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Honda Civic Sedan 2006



  • a_l_hubcapsa_l_hubcaps Posts: 518
    This car looks large and bulky to me. Much more so than the current Civic, which I actually like, styling-wise. I guess that's a sign that the Fit (or similar) will be arriving sooner rather than later.

    -Andrew L
  • claudius753claudius753 Posts: 138
    The sedan and coupe will be out in late '05, around mid-september. The Si won't be out until later, I think the Si's official unveiling is at the SEMA show, thats in November I believe, I think November at the earliest for Si.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    I like the Prius, but I couldn't justify paying $26,000 for a Toyota when the Infiniti dealer offered a new, 2004 I35 for less than that.
  • jscevjscev Posts: 36
    If anyone find new info abut the 06 Civic Si let me know. I am thinking about purchasing one when they come out. but i dont know if it would be worth giving up my 02 Celica
  • some info about the 2006 Si for you. looks like it will have some K series family engine, good for 200 hp. honda claims that the fuel economy will not get worse, despite the 40 hp gain compared to the 2005.
    it will most likely come stock with 18" wheels and brembo brakes.
    the Si will definitely come stock with a refined 6 speed transmission and a limited slip differential.
    overall it will be the best car available in that price range, and i assume it will follow tradition and continue to outshine more expensive american cars in fuel economy, performance, and value.
  • j_yip1j_yip1 Posts: 6
    Curious as to what the price range of the new SI would be...$20K?
  • jscevjscev Posts: 36
    I know all the info that is already out. Thanks though. if you happen to hear of anything new, which new info prob wont be comin out any time soon, but if so let me know.
  • The I30 is about as relevant as a BeeGees T-shirt!

    Let's compare apples to apples, please.

  • byronwalterbyronwalter Posts: 220
    I'm gonna guess that the new Si might come in at around $22 - $23 k. That's assuming that it does come with Brembo brakes, 18 inch wheels, and LSD. This suggests to me that the interior content might be also more upscale than we would expect for a Civic, which will reflect in the pricing. Could prove to be an interesting pocket rocket.
  • j_yip1j_yip1 Posts: 6
    That's what I'm thinking too. Seems a little pricey though. Would probably have to think it through. But damn, imagine the attention you'll get. I still like my 04 Civic SI and it still gets attention. Probably because there aren't that many on the raod. Can use more hp but cast enough for me.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    sorry. It's amazing how much Civics are nowadays. The EX is what, $18,000? That's a lot of $$$ for a compact car in my book...

    Kinda interesting how 6 years ago I paid $11,000 for a brand new Civic, although it didn't have power windows or power mirrors, it did have power locks, an automatic, air conditioning and a CD Player.
  • chrisducatichrisducati Posts: 394
    Yeah, that is way to much. No way am I going to pay 18G for a Civic. My favorite Civic was the early to mid 90's hatch with the little drop down tailgate. I haven't liked them since. I do like the current SI's gear shift on the dash. really cool.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    For $18,000 I could buy a Hyundai Sonata....

    The most I'd pay for a Civic would be $15,000....
  • abnerabner Posts: 1
    I really doubt we'll see Brembos or 18" wheels on a low-$20s Honda--the ones on the concept car were a bit of poetic licence typical of auto shows. Perhaps they'll make uprated brakes and wheels part of another HFP kit.

    And while the new Si promises to be a nice step up from the current one, I don't think Honda has a great deal of room to raise the price. The competition in this not-too-large segment is heating up (Mazda has just announced a MazdaSpeed version of the 3 will be shown at the Frankfurt show), and the Si Hatch was overpriced--they had trouble moving them at invoice, let alone sticker. The '06's LSD is worth about $1K (retail), and the extra 40 ponies is needed just to be competitive. There's no basis yet to judge the interior, and that wasn't the EP3's problem in any case.

    If they price it anywhere north of $21K, IMHO, they'll get a year's worth of decent sales--pentup demand from Honda faithful who passed on the EP3--but it will be tough sledding after that.
  • The Si will cost around $20k, $18k for the EX.

    If you see $22k Chevy Cobalts and $22k Dodge Neons, the Civic will still be worth over $10k into the next decade!

    Easy to use, efficient, now will have top-notch safety (finally), a sweet design, ergonomics, durability, relatively light, it is the BMW 3-series of the economy class!

    As good a performer as the SRT-4 is, I'd rate a 200HP Civic coupe higher overall for $20k, and pretty easily. It won't weigh 3000 lbs. like the Mazda 3 or Scion Tc.

    No other car delivers this much balance and polish. Now Honda is feeling they have something to prove to Gen Y? :surprise:

    Look out! I don't sleep on Honda.

  • claudius753claudius753 Posts: 138
    I just hope the new Civic is better against the Corolla. Checking out dealers in my area, a Corolla LE has a sticker of around $18k or so with options. A Civic EX has similar power numbers and similar features stickers at around $18k. The problem here is that when I go to the Toyota dealer's website, I can get an internet price of $15.5k for the Corolla LE where as the local Honda dealer's internet price is MSRP, $18k!

