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Infiniti M35 / M45 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • bondguy1bondguy1 Posts: 231
    I didn't get the M35..I was shopping for one but went with the Audi A6 instead.. But there was this young fellow at the Infiniti dealership in Palm Beach...the dealership I think is called Schumacher...but whatever you do, don't go to the Broward Infiniti...they quoted me $75 more a month for the same car as the dealership in Palm Beach...I even knew the mangager at this Broward dealer from previous leases my family did with him when he was with Lexus. They claim in Broward to be the Worlds Largest Infiniti dealer but apparently they only charge very high prices.
  • hihomikehihomike Posts: 111
    There is a shorter supply of M45's out there. I work for an Infiniti Dealership in Southeast Florida, and we have 15 M35's in stock, but only 3 M45's, with only 5 coming in between now and the end of next month. We have always been able to keep a nice inventory of M35's and M45's, however we have been selling them faster than we can get them in. We have the shortest supply of M45's now since they were first introduced in early spring.

    We usually will negotiate on an M35, but rarely on an M45 due to the shortage of supply.
  • tiger93tiger93 Posts: 57
    We usually will negotiate on an M35, but rarely on an M45 due to the shortage of supply.

    I'm glad I'm considering the M35 instead of the M45! ;)
  • empty1empty1 Posts: 109
    hihomike: just curious what kind of deals you are negotiating on m35's. Curious to know what premium is being charged over dealer inovice. Also do you see better deals coming in August in Sept. thanks much.
  • hihomikehihomike Posts: 111
    empty1, it all depends whether we have the vehicle a customer wants in stock or if we have to dealer trade. We have to pay shipping for dealer trades. $2000 over is hard to negotiate on an M35, but I've seen a few in that range. Remember, pricing is dependent on availability of specific vehicle you are looking for. If you are flexible with color a some equipment, you are in a better negotiating position. If you are not, and the car has to be ordered or dealer traded, you are in a less preferred negotiating position.

    Our inventory on M35's and M45's is now at it's lowest level since they were first introduced. Thus, great deals will be harder to find. When inventories build in the fall, I suspect deals will be more advantageous to the buyer.

    Good luck in your search.
  • armen6armen6 Posts: 17
    Did anyone else see the Infiniti TV ad recently that amounts to a limited time summer sales drive on "select" models? Are the M's really selling as well as dealers claim they are? I will not buy one until the prices dip. I am in NJ and tried to deal with Salerno Duane but their Internet sales area is unwilliing to make me a good offer (at around $1000 over invoice) for tech/journey package. They can wait, and I can go to three other dealers in NNJ. My '00 Max is still going strong and I can drive it into the ground before replacing. The salesmen hate it when I tell 'em that.
  • sdiver68sdiver68 Posts: 124
    I paid $48K, or about $1500 over invoice, on an M45 Sport with NO other packages, did have mats, etc...

    My lease payment is $642 incl 7.1% tax, with $3200 down, 3yr/36K.

    I did have a trade in FX35 worth almost exactly my payoff, but it was in great shape and the dealer is keeping it to sell as certified, so they will make some money from that as well.

    The first dealer I went to claimed to have trouble finding M45 Sports and certainly was in no mood to "deal" so I went to another.
  • jginatljginatl Posts: 5
    DEFINITELY WALK!!! Don't know if you are able to take advantage of Nissan/Infiniti's VPP program (, but I used it on an M last week and yesterday. Was offered an M35 w/ Journey and Sirius for $552 a month and $1K down at Infiniti of Gwinnett (obsidian/wheat) just last Friday. As good a deal as it was, their salesperson and financing guy pissed me off, so I walked. Went instead to Nalley Infiniti just yesterday evening and used VPP again to finally get a crimson roulette/wheat interior M35 w/ Nav., Journey, DVD (for the kid) and Sirius (being added on as I type this) for $2K down and $555.00 (incl. tax)!! I'll pay an extra $1K down and 3 bucks a month for Nav and DVD--no problem!!

