and $595 + tax/month. Is this a decent deal? Others experiences? Thanks!
  • Need help on finding website showing true invoice pricing for base price plus for each option/package...the ones i find seem to be getting paid by dealerships to send them leads and only give a base invoice cost once you fill out all your personal info...any ideas?
    i am looking for a m35 with journey, navigation, satellite radio. thanks
    Lisa in Atlanta, GA.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 176,561
    Ummm... How about right here on

    2006 Infiniti M35

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • i know this is probably not the right place to post this, but i am looking to buy either an infiniti 35x for $800 over invoice or the is 350 for $2000 off MSRP. I live in Boston, so winters are somewhat of a concern (which was the reason for considering the M35) but I LOVE the Lexus. Also note... I am 21 years old. Can anyone give me their 2 Cs? I am looking to make my decision within the week.

    i also know the two cars arent really comparible.. both being it different classes... but they are the two cars that have won my auto-heart. hehe.. :P
  • sam_ksam_k Posts: 120
    The invoice prices here on are very accurate. I calculated the invoice price of my M45 Sport here on and when I was sitting down with the finance manager at the dealership, he confirmed that the invoice price I calculated on here matched exactly to the dollar. He showed me the actual invoice so I could see for myself.
  • sam_ksam_k Posts: 120
    I looked at the Lexus IS 350 and the Infiniti M35 Sport (even though I ended up getting an M45 Sport). I was in 2 Lexus GS300s before my Infiniti. I still love Lexus but I wasn't happy with the option packages and the lack of availability of IS350s with the Mark Levinson sound system. If you're going to lease, you'll probably find much better deals on the Infiniti M35x. If you're going to buy, then it's just a matter of which car you like better. Since you're 21 years old, you might want to find out insurance costs before you get anything. Insurance on the IS350 will probably be more than the M35x.
  • Thanks to all the posters for your helpful information. During the past several months I took a hard look at most of the cars in the luxury sports sedan segment. Each had their pro's and con's ... but for me, the M35 emerged as the best fit. Since my company was on Nissan's Vehicle Purchase Plan (VPP) list, I was able to purchase a Diamond/Wheat M35, non-sport, with Journey and Splash Guards for $40,090. Did the deal with Sewell Infiniti of Dallas. Bought it off the lot, brand spanking new - still wrapped in plastic. Financed through Infiniti with a simple interest loan @ 5.21% for 48 months. Smooth transaction.
  • rca1rca1 Posts: 1
    What a deal, if I got that one I would jump. I am currently looking at M35x in the Washington D.C. area Journey/Tech/ and the price quote I have is $51,569 the dealer is telling me it is 1,800.00 over invoice. Any tatics in talking him down? or is this a decent deal?
  • egw42egw42 Posts: 2
    What dealer in south florida?
  • I am about to make my leasing decision on a M35X, 12K/year, 36 month term, and would like to have the most accurate information to facilitate comparisons with the dealer quotes. What is the latest residual and the current best money factor? Thanks.
  • I would like the exact same information for the exact same lease. After looking at these posts, it seems like 1000 over invoice is a reasonable average price paid. I live in the Chicago area (Far western suburbs). Don't know if that has any effect. The one I'm interested in is 53,310 MSRP, 48,366 invoice. One more question. Is the M35 Sport available with the Premium package and wood interior?
  • vikesvikes Posts: 3
    Hi. This may be too late but for an FYI at least...I bought an M35x on 1/12, north of Boston. I got red w/wheat int. and both tech and journey packages plus mud guards and trunk mat for $46,903 (inc. $203 for "doc. fee"). Invoice for this car was $46,450 I believe, not the 49k+ you were quoted. I am thrilled with the deal and the car although only have 200 miles so far. I was driving a 1997 Subaru Leg. GT for the last 8+ years and the difference is incredible. A few thoughts- do your research/homework. and this forum helped me a great deal. Easy to find dealer invoice on this site. You have to know what the dealer paid and that's easy to find. I knew the car was only on their lot for 4 days so they would get $1000+ in holdback money from Infiniti. "holdback" concept easy to find on line. I had a great experience with Kelly Infiniti of Danvers, MA. They were very pleasant and professional. Remember, they can only say no when you offer less than invoice, but they probably won't. The percentage of car buyers willing to pay 45k+ is probably quite small. Be patient and be prepared to walk out/sleep on options/figures. Best of luck to you. :shades:
  • nocal2nocal2 Posts: 2
    Seems like $1000.00 over invoice is the magic number.

