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Infiniti M35 / M45 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    Did you read the rest of my post? The V8's up here in Maine aren't selling well at all. In fact, the dealer here in Freeport only has sold 1 V8 in 6 weeks while there are 8 on the lot. The V6's move like hotcakes. Oh and just to let everyone know, I ended up with the Diamond Graphite M45 Sport with Tech/Journey/Aero packages and wood trim and satellite radio all $55,500 cash out-the-door. Is this a great deal or did I get scammed?
  • yes i read your post and just reread it in fact. my question still stands--at $9k off msrp you are at least $5k ahead of anyone else i've seen or heard of. if that offer's real someone should grab it for sure.
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    Remember $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ talks, all else walks!! If you do a little homework, there are deals to be made on these cars. Big ticket items aren't moving like they were a year ago today.
  • i wasn't questioning the validity of your claims, but my advice is that if they are selling a new, loaded m45 sport for $49.5k you should grab it really fast before they realize their mistake. the resale value of that car will always be thousands higher than the m35 which will pay for a lot of gas and insurance....but the smiles on your face from the v8--priceless!!
  • Ready to lease or buy my m35x with journey and nav. I have a couple of questions. Do you get a better deal using a buying service from your credit union than trying to negotiate a purchase or lease rightl off the street? Has anyone sucessfully used the United Buying Service to buy the Infiniti M35X at a cheaper price than negotiating the deal on your own? Has any one been able to purchase the journey nav on 35x at $42,000 or is this unrealistic price at this time? Is it more common to lease than buy this car? Will there be any incentives for leasing or buying this car for the holidays, or am I wasting my time waiting for a sale? How come the red color with wheat color is impossible to find in the Maryland area? Ok, so I have more than a couple of questions. Thank you for your site, and your help.

    Ok, enough about my concerns
  • Sale Price of 48015 on a M35x Nav/Tech/ Full size spare.
    5 security deposits of $700 = $3500 (I get that back at the end).
    $ 1009 upfront (don't get that back).

    626.42 a month 39 months.

    I think this is an awesome deal.. Thoughts?
  • apex99apex99 Posts: 3
    I'm looking at a black on black M35x (Journey/Tech) for $1500 over invoice, which is bringing it to $48K a fair, good or great deal?? :confuse:

    I'm pushing it to $1200 over invoice, but is it even worth the haggling and the possibility of losing the exact color I want and having to wait a few more weeks for the vehicle? :confuse:

    Thanks in advance!!!! ;)
  • Here is an offer I have from a dealer....any input would be greatly appreicated! Hoping to pick up this car tomorrow.

    MSRP 43490
    cap cost 40936
    residual 24789.30
    money factor: .00225 (they say I am tier 2 credit)
    42 month with 15k per year
    588 payment including 7.75 tax
    1500 due at lease signing
    I'm also upside down 500 bucks on a trade...

  • g8rattg8ratt Posts: 2

    Did that include tax, tag and title? If so unreal. I just paid $55K for the V8, Tech, Nav, Journey loaded + DVD in the back (MES)! Got it at Inf. of Gwinnett in Georgia. I probably could've gotten a better deal if I had bought one on the lot, but they had to ship from Memphis, TN.

    Loaded at $49.5 sounds shady. The discount through Sams Club on the car was $3000 off MSRP though the end of the month, then $2500.
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    Doesn't sound shady when you have cash money that a dealer can't turn down. BTW, was your car a Sport or not? Also, the Nav system IS part of the Tech pkg.

    Can't figure out why this is so hard to believe. A guy on the QX56 forums just bought one at $42k fully loaded. He also paid cash. I've been buying cars for 40 years and I know how to deal with car people.

    BTW, it didn't include TTL, however my tags were transferred to the M, so no money spent there. I paid about $4,600 in taxes out of pocket.
  • Dave - can you tell me at which dealer you purchased your car as I also live in Orange County, CA.

  • The best i could do was $54,000 on a m45 w/journey/tech and aero package - black on black with metal interior - And that was a pain in the butt - really wanted rosewood interior but couldnt find one anywhere - MSRP was $57,700 so $3,700 was the best about ten calls to ten dealers got me - a lot of them were a huge pain. I did a 39 month lease with $6500 down and came out at $565 a month including tax, title, license.- 12,000 a year -
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    Sportee, sure hate that you already bought it. Bay Area Infiniti in SF had your vehicle exactly with wood for $50,900 after a $5,000 dealer discount. At last check, they had about 67 '06 M35/45 Sports and Non-Sports. That's a lot of cars so maybe that's why they decided to do huge discounts.My sister got a Diamond Graphite M35 Sport Tech/Journey/Aero/Sat for $46,500. I'm pretty sure you would've driven to SF to save that big! Sorry.
  • jeffryjeffry Posts: 36

