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Honda Odyssey vs. Toyota Sienna



  • soyyo1soyyo1 Posts: 18
    No noise,,,I drove from Boston To Orange, CA in 3 days in the noise was minimum ...I turrn the radio off and traying to listen to any noise was vewry good ..I can't say is no noise ata all but is so different then my 4runner
  • vcarrerasvcarreras Posts: 247
    in our 05 Ody EX. With the cruise at 75 my wife and I listening to CD's on low volume could talk to each other without lifting our voices. That's how quiet it is. Above 80 the noise level goes up a little but not much..
  • racerx1racerx1 Posts: 35
    At one time or another, most rental car agencies were owned by the Big 3 as an outlet for the cars. Hertz is still owned by Ford. The rental companies enabled the mfrs to run their plants at full capacity & achieve better efficiency.

    Also, the Big 3 captive finance companies also helped with fleet financing. I am not sure if the Big 3 were really big if you stripped out fleet sales.
  • Mileage comparison (EPA estimates):

    Sienna FWD: 19/26
    Sienna AWD: 18/24

    Odyssey w/o VCM: 19/25
    Odyssey with VCM: 20/28

    In the grand scheme of things, you'd save about $700 over 100,000 miles by choosing the Odyssey VCM over the non-VCM (assuming 50/50 city/highway and gas at $2 per gallon). Obviously you'd save a little more if you drive mostly on the highway, but even at 100% highway miles you'd only save another $150 (VCM vs. non-VCM & $2 per gallon). Potential buyers might want to consider this when they decide?
  • Are you factoring in that to get the Sienna numbers that you will need to use premium fuel. Otherwise with "regular" unleaded, according to a Toyota salesman, it can drop off as much as 3 MPG. He did say that there have not been any problems show up over long haul by using unleaded as opposed to premium. He mentioned that many folks use unleaded...not sure what that is based upon.
  • indy93indy93 Posts: 97
    Where did you get the info on the 05 Sienna NAVI..I was wondering why there are no 05 Sienna's with NAVI in my area....which includes Longo T. Can you add the mike and button as an accesory? ( for the Ltd )
  • I realize that in order to get Toyota's rated BHP and torque that you would likely require premium fuel.

    However, the Motorweek review only mentions mileage based on regular fuel.
  • please read my message which i just posted. i had the same problem this past sunday. as i was leaving north carolina for a 13 hour, 800 mile trip to florida, my low pressure sensor came on. i drove to a gas station at 6:15 am andput air in my tires. several minutes later, the light went on again. i stopped and heard air coming out of my front tire. i opened the trunk and went looking for my jack, whick i found. i then went looking for my spare, which i did not find. it turned out i did not have a spare, i had run flat tires (i was not told i had this). AAA told me they could not do anything for me - they could only change my tire, but since i did not have a spare, there was not much they could do. i drove 25 miles on my flat run-flat to a nearby walmart only to find they could not fix it and did not stock replacements. i called toyota customer service 800 number (worthless) to find they are closed weekends. all local toyota dealerships were closed. i was stranded! upon my return home the next day i checked with all the toyota dealers and no one stocks the tires. they can order them (3-5 day delivery) and they cost close to $300.00 each! the tires cannot be mixed/matched with regular tires, so you are stuck with these monsters. it has made me a very unhappy toyota customer - i'll never buy their products again. their customer service stinks!
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    Toyota and Honda goofed by putting "run-flats" on their premium Sienna and Odyssey.
         Another example of how engineers have lost touch with the real world of owners.
         Chrysler made a goof with 2nd row "Stow-N-Go". Buyers of luxury minivans don't want to be stranded by not having a spare or having the ability to turn their luxury minivan into a cargo van.
  • torquetorque Posts: 14
    Could it really be true that the US version of the 05' Ody does NOT have Daytime running lights? If so, why not? Isn't this a safety issue?

