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Honda Civic Sedan 2006



  • ezpilzeezpilze Posts: 29
    If you REALLY thought about it, the new si is essentially a redesigned rsx type-s with an armrest. And just because its a honda doesn't mean a thing, I bet many rsx type-s owners would much prefer the Honda Integra, which is essentially a more beefed up version of the type-s. I don't quite understand what you're saying about "slight improvement" or "setting new standards", since this car can easily out perform the mazda 3 and the tc or any other previous civic models. As for the price pricing for a car that essentially shares the same K20 engine as the 24 grand rsx along with racing suspensions and such, 21 grand sounds quite reasonable. Also, if you've ever checked resell values on car, you'll notice that Hondas tend to be higher up than mazdas or the new scions. I love the tC for the daily driving coupe it was meant to be, but I believe the si was meant for rev happy idiots like myself who ENJOY the driving experience.
  • Considering Mazda only offers a 4-speed AT vs. the Civic's 5-speed, I think Mazda is the rip-off. And on the 3 Coupe...ooops. Mazda doesn't even offer a 3 coupe - just a sedan or 5-door hatch. Gee, real sporty, Mazda!.
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    suhr, thanks again for the additional information. Great contributions to the forum.
  • not true, 2006 mazda 3 has a 5 speed automatic with manual control (e-shift). Way better then the civic's. And it also has 4 years warranty vs civic 3 years. It's the top recommendation by consumer reports, and outsells the civic in most countries of the world (incl canada). For a $1000 less than civic EX (TMV) you get a bigger, faster, more powerful car, and that also includes the 6-cd changer. Anyway, I like manaul transmission, and the mazda has one of the best while civic was described here as "rubbery". Even people that enjoy their purchase will likely feel different when after a few month the neighbor's daughter buys the same car for $2K less (which automatically means their car depreciated by $2K more then usual).
  • Only the Mazda 3s has the 5 speed auto, and that's with the 2.3L engine, which doesn't come close to the Honda on gas mileage. To each their own. Enjoy your Mazda, it too is a good car in this segment. And time will tell what Consumer Reports has to say about the 06 Civic.
  • mldj98mldj98 Posts: 378
    What amazes me about all of your posts is you keep throwing the TMV price out there for a car that has been on the market for 2 weeks...get a clue!
    Again, as said before, so many times, the re-design Civic is like any other re-design model that comes will be a very hot seller, especially because of the fuel prices...then in 3 or so months dealer stocks will increase....price will decrease....therefore the TMV price will decrease as well.....even you can figure that one out....and oh by the way....we americans don't give a hoot about how cars sell in other countries....period.
    I sure hope you own a Mazda....because if you don't then you are talking through your hat! And by the way....the e-shift is nothing like having a manual do I know you ask? Because I have one....and it's nothing like a real manual tranny....
    My co-worker has a Mazda3....he bought it the first model year it came out....and guess what....he paid big time....and now...the Mazda3's are a dime a dozen!!!!
    I wonder why?
  • tawneycattawneycat Posts: 114
    First I got a new 06 Civic EX sedan in white for automatic for $18,350 in Tulsa, OK.
    I tinted windows, added leather steering wheel cover, splash guards and half bra from HondaAcura world--pricing details on other discussion in this forum. Bottom line, this car is a very surprising mix of econo-luxury and sportiness. I bought a J vin which I am told was Honda's way of hiding from spy shots in Japan. Build date is July and 3xxx in production. I have found only on flaw with interior trim in back where pass feet go under seat their is little fabric panel which is uneven. Feet go there so no sure any sane person would ever notice it.

    I have put 400 miles on this car and I did come out of a 05 TL which I sold privately last Friday. Nice but I am enjoying my $11,000 rebate on the civic,-- I go thru cars alot, I mean alot. Anyhow, the 5 speed auto is very flexible and runs at a lowly 2000 rpm at 62. The manual is above 2700 at same speed as I recall. Anyhow, mpg in my flat, hiway commute at about 65 or slightly less is the stated 40. I hope to break in and use 5w20 castrol syn. and end up after 5,000 miles with low 40's. If I tire of the car in 8 months or so I expect resale will be very good. My big likes are one touch roof, economy, very comfortable seats, lined truck lid (nice touch), nice interior with huge CD storage and moving armrest, regular gas..

    Dislikes, cornering is a little unstable and suspension cannot handle uneven pavement when doing do. Feels odd. Maybe too used to the TL that was a near perfect car. Looks are growing on me but exterior is interesting to say the least.

    Anyhow, my 98 civic EX manual was $15,700, had crappy tires, no alloys, no CD, cheap fabric and nasty armrest, only two airbags, plastic wheel covers, no security system and only 127 hp at best with 1.6 l engine. What I am saying is if you look at what you get now compared to then, content has increased markedly.
  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    Who really uses TMV pricing anyway, and isn't it simply an AVERAGE of what you could pay for the car, meaning you could do BETTER or WORSE when buying one???