    Are you an Infiniti salesman?? I don't see any 'Bay Area Infiniti' on their web site, and the many dealers around SF have had VERY little stock for the past 6+weeks. Maybe they're getting stuff in next week but which one has 65 cars now?? With little in stock I havent heard 10% discounts off MSRP...clue us in! Thanks.
  • bigobigo Posts: 22
    Infinits a Luxury brand? thats funny.. so actually mean its meant to compete with Cadillac, Lincoln, Benz, BMW???? wow and all this time i thougt they were even uglier versions of Nissans cheap cars with some wood n leather :)
  • Infinits a Luxury brand? thats funny.. so actually mean its meant to compete with Cadillac, Lincoln, Benz, BMW???? wow and all this time i thougt they were even uglier versions of Nissans cheap cars with some wood n leather

    You know what's really funny? Unlike Benz and BMW, these cars rarely visit the service department.

    There are also some other funny things. The car performs every bit as well as the 5 series at $10,000 to $15,000 off. Even at the lower price they have features you can't get on a Benz or BMW. And, most important to me, they actually like it when you buy their cars. You aren't made to feel as if they are doing you a favor by selling you one.

    If you think that they're cheap, get in one of the newer Infiniti's with 50 to 60 thousand miles and notice that the materials are still in good condition, squeaks and rattles are rare, and maintenance costs won't kill you.

    This Nissan/Infiniti rap is getting as boring as the Toyota/Lexus rap.
  • davev1davev1 Posts: 14
    If you would wich dealer made this offer.

    Thanks :confuse:
  • davev1davev1 Posts: 14
    If you a looking for an M in Los Vegas Good luck

    There are 2 dealer ships but only one ower.

    No competition hear. ;)
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    Where have you been? Infiniti is every bit as much a luxury brand as Merc and BMW. These things last a lifetime and rarily if ever have to go for service other than standard maintainence. Infiniti track record for reliability is among the best in the industry. Yes industry. When I took the wife's car to service, they treated me as if I owned the dealership. Typed in my name and handed over loaner car keys,no questions asked. A dressed up Nissan? What's so bad about that?
  • davev1davev1 Posts: 14
    I am in the Los Vegas area. SO Calif or AZ would be close.
    Looking for a M45 with Teck/Journey Umbria Grey and Bourbon
  • Just bought a Twilight Blue/Wheat M35x with Journey/Tech/Full size spar/splash guards for $48786 including destination + $189 processing fee.

    Were were looking for the same car in Crimson Roulette but the earliest we could get one was in December from Ray Catena Infiniti in NJ for $48154 + $199 processing fee.

    We finally bought the blue one from Pearson Infiniti in Richmond VA.

    We were pleased with both dealerships and sales reps. Would recommend either for hassle free negotiations.

    BTW, anyone get the Environmental Protection Package? Will I never wax my car again?

    Excellent car/value compared to similarly equipped BMW 5, Audi A6, Jaguar S-Type, Volvo S60, Lexus GS.
  • sea1ksea1k Posts: 7
    As I determine what options I'd prefer, I'm trying to get a sense for the market acceptance of the aero package. Any sense for how often these are added to the 35 or 45 Sports? I like the look, but think it would get a little old after awhile. Thanks!
  • As I determine what options I'd prefer, I'm trying to get a sense for the market acceptance of the aero package. Any sense for how often these are added to the 35 or 45 Sports? I like the look, but think it would get a little old after awhile. Thanks!

    I chose the Full Aero Kit; and as you correctly state it is an aesthetics thing. I prefer the looks of the car with it and am not sure why it would ever grow tiresome.

    The lower rear (lower bumper at the exhaust level) of all Ms has black plastic "trim." I do not think this looks good on the light colored cars; of course it is hardly noticable on the dark ones (e.g. Black and Blue). For lighter colors, the aero kit's color matching this lower rear "mis-match" will always look better than stock.
  • IS 48786 $ does that include the sales tax?
    Congrats on the purchase.