    Good luck in VA, and don't be afraid to tell them that you'll drive to go get your car rather than pay to have them get it. Infiniti of Gwinnett didn't have the exact car I wanted, but they were willing to go get it from TN at no extra cost. Negotiating via email to weed out the pretenders is the way to go!!
  • jginatljginatl Posts: 5
    Saw that, too, Monday night. If you go to, there's more info and a breakdown of the offers on select models (to be read as, "everything but the M"). Happy hunting. :shades:
  • bowman1bowman1 Posts: 1
    M35 Sport - Diamond Graphite
    Tech, Journey, Spoiler, Mats, etc

    Paid $0 down
    $678/mo for 39 mos. 15k/yr

    Pretty happy about it.
  • stixpixxstixpixx Posts: 17

    I did my homework on the car I wanted. M35 Journey/Tech/Splash Guards/Full Size Spare/Trunk Mats. I waited till the last day of the month. They had the car there. It retailed for $49910. It was about 6pm. The sales manager gave me an offer. I told him what I was going to pay. I told him I was ready to sign. Gave him my offer of $47200. He accepted. It took all of two minutes to make the deal happen. I had been there twice before to test drive the cars. I think waiting till the last day of the month, late in the day really helped motivate him to make the deal. Good luck.
  • tiger93tiger93 Posts: 57
    Curious what part of the country you are in? Congrats on the car!
  • sangonesangone Posts: 15
    I just want you guys to know that there are definitely deals to be had and it doesn't have to be at the end of the month.

    Today I will wrap up the transaction and pick up my car.

    M45 Sport Black/Graphite w/ Tech & Journey Packages, Splash Guard, and Trunk Mat
    MSRP: $56,460
    Sale price: $52,700 ($1150 over invoice) :)

    I'm in Southern California where there are many Infiniti dealerships but this didn't require hardly any negotiation - all done over the phone. I dealt w/ the Fleet/Internet manager and it was fast and painless - no games on either side. While I could have gotten him to come down on the price a bit more, I felt the deal was fair on both sides.
  • jeff721jeff721 Posts: 80
    I am considering doing VPP on a new M35 Sport, Journey, Sirius and need some help. These are the details of the offer I've gotten:

    MSRP: $45,290 (+ sat. radio installed at dealer)
    VPP Price: $42,673 + tax (6.25%)
    TTL + other fees: $709.55

    For 39 mos/15K--nothing down except 1st month's payment: $714/mo
    For 42 mos/15K--nothing down except 1st month's payment: $704/mo

    This just seems high compared to what I've seen on this board. Any thoughts? Am I missing something? Another poster got a monthly payment of $607/mo on a car with a selling price of $47,210 with only $1,637 down. That's more than a $100/mo less on a car that's priced $5K more than the one I'm considering.

    Seems hi to me, I have a m35X, Journey, Splash gusrds, Nav. I put 1200 down which was first pmt and an equalizer to bring the PMT under 600/month. Paying 598.00/month. 15K/Yr and 39MOnths. Only problem I have is I can't stay out of the car. 2 months and 3500 MIles!

    Great car.
  • ptkimptkim Posts: 14
    congratulations, sounds like a really good price. Which dealer did you end up going to? South bay Infiniti in Torrance?
  • sangonesangone Posts: 15
    Thanks. My goal was to share with others the opportunity to save some money.

    No, it was Glendale Infiniti. The guy was very easy to work with and absolutely no pressure. Also had very similar experience with Infiniti Thousand Oaks. Classy guys there - at least the ones I spoke with.
  • brianfoxbrianfox Posts: 25
    Today I requested a quote for an M45 with Premium package, trunk mats, and splash guards:

    Miller Infiniti in So. Cal, came back with 53,950 (about 2,300 over invoice).

    What is strange is that Edmunds and Kelly both say to not expect much less than MSRP due to the 'hot-ness' of the car.

    BTW: I avoid Thousand Oaks Infiniti like the plague. They used to be part of the Miller group, but since they changed ownership they have been treating loyal customers (particularly me) like garbage. I now drive all the way to Oxnard or Van Nuys even though TO is only a few miles away. Miller has treated me like royalty since my first G20 in '95. Can't recommend them highly enough. The sales people are always a pain in the rear, but once you drive that car off the lot, the service people treat you right.
  • sangonesangone Posts: 15
    I bought my 2003 G35 Coupe from Miller Infiniti and was treated very well. I also took the car there for servicing and have worked with a great service rep there. I may continue to get the car serviced there even though I live in Valencia.

