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Infiniti M35 / M45 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • danatcardanatcar Posts: 1
    Shopping for base M35 in South Florida. Sticker is 40,700 with $600 destination included. I'm new to this game. Any insight appreciated on getting to best price. Have contacted several dealerships via email...
  • stixpixxstixpixx Posts: 17
    I finally purchased my new M35 with Tech/Journey at Tustin Infiniti on June 30. Sales manager was great. With the help of Car_Man in the Leasing forum, I walked in, they had the car I wanted, worked with salesman and sales manager, told him what I was looking to pay and what leasing numbers I expected. The deal took 2 minutes to get done. Got $2700 off MSRP of 49910. Paying $607.00 a month plus tax with $1637 drive offs on a 39 month 15K miles. Thanks to all, these forums have been invaluable in acquiring my new M.
  • fsmwsfsmws Posts: 4
    What was the selling price? I'm looking at a M35x Black with same package. 2k over invoice.
  • jsorofjsorof Posts: 11
    I just bought a black M35x with journey/aero/XM for $1350 over invoice. Could have gotten $1200 over invoice at another dealer but I got a better deal on my trade. End of month clearly gives more leverage. In the words of one dealer, $1200 over invoice at the beginning of the month sticks out like a sore thumb and doesn't fly.

    Good luck!
  • fsmwsfsmws Posts: 4
    which dealers?
  • elernerelerner Posts: 2

    That is a good deal - I live in New York, and just leased my wife an M35x with nav/ journey/ winter mats for $600 / month - 39 month, 10k per year - paid the taxes up front. Keep in mind that NY is more expensive than every other state because of the extra $5-600 that all companies charge because of frivolous lawsuits from a few years ago where someone sued the leasing company in addition to the driver to make a fat payday (approx 45 million dollars). isn't it great to be a new yorker? :)
  • elernerelerner Posts: 2
    You are much better off calling a few dealers and having them entice you to come in over the phone. I negotiate most of my deals before i walk in the door because they have to entice you to go to their dealership! You also may want to go to the dealership at the end of the month and in the rain (since it rains practically every day in S Florida). They will want to give away the farm hopefully! Good luck
  • jsorofjsorof Posts: 11
    Duane-Salerno in New Jersey was $1200 over, Infinity of West Chester in Souteastern PA was $1350 over, but would have done $1200 for a car on the lot.
  • sangonesangone Posts: 15
    Based on your number, using a residual of about 58%, I would say your MF came out around .28 which is about 6.7%. Seems high but it's water under bridge now. If you're happy, it's worth it. Enjoy the ride.
  • sangonesangone Posts: 15
    Anyone with good results on a lease for an M45 Sport? What kind of deal are you getting relative to MSRP? What about money factor? Also, does the money factor go down when you put more money down? Are the Infiniti dealerships using Infiniti Financing and if so, what mf rate are they quoting?

    From a local dealership, I've been quoted money factor of .19 over 39 months with a residual of 60% based on 15K/year. I think the money factor may be a bit high. I know I will need to negotiate price below MSRP but wanted to be realistic based on transactions here in Southern California.
  • Infiniti of Massapequa
  • sjcbillsjcbill Posts: 82
    I picked up my M35 on Wednesday from Infiniti of Marin. They were great to deal with.

    My report card so far:
    Fit and finish - excellent
    Dealer prep - excellent - tire pressure was right, car was spotless, front license bracket installed (they asked first), gas tank full.
    Dealer training - very good
    Defects or problems - none so far

    The deal: M35, diamond graphite/graphite, journey, tech with Sirius, trunk mat,
    Dealer: $43,519
    List: $47,740
    Price before tax and license: $44,519
    This dealer installs wheel locks on every car for free.
  • babydocbabydoc Posts: 20
    Thanks elerner and david2u
    The M35X we were looking at has the journey package and the trunk mat. I guess that's a fair deal, though not great, given that David2U has a cheaper lease. We live in Missouri, and unfortunately there aren't that many Infiniti dealers around. I know that the July lease numbers just came out- will have to check those out and make a decision.
    Thanks to all
  • mym35mym35 Posts: 2
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
    First, please turn off your CAPS LOCK. It makes your messages hard to read. You might want to ask your questions in our discussion called Lease Questions - Ask Here, but in any case you need to post more details - you gave us MSRP, but did you negotiate a lower price? What was your money factor?

    One thing you definitely did correctly was to NOT put down a lot of money on the lease. It sounds like it was all 1st payment + sales tax, which is good. In answer to your final question, if you've driven the vehicle off the lot, you likely cannot cancel the lease.

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  • newtoy1newtoy1 Posts: 7
    Can anyone give me the residual % and money factor for an M35 Sedan (not sport or AWD)? Looking at 39 month 15/K term. I need to validate the deal on my incoming car that I intended to buy, but now am considering a lease. What kind of lease deals are folks signing with the new July rates? Detail would be appreciated, don't want the dealer to inflate the money factor, current quote .00223.