  • no sales tax or DMV fees included in the above prices because those vary by locale. I don't like to nickel and dime so there you have it. Not the best deal in the world but probably not the worst either. We're happy enough! :)
  • Saw one just like it at Peninsula Infiniti in Redwood City,
    Northern Calif I know but may be worth calling the Fleet Manger there. Sweet color combination. :)
  • ktranktran Posts: 10
    Try calling Infiniti of Santa Monica. They have a lot of M45.
  • sea1ksea1k Posts: 7
    Hadn't thought about the black bumper trim. As I'm going with the Diamond Graphite, that won't be an issue for me. Am going to leave the kit off for now.
  • I just ordered an M45 Sport with Tech, Journey, MES, splash guards and spoiler from Infiniti of Nashua, NH. Paid $2000 over invoice. I had some good luck...they found the exact car I ordered in port and it will be here in about 3 weeks. Can't wait!!!
  • after reading all of the above discusssion about price....i think i did pretty good getting the cars at $150 over invoice.
    i leased the M35x with journey,Nav, Aero for 2500 down and 597 month for 24 months.......heres the real kicker............18000 MILESSSSSSS......I tell you what....this car ROCKS!!!!!!!
    PS: NJ area :)
  • davev1davev1 Posts: 14
    I found a M45 Sport Teck/Jour for $750 over Invoice.
    ;) In the Bay Area Just luck Sails Manager had to move the M45s.
  • sea1ksea1k Posts: 7
    Any hints on which dealer? Also, what ext/int colors? Thanks!
  • the aero package is a must.....i just got a diamond graphite with graphite interior.
    I gave up the TECH PKG bcoz it was difficult to get tech, JRN and AERO.....i think i made a wise choice...i have a freind who has th M35 without AERO....i feel it doesnt do the car any justice.....ONCE AGAIN>>>>>AERO PKG IS A MUST. :)
  • Forgive my Cross Posting wasn't sure which thread.
    1) I am not sure what I should do maybe someone can convince me either way. I am looking at getting the M35X or the M45 both Premium Packages. I live in Southern CA so snow is not a big problem, however rain can be, rare but it does happen. I wouldn’t mind driving to the mountains occasionally or even to other places with bad weather, ie UT, CO and KS. Its not that I really need to have the extra horses either so can someone help me out?
    2) I am going to have to order either one, can you give me an idea of what to expect? I have never ordered a car, do I need to purchase the car first or is there a deposit? What about length of time?
    3) I am looking at putting a substantial amount down. Anywhere from 80%-90% down. What kind of price should I expect to pay for a)M35x w/Premium or b)M45 w/ Premium Package
  • davev1davev1 Posts: 14
    My 5 days hunt is over. O well, I will start at the beginning. I found this Forum through Google. You all have been a great help and a wealth of information in finding a M-45 . I found this Post:

    #256 of 292 $1000 over invoice by sordfsh Oct 20, 2005 (1:22 pm)
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    Replying to: lee_w (Aug 29, 2004 10:22 am)

    Just ordered a M-45 Sport with Technology package for $1000 over invoice from Glendale Infininty in S. Cal. I did everything over the phone. The key was asking for the fleet, internet manager and having him give the quote. Best deal I could find. Expected time of delivery is 10 weeks. That's OK. My lease on current car runs out in December.

    Tim Anderson

    I am in Las Vegas. There are two dealers but 1 owner here. They would only give me $400 to $600 off MRSP. I bought an M45 Sport / Jurney/Teck/xm Platinum/Stone /Rear decklid spoiler. Invoice $51657. MSRP $ 56580 There is $4923 difference. (I paid $750 over Invoice.) Now the rest of my jurney. So, I gave Glendal Infiniti A call said I would pay the same as Tim Anderson. They said OK. I spent 2 days with 2 different car. At the end I sat waiting for a fax from the dealer that never came and they never called. Another Post Said Infiniti of Santa Monica had a lots of M45. Called the Internet sales person he said Ok but $1400 over. My brother livis in Redondo Beach So I tried Infiniti of Torrances thay were $1300 over. But what the heck,I said find me a car. They could not find 1 in LA the way I wanted it. The closiest was Pleasanton Infiniti In the Bay Area. and that I should call them direct. They could have the car shipped in but it woild cost extra. ( An honest Dealer ) Called Pleasanton Infiniti spoke with A Sales & Leasing Consultant. I said he had a car that I would want to purchase. Explained all the fruststration down in Southern Cailfornia. I even said I would pay $ 1300 over. He went to his manager, called me back and said they would do the deal for $750 over. Manager said thay are over stocked on M45. He faxed the paper work. I bought air line tickets and flew to Oakland Saturday. They picked us up and in 4 hours we where on the road back to Las Vegas.( Now this is another honest dealer. I said I pay $1300 over.)I told them that I was goind to Post this ordeal on the internet. Becase in an previoues Post I was asked who made the Deal.
    He talk to his Manager, came back and said Ok
    So in endind up,I LOVE the car. Hope you all work hard on getting a good deal There out there. :)
    Dave V
  • rds91rds91 Posts: 6
    I live in long island around Smithtown area (north shore). This is an Infinity M35x with the journey package, and navigation. The invoice price is 44,410. The price that they gace me for the car was 45,410 (1,000 over invoice). It is for 39 months taxes up (taxes are %8.65)front and paying bank fee destination charge, plates, security fee and stuff like that up front. This is a 12,000 mile lease. They gave me a lease price of $577.57 a month. Is this a good price? Is the invoice and price for the vehicle right? Is there anything wrong? Can I do better on this deal? Which month can I get the best deal on? :confuse:
  • sam_ksam_k Posts: 120
    I read earlier in this forum that people were able to get the M35 Sport from Ramsey Infiniti in NJ for $1K over invoice. When I called up that dealer and spoke to a salesman, he was a little clueless about the M35 Sport. He kept saying M35x Sport and there is no such car. Finally he took my number to check their inventory. When he called me back he told me that they don't have any and that they only have tons of M35x's. He tried to convince me to get the M45 Sport, saying that to lease it was only $20 to $25 difference. I find that hard to believe given the $6K difference in base price.