    M45 Sport, Journey Package, Tech Package (XM -- Sirrus discontinued?), Aero Kit

    Invoice + $1,000. -- Edmunds numbers are very accurate.
  • Why would anyone pay list plus for a car when a buying service like carsdirect offers them at no haggle discounts?

    Buying a vehicle is such a trying event. If they sell the vehicle to you, they made more than they probably deserved. I personally hate the game these days as the only person capable of making the deal is the sales manager, not the salesman. I recommend that anyone wanting to negotiate the price should go directly to the sales manager (Fleet Sales Managers are even better) and negotiate with them. At least they do not have to go to their boss to approve the deal.

    Good luck to all - this is a great car!
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you vikes.

    You were not replying to me (message #332) but I was looking for a similar package. I read your comments about an hour before heading to my local dealer. Sometimes timing is everything. After confirming residual value and money factor I said to the sales manager something like, well Cap Cost is the only thing to negotiate and then gave him a printout of your message. After a few minutes he agreed to the same deal you received - quite a bit better than the $1,000 over dealer invoice that most regard as the good deal. Best wishes.
  • Hi panther21. Here is what I found for the M35x, 12K, 36 months: Residual, 59%, money factor .00167.

    Good luck.
  • Thanks neurodoc. Picked up the car last night. M35X. Black, Graphite, Premium. What can I say. It's awesome and the kids love the gadgets.
  • Hi everyone,

    After reading the boards here and using Edmunds, I finally pulled the trigger on a 2006 M35. Easy and fun buying experience at Crest Infiniti DFW (email me for salesman's name).

    M35 DG/Burgandy Leather
    Trunk Mats

    Price was 43315 + TT&L,
    I chose to do a 36month lease w/ 15k miles per year.
    Money factor was .0015. And I put down TT&L and first
    month's payment only.

    Here's the only bad experience, they told me my lease
    price was 625/month, I used the lease calculator here
    and at another lease place and they came out to 585/month.

    I called them, let them know, and they corrected the
    mistake. I suspect they would not have had I not
    done the math. Can't blame the salesperson on this one.

    Thanks & Good Luck :D

  • nocal2nocal2 Posts: 2
    Cheapiam ...
    invoice is not list. -- however, I checked on your deal at carsdirect (try cutting and pasting the following link): e=false

    Target price on Carsdirect was $56,578. I purchased the car for Invoice + 1000.
    Invoice is $52,728
    + $1,000
    = $53,728 Purchase price