    I didn't know that they still made cars without DRL.
  • To me the Toyota was more expensive because you were comparing an LE instead of an XLE Sienna. We compared the XLE Sienna with package 3 to an EX Ody. The base XLE has 2 power doors. Both come with cloth seats. The Sienna required the package 3 upgrade to get the same safety features that the Ody included standard. We drove several XLEs and had 3 dealers really interested in dealing with us. After I drove the Ody 1 time I knew that we did not want Sienna even at a great near invoice price. We did not want to lose anything that we had in our 02 Ody and to purchase an LE Sienna would have been a step down. I might miss the telescopic steering wheel and better stereo in the Sienna but the Ody drives so much better. I don't care about 3rd row windows opening when I get the sunshades for the 2nd row standard on the Ody. Power seat for the passenger was not a priorty either. I think that you will really enjoy your decision. I really believe that the EX is a great value.
  • I am not sure about availability on the Ody but it is an extra on the Sienna that requires purchasing an additional package. As far as standard safety, the Ody is head (curtain airbags) and shoulders (side front airbags) ahead of the Sienna.
  • I can't speak for Motorweek but on the expected best (assume highway) mileage on the Toyota is shown as 26 for the Sienna (down from 27 on the '04). You will not get 26 if you use "regular fuel"...that was straight from an honest salesperson's mouth, actually 2 of them. Not a big deal but I would think that the MW average number of 20 might also be a bit less with regular fuel.
  • What type of van do you own or which one are you looking to purchase? I would think that one couldn't go wrong with either a Sienna or Ody.
  • ewtewt Posts: 127
    "You will not get 26 if you use "regular fuel"...that was straight from an honest salesperson's mouth, actually 2 of them"