    For the people who were able do get an M35 Sport from Ramsey Infiniti, did you have to wait a long time for them to get one in? Did you have your choice of colors and options? I'm thinking about contacting their internet department so I won't have to deal with clueless salespeople.
  • I am in negotiations with the local dealer on the same car.

    DO you know what residual and money factors were used. What tax in your state?

  • jeffryjeffry Posts: 36
    Finally, my M35 is in the garage after 2 1/2 months of speaking to several dealers in the SF bay area, mostly by phone & email. Finding exact colors & equipment I wanted was not easy. But, Claudio at Infiniti of Serramonte came through for me, having to intercept a unit in the pipeline. Though it took about the expected month to arrive, Claudio handled my seemingly ‘infinite’ number of questions w/ patience, charm, & expertise.

    MSRP: $48,640. MY COST: $45,000 INVOICE $44,284 (as per Consumer Rpt. & as I recall Edmund’s was about the same, though CU indicated there is $1,154 “Dealer’s Holdback”--money from the manufacturer to pay for ~3 months floor plan, so if they sell a unit before then, they say, there is extra profit. I got several comparable offers from 2-3 dealers including Fairfield & Glendale. It helps knowing exactly what you want & will pay & when, no dinking around to waste their time. Consummating the deal by phone, fax or email before going in cuts the likelihood of any funny business when you go in. Your goose is really cooked if you’re not sure & go in w/ “The Wife” to get some numbers, hoping for a good deal--it’s clearly their ad.

    My car is the base model w/ Tech, Journey, Splash & full spare, etc. The latter I’m not sure was a good idea as it takes ~ 3 cu ft trunk space. I absolutely LOVE the awesome Bose, amazing! ...but those $20 audio DVDs!! After Claudio’s thorough explanation of the tech stuff, I can fairly comfortably get around the system after a couple hours practice.....some reading to do this weekend. Nav book 200 pgs. Main book 350 pages!!! It is largely intuitive for anyone who has spent any time at all w/ computers or cell phones. ....teaching my wife, now that’s a different story.

    I had looked at & driven numerous great cars: GS300, is350, RL, TL, and I especially wanted to like the BMW 330i (just too choppy, short on user friendly toys, loads of fun tho even w/ std suspension), BMW 530i (probably the best compromise of quiet/ride/handling -use of Active Steering the mags gripe about, I found immediately predictable & a joy. BUT--chintzy Naugahyde look/feel leather, lousy sound...then there’s the price & reliability...) Any one I could live w/, or my old car, so I wasn’t wed to the M being the only show in town...maybe made it easier to get the price I wanted, tho only $600 under their original phone offer. I would prefer a bit smoother ride & a bit quieter so the M35x or Sport wouldn’t have worked though perhaps even more fun to drive. It’s a great choice & hope to have it 10 yrs!?! HAPPY HUNTING & HAPPY MOTORING!
  • r2m45r2m45 Posts: 10
    I just picked up an M45 sport in DG on Bourbon with Tech/Journey/MES/full spare/splash guards. Msrp $58900.00. Paid $1000 over invoice or $54666.00.

    Cap cost $54666.00
    0 down about $1700 drive off including first month
    60% residual
    MF .0016
    36 mos.
    12K per year
    $741.54 per mo.
    9% tax in Pa.

    Car guy or host can you evaluate and respond.