    Now I think people see Corolla and Civic on fairly equal grounds. But if I have to pay $20k for an '06 EX vs $15.5k for a new Corolla, there needs to either be a huge improvment over the Corolla or people aren't going to go for the Civic. $18k out the door for a Civic EX with 5 speed auto and sunroof is a deal. More than that, sorry Honda, no go.

    Maybe it's just my local Honda dealer that won't budge on msrp but I think the majority of the public would forgo the 30hp (if EX gets 160) for the 5K savings on the 130hp Corolla.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    I think the Civic and Corolla have slightly different target audiences. The Corolla is geared towards an older buyer while the Civic is geared towards a younger clientele.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    sorry. It's amazing how much Civics are nowadays. The EX is what, $18,000? That's a lot of $$$ for a compact car in my book...

    Kinda interesting how 6 years ago I paid $11,000 for a brand new Civic, although it didn't have power windows or power mirrors, it did have power locks, an automatic, air conditioning and a CD Player.

    Civic VP or DX can still be had for $12K. You can't compare the EX today to DX 6 years ago. Apples to apples, remember?
  • mam262mam262 Posts: 37
    Anyone have any thoughts/ideas as per why the new Civic has that "duel level" dashboard. It looks like there are two gauge pods in the one picture, one closer to the steeringwheel and one closer to the windshield.
  • jscevjscev Posts: 36
    I agree that the new civic's price is worth it. Ya 20g's is expensive but compairt to its competitors it is still a little cheaper, plus you will get the same frills as the more expensive cars. and compairing it to the older civics of course its going to get more and mroe expensive because there are more and more new features being put in the car, as are the engines improving not only in performance but in gas milage too.
  • deaniedeanie Posts: 172
    Hi Abner:
    I agree with everything you said. Honda has a history of disappointing me when it comes to mass-market performance-minded offerings. They discontinued the CRX Si in the early 1990's by the time I was able to afford it, and did the same with the early 90's Civic Si which was a too underpowered for me to consider. I bought a Nissan Sentra SE-R in 1990 or 91 (yeah, the good one).

    Then, when the SE-R was rear-ended/totaled in 1992, I looked to Honda again, but found weak performance in the civic and accord ranges, and the SE-R did not evolve - bought a Ford Probe GT, a great-handling car with good power for the time but it was bad for familes (got married) - sold it in 95. I looked to Honda again, and found weak performing offerings from honda in the Civic and Accord ranges (no sport suspension offerings for any sedan /lame V6 in accord/civic sedans had no oomph under the hood). So I bought a 95 Maxima SE.

    The Max turned 160K miles this year, and I have two kids, so I looked to Honda again. Accord finally got a real V6, but the "wet blankets that be" at Honda decided to make the car unattractive (at best it's an insipid design), and it still lacks a sport suspension option, and the civic sedans - where's the 160hp engine that should have been an option since almost 10 years ago? and where was the sport suspension? Not that it mattered to me, but in the early 2000's, where was the 200HP civic the rest of the world got?

    So a few weeks ago I went with the '05 Toyota Avalon (280HP) and yes, it has a sport suspension option (acura TL has tranny probs, too small interior for family, and is pricier). When the Max outlives its usefulness in the next 1-2 yrs, I'll be looking for a powerful sport-suspended compact ala Civic SI/Mazdaspeed 3/Subaru WRX (maybe I'll wait for the next sentra?), and as usual, it seems that by the time the Civic Si comes out, it'll be underpowered compared to its rivals, and as a whole, the company will be the disappointment it has been to me since the last gen CRX Si had its legs cut out from under it.

    Honda has a reputation for "competence", but for all their competence, they've given countless billions to the aftermarket to make their Hondas truly sporty machines, and allowed the competition (Mazda3&6,Nissan Altima/Maxima, Subaru WRX & Legacy GT, etc) to sell hundreds of thousands (millions?) of great factory-performance sedans that Honda was fully capable of offering but didn't.

    Don't get me wrong - I reccommend Hondas to friends and family all the time, but the last 15 yrs have given me four times to buy Honda (and I still want to buy Honda), and each time their offerings came up short. My prediction: Upcoming Civic Si 200hp, honda brakes, no 18" wheels, and "competent" mid-to-high six-second performance. The current Civic Si is certainly "competent", but look at how "well" they sell.

    My rant ends now - feel free to rip me to shreds, as I enjoy the open dialogue and exchange of information this forum provides.
  • serniterserniter Posts: 12
    Here are pictures that have been around for a while... the second picture gives an impression of a two level dash.
  • Deanie,

    I've been an avid honda fan and owner for about 15 years now...ok, i buy NOTHING but Honda! i've raced and built honda's for the past 10 years, and now even own a 2000 odyssey with a 100 shot of nitrous, flow computer, custom intake...etc...

