Honda Civic Sedan 2006

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I think nobody knows a lot about those future vehicules (Acura EL is a luxurious version of the Civic, only sold in Canada) but here is what I think they might change: the base civic will just keep the 1.7 VTEC engine (127 hp) and the non-VTEC one will just disappear (115 hp). The Si version may get the 2 liter engine of the SiR and RSX/Integra (160 hp). I think it's gonna become bigger too, since the Jazz/Fit is said to come in North America. Anything else?


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    It will almost certainly have standard side and side curtain airbags as Honda has stated they will make these safety features standard on their entire vehicle line-up. Whether it will also offer traction control, stability control or upgraded transmissions (6 speed manual/5 speed automatic) has not been reported to my knowledge. Honda is very secretive. One thing I'd like to see is the return of the double wishbone suspension of previous generation Civics.
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    But to keep it at a reasonnable price, I don't think honda will put standard side airbags. Probably it will be an option on the base model DX and standard on LX, Si, etc. It is sad that honda is so secretive (and so toyota) because it's not fun to always have to guess what will come next...
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    That helps build up hope for a better redesign

    If Honda did like most of these American car companies and told everybody about there cars ahead of time, the remaining inventory might not sell out as well.

    You will NEVER see a redesigned Civic, Accord, Camry or Corolla debut at an autoshow.
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    Garden State Honda in North NJ has tons of 2005's left over - EX, LX etc 2 and 4 doors (went looken for a 2006 over the weekend and didn't find it).
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    Sorry, this is the sedan thread. Not sure how much difference the extra speakers makes between the LX and EX sedans. My EX Coupe has the subwoofer.
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    Honda will have to find other ways to keep costs down, because they have said they WILL offer side curtains (and SABs and ABS) on all but "specialty" cars by the end of 2006:
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    I don't think the old suspension will come back. Honda seems set on electric steering systems and tall cowls/beltlines, all of which work better with struts.

    I could live without either of those, but Honda's electric steering is getting better (eg the s2000) and the Civic's steering never got rave reviews in previous generations anyway, and tall, slabby cars just seem to be popular. To other people.

    I'll be upset when it gets heavier and maintains Honda's movement towards mainstream mediocrity. Rumors abound about the CRX coming back; I bet they'll decide that the rest of the Civic line can be boring once that's back.

    High school parking lots aren't full of mildly souped up Civics, Integras, and Preludes anymore. This is their chance to permanently lose that fan base, and I think they'll do it.
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    I think the low cowls are gone forever. The high betlines are needed for maximum side impact crash protection ratings now that safety is a higher priority.
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    I sell Hondas and have about half a page of people who want to be called when a 5th, 6th, or 7th gen used Civic shows up on the lot. Lots of folks looking for GSRs too.

    The CRX (1988-1991) is slowly becoming a collector car. I predict the Integra Type R will be too.

    With the safety regulations, and reinforced crash structures on new cars we probably wont see anything as light and nimble as the 5th gen Civic/CRX, or with anything with low cowls as the 6th and 7th gen Civics unless you go for an exotic like the Lotus Elise.

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    Here is hoping that the new Civics and their derivatives such as the Element and CR-V have tilt and telescoping steering wheels. Makes my Accord 2003 a joy for a tall guy like me!
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    That will probably not sell in US unless they had a DX trim. The car is too much like Daewoo Nubira (sp?) and some Peugeot/Renault.
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    I have not seen a car lately that isn't like any other. Oh well, may be the Aztek.

    But, there is a rumor for the next EL to have 200 HP engine.
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    But in line with artist renderings of the next Civic.

       All I've heard if the Ex will have a 140 HP engine, up 10%, while increasing economy.

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    Why not? There could easily be an Si hatchback just like they have now.
    If the US version is going to be the same as Europe and Asia, then the sedan may look similar in front.
    I'd like to see a diesel for 2007 so you can have hybrid MPG without the cost and complexity.
    Maybe around 50MPG highway even with automatic.
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    Why not? There could easily be an Si hatchback just like they have now

    Whoever turns this into a hot rod Si/Type R will have some work to do. It is going to be very difficult to make that look aggressive or sporty. The current Si/Type R have a very aggressive stance, with good headroom front and back. With the very sloping hatch in the new version, the rear headroom will be less than the current RSX, and the weight distribution will be more forward biased. IMHO.
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    Yep, start to get upset, because Honda will move the Civic further away from the enthusiast and more toward the aging driver. Yes they are alienating the traditional enthusiast, but that demographic only ever made up a very small percentage.

    Unfortunately, the new Civic will be improved at Honda's glacial pace - adding features (telescoping wheel, retained accessory power) that have been on offer by the competiton for several years now. High school parking lots now have written off the current gen. Civic and are more interested in Mazdas, Subarus and Fords (Focus). The Civic is slowly becoming "your father's Civic".
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    I don't think so. This new hatchback looks far more rocket-like than the current HB. The new styling IS sleeker!