  • sam_ksam_k Posts: 120
    I like the look of the aero package myself and the black obsidian M45 Sport that I'm picking up this coming week will have it. During my car search, I got a feeling that there are very few cars that come with this option. One dealer had a M35x with aero which sounded very unusual. I originally wanted an M35 Sport with journey, tech w/ sirius, aero and full size spare and finding one with an aero package turned out to be tough. I think M35 Sports with aero are harder to find than M45 Sports.

    At $1390 retail, it's a good price, especially if you're leasing.
  • sam_ksam_k Posts: 120
    I ended up getting an Infiniti M45 Sport with jouney, tech w/Sirius, aero and full sized spare from Ramsey Infiniti for either $333 or $530 over invoice depending on which purchase price you believe. Let me explain. The dealer told me that the purchase price was $53334 and when I used that number in the lease, it didn't come out to $695/month. When I used $53137 as the purchase price in various lease calculators, it was exactly $695/month.

    But I also learned that Infiniti lease calculators don't work the same way as the standard lease calculators like the one found on and on other web sites. I have a feeling that they don't residualize the destination charge or something because while I was shopping around, the monthly payment charge calculated by the dealer was always around $10 higher than the ones I calculated. I would perform my calculation on an Excel spreadsheet and also using the online leasing calculators. The one on my spreadsheet would match the online leasing calculators to the penny, but never one calculated by the dealer.

    Here are the numbers.

    MSRP $57990
    Cap cost $53334 (what dealer told me), $53137 (what I calculated)
    0 down
    $1569 drive off including first month
    59% residual
    MF .00177
    39 mos.
    12K miles per year
    $695 per month including 8.625% NY tax

    During my car search, I also learned that the internet department at a couple of other dealers in the NY/NJ area (in addition to Ramsey Infiniti) were willing to sell cars at $1K over invoice. They are Competition Infiniti in Long Island and Kings Infiniti in Brooklyn.
  • sea1ksea1k Posts: 7
    Good work! I've seen pix posted of the black Sport with aero. Cuts a great image.
  • hey guys... I've worked out a deal with two dealers. with the following specs.

    Black Exterior
    Bourbon Interior
    Journey Package

    Ramsey offered me $800 over invoice and a local dealer in boston offered me $1000 over invoice. Do you think I should go with the local dealer or make that trip over to NJ? Also, I was wondering if prices are going to fall in the month of December. If so, maybe waiting a few weeks might generate a better sale? Also, is it possible to get these things lower than 800 over invoice? I heard of people buying at or below invoice. I just find that hard to believe.

    Feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  • armen6armen6 Posts: 17
    Here's a tip, Sam. I dealt with Ramsey, Salerno and Lynnes. I saved over $1000 and bought from Flemington. Ask for the manager. I got a M35x Tech/Journey for 47,600, over 4k less than sticker. That's about 1200 over invoice.
  • Just ordered my new M!

    M45 Sport
    Black over graphite with aluminum

    Definitely check out the Nissan VPP (vehicle purchase program) before buying. Thanks to another poster on this board, I checked and found my company on their list and was able to order my car for $400 over invoice with no haggling! Thanks to everyone who has posted here - incredibley helpful information.

    Now the hard part...waiting for my new M to get here!

  • yea, but you're doing a lease, which kind of sucks because you will pay out the bung for the extra miles and the buyout at the end they rip you.

    I just got a loaded m35x in va for 47800 journey, tech, splashes.. think thats it. its the best car on the market right now
  • I purchased a new M35 for a price of $46,000. I felt that this was fair price. I shopped at three dealerships and 1000 above invoice cost was the best that I could do. This is the M35X with Journey,Navigation,mud flaps, full size spare and carpeted trunk. :):)
  • After two months of researching my purchase, I just picked up my new M35 this week. I had compared BMW 5 series, Lincoln LS,Lexus,Mercedes and Audi 6. Nothing could match the value found in the Infiniti M. The interior style is second to none. The detail and workmanship of the leather seats and door inserts was perfect. Each time I drive the care I am surprised at the attention to detail and discover something new. The visibility out of the front windshield is superior to anything I have seen. The headlights illuminate a full two lanes and give excellent visibility. The adaptive front lighting leads the way into the turns. I am sure that it would allow you to see things in the roadway giving you the change to avoid an accident. I love the technology in the vehicle. I was surprised that the Bose system does not have an external input source for my IPOD :confuse: With all the technology I would have thought that it would have been included. The rear camera is not a luxury but a necessity. With the aerodynamic design and high trunk area your rear visibility is limited :( The camera allows you see any obstacles or little children that may be behind you and allow you to avoid incident.
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