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Honda Civic Sedan 2006



  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    I've had a couple of cars with steeply raked windshields/back windows, and it gets pretty tight trying to clean the inside of the windows near the dash/rear package tray. Not that this is a major issue. It is true that cars with these kind of windshields get hotter inside. Most heat inside a car cabin doesn't come from a hot roof, if comes from a dashboard and rear package tray heating up under the impact of the sun coming in. However, I have heard some cars now have window glass that blocks both ultraviolet and infrared (the heat rays). Anyone know anything about this, or about the type of glass on the new Civic.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    as far as I know, the state of Tennessee is sold out.

    I like the 2006 though. The main things I'm attracted to are 40MPG, all 'bags, and the nice H badge on the front and rear ends, and the CIVIC badge on the back...

    Not as attracted to the Corolla.

    Still loving my '99 though, and it hasn't given up yet. In light of the high gas prices, it might be worth it to own 3 cars in my case. (less depreciation due to less miles being racked up, car purchases can be spaced out a little more (because of less mileage per car), and of course, the miniscule savings in gasoline)
  • for the coupe and sedan both lx woot!
  • alright! please post your impressions, esp noise and ride harshness! thanks...
  • Can you get pictures of the coupe? EX if possible? I have yet to see a real-world picture of the coupe.
  • Maybe that was all nonsense and you work for Mazda. Anywho your loss. :P
  • Hmmm, now here's a true gentleman. This man sticks to the facts. Midnight Cowboy,eh ? With that handle it sounds like you could live in my part of the country, but your answer indicates otherwise. Shucks ! Maybe you might consider moving here. Yeah, we have snowstorms and the visibility's bad, but look at the bright side. There's no congestion or crowding, no urban sprawl, plenty of elbow room, you're never stuck in traffic, never get a traffic ticket, little or no crime so you can leave for months and never lock your door, and car insurance is cheaper. You can even see cowboys punching cows down the middle of Cherry County highways near Ted Turner's mega ranch (one million acres +).
  • yes, less people to buy the civic so that the price goes down :D
  • I like your responses very interesting and intriguing. I used to live where there was some snow but now I am in Houston. I like the outdoors and would like a lot less traffic; there are 4.4 milllion peopel in Houston and all of them drive, it sucks. I accidently have came across two that a good drivers and no they weren't in Priuses. Sorry to make light of your defrost problem; It you situation it is of concern and I hope you get it resolved to your satisfaction.

    Have a good weekend!

  • what field do you drive in. or do you drive
  • Does anyone remember when it was a Honda trademark that you couldn't see the hood? My first new Honda was a '91 Civic and there was no hood in sight. You just had to learn how to judge with common sense. I also miss the really low cowl (dashboard) from the old Honda models.
  • I still have yet to see a test of the automatic on the current Civic. Anyone?

    Actually, Edmunds just tested the '05 EX SE automatic in a comparison test and recorded a 0-60 of 10.9 seconds. I know it can do better than that!
  • I've seen several '05 EX sedans in Atlanta in the last week or seen, I mean on the dealer websites. I'm in the market right now and have been waiting to see the new Civic before I make up my mind. The Mazda3 is the only other car on my list and it's a tough call between it and the new Civic.
  • You cannot pay any attention to inventory on dealer websites. They have a notoriously difficult time keeping them updated even if they attempt it. I did try today a NJ and a CA dealership suggested to me by two of the posters in the forum. Power Honda in CA had a number of 2005s as Matt said but no Ex Sedans in automatics. The NJ dealer did have one listed in his inventory, but it turned out they'd sold it. I've emailed a few dealers in the greater NY city area and in Chicago that listed them in their website inventories, but have yet to hear from any of them. My expectations are low. I already have a grey 2004 EX sedan, but,as its paid for, I'd prefer to sell e before the warranty expires as I like to trade every 2 years. I'll keep looking.
  • Mr. Cowboy, I didn't think you were making light of my defog concern. Just joshing around with me in a lighthearted manner. Anyway, I like your style. A real gentleman. Believe it or not, I can relate to your big city driving dilemmas. I spent 3 years on the LA freeways driving 110 miles daily from Pasadena to Riverside to attend UC-Riverside. Oh, the driving experiences I had. I still remember crossing a small river bridge coming out of Riverside one afternoon. The Santa Ana winds were blowing and they took a 5 gallon metal bucket off a guy's truck and put it under my car at about 60 mph in rush hour traffic. So I've done a 180 in reaction and come to the prairies of the Great Plains where the only thing on the highways and byways with me are the road kill.
  • e

    I predicted a new civic on ebay by year's end, and I am amazed at the speed. Thus a new prediction, by year's end a 2006 Civic will appear, with a minumum of 5,000 miles on it, and it will sell MSRP.

    Interesting to see how much this 2006 LX sedan will go for. I personally think they are fools for asking $18,500 to start with a car that costs $19,500 out the door.
  • No offense, but that wasn't a very bold prediction. It was about as risky as predicting snow in Canada this winter.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    SEller has negative feedback. I would stay away.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798

    Where have you been in the last 20 years? None of the Honda's I have owned, starting with 1985 Honda Civic, you could see the hood. It is called AERODYNAMICS, if you weren't aware.