    I've always wondered what kind of styling people like us could come up with before judging stylists (who, BTW, have to not only think style, but practicality and other engineering requirements as well). Most of the times I feel we simply refuse to accept change, or continue to lug on to something that we like.
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    Muato - I am very interested in the telescoping wheel. Think they will add it?
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    Yeah, they will add it. I hope they will add retained accessory power. Hyundai figured this out for their 2001 Elantra. It's a great feature. How many times I've realised the sunroof is still open after I've removed the key from the ignition. The Focus has had a telescoping wheel for at least 5 years now. Honda's a little slow getting with the program.
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    It looks like an artist's rendition with styling cues from Japanese market Odyssey (the frill and headlamps).
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    LOL, what's a "spy drawing?" He saw the car, then ran home & sketched it out? No one's got that good a memory for detail. And if he could "spy," couldn't he be clever enough to sneak in a spy camera? Maybe it was leaked, but that doesn't usually happen with Honda - they are very tight-lipped about new models.

    I think this is more likely to be someone's wishful thinking based on current Honda vehicles than anything else.


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    These pictures look genuine and are consistent with other "spy" pictures of the Civic. I'm glad to see that Honda is trying hard to make the Civic more interesting.
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    These pictures look genuine and are consistent with other "spy" pictures of the Civic. I'm glad to see that Honda is trying hard to make the Civic more interesting.


    I think that the new look is even more European than the current Si hatchback. Which is one of the reasons it is not selling as well as Honda would have liked it to sell.
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    that's the european version you know...
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    Looks like PhotoShop.

    I wonder what the US version will be like?
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    I think the '05 will sell briskly, and enjoy even better resale in the coming years.


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    I have to wonder- will the Civic get its old Wishbone suspension back?
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    I have to wonder- will the Civic get its old Wishbone suspension back?


    From the spy shots it looks like the front will be McPherson. There is not enough room for the double wishbone. I have to say though, the Si's McPherson suspension is just as good if not better than the 99's double wishbone.
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    Those exact photos where just posted here a short time ago on the previous page.
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    Those pictures could be of the US version as well. Honda's CEO had this to say at the North American Auto Show:


    "The New Civic will have 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-door versions and feature a completely new body, plus four new engine options: a new version of the i-VTEC gas engine, a compressed natural gas power option, an improved hybrid system, and an advanced diesel. The award-winning i-CTDi diesel won’t be sold in the U.S. The natural gas powered Civic, to be built in Ohio, will be the cleanest internal combustion engine in the world."
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    Anyone have any thoughts or insights as per what features the new Civic will have? I.E. Climate control, in-dash CD changer, audio controls on the steering wheel? I think the Civic has some catching up to do considering what is available on the Mazada 3 and the new VW Jetta.
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    Of course no one knows or they would have posted that information without waiting for someone to ask.

    However, it is unlikely they are any more worried about matching features with a VW Jetta now than they were during the last redesign. It's not like the VW Jetta competes well on price or reliability. Even the Mazda 3 when loaded with features not available on a Civic get's very expensive for what it is.

    I suppose an in-dash CD changer could be possible in the EX since the 2005 Civic SE has that. You can also expect side curtain airbags and ABS standard.
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    What's the liklihood of the '06 Civic coming out before September? I ask because the competition has gotten stronger (Mazda 3, Kia Spectra5) and Civic sales are down. The spy pix of the'06 Civic look great.
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    Very unlikley. Honda is a very lean manufacturing process. They would need to retool and update the machinery to start production of the the new model. This means that they would have to stop current production, and start re-tooling now for summer release. I think June/july is the last order for one year's model, and then the new years models start being produced some time in late July/early August to be delivered by September 15th. For Honda to release the new model in June, the factories would have to stop in February/March, very unlikley.


    Acura's are usually released in April, so the new EL may, and I say MAY, be released in April. But that would kill the suprize factor that Honda likes, and will drop the current Civic sales, as people will be waiting for the new model.


    If the new Civic is as revolutinary, and not Honda ususal EVOLUTIONARY change, there will be some deals on the current Civic come fall. I see a loaded EX/SE 4 door being sold for $15K or close with dealer incentives.
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    According to an article at Edmunds, the '06 Civic will be publicly unveiled at the Chicago auto show next month. That is highly unusual for Honda and in part makes me wonder if the '06 Civic will also go on sale earlier than normal.
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    I also read that Honda licensed the Antanov transmission for use in future models. Any word if this tranny will be in the '06 Civic? That would truly make the vehicle revolutionary.
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    Carefully parsing the press release of the Civic SI Concept coupe at the Chicago Show pretty much confirms what I already suspected: all rhetoric to the contrary, we are once again not getting any hatchback bodies in our market when the new Civic debuts. Four door sedan, two door sedan [they can call it a coupe if they want, but same thing...] and the SI, which is just the two door sedan with a wing and lots more hp. No 5-door hatch, and no 3-door hatch. So much for the risk-taking on the new car.