    While I won't give names, you can call Glendale Infiniti and ask for Fleet/Internet person. If my purchase experience of the M45 is any indication, he will do much better than $2300 over invoice. I do think you should do your homework and know your numbers before going in - it only helps you establish credibility and reduce any chance of "creative" selling tactics.
  • brianfoxbrianfox Posts: 25
    Boy, I goofed in my original post.

    I was quoted $53953, but the dealer invoice was actually $52953. So, my quote was only $1000 over invoice.

    Not so bad after all, I guess.

    I'm still going to talk to Glendale, but I doubt they would want to beat that.
  • rats13rats13 Posts: 42
    Are you using the invoice pricing? Because when I go to invoice comes up n/a.

  • Tuesday, August 9, 2005

    The following is a duplicate of the guts of the text of my e-mail to Janssen posted today in the general discussion forum of M35 and M45s:

    What I want:
    M45 Sport
    Technology Package with XM radio;
    Journey Package for the Sport;
    Wood Trim;
    Splash Guards;
    Trunk mat with standard space saving sapre tire.
    [Don't ask me why I bothered including the trunk mat, as it's a minor item.]

    What Edmonds recently reported for an M45 Sport w/ above equipment:
    MSRP: $57,060
    Invoice: $52,074
    "What Others are Paying in my area" (San Mateo County and surrounding area -- this county is immediately south of San Francisco): $57,060.
    [Note: there's so much Silicon Valley money around here that it wouldn't surprise me at all if half the people in San Mateo County and Santa Clara county who buy Infinities don't negotiate. How else to explain such a high figure when I didn't have any trouble getting a quote less than that and another dealer to match it right away? Maybe Edmonds info is "dated" somewhat, reflecting 6 months ago when the car was even "hotter"?]

    Infinity's Website's MSRP for above (but without the trunk mat): $56,980.

    MSRP and price quoted by the new Infinity dealership in Oakland, California (across the Bay from San Francisco) [a new dealership but owned by a very well established auto group]: MSRP: $56,640; "can sell it for $1,800 off the MSRP plus tax and fees." (That would be a selling price of $54,840 and $2,766 over what Edmonds reports as the invoice.)

    Infinity dealership in Northern San Mateo County (just south of San Francisco, near the Serramonte shopping center): says they'll match Oakland.

    Availability is questionable (again, due to the wood trim in the Sport, which I think looks good because it's appropriate for a "luxury" sports sedan). I would not mind ordering it and waiting the 90 days to get what I want. Only issue then is whether I can "lock" in the price in light of anticipated price increase due soon from Infinity/Japan for the M45 and M45 Sport.

    Infinity/Serramonte says ability to "lock" the price in depends on whether the price increase is announced before or after production of the car would begin. (Yet, of course, I have no way of knowing when production of the car would begin, so would have no control of it.) Price increase sounds like it could be maybe $350 or so; not sure, but if in that ballpark and if I conclude I have to order it, then the best I guess anyone can do is deal with a dealer offering the lowest price (combined with good sales and service) in the first place and to insist on a "not to exceed" price increase.
    ----- ------------ ---------
    Hope above is helpful in some way to others. Any comments are welcome.

  • janssenjanssen Posts: 74
    Hi, again-

    Did you try Infiniti Marin? They said they would not lose a sale on price. Hmmm...maybe only a sales pitch.

    I know this area is competitive. But I got mine for $1800 over invoice, which also allows them approx. $1412 of dealer holdback profit. I consider that fair profit for the dealership.

    Since buying, I have gotten several e-mail follow-ups, and a couple of phone calls. I need to bring the car back for a couple of little things, and they are very accomodating within their schedule, trying quite hard to fit into my schedule. I live on south side of the city, so it is a bit of a trip for me, as well as crossing the GG bridge. But I consider it worth it. I will let you know if I feel the same after my service visit.

    Keep us updated!

    BTW-I wanted the wood trim also, and it limited my selection. But if you call enough dealers you can find a Sport with wood. And if you are willing to make a little compromise (in my case, the choice of satellite radio provider), then you have some bargaining room. I also think Infiniti Marin has the largest stock in the Bay area.
  • sangonesangone Posts: 15
    Since there's about $5K between MSRP and invoice, why not save $2.5K to $3K (assuming dealerships up there will knock off $1K from MSRP) by shopping over the phone down here in Southern Cal. If you find what you want and can buy at around $1K to $1.5K over invoice, why not make a road trip out of it? It'll add a few hundred miles onto your car but seems well worth the effort if you have the time. Just a thought...