    That shoudl have read ...1985 Honda Civic, you could not see the hood. It..., my bad. I should have read it before posting. That was my first comment when I switched from 1983 Chevy Celebirty to 1985 Honda Civic, "I can't see the hood!" The sales guy explained that it was done to cut down on the frontal wind drag.
  • yesrohyesroh Posts: 290
    Yes...the Accords and Civics have heat-reflecting glass. It does make a big difference, I can tell you that.
  • yesrohyesroh Posts: 290
    Never did the MS150. I didn't like the idea of riding 75 miles, camping overnight, and then riding 75 the next day. You can do 150 in a day...actually, under 10 hours is not too much to ask. Well, that was the old days. I'm a little heavy right now but I think I could ride myself back into shape. I did a race this year and finished top half for the entire group (it was mixed licensed riders) for a time trial. That's about all I do anymore. I can still hurt a lot of people in a fairly flat time trial. Weight isn't as much a factor there. I'm almost 40...might have another 15-20 years in me if I don't get injured.
    I rode my first century in 1982 on a Schwinn Collegiate Sport which was designed more for riding around the block than running away from home, which is what I did. I had upright handlebars, and 40 pounds of carbon steel and cheap rubber! I rode that bike into the ground and then joined the Air Force and bought a real bicycle...a Klein Quantum. Am I off subject...oh right....yeah Honda! Buying Honda was just an extension of the tree hugger in me, as well as the cycling. I still commute occasionally and people tell me I inspire them...I mean really! I ride 5.3 miles, round trip, to church some time. It's hardly a ride but I know they were just trying to be nice. People need to get out and ride! Get out and walk! Anything! There's a whole world out there that you can't appreciate in a car.
  • yesrohyesroh Posts: 290
    It was an '04 Accord, I believe, and it was back in June or July, so it was very nearly two years old. It was a Honda Certified vehicle I saw in the newspaper but never followed up on. I think it had very low miles. Find a Honda certified used Accord with low miles and I think you could do 15K
  • The 06 civic, you can not see the hood when driving. you can not see it from the drive seat no matter how you try. I have had honda though out the years and you could always see the hood even if you had to leaned ahead but with this one there is no, no, no way
  • How many Hondas have you had? Which ones? I have personally driven cars including the '00 Odyssey, '96 Accord, '97 Civic, '87 Civic Wagon, '02 Accord, '02 CR-V, and '05 Accord and Odyssey. How many cars could I see the end of the hood on? None. Always the base of the hood near the windshield, but never near the headlights. I'm not sure what long, flat-hooded Hondas you have been driving, but none of my family's 16 Hondas over the years have ever had a hood like you describe, soundling like an eighties model Oldsmobile: long and flat.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    When you drive a car like the '06 Civic (or my '85 Civic S or '88 Civic LX or any number of other cars out there with sloping hoods), you quickly learn by "feel" where the front of the car is. That's even more important on cars with low valences in front--which the '06 Civic has, by the way--so you don't scrape them on curbs in parking lots.

    Anyway, there are lots of cars available with straight hoods if that is important to you, e.g. the Chrysler 300, Dodge Magnum, Ford Crown Vic, Mercury Marquis, or small cars like the Scion xB.
  • yesrohyesroh Posts: 290
    I've never been able to see the hood on any cars I've owned. It has never bothered me at all. If it makes you nervous, don't worry! Besides, if you have a long, flat hood, you would likely still not be able to see the bumper because it would be obstructed below the tall grille. It's nothing to worry about...all you who are concerned.
  • My thoughts, exactly.
  • I think so many people have just gotten used to seeing the massive hood on their Stupid Useless Vulgarities (SUVs).
  • I just got done test driving an '06 LX Sedan Auto in Santa Clarita, CA (So. Cal.). I'm in the market for an EX with Navi but this was the only one they had left. Overall I liked it and will wait for the inventory to grow so I can get exactly what I want for $300-500 over invoice. The 2 issues I had were: it is true, you can't see the front end no matter what you do; the air conditioner does not get very cold (and yes I had all the settings correct). I can get over and used to the front end so that's not a real big issue. The air conditioner is however. It is about 85 degrees out right now so I feel the air should have done more than an adequate job. I would hate to see it when it's 110 out like it was a month ago. I'll test an EX when it's available just to make sure it isn't a model issue with the air. Called about 15 dealerships in the area and spoke to the internet managers, every one of them quoting MSRP for any '06 Civic. I had one clown in Woodland Hills tell me MSRP + $1000.
  • I have been waiting to buy an 06 EX but from what I am hearing, I am going to wait a month or two. Honda may have done a decent job with the car but the launch strategy is ridiculous. They kept all of the information tight and didn't let anyone know anything until the 15th of September. Then, at that point, they let a few models onto the lot and let the dealers charge MSRP with no incentives, financing, etc. Wouldn't they be better off getting a lot of these on the road right away and creating a buzz. Everyone who comes onto this board has decided to wait pretty much. At at MSRP, I don't think they are going to get many sales. They may even loose some to Toyota and Mazda.
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