    Engines and transmissions are supposed to be much improved, the interiors usefully larger, and that is welcome...but the rest of it is just more styling fru-fru. I was hoping for the full range of worldwide body offerings here, but apparently, not in the cards.
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    I think while we can forget about the three-door hatchback, there is a good chance we may get the five-door hatchback Civic, if only Honda has recognized the success of the Mazda3 and the Ford Focus ZX5 five-door hatchback in the US market.


    Besides, Honda created the two-door coupé specifically for the US market because American-market Civic buyers wanted such a model.
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    When first seeing the spy shots of the civic a few months ago, I was a bit worried. I really didn't like the hood slope nor the rear of the hatch. I decided to wait until I could see one without camo or one that wasn't a hatch at least.


    Today I found some of the pictures of the 2006 Civic Si concept, and I must say, aside from the normal autoshow junk they add to spruce up the cars looks, I really like the way the new civic looks. If they keep the same sort of lines in the sedan, it would go to the top of my current list of cars I am considering to purchase. If not, I could settle for a coupe if they took off the wing and different color hood, and added clear head-lights.


    Any ideas what the base powertrain might be? I'm hoping for a 1.8l i-VTEC making about 130-140hp, 125-135lb/ft with fairly similar gas mileage as current models, and hopefully a 5speed auto borrowed from the RSX. I think all of Honda's vehicles are iVTEC and all offer 5speed for the auto tranny, except Civic, so hopefully that will change with the new generation.
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    I just found a transcript of the introduction by John Mendel for the Si, and he talks of the other areas of the Civic line up as well. Apparently the new Civic will offer iVTEC, though I'm not sure if it will be reserved to the EX models as current VTEC is, or will be in every trim level:


    "Both the Sedan and Coupe will feature the latest generation of our intelligent VTEC technology that improves performance while setting a new standard for fuel efficiency and low emissions in the compact class."


    the rest of the transcript is here:
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    Ever seen a Scion tC? It looks like a coupe, but it's really a 3 door hatch. Any chance the Civic would have this kind of configuration? Then you get the look of a coupe with the versatility of the hatch.
  • claudius753claudius753 Member Posts: 138
    I guess thats not totally impossible, the RSX is considered a hatch, but it looks like a normal coupe, so they could do that for the civic. I highly doubt a 5 door would look like that though, based on the spy shots of the 5 door, but a 3 door maybe.


    Most likely we will just get the coupe, sedan, and Si coupe without any hatchback. Hatches don't do well in America normally. Personally, I don't like the lines of the Civic 5door from the spy shots. I don't like hatcbacks in general, save for a few that I think are nice looking such as the Mazda 3 and VW Golf.
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    Add me to the list of people that wish there was a Civic wagon coming to the US market.
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    There is a difference between hatchback and a fast back.


    tC, Mazda6, old Supra, Camaro were all Fastbacks. Mazda3, Protege5, Civic Si are Hatchbacks.


    SUV's can be considered hatchbacks, but rather large ones.


    Hatchback in its essence is a 2 box body, with somewhat sqared off cargo area. Fastback would have a sloping rear.

    Although Fastback have slightly more utility, they are no better than sedans at carrying large loads with the "lid closed" due to the sloping of the rear. Hatchbacks, with the squared off rear, can carry large loads with the hatch closed.
  • SylviaSylvia Member Posts: 1,636
    Honda Civic Si Back With 200 Horsepower


    One of the biggest news stories from last week's Chicago auto show was the return of a Civic Si two-door to the Honda lineup, if only in concept form. Honda told press audiences last week that the sporty two-door shown in Chicago was a concept, but that 90 percent of its looks were accurate in terms of the coming Civic Si coupe due in the fall. The eighth-generation Civic will be a 2006 model, and will certainly sport a model like this one, probably with the concept's 200-hp, four-cylinder engine in hand. The front-wheel-drive Si will be the fastest Civic yet, said John Mendel, senior vice president of American Honda Motor Co. -- and Honda will introduce it officially in November at the annual Specialty Equipment Manufacturer's Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas. The Civic Si concept also features a six-speed manual transmission, 18-inch wheels and Brembo caliper brakes. The new Civic range will include a hybrid version and be loaded with safety equipment, making it the "safest car in its class," Mendel added.
  • claudius753claudius753 Member Posts: 138
    So, if the Si will officially debut at the SEMA show in November, that means it won't be available until November at the earliest?


    When would the non-Si models be available? I heard that it will be introdused as a 2006 model in the fall of 2005. What are the estimates on when this will be? I was planning on purchasing a new car in June/July but the next-gen Civic makes me want to wait. So am I being optimistic when I hope that by 'fall' they mean September? I don't mind waiting 2 months, but I don't want to wait until mid November. I hope Honda is forthcoming about powertrain specs and photos of the exterior and interior well in advance of the car's release.
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