    I haven't noticed any difference in mileage between 87 or 91 octane, which is the same experience of many other owners on a big Sienna forum. Spark advance is nearly identical at a 70 mph cruise, which indicates no difference as well. "Honest car salesperson" is an oxymoron BTW. :)
  • As you might have read from my other messages regarding the Toyota Sienna Run Flat tires, I really made a mistake buying this vehicle. Should my wife get a blowout on her Sienna, she will be stranded for a MINIMUM of three to five days. She no longer feels comfortable or safe driving this vehicle to her parents home 220 miles away. If she gets a flat or blowout on a Saturday or Sunday, what is she supposed to do???? And the day the tires wear out, be ready to hit your savings account. A new set will cost you close to $1200.00 with mounting and balancing. And you can't put regular tires on this truck, because there is no room for a spare. TOYOTA REALLY MISSED THE BOAT ON THIS ONE. And customer service? It is more like CUSTOMER DISSERVICE. I have been waiting a week to hear back from them as to how they will solve this problem. Other owners with this product/problem: Is it time for a class action????? Take back my Toyota, give me an Ody!!!!!!
  • I looked alot at the Toyota Sienna and would have purchased one if they had offered one that had seating for eight and the automatic climate control. I purchased an 05 Odyssey EX RES that is equipped with the two main features that I wanted. Toyota and Honda needs to let customers be able to special order specifics they want. Both the Sienna and the Odyssey appear to be excellent vehicles but both could still add several features as standard equipment that my trouble-free-115000 mile 1997 Chevrolet Venture has - examples: Day Time Running lights,automatic on/off lights, doors that lock when the vehicle is put into gear, load leveling rear shocks,two inter grated child safety seats etc. Reference the discussion about wind noise on the 05 Odyssey - mine has some obvious wind noise on the inside when the wind is up outside, other times it is very quiet. I like the chrome around the windows of my Odyssey that the Toyota does not have. The leather seats of the Odyssey are very comfortable and the lighting on the dash is fantastic. Honda dealers in our area are very firm on the MSRP while the Toyota dealers will lower their price. Guess it all comes down to what each individual wants/needs as to the choice you make. Reference MPG - I got 21.5 on the 1st tank - hopefully this will improve.
  • I have been in the market for a minivan for 3-4 months now. It was between the Sienna and the Odyssey. I had decided to get the sienna XLE w/ AWD. I had gone to a AAA certified dealership hoping not to get taken to the cleaners or buy something I did not want. I had told him the only reason I wanted the Sienna was because of the AWD. When the '05 Odyssey came out, it did not have AWD, so I went for the Sienna. He had said the Sienna was the best minivan out there(of course). When I asked him about the run-flat tires, he looked out the window and paused...he said that it was "new" to Toyota and that he didn't know everything about it, other than that Porsche has been using this technology for ten years and that these tires are on the Corvette also. Of course, if you can afford these cars, paying $250 for one tire is no big deal. He had no answer about if these tires could be repaired or not. I ordered a Sienna AWD
    and left a $500 deposit. This was late September.
    The more research I did on these tires,(Dunlop, Michelin, Bridgestone) the more I became unimpressed. Some say the tires can be repaired, others say they must be replaced. The salesman couldn't tell me which manufacturer's tires they would be using. After discussing this subject with my wife, we decided to get the '05 Odyssey.
    Went to Honda, ordered the EX model and put a deposit on it. The base model came with more features and a lot less money. If you buy a Sienna, you must get one of their options. I couldn't get the XLE AWD without getting an option package($2200 more). My question is this.."Why is it an option if it's mandatory???
    I asked the salesman and he said that's the way
    Toyota operates. By the way, I got my whole deposit back from Toyota. No questions asked.
  • We will have to agree to disagree about the mileage. Do you drive 70 mph all of the time? Why would 2 sales people admit that their vehicle gets less mileage if it were not true. Also, I have dealt with several honest car sales folks in the past few weeks...maybe you are just trying to be funny but I don't think slamming an entire group of people is really something to laugh about.
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    ALL Odyssey salesmen have been friendly, informed, and have applied no pressure to buy while some Sienna salesmen have been the same BUT there have also been arrogant, ignorant (un-informed), and high pressure Sienna salesmen.
         In my experience, Honda salesmen have been the most friendly with the least pressure to buy while Toyota salesmen can be very good or be as obnoxious as those selling Ford, GM, Chrysler, and other lesser brands.
         Not hard to understand why the 2005 Odyssey EX is # 1 as my preference.

  • heywood1heywood1 Posts: 850
    The same thing can be said for PAX system of the Odyssey Touring--or worse, because it's proprietary technology. So don't just dump on Toyota.
  • heywood1heywood1 Posts: 850
    When I was shopping for an Odyssey in 2002, the Honda salespeople certainly WERE low pressure: "Take it or leave it," was the general (paraphrased) attitude. I've purchased two Siennas since then.
  • I went to test drive the '04 Sienna. While it drove well, the salesman was very pushy. I had told him I was just there to test drive, not to buy. I had my wife with me(I know, bad mistake), but I wanted her to test drive it also. As the salesman was showing us all the features, my wife was impressed by all the goodies. Once he smelled blood, he was "selling" the van to my wife, as if I wasn't even there. At that point, I knew I'd be walking out of there. He was forcing this vehicle on us even though it wasn't what we wanted. He was just interested in getting it off his lot. I wasn't going to pay $35,000 plus tax for something I didn't want.
    He was not going any lower than MSRP. At the 2nd
    Toyota dealership, the salesman was much better and not pushy. When I went to Honda, the salesman was very informative and didn't try to con me. It all depends on the dealership and the type of management they have.
  • mcase2mcase2 Posts: 160
    Hey doug,
     I agree I had a Honda Accord. Broken engine mounts. Numerous other expensive repairs. Then broken engine mounts again! I was actually on my way to look at another Honda when I arrived at the dealership hot coolant began streaming into the cab. I turned around and bought 2004 Seinna and Corolla. I admit that the new Odyssey has great features, though all except stowable eighth seat can be found on the Seinna. The good news is that unlike last Fall when I bought my Seinna, you can talk down Toyota
    dealers. The result is that you can get a comparable car (test drove the Odyssey by the way) with better predicted reliability for less money. Bring a Honda brochure to the Toyota dealership along with your other papers such as consumer reports etc. make sure the dealer sees it and any dealer with a brain will cut deal.
  • mcase2mcase2 Posts: 160
    I agree,, the Odyssey is not ground breaking. In fact the Seinna is far more radically removed and improved from its predecessor than the Odyssey. Also, yes the interior plastic is polypropylene type and is cheap.
  • carzzzcarzzz Posts: 282
    I saw a new Sienna (brand new) pull to a side with a smoking engine... is this the reputation of TOYOTA????????
  • doug889doug889 Posts: 60
    In terms of reliability, at least from my personal experience, my 95 Camry and 2000 Lexus RX300 (now a 2004 RX330) were very good, my 99 Ody and 2002 Acura MDX (still have it) were not as good. I was going to get the 05 Ody Touring with NAV/DVD but now may get the Sienna XLE Limited. The Ody Touring has better NAV and DVD player, 6cd changer, and seat memory. But I don't like the PAX tires and I prefer the Sienna's ride and the quality of interior materials. Pick up the Sienna's brochure and the Ody's, look at the leather. The ody's has lots of wrinkles. I would not say one is better than the other. It's all about individual taste and needs.
  • ewtewt Posts: 127
    "We will have to agree to disagree about the mileage. Do you drive 70 mph all of the time? Why would 2 sales people admit that their vehicle gets less mileage if it were not true"