    -- Got that price by simply doing the research, looking at these posts, and calling the 'internet' reps. Six calls, 4 no's, 1 maybe, and 1 yes. I took the yes. -- Not too trying.
  • jr32jr32 Posts: 23
    Just wondering... i'm in chicago as well. Could you tell me what your lease price came out to? Where at? going back and forth between g and the m. have kids and a bmw 7 now and like the room in the back. thank you
  • jr32jr32 Posts: 23
    I have a question..... I know that it's typically not a good idea to put $ down when leasing a vehicle (due to the chance of totaling or theft), but I am looking to trade in a vehicle. The trade-in should be about $11k to $12k. I am looking at leasing a G35 or M35 (3yr/4yr 12k). Reason being, I typically keep a car 3 to 5yrs and don't want to be upside-down (neg equity) after 3yrs if I decide to change vehicles. My question is should I roll the trade-in $ into my lease to bring down payments OR will a dealer cut me a check for the full trade-in (I'd be willing to use a % of that for taxes). Do dealers typically baulk at giving out cash for a trade?
  • Sorry for the late reply. The car I got, M35X, has the premium package, chrome wheels painted splash guards and a trunk matt for the space saver spare. The MSRP was around 55,000. My payment is 707 for 39 months, 12K mi per year. 1000 over invoice. I went to Infinity of Lisle. It was very pleasant and they gave me some Mikasa cristal candle holders as a nice gift. I actually know the salesman from coaching his son in baseball. I would be happy to refer you if you would like. It's a great car and the kids love it. I have four of my own.
  • the dealer will give you a check for the difference but you might not get as much in trade as you might selling it to, say, Carmax but, if you do trade it, you will get a tax credit of 6.75 per cent to apply if you want. You That's 810 dollars on 12K. You won't get that at Carmax but it's probably worth while to get an appraisal anyway. The dealer will negotiate the trade value if it means that will sell a car.
  • jr32jr32 Posts: 23
    No problem at all..... one other thing.. $707 includes taxes, title and all that stuff?
  • It includes everything.
  • c5_4func5_4fun Posts: 59
    For what its worth, I bought an M35x in Chicago (Lisle) earlier this month and their offer on my trade-in was much better than Carmax; and yes the trade was a separate negotiation from the new car. I went down the leasing path and they were going to cut me a check for the trade-in value of my old car.
    Make sure you test their lease payment calculation. Residual was 59%; they never 'fessed up on the money factor. I switched and bought it outright as I was uncomfortable with the lease price they came up with, but I knew the trade-in and invoice pieces to work an outright purchase.
  • i just picked this car up a week ago. what can i say, this car is a driving experience like i've never had for the money. i previously leased suvs, and finally was tired of the big [non-permissible content removed] truck thing. my lease payment is lower than the suvs which cost more, obviously due to the residual of them being in the toilet compared to the infiniti. got the m35x tech,journey,splash guard, trunk mats. they threw the spoiler on for free- i think? black with bourbon interior. i get very positive comments on the interior color. looks a little on the orange side during the day, but it's different than the typical black or tan leather. this car gets up and goes too. handles like a dream, smooth all the way around. the bluetooth kicks [non-permissible content removed]. as soon as i got in it at the dealership, it recognized my palm treo650. got the voicetags stored in there. didn't sit there at the dealership for the 2hr "here's how the car works." based on the demographics of people buying this car, if you can afford this car, you obviously have the brains to figure out how the nav and everything else works.
  • does anyone have an idea about what the current prices are for a M35+Journey+Navi+XM+spalsh guards+trunk mat? MSRP $46,590 Invoice $42,741 I'm thinking no more than $1000 over invoice..does anyone have any experiences with purchase prices in past month?
  • tthayil - Congratulations, it is a neat car. But my experience with Crest was not as good as yours. My salesman was excellent, and I wanted to buy the car. But the sales manager didn't seem to want to do business with me. Of course this was earlier in the year, and he wouldn't come off of list .. you know "We are selling the cars at list ...", inferring take it or leave it. So I left! I ended up buying almost the same car you got, a few month later at Sewell, for $40,900. M35, non-sport, journey, splash. I guess timing is everything .. and who you talk to.
  • c5_4func5_4fun Posts: 59
    A couple weeks ago, I paid invoice + $800 for a black M35x in Chicago. From what I've seen here and elsewhere, invoice + $1000 is a very good deal. I hit the dealer at the right time and picked a car on the lot.
  • Our local dealers have had a lot of M35x (many have tech and journey packages) the past couple weeks. I'm not sure but they don't seem to be selling hardly any of them despite lots of newspaper ads. Anybody out there leased one with tech and journey packages lately and what did you pay? I think it's always the most useful to know how much you paid "at signing including down payment, tax and license" and also the lease payment. Just posting your lease payment doesn't tell us much!!!!!
  • hwl1hwl1 Posts: 1
    Very internesting. Would you mind to tell us which part of country do you live? Here in Washington, dealers only take orders in MSRP. And there is a big shortage of M35x. :cry:
  • vikesvikes Posts: 3
    Congrats Neurodoc. I haven't visited the forum in awhile. I'm glad my message helped. I'm approaching 700 miles and loving the car. Best of luck to you. Vikes
  • nrwaynenrwayne Posts: 45
    I'm pretty much settled on the M35x and need to take delivery by the end of April, so I'm guessing that's plenty of time to get what I'd like. The only option I'm interested in is the navigation system, which brings the MSRP to $45,590 (invoice is $42,263). My questions are:
    1. Will I have to order to get the navi only?
    2. If I order, how long does that take?
    3. How much over invoice am I likely to pay? (I plan to work hard at getting the deal.)
    Once I have a handle on these questions, I'll need to learn about leasing for 18,000 miles with zero down over 36 months. I'll move that over the leasing board after I learn about ordering and/or what the net price is likely to be. Thanks for all suggestions.
  • dpfoddpfod Posts: 7
    Last week I leased an M45 Sport fully loaded, I can't say enough good things about this car. I had an incredible buying experience at Glendale Infiniti; My salesperson tirelessly searched for the right car/color/options, finding the exact model & options that I wanted about 2 weeks after I gave the verbal. Easily the best buying experience I've ever had.