  • empty1empty1 Posts: 109
    Now that the car(s) have been on the market a few months I interested in the deals folks are getting. I'm interested in buying a M35x in Philadelphia area... any dealer advice would also be appreciated... thanks and regards to all.
  • asmets41asmets41 Posts: 2
    Willow Grove, paid $2000 over invoice on ordered car. M35x with journey package. Would have done $1000 on car in lot, but I didn't want color.
  • drtraveldrtravel Posts: 395
    Edmunds has a specific forum for lease questions. The moderator can provided the requested info - just post it and wait.
  • empty1empty1 Posts: 109
    Does anyone believe that the employee discounts offerred on domestic cars is starting to effect Infiniti and other foreign car makers.... It would be nice to nice before I begin my negotiations with Infiniti.,thanks.
  • bdkinnhbdkinnh Posts: 292
    I doubt it. Some people may cross shop the M with the STS (I did after the discount started), but I can't think of many cars that fall under the discount that compete with the M.

    I'd think that if Infiniti were concerned about the competition with the discounters, they wouldn't have just raised the MSRP by $540.
  • jginatljginatl Posts: 5
    Great deal! If you don't mind my asking, what was your residual on the 39-month lease? I am getting quoted similar numbers in Atlanta for the same car MINUS the Tech package!! Hoping to do something by month's end. Thanks in advance.
  • artsrt10artsrt10 Posts: 13
    Anyone lease an m35-x in NY? Trying to get an idea how what a "good" deal would be w/ only first month down.

  • tcampos22tcampos22 Posts: 2
    I just got my M35 Sport this weekend. Traded in the G35 (will miss this car). It was listed @ 48,160, but I got it for 46,160 @ 4.9% for 60 months. Not bad. I got everything on it that I wanted except for the aero body kit, can that be purchased and installed on a M thats has already been bought and driven off the lot? Can the dealer install it? If they can't do the whole aero kit, do you think that they could install at least the spoiler? I know, I know, I should have just ordered one with everything that I wanted, I just didn't feel like waiting.

    Thanks in advance.

    (Going to get my windows tinted this weekend!)
  • bocatripbocatrip Posts: 194
    I presently own a 04 G35 Coupe that I wish to trade in for a 06 M35 Ivory/graphite/Journey/Nav. Basically the two dealerships I went to don't want to budge. One is pretty set on MSRP but I have not tried to negotiate as of yet. The other one dropped a "big $700" off MSRP and quoted without seeing my trade with 11k on the clock....$27,000. (04 Coupe Auto/Premium 11K miles) They do not have my car is stock which I know hurts my negotiations but told me they can look for one.To make matters worse they charge $695 Prep charge! I believe this to be a pretty crappy deal compared to what I've heard on this forum. Does anyone know of any dealers in the Florida area that are discounting on M35s???? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • shaft1789shaft1789 Posts: 3
    Try the Infinity dealership in Melbourne, FL. Recently (3-4 months ago), I was considering a M35 and they were willing to deal once they knew I was capable of purchase. Decided to wait, but nevertheless they were dealing.
  • rstennettrstennett Posts: 1
    I drove the m35 sport and loved it. the dealer made me an offer of 51,000 with journey, teck package.So i passed because the price was to high for me. I didnt drive the regular m35- is their a big diffrence in ride/ cost? Its getting close to the end of the month and the sales guy called me saying to come in for a better price. I think im going to wait till the last day of the month and ask for a price. Whats a good price to ask for the m35 (silver/burbon ) sport with jurny/tech package?

    first post: south florida location.
  • bocatripbocatrip Posts: 194
    From what I am hearing from this and other forums.. anywhere from $700-$1500 over invoice. These cars are marked up around $3500. And of course if you even bought the car below invoice..... they always get the "hold back".. Bottom line is.. be educated with the costs and stand firm...the dealership will always be making money regardless of your low offer.. If you are not happy.. go somewhere else. I have searched 3 dealerships for my M35... and I have done it in two days from a small $700 discount to $1500 and possibly a $2000 for a ORDERED CAR! (not in stock) it takes time and effort.... don't take their B.S.
  • tcampos22tcampos22 Posts: 2
    bocatrip is right, they are full of BS and stand firm. I got $2K off just by acting like I was going to leave and by saying I need to time to think, for like 2 hours, it was a test of patience. I didn't have the easy option of going to another dealer, there is only 1 in my area the the closest one after that is about 2 hours away, but I would have went there if I had to.

    There is about $3K diff between sport and non-sport. You should be able to negotiate $2K off of there sticker price.
  • longhorn4longhorn4 Posts: 9
    I am considering doing VPP on a new M35 Sport, Journey, Sirius and need some help. These are the details of the offer I've gotten:

    MSRP: $45,290 (+ sat. radio installed at dealer)
    VPP Price: $42,673 + tax (6.25%)
    TTL + other fees: $709.55

    For 39 mos/15K--nothing down except 1st month's payment: $714/mo
    For 42 mos/15K--nothing down except 1st month's payment: $704/mo

    This just seems high compared to what I've seen on this board. Any thoughts? Am I missing something? Another poster got a monthly payment of $607/mo on a car with a selling price of $47,210 with only $1,637 down. That's more than a $100/mo less on a car that's priced $5K more than the one I'm considering.

    Thanks for all help.
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