    BTW, Edmunds says people in my area pay MSRP as well. Not so in my case which leads me to believe it's also the true with others down here. I had 3 dealerships offer me an M45 Sport w/ Journey, Tech, Splash Guards, and Trunk Mat for $1500 (or less) above invoice.

    Make a few phone calls down here and see for yourself.
  • mvs1mvs1 Posts: 462
    Why would this information affect the negotiating process? These reviews, comparisons and comments have been out for quite some time.....not a new revelation.

    Dealer inventory levels and consumers willing to buy the product (aka simple supply vs. demand) dictate purchase prices, NOT car magazine fodder.
  • book1book1 Posts: 1
    Want to make sure getting good deal. For journey pack with full size spare, splash guards and trunk mats, dealer claims to slice about 879 off 46160 MSRP to 45290.
    For 39 month lease package w/ 10,000 miles

    61% residual to 28,157 (claimed 2% bump up cause of low miles)
    $550 Assignment Fee
    Money factor of .002020

    Throw in tags and 1st months payment of 701.89
    I put up 2250 in equity gets to 591/ month (including the 9 % tax)

    Dealer will throw in satellite radio for the 591 monthly--does this sound like a good deal?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,104
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  • sangonesangone Posts: 15
    In running your numbers, it looks like the residual is closer to 62% but my calculation could be slightly off.

    As far as it being a good deal, it really depends on whether your region has more demand than supply. There is roughly $4K difference between your MSRP and Invoice. If you haven't shopped around, give it a try first before making the jump.

    The numbers you've highlighted do match up...
  • gmaygmay Posts: 5
    Just agreed to buy a m35x with journey, tech, full size spare and spoiler for $47,925 plus tags, registration and tax (6%) for a total of $51,319. Does this sound inline with what you all are seeing?
  • sangonesangone Posts: 15
    Based on the options you've listed, the MSRP is 52,290 and the invoice is at 47,523. If your purchase price is based on this package, you're essentially buying it $400 over invoice which, at this stage IMO, is fantastic. Well done.
  • gmaygmay Posts: 5
    I calculated the invoice to be $1,132 below my price (offered $1000 but they are charging to install the spoiler??). Pickup is later today.
  • thajorthajor Posts: 10
    I just placed an order for an M45 Sport, loaded except MES, for $1,500 over invoice. I thought it was a fair price, so in about 3 months I should finally have my new car :) !
  • gmay:
    Hi I am in NJ and am looking to get an M35x - can you share with me what dealership you got this deal at?


    Right now I have an offer for an M35x journey&nav pkg for $2000 over invoice which would be $45732 -- for 36/15Kmi $1500 at signing, the payment with tax that the dealer is quoting is $632/month. Does this sound like a good deal? :confuse:

  • gmaygmay Posts: 5
    Ramsey Infiniti. Denville also willing to negotiate. Offer and be willing to walk. Good Luck.
  • kmbaerkmbaer Posts: 20
    :mad: I went to test drive the M35 today and attempted to make a deal. Diamond Graphite Base M35 with Graphite/rosewood, Journey/Technology (Sirius), splash guards, trunk mat. They had the car I wanted in stock (actually they had 3 exactly alike). Naturally I was quite impressed with the test drive, but sorely dissappointed when told they wouldn't move off MSRP. I even showed them two quotes I had received which weren't the world's best ($1,800+ over invoice before tax, tag and dealer local and one out of state), but they said the cars are too hot to let go below MSRP. Although the experience was pleasant enough, I do not recommend Infiniti of Coconut Creek. I've found another dealer that have 4 of the exact color/option combo that I'm looking for and have requested their quote. I thought this would be easier than this, but I'll persevere.

    I do have a question for those of you who have purchased your M's. Did your dealer charge a dealer fee? If so, how much. The dealership I was at today wanted $550.
  • kmbaerkmbaer Posts: 20
    I contacted a dealer here in North Miami by telephone, and they beat the best deal I had from two other dealers. Everything was done over the phone, and they had the car in stock. I'll be picking it up in about an hour. I'll update this once I get back home from the dealership. :D
  • kmbaerkmbaer Posts: 20
    Well as I said in the last post I got my new M35!! What an awesome car! I've got lots of reading to do to understand all the bells and whistles. I did manage to get the Sirius radio activated, but that's about it. The owner's manual is the largest I've ever seen. Probably going to take 2 weeks to get through it.