    If you are in the LA area I HIGHLY recommend contacting their internet department, I tried several dealers in my area and was told thay my preference was too rare, that I'd have to order, etc. I paid $1400 over and feel it is a fair price, especially after all the hard work and follow up by the dealer.

    M45 Blk/blk, Journey/Tech/Rear DVD/Aero

    BTW - I have a Sprint PPC-6700 that works great with the bluetooth system.
  • jr32jr32 Posts: 23
    I went to a dealer in Ill. and was given the following price for a 06 M35x:

    - MSRP: $48600
    - Journey, Nav., splash, trunk mat.
    - 12k
    - 39 month
    - $689 per month (includes tax, title, doc, $0 down)
    - 57% res (not sure what money fact)

    the only thing that seems odd is the fact that I have seen others post MSRPs from 45,590 to $47,800.

    Does the monthly sound right?
  • jr32jr32 Posts: 23
    Can I ask what your payment is and what it includes (meaning taxes and fees)
  • Just got back from closing on a '06 M35x with Journey and Tech package w/ Sirius. Used a corp discount (VPP program??) which I was unaware of until I walked in the door.

    2 year lease w/ 15k miles per year was the following:
    Cap cost = $47000
    Tax = $1490
    Total Cap = $48490
    Residual = 69%
    MF = .0001
    Monthly Payment = $750

    Didn't mind paying the fees out of pocket but didn't want to swallow the taxes too so I rolled it into the lease. Out the door cost including Bank Fee (550), Doc Fee (299) and License fees (56.50) was a total of $1655.89.

    Not sure if this is a good deal, but seems OK to me. Still have 4 more months (3 payments) on my existing lease. Guess I'll have an extra car for a while. ;-)
  • jr32jr32 Posts: 23
    Sam..... dumb question but I'm new at the calc thing.... I plug in your #s on the Edmunds calc and don't come up with the $695.... I come up with $722. Did you get the M45 sport? and was that the monthly? Thank you... I got a price of $689 month for a M35x 39month, 12k, with a 48600 invoice... sounds bad next to yours
  • Just took delivery of 06 M35 Journey+navigation+XM+Splash guards+trunk mat-Umbria Grey-Graphite interior.
    MSRP $46,590 Invoice $42,741-out the door $43,998.00 Very Nice Ride. Also included wind deflector, door edge guards & pin striping (no charge).
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