    I know when I got my Altima, I paid SIGNIFICANTLY BELOW the TMV price on and that was back in March of 2004, when the 05 Altima hit the lots.

    Give it a REST.
  • Regarding the difference in warranties.....really, the difference is negligible. I have owned 2 Mazdas and 2 Hondas (all bought new) and the Hondas had fewer problems than the Mazdas overall. In brief, to me the shorter warranty offered by Honda really meant nothing because I didn't even need it, whereas for the Mazdas various mechanical problems necessitated use of the warranty. Longer warranties do not necessarily equate to better cars (see Kia and Hyundai, for example).
  • Now, what new standards are you talking about, being set by the 3? And why talk about other countries sales, when the 3 gets its [non-permissible content removed] kicked by both the Civic and the Corolla in the US? Or is this when you get to say 'its unique.'

    It would also help if you could provide us some numbers on various countries where the 3 outsells a Civic. Real numbers, not 'zoom zoom' numbers.

    As for Honda being punished in the marketplace, lets wait and see, I can bet the scorecard won't change. Wanna bet? Or are you now going to say that the american public is crazy, mad etc etc as they don't buy as many 3s. as Civics? And you do know that Mazda is discounting 4-5k for Mazda 6?
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    You said, in part:

    Dislikes, cornering is a little unstable and suspension cannot handle uneven pavement when doing do. Feels odd. Maybe too used to the TL that was a near perfect car. Looks are growing on me but exterior is interesting to say the least.

    That surprises me; Hondas used to be known for their handling, and the '06 is supposed to mark a return to excellent handling. The Coupe in particular now has stiffer shocks and springs than the Sedan and is especially appealing to me for that reason (although I have gotten a lot desirous of quiet in a car).

    BTW, how quiet is the Coupe? Consumer Guide rates it a notch quiert than other compacts, and only one notch below the Camry, known for its quiet.

    (For comparison, they rate my Focus ZX3 at 4, a VW Golf or Scion xA at 5, the new Civic at 6, and a Camry at 7, all on a scale of 1-10; they are hard graders, too, much like Consumer Reports.)
  • Consumer reports (tm) ratings for the Mazda 3:

    Predicted Reliability: Excellent
    Owner Statisfaction: Excellent
    Predicted Depreciation: Excellent

    For Honda Civic (outgoing model)

    Predicted Reliability: Excellent
    Owner Statisfaction: Very Good
    Predicted Depreciation: Good

    Consumer reports bases its recomendations both on car performance and features AND consumer feedback recieved from hundreds of thousands of subscribers that fill anual surveys. Consumer reports tries to be objective and does not accept money from advertisers and other companies.

    The above helps explain the decline in civic sales vs increase in mazda3 sales. Of course the new model might be different, but please STOP SAYING THAT CIVIC HAD BETTER RESALE IN THE PAST - Consumer reports data prioves it's not true in recent years (vs mazda 3).

    Just trying to enlighten the the readers here, so they can make better choices for themeselves. Contrary to what civic fanboys might think, this forum is NOT only for people that already made up their mind and love the new civic. It is for all consumers interested in the new model, that want to hear the good and the bad.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    I'm thinking that it's time for you to head to the Comparisons board and set up a comparo that will fit your interests. That way others who want to pursue this debate can join you there and those who aren't interested can just focus on the new Civic here.

    It's time to let this discussion settle down and get to its subject. Thanks.
  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017

    You are great at bending the facts. But in your post #2373 you wrote that Consumer Reports rated the Mazda3: "Predicted Depreciation: Excellent".

    Please stop making things up. The last time that CR made mention of that vehicle was in the Vehicle Profiles section on page 63 of their April 2005 issue. CR clearly and specifically wrote "Predicted Depreciation: NA". The prolog to that section, on page 40, states "NA" means data is not available. How can you either misread or misstate such straightforward data?
  • suhrsuhr Posts: 6
    I agree for the most part, though my frame of reference is a bit different. I came from a 2001 Explorer Sport that cornered like a 1975 panel van, so my Civic feels like a curve-hugging sports car in comparison.
    I do think the suspension feels good. We had a Passat several years back that was one of the better-handling cars I've driven, and the Civic measures up.
    I've got one of the Japan models as well, and I'm very impressed with fit and finish. I've found no flaws at all so far.
  • Just out of curiousity, has anyone seen an '06 Civic DX yet? In my visits to several dealers and checking out inventory online at several, I've not seen a single DX yet.

    The VP was a decent seller in the previous model and made the DX bascially obsolete (except the VP was automatic only and DX could be had with manual). The new DX doesn't make a lot of sense unless someone is really trying to keep the price as low as possible. By the time you add A/C and stereo to a DX, you're only about $600 away from an LX.

    Canada has a DX-G model in between the DX and LX. It cost $1,500 CDN more than a standard DX (and $2000 CDN less than the LX) and adds A/C, automatic power locks and keyless entry. Great value (it translates to $15,300 USD).