    Anyway, the transaction went as planned and right now I'm a happy camper! :)
  • steve777steve777 Posts: 41
    Trying to decide whether to fo with 12k or 15k miles per year on a M35x with a 39 month lease. Does anyone know the difference in residuals and the extra charge per mile, and what the breakeven point is ?

  • tiger93tiger93 Posts: 57
    steve777, if you have not posted this message in the "Lease Questions - Ask Here" forum on Edmunds, you should do that. The host Car_man can provide you with the exact residual % for 12k and 15k.
  • :) Received the following on an M35 Sport liquid platinum with stone/aluminum.

    Sports option
    - Journey package
    - Tech package with DVD & XM
    - space saver trunk tire

    $50,150 sticker
    my price $46,528.81

    Due at signing - $3,500 which includes 1st months payment, $590 a month for 36 months, 12k miles a year.

    Alternative, $4,000 down which includes 1st months payment, $568 a month for 24 months, 12k miles a year.

    Is this the absolute best?


  • birdbirdbirdbird Posts: 63
    The M35X came out #1 in Consumer Reports and Car And Driver magazines. So I am interested. But what about the price compared to an Acura RL (which includes all the luxury items standard).

    Anybody out there willing to tell what they leased or paid for their M35X? Are they holdiing to MSRP or has anybody got them to come down? Or, how long will they be holding to MSRP?

    What options would you need to order for the M35X to bring it up to the equipment level of the Acura RL?
  • msu79gt82msu79gt82 Posts: 541
    What options would you need to order for the M35X to bring it up to the equipment level of the Acura RL?

    An '05 RL can be had for ~$43K easily (some have reported $42ish).

    An '06 M35x w/ Journey + Navi has an MSRP of $48,500 and would be very comparable to the RL. Not sure what you could get one for, but its Invoice is $44,302.

    Adding $2000 to the MSRP would get you the Tech package and a car MORE loaded than the RL and thus no longer comparable.
  • bidyutbidyut Posts: 18
    I got an offer from a dealer in bay area for
    M35 base + tech + journey + trunk mats + splashguard for $44912.00 for purchase. Is it a good price?
  • msu79gt82msu79gt82 Posts: 541
    I got an offer from a dealer in bay area for
    M35 base + tech + journey + trunk mats + splashguard for $44912.00 for purchase. Is it a good price?

    Is this for real? Why do you have to ask is this a good deal :confuse: This is $800 over Invoice. I hope this is for real and a sign that prices are beginning to break.
  • M35 White inside black/rosewood. Journey package, Sirius radio, and tints . I think the white with black tints looks amazing. i think i got it for around 44.5k. I can't wait until I get it there locating it for me still..

    I do have a question.. They are going to install sirius radio after they find the car.. Will it be indash like all the rest or will it be an external unit. Otherwise I would want them to locate one with it prebuilt into it. Let me know thanks.

    Is the m35x more safe then the m35? I wont be racing in the snow plus it saved me 3 g's
  • bidyutbidyut Posts: 18
    I heard something about luxury tax? Is it still effective either at federal or california level?
  • bidyutbidyut Posts: 18
    Yes. I talked to him again on last saturday and I am getting the liquid platinum with graphite interior and all the packages i mentioned above for that price. So I think I am happy. I am gonna pick up on Saturday..:)
  • bidyutbidyut Posts: 18
    I don't think it's more safe per se. But m35x would give you better road handling at the corner or on slippery roads because it can transmit powers to each wheel depending on need. Apart from that, the other accidental safety is same for all the models including m45.
  • bw45sportbw45sport Posts: 151
    Luxury tax on cars is history.
  • ptkimptkim Posts: 14
    working with guys over at Metro Infiniti at Monrovia,
    M45 sport, black on black, journey/tech, aerokit, MSRP $58030. Details to follow after deal is signed!
  • rats13rats13 Posts: 42
    I've never leased a car cuz I don't totally understand the calculations but with your $400 more to hold your $56k didn't you leave out the $8k from your trade-in? That makes your purchase price $65k?

    Is that not correct? :confuse:
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