    If you're relying on car salespeople as an accurate source of information, you're in trouble. If I had a dollar for every incorrect piece of information I've been told by a car salesman regarding their product or another brand, I'd have a lot of dollars. Far too many car salesman know very little about the products they sell. I've met ones who know their product very well, but unfortunately, they are the exception rather than the rule.

    Why would a car salesperson know what kind of mileage a Sienna got with real world driving? They don't drive them every day around town and on trips, fill them up when the tank gets empty and check the mileage. However I do exactly that as do other Sienna owners on the "big" Sienna forum who have found that octane doesn't make a measurable difference in mileage. If premium gas made a 3 mpg difference, every car would require premium gas to increase the corporate fuel economy averages, which car makers go to great lengths to increase by .1s of a mpg much less 3 mpg.

    Finally, unlike the car salespeople you talked to, I have datalogged timing advance using OBDII software at a steady 70 mph (and other speeds) and found that octane makes no difference in timing advance. If there is no difference in timing advance, there isn't a difference in mileage. I'd post a link to a graph of the results, but can't because it's on another automotive forum.

    "Also, I have dealt with several honest car sales folks in the past few weeks...maybe you are just trying to be funny but I don't think slamming an entire group of people is really something to laugh about."

    Oh please. Could we be a little more politically correct? If car salespeople in general acted in a manner that earned respect, they'd get it. Reading the "confessions of a car salesman" piece that is somewhere on Edmunds may be an eye-opening experience for you.
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    Agreed. The previous Odyssey was so much better than the Sienna that it was not possible to improve the 2005 Odyssey as much as the 2004 Sienna.
         Cheap interior plastic in Odyssey? How many people love the cheap fake wood in the Sienna?
  • Have been doing my homework and on paper the Odyessy looks better but most photos are silver or gold vans. When I went by the lot and saw a red Odyssey with that awful chrome trim around the grill I almost decided to buy a Toyota instead of the "buck-tooth bunny" Ody. It is great an all other aspects. Wonder if the dealer can paint that chrome piece? I may buy a Pilot instead but I don't need AWD and worse gas mileage.

    Everything else I read about the handling of the Ody sounds great. Almost didn't look at it since I was tired of the "tank" Astro I had from 91 to 04 but then I read the Ody has sports handling. I really want to try one.
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