    I owned a 91 civic Si, my first Honda, and LOVED it! It was fast, fun to drive, handled great...and lasted forever! I just sold it last year...had the motor from Japan in it....etc....I'm never happy with stock :)

    I now own an 03 Si. The EP chassis. Fantastic car! Looks a bit weak, but it's one of those cars you need to drive and live with for a week to understand it. Yes, Honda dropped the ball on this car, mostly in looks. could use more HP? sure, but it's a Honda...good gas mileage, bullet proof motor, etc.

    The problem with the current Si is looks. if it looked like the HFP prepped civic for 19 grand, they wouldn't have any to sell! It's all about looks with kids now a days.
    but you get a mini minivan looking 'sports car' for way too much!

    I sell cars, sold at classic Honda for the past 2 years, and now am a sales manager at our nissan store across the road. we didn't sell Si's. but if someone would have given them a ride...things might be different. I purchased mine, an 03, last march. yes it sat for about a year! I got a stupid deal :) and i thank my wife everyday for letting me get it!

    I lowered it and slapped some nice wheels on it immediately! now it looks fantastic! did I like the power...loved it! any given moment I'd be the fastest car on the street. Hyudai tiburon V6? no match...Nissan SPEC V? not a chance...upper end it does not have! heck, i took a spec v in my odyssey, without N2O!

    I left it alone til recently....I now have supercharger on it, intake, looking to do midpipe and such....i'm a speed demon. no, i don't use it, it's just fun to have. and the deal I got on the car, add some speed parts, I have a car that is now faster than just about ANYTHING on the road, cost's less than a SRT4, EVO and STi, and will last twice as long!

    and yes, I went back and forth on adding power or not...i was more than content. I just got a stupid deal on a blower and couldn't pass it up...kinda like I coulnd't pass up the manager job at Nissan. i'm a honda guy :)

    now, 3 months in here, I like nissan stuff. would I buy? no. sentra isn't safe enough, quality is still a bit lagging...don't need an suv or truck, and the quest is just...well, i won't go there.

    I love the NISMO Spec V we have in the showroom, I helped build it..and the NISMO track 350Z we have as well..helped on that one too, but it's just a quality issue with me. I go with what's worked for me for years.

    did honda drop the ball on the current and some past models? sure! they threw a decade of loyalty to the civic and aftermarket out the window..because, as they said "their our cars, we don't want anyone messing with them...." lol, go figure.

    i'll just keep hoping they knock eveyone dead one day. problem is, they price themselves out of the honda prelude.

    oh well, long live the big H! and i'll just do them my way AFTER I buy them :)

  • deaniedeanie Posts: 172
    Good Post Vince (badoddysey)!
    In my mind I'm 20 yrs old, but I'm 36, have a wife and two kids, and haven't the time, energy or extra funds to go all medieval aftermarket on my cars, so I generally require performance out of the box. I'll usually make a minor suspension change to whatever car I buy a couple of years down the road just to keep the car interesting to me.

    For my '05 Avalon, its way too soon for Tokico to have any struts or sway bar bushings for me. So until then, I'll live vicariously through everyone else's projects.
    P.S. Honda, plllleeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaasssssseeee do right by the next Civic Si - Yeah, right.
  • muffin_manmuffin_man Posts: 865
    How did you lower the 03 Si? Any creaking issues?
    I tried to cheap out with some Tein springs, but after 6 months, I couldn't stand all the noise.
  • I can't wait for the final versions of the '06 Civics to go on sale. Have grown to love wife's '04 Civic EX auto sedan (only additions an Exotic Wood Dash and Honda leather steering wheel cover), and am thinking of an '06 Si or a slightly modified Rallye Red LX manual coupe at some $4,000 less.

    If the '06 LX coupe, I'd keep the steel wheels but remove the wheel covers, and put on 205/50-15 Falken Azenis tires, saving the 195s as spares for the sedan. Also would put a K&N air filter and catback pipe with just one muffler. (Actually, I bought such an exhaust system for the sedan but went too far and it was so loud as to be physically painful, so I removed it. Would use it including the chrome tip but with a less aggressive muffler.)

    I live near great mountain roads and with autocross and time trials experience have learned that a lot of fun can be had with light weight, good suspension and tires - even without a lot of horsepower.

    All thoughts, suggestions, and ideas - particularly what you think of a "sporty" LX coupe - would be appreciated. :confuse:
  • claudius753claudius753 Posts: 138
    Just came across this rendering of a 2006 sedan. I think it looks fairly reasonable as what the production car will look like considering the Si concept and spy shots from before.

  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    I won't say what I think of this website..

    Buit I can assure you that this picture is nothign more than the Civic Si Concept turned into a 4 door equivalent.

    The ONLY time they have been spot on is when they take other's pics and add to their "flava" to them.
  • jayellesevenjayelleseven Posts: 150
    Who would pay anywhere near that much for a CIVIC?? No, for 18K get a NICE used car, not a new civic. The problem is that the lil thing is too common. Nothing exciting, nothin new, (yeah i know a re design is coming) nothin INOVATIVE. Thats why imma get an Infiniti or BMM and finance, instead of paying a civic or somethin cash...
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