    Interestingly, all the Canadian Civics including the DX have power mirrors and 4-speaker CD stereo.
  • User 1235,

    You list Consumer Reports' ratings for the "outgoing" civic (and at least one of those ratings has been proven wrong), yet your statement at the end of your message refers to wanting to inform the consumers about the "good and the bad" regarding the "new" model. I do not see how ratings for the "outgoing" civic and this statement about the new model correlate. Perhaps when Consumer Reports actually rates the "new" model, you will have a basis for your claims.
  • Yes I misread that, indeed the pedicted deprication of the mazda 3 is N/A. But that doesn't change the fact that the predicated depreciation of the civic (outgoing model) is just good, which is the 3rd grade out of 5 possible grades in CU rating system. For example, BMW 3-series has excellent (highest grade) predicted depreciation, believe it or not.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    We're talking about the Civic here - I've suggested to you where you can continue these comparisons, but you can't do it here. Thanks.
  • But that doesn't change the fact that the predicated depreciation of the civic (outgoing model) is just good, which is the 3rd grade out of 5 possible grades in CU rating system.

    Why then does J.D. Power rate the "outgoing" Civic as having excellent resale value? Who's correct?

    Just for fun, I checked the Kelley Blue Book "Private Party Value" of my 2005 Civic EX automatic with 6,000 miles on it. The private party value is $16,830 which is $600 more than I paid for it back in July!!!! Granted, I got a great deal on the car ($1,000 below invoice), but how's that for resale value? :D
  • Thanks for verifying what I said before that you could buy 2005 civics for $1000 below invoice. People, see the post above - this huy bought a 2005 civic EX (sedan w/automatic) for $16,230 back in July. Now a 2006 civic EX would cost you $3000 more (and not a penny less). Yes, I know the MSRP only increased by $750, but notice how the incentives which existed on the 2005 civic most of this year (not now though) of course don't exist for 2006 civic. So that's another $1000 price hike from Honda. The rest of the difference ($1250) is due to current supply shortage enabling dealers to charge close to MSRP on the 2006.
  • stickguystickguy Posts: 24,961
    hate to break the news, but this isn't the first time left over prior model year cars (ie 2005 Civic) were sold cheap to get rid of them, with the new models selling for more. WOuld you pay the same price for any car (say, a Mazda 3) for an identical '05 and '06?

    This also ignores the fact that the 05 and 06 Civic's are entirely different cars. And as always, the marketplace speaks, and it seems to like the new one.

    Supply and demand (pent up demand/tight initial supply) of course comes into play. Who knows, maybe 3-6 months from now the '06 will sell at invoice.

    If you just want cheap, should have jumped on an '05 Cobalt or Neon at supplier prices. A car is a car, right?

    2015 Hyundai Sonata 2.4i Limited Tech (mine), 2013 Acura RDX AWD (wife's) and 2015 Jetta Sport (daughter's)

  • Hope you think it's really worth $3000 more, otherwise the guy that bought a 2005 for $16,230 is really the smart one.

    Thanks for the compliment. I considered waiting to purchase a 2006 Civic, but didn't think it was worth $3,000 more. I used some of the money I saved to get a killer sound system and put a dynamat hoodliner in the engine compartment along with dynamat extreme sound deadener in the doors. My 2005 Civic is now much quieter than the 2006 Civic (almost as quiet as a Lexus) and has a much better stereo. :shades:
  • wow! that is amazing! I might want to do this for my noisy focus...did you do it yourself? was it labour intensive? you have to open up all your door panels?
  • stickguystickguy Posts: 24,961
    yes to the door panels.

    Seems like a contradiction though. If you put in a killer stereo, just turn it up loud and drown everything else out!

    2015 Hyundai Sonata 2.4i Limited Tech (mine), 2013 Acura RDX AWD (wife's) and 2015 Jetta Sport (daughter's)

  • wow! that is amazing! I might want to do this for my noisy focus...did you do it yourself? was it labour intensive? you have to open up all your door panels?

    This is getting off-topic. If you have any questions, please e-mail me directly. Just click on my user-name to get my e-mail address. Thanks.
  • Looks are subjective, but there are a number of objective changes: 1.8L 140hp engine vs 1.7L engine (128hp). Accelaration and MPG is about the same because the new civic weighs more.

    Side airbags are new. 16" wheels vs 15" before (i think). Interior room is about the same. Looks are subjective of course. What else was improved ?
  • To mix it up a little, isn't there some fresh speculation on the new Si? Photos, price, EPA, colors, timing, SEMA, anything? (I just looked at and couldn't find anything interesting.) The Si and the Corvette C6, or for the even richer the '05 Z06, are the most interesting cars around at the moment, in my humble.

  • bigal3bigal3 Posts: 107
    I am unable to find any figures for acceleration (0 to 60) for EX Civic Coupe. Anyone have any idea how long it takes for the EX Civic Coupe to go from 0 to 